Executive Hockey - Rally Call Software
There are quite a few new features, changes and fixes in the August update, available now. Below is a full list, starting with the biggest change, the ability to simulate a full month at a time (or even a full season). The AI will handle any lineup changes necessitated by injuries to your players during this automatic simulated period.

  • Added ability to sim til end of month or end of any upcoming month or end of season
  • Fixed sorting on most screens
  • Fixed bug where teams that were at the bottom of the standings were trying to make a championship run and teams at the top were rebuilding
  • Fixed variable column heights on team lists.
  • Fixed signings not showing on Moves screen
  • Numerous changes to player data
  • Modified how players get re-signed; signings happen over the course of the year instead of all up front
  • Players in trade situations are evaluated based now on their potential value, not their actual value. (for players under 'peak age', currently 28)
  • Signing / offer sheet page now tells you your maximum value for signing and enforces it
  • Added more protection against allowing rosters to go over cap
  • Contract extensions now shown under 'Signings' on Moves screen
  • Changed Lineups and Rosters button to Lineup and Roster
  • Added ellipsis to 'Sign' menu item on Free agents screen
  • Fixed 'Draft Lottery' event name on UpcomingGamesPanel
  • Strengthened draft pool
  • Shortened delay between draft picks
  • Fixed a rare crash during game play when a goalie changes while a game is being simulated.
  • Changed trade algorithm - if a UFA/RFA player gets traded during a season he will re-sign with the destination team
  • Improved younger players' power (under 20yo)
  • Slight improvement to 35-40yo power
  • Modified power of all six player types (journeyman, minor leaguer, core, star, franchise, generational)
  • Fixed bug when logging/listing re-signings so that the re-signing won't be listed twice if a player is signed and immediately extended
  • Increased value of first round picks
  • Reduced top age of available free agents from 29 to 27
  • Players now retire after age 30 if they are waived or released and not picked up elsewhere
  • Fixed bug in retirement algorithm so player leaves team after retiring.
  • Reduced likeliness of generational players being involved in trades
  • Changed algorithm for how teams decide what strategy to take
Executive Hockey - Rally Call Software
Six more achievements are coming in the next release, which should be available in the next day or so. As well, all ten achievements now have proper icons.

Here are the new achievements:

Swapsies - You have made your first trade
Victory! - You have your first championship!
First Player Drafted! - You have drafted your first player
Because He's 'McJesus', Damn It! - You have renamed your first player
Quebec is Back Baby! - You have renamed your first team
In the Books - You have finished your first season
Jul 21
Executive Hockey - Rally Call Software
Starting to fill out the Steam achievements now. This update adds three more:

  • Won back to back games
  • Won five games in a row
  • Won ten games in a row

    More achievements are coming, along with custom icons for each one.
Jul 8
Executive Hockey - Rally Call Software
Quick update tonight.

We have added a victory screen when you win a championship. Also, the first Steam achievement has been added. Note that it does not yet show the Steam popup when it occurs, but it will nonetheless credit you with the achievement. First of many achievements to come!
Executive Hockey - Rally Call Software
Hope you are all enjoying the summer sale! We have a small update this time around, but the big new feature is the addition of a draft lottery. The update should roll out in the next day or so.

Here is the full, but short, list of what's new in this update:

  • Added a draft lottery!
  • Minor improvements to upcoming games panel
  • Minor player adjustments
  • Fixed 'flickering' bug of green/red player relative power bars

    More new stuff coming soon!
Executive Hockey - Rally Call Software
Today's build includes the following features and bug fixes:

  • Goalies no longer decline with age as quickly as skaters
  • Added an 'Ageless' tag. Players with this tag don't decline as quickly as others
  • Fixed several crashes and bugs in the waivers functionality
  • Added ROW, L10 and STK to standings page (only shown when screen resolution is sufficient)
  • Layout improvements to main standings page
  • Improvements to when teams clinch playoff spots
  • Minor player updates
  • Waiver claims now shown on 'Moves' page
  • Playoff rounds now start on a fixed date, not as soon as previous round ended
  • East and west teams now play playoff games on alternate dates (except finals)
  • Retirements added to 'Moves' page
  • IR placements removed from 'Moves' page
  • Improved 'Moves' page layout
  • Players who clear waivers can be sent to the minors as much as desired by a team for 30 days before having to clear waivers again
  • Improved match list screen (clicking 'Previous' on line scores screen)
  • Retirement algorithm now retires players over age 30 if they drop below a certain threshold for value

    Let us know if you find any problems or if you have any feature requests! We are continuing to work toward a full release.
Executive Hockey - Rally Call Software
Hello friends,

We have updated Executive Hockey today with some new features and a few bug fixes.

  • Wildcard standings page added and made default
  • Improved list boxes on standings page
  • Players on forward lines are now sorted by Left Wings first, then Centers, then Right Wings
  • Fixed bugs in algorithm to determine when a team clinches a playoff spot.
  • Fixed bug where human team (and last opponent) only showed 81 games in the standings table at season's end
  • Minor player adjustments
  • Fixed bug where players signed as FA's would not have the correct contract displayed on their tooltip/popup
  • New logo for New Jersey Demons

    More to come in a few weeks. Stay tuned!
Mar 4
Executive Hockey - Rally Call Software
March 4th and right on time, the February update is here!

Ok, we're a few days late, but we wanted to get this in good shape before putting it out there for you. There are some big features in this release centered primarily around contracts. Here we go:

  • Contract handling is greatly improved in numerous ways. Contracts have two types: standard and entry level (max $1m, always 3 years)
  • Players can be offered contract extensions
  • Lineup screen now has lists of players with no contracts, expired contracts, and pending waivers
  • Changed colour of 'Leader' tag
  • 'Live' draft screen format is now simpler
  • Profile of player skills in draft has changed - players are now stronger
  • RFA's are now treated differently - RFA players can no longer be offer-sheeted. There is no list of RFA players shown on July 1
  • Fixed a potential crash when sending waived players to minors
  • When players are newly drafted they are no longer automatically signed. They instead go to the 'Unsigned - Drafted' list
  • Reduced strength of players under age 21 to simulate players not being "NHL-ready"
  • If you don't make an offer on a UFA, the accepted/rejected summary page is no longer shown
  • You no longer 'waive' an unsigned player - you release them. They go right to free agency.
  • Players in lineup screen now show 'Pending UFA' or 'Pending RFA' if they are becoming that status at the end of the season

    As always, this update will break any saved games that you have. Once we go to full release, updates won't do this to you!

    Thanks for playing and keep an eye open for the next release. It should come sooner and focus more on bug fixes and clean up.
Executive Hockey - Rally Call Software
Hello everyone!

We are working away on the next update of Executive Hockey, targeted for late February. This update will improve contract handling and make it much easier to see what's going on with the contract status of players on your roster. It's a fairly big update, so we are going to make sure it's working well before putting it out there, hence the lack of a recent smaller update.

Once again, if you are interested and able to write a review, please do so. Or if you would like to tweet or post anything to Facebook or Reddit or whichever social media site you prefer about Executive Hockey, please do so. Thank you for your support!
Dec 4, 2018
Executive Hockey - Rally Call Software
Hey everyone,

We just posted a new update to Executive Hockey. This one improves the player "tooltip" window and player injury information window. Let us know what you think!

If you have a few moments to write up a review for other Steam users, it would be much appreciated, even if the feedback is negative.

Have a great evening!

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