Warpaint - codebringer
Hello Warpaint Community!

I'm pleased to see so many good games go down, especially during the summer sale period! I wanted to inform you all of the maintenence being done on the server.

You will be unable to find onine ranked matches and matches with your friends during the disruption.

July 17-21.

I'm glad you you're enjoying the game!

Warpaint - Lithium

Patch Notes:
-SteamVR is updated, players should be able to see their controllers on both Occulus and Vive.
-Optimized lighting conditions with Unity 2017 update.
Warpaint - Lithium

Warpaint receives a huge update today!

New A.I, Maps, Water, Networked Painting, and Languages.

The AI has is a lot smarter now. It will form escort squads to move catapults around. It won't try to shoot through walls. It's now a challenge to assult the AI's castle, it's got new defensive tactics. It can also create it's own objectives, such as targeting your throne or capturing your catapults. I also gave it beleivable catapult shots, so it won't shoot perfectly anymore. Be careful though, that means it will get lucky double kills!

There are 4 new maps:


Designed to be the introduction map, it's simple, small, highly competitive, and has lots of cover. It features a central tower with a neutral catapult, surrounded by an inaccessible lake.


Open combat, on a deserted and sandy island-fort. There's no where to hide on this map, so make sure you get some double kills. Take the center catapult for both a catapult and a height advantage. This screenshot was taken with an orthographic perspective because it's pretty :3


No neutral catapults on this map. Battle for control of the slightly elevated cover in the ruins of a castle wall. Larger army size, perfect for competitive play.


This map is designed for maximum epic. It features 5 catapults per team, back by huge armies. The attacking force is split into two squads, one assulting the broken castle wall, and the other rushing the gates. This one will take you about an hour to play through. Built for advanced players. Inspired by the TV show 'Vikings' and their assult of Paris.

Many of these maps now have water, and the water has silly water physics. Shoot a dude into the water and watch him flop around!

Networked Painting
Your enemies will now automatically see any of your painted figures. Enjoy!

The game has been translated into:

So with any luck, ranked matchmaking will be lively again!

Also, I've packaged the soundtrack as DLC. Please purchase this to support me and the other devs!
Apr 21, 2017
Warpaint - Lithium
Localization is going well, so I'm gearing up for the major content update. French, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian is all complete and in game. Waiting on Mandarin and Swedish. Expect an update on Friday April 28th!

Warpaint - Lithium
Hi all!

From the logs I can tell many of you are having a good time with the game, especially with the model painter! I'm writing today to tell you the major content update I promised has been delayed. While it's mostly finished, I've come up with a new strategy to get us a big spike in ranked matches. This game was built around the hope that ranked matches would become popular, and that the online multiplayer would thrive. Unfortunately, most people log in for about a half hour, then leave, and miss the next person looking for a match. There's usually 1-2 people arriving and then leaving each hour. I figure if we can spike the player count, we might see a cascade of ranked matches getting played. So, the update is being delayed until I can launch what's called an 'update visibility round' -- Steam's way of helping games get noticed. However, we may need to wait a week or two before this becomes available. To further bolster player counts, I'm getting the game translated into 7 different popular languages. So, let's cross our fingers and hope we can get some good games in when this update launches.

What's in the coming update:
-Translation to French, German, Swedish, Mandarin, Spanish, Portugese and Russian.
-AI update (no more stupid mistakes, no more perfect aim, defensive tactics)
-4 new maps
-Army paint transfer (you opponent will see your custom painted army)
-Water + physics

New map: Vikings

Warpaint - Lithium

Hi all!

Thank you all for a successful launch! I much appreciate the feedback and reviews :)

I'm currently building a major content update. Here's my goal list for next Friday:
-AI Upgrade
-Let your opponent see your army paintjobs
-At least 4 new maps, some for competitive play, others for large scale scenario combat.

I'm also taking suggestions for the next content update, but expect updates to come in slower as I begin on my next project :)

See you on the battlefield,

Warpaint - Lithium
-Added controls to rotate player in VR, hold both grip buttons (Tiltbrush style)
-MAC now has steam support, play with friends should for for OSX users now. We got some love from the famous Garry Newman <3
-Can no longer teleport onto model in army painter
-Changing brush size on Oculus should work now
-Updated tutorial to reflect new controls
-VR Tooltips should be hidden on Oculus now, enabled only on Vive.
Warpaint - Lithium
-Added exit button to novr
-Made game declines more obvious, plays a sound.
-Server bug fixes
-Anti-pirate manuever
-Ready-up will still work even if opponent is still loading in
-Enabled teleport in VR Painter
-Enabled map select VR host VS PC
-Fixed some issues hosting PC vs VR on local machine
-VR hand information shows scale for Vive
-VR controller tips disabled for occulus, enabled for Vive
-Black thing floating in novr painter is gone
-Added Occulus painter support, and brushsize change.

Known Issues:
-Mac will not connect to Steam, so Connect With Friends will not work on mac. Still working on a fix for this.

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