Molemen Must Die! - Matt@Mokomoto
The fabled Leaderboards and Levels update has arrived for Windows, Mac, and Linux! Included in this update are new environments, rebalances, cross platform leaderboard support, and more. Read on for all the details!
  • Brand New Level Chunks – Stranger and more difficult than ever before, we’ve added a bunch of new taxing Chunks to test your abilities underground!
  • Added Cross Platform Leaderboard Support – Fight with a whole new group of people for #1, and then share coffee and biscuits afterwards, talking about the horrors you faced.
  • Rebalanced Bounceshot – We’ve increased the speed of the weapon, making it more useful for moving players.
  • Rebalanced Explosive Landing Power – We’ve reduced the fall distance required to trigger this power, allowing it to better serve its purpose of helping you land in swarms of enemies.
  • Updated Load Screen – Getting going underground faster!
  • Introduced New Cloud Save support – Your controls and progress will now move with you automagically between computers. As part of this, we’ve also disabled Steam Cloud, as its no longer required. You won’t need to do anything on your part, as you’ll be migrated to the new system next time you launch the game.
  • Minor Bug and Stability Fixes – Because they’re always good!

As previously mentioned, we’re also resetting the Leaderboards this update, as part of our move to a more cross-platform friendly system.
Here were the final Top 10 scores for the Steam only era:
  1. ㉿ҾŁǞЧՁθ - 46,967,6401
  2. mac420 - 43,336,3762
  3. YOSUMIN - 9,485,6303
  4. DYoshiiTV - 7,670,3204
  5. Bobtree - 7,161,5705
  6. June - 4,559,7206
  7. @DrCurlytek - 3,786,3707
  8. Kristy Blackclaw - 3,496,7608
  9. TheHauntedSmile - 3,321,8909
  10. FredyJackson - 2,999,33010

Amazing, you truly blew us away!
That’s all from us for now. We hope you enjoy the new update!
-The Mokomoto GangːBadgerDrillːːGeckoShooterːːGloriousBlueːːMolemanːːPixelSealː

Molemen Must Die! - Matt@Mokomoto
Hello Underground Heroes!

As part of the next update, we'll be doing a full reset of the leaderboards! Aside from a few balancing changes, the next update to Molemen Must Die also brings cross platform competition. If you totally stalk our Twitter, you'll know where else Molemen Must Die will be appearing shortly! It's pretty important to us that players aren't in separate bubbles when it comes to who truly dominates the scoreboard, so we felt this was worthwhile. We hope you agree, and will welcome (curse) the increased competition!

We'll let you know when the next update is out, and everything included!

Stay action hero-y until then! ːBadgerDrillːːGeckoShooterːːGloriousBlueːːMolemanːːPixelSealː
The Mokomoto Gang
Molemen Must Die! - Matt@Mokomoto
With the U.S. falling under the ever encroaching celestial body that we know as The Sun, it's time to pack up, move indoors, and board up the windows.

It also means it's time for the Steam Summer Sale, and you can get Molemen Must Die right now for 30% off!

So this year, don't waste money on a new pair of sunglasses! Use a permanent marker to black out the lenses of your regular glasses, and treat yourself to a copy of Molemen Must Die!

Already own it? Great, grab 10 copies for your friends! We imagine you could probably buy a lot of copies of Molemen Must Die for the price of a pair of nice sunglasses. It really depends on how picky you are about the style we suppose.

Happy underground adventures, AND ALL GLORY TO THE SUN!

-The Mokomoto Gang
Mar 30, 2017
Molemen Must Die! - Matt@Mokomoto
It's the week after launch, and it's time for an update! We've been super thrilled with the reception of Molemen Must Die, and can't thank you enough for all the support you have shown the game. Whether it's in Steam reviews, YouTube, Twitch, or just telling a friend about the game, we really appreciate it!

Update 1 arrives today, putting into action some of your feedback on balancing and leaderboard behaviour, and also squashing a few bugs that slipped into release. What's included? Read on!

  • ːBadgerDrillːReduced the effects of the Bouncing Weapons Power for Rocket and Bullet based weapons. These will now be destroyed after a few bounces.
  • ːGeckoShooterːImproved post game score displays to not require a knowledge of scientific notation to understand when displaying a massive score.
  • ːGloriousBlueːChanged how we handle offline scores. If you play offline, your 'Best Revenge' score will now reflect your previous round. When you play online next, your Leaderboard score will start tracking again right where you left off, and your 'Best Revenge' score will update in the following round.
  • ːMolemanːRemoved some rogue tooltip style pop ups that can happen if you moused over a weapon icon in the post game screen. Didn't see them? Great, they were never there!
  • ːPixelSealːResolved a rare problem that could result in getting stuck when loading.

As part of this update, we're also resetting the Top 10 positions on the leaderboard. With the changes to Bouncing Weapons, we wanted to ensure an even playing field with the new balancing. Scores tend to escalate in quite amazing ways once players get into the Top 10, so we felt this was a good place to reset from. Overall we're pretty happy with the balance of Molemen Must Die, so rest assured we don't plan to do this regularly! Keep tweeting us feedback though, as we're always listening!

It also means for a day, geemuboi gets to be #1. Congratulations geemuboi!
Also YOSUMIN, we saw you move into #2 while we were writing this. Please don't hate us, we love you! ❤❤❤

Have fun underground everyone!

-The Mokomoto Gang

Mar 23, 2017
Molemen Must Die! - Matt@Mokomoto
Molemen Must Die has received its own pixel lovely set of Steam Trading cards. There's 6 to collect in total with all the characters of Molemen Must Die, along with emoticons, badges, and some amazing backgrounds!

Simply play Molemen Must Die and they'll drop into your inventory!
Have fun collecting them all!

-The Mokomoto Gang
Molemen Must Die! - Matt@Mokomoto
Mokomoto is very pleased to announce that Molemen Must Die! is out now and available for purchase for WIndows, Mac, and Linux!

Whether you joined us during Greenlight, were involved in our public play testing or joining us today, we want to thank you for all your support!

You can grab Molemen Must Die! this week for 15% off, making the entrance fee for underground mayhem only $2.54. An odd number, but a discounted one!

We hope to see you on the leaderboards soon, and be sure to drop in a review on our store page with your thoughts!
Molemen Must Die! - CrowdedWorlds
Molemen Must Die is Launching March 22nd!
(21st for our friends closer to the US)

What's waiting for you in the final version of the game?

* Endless falling action as you sink lower into the Earth and face more and tougher enemies.

* Ridiculously over-the-top action-platforming gameplay with way too many bad guys.

* More guns than any normal person could possibly need, all with BIG effects.

* Get rewarded every time you die with another random upgrade to keep the mayhem fresh.

* Multiple environments to scour of life: caves, cities, jungles and more.

* Awesome retro presentation, from the fantastic pixel art to the crummy-VCR visual effects.

* International score leaderboard; the deeper you go, the higher you'll get.

* A bombastic musical soundtrack and ground-shaking high-definition sound effects.

We'd love your help in getting the word out, so hop over to other parts of the internet like...

* Our Twitter announcement, which we'd totally appreciate a retweet of!

* Our Facebook page, where we'd love if you could share the details!

We also took some time to make our website super pretty!
Check it out at

We'll keep you updated here with news, but be sure to pop Molemen Must Die on your wishlist and favourites so you don't miss a beat!

See you underground soon!
-The Mokomoto Gang

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