Executive Hockey - Rally Call Software
Hey everyone,

We just posted a new update to Executive Hockey. This one improves the player "tooltip" window and player injury information window. Let us know what you think!

If you have a few moments to write up a review for other Steam users, it would be much appreciated, even if the feedback is negative.

Have a great evening!
Executive Hockey - Rally Call Software
Small update this week:

  • Reduced likelihood of defensemen getting involved in scoring plays
  • Fixed rendering problem when dragging players among lines on lineup screen
  • Team tooltip/window now has salary cap information and count of pending FAs
Executive Hockey - Rally Call Software
This is the first build in a few months, so it contains a few big features:

  • 2018-2019 Rosters and the game now starts in 2018.
  • High resolution support (automatic scaling)
  • Players now have 'tags' which modify their offense and defense power in different situations (e.g. powerplay, while trailing)

    And some minor features, including:

  • Player tags can also affect how often they are injured
  • Players over age 35 now have reduced power
  • Salary info has been added to the player popup

    With this big update made, we will get back to more frequent updates, including some more work on the tag system for players, which is still not quite where we want it to be.

Executive Hockey - Rally Call Software
With the new rosters ready to go (update coming very soon), we simulated the 2018-2019 season. Here were the results. The winner was no surprise. But there were a few things along the way that we didn't expect!

Regular Season Division Winners
Winnipeg, Anaheim, Tampa Bay, Columbus

Scoring Leaders
Reilly (Toronto) finishes with the most points (90)
Matthews (Toronto) wins the scoring race (51 goals)

Goalie Leaders
Best GAA among goalies (min 20 games): Jones (San Jose) 2.11
Most goalie wins: Bobrovsky (Columbus) 51

Vancouver sent 1st and 2nd to Brooklyn for Sbisa. Ouch.


Round 1:
Anaheim beat Edmonton 4-3
Vancouver beat Vegas 4-3
Calgary beat Winnipeg 4-1
Minnesota beat Dallas 4-2
Tampa Bay beat Brooklyn 4-1
Buffalo beat Toronto 4-1
Montreal beat Columbus 4-3
Washington beat Pittsburgh 4-2

Round 2:
Anaheim beat Vancouver 4-1
Calgary beat Minnesota 4-3
Tampa Bay beat Buffalo 4-3
Washington beat Montreal 4-1

Round 3:
Anaheim beat Calgary 4-2
Tampa Bay beat Washington 4-3

Cup Final:
Tampa Bay beat Anaheim 4-3

Executive Hockey - Rally Call Software
As promised, Executive Hockey now allows you to control in-game line changes in addition to line composition. There are also a few more changes this time around. Here is the complete list:

  • You can now make your own line changes! (Or if you prefer, continue to let the computer decide on which lines to put on the ice.)
  • Steam Early Access message now appears on the main screen
  • The main screen now features the new Executive Hockey logo
  • Time on ice (TOI) is now in minutes and seconds.
  • How players tire during the game has been improved and this is reflected in the O/D ratings at the top of the rink during a game
  • Defensemen now tire less quickly than forwards
  • Lines created by the computer (for you or for computer-controlled opponents) now generally always have one defenseman in each powerplay line.
  • Player names on the rink during games are now shown without '...' as they were in some cases
  • Powerplay scoring has been increased
  • Injuries now tend to last slightly longer than before
  • Some players on teams such as Buffalo, Montreal and Vegas have had information/skills changed
Executive Hockey - Rally Call Software
Hello everyone,

We are diligently working away on the next update to Executive Hockey. This one is taking a bit longer than previous updates, since we are adding one big new feature: the ability to change your lines during the game! (You will still be able to let the computer handle this for you.)

This has meant that we are also changing the time on ice (TOI) stat to seconds instead of just minutes. And the algorithm for exhaustion of a player during a game is being modified.

And to top it off, with the next update, Executive Hockey is getting a brand new logo!

We will post again when the update is available. We are aiming for the second week of May.

All the best!
Executive Hockey - Earl Woodman
Today's update primarily features improved simulation speed and an in-game explanation of the bonuses and penalties applied when certain player archetypes play on the same line. Here are the full details:

  • No longer showing tooltip on the header row of player lists.
  • Fixed bug where sometimes tooltips would have no text
  • Improved handling of tooltips on lists and when clicking in list controls beyond the end of the list of items
  • Changed scheduled item icons on the upcoming games panel (for offseason events)
  • Line power tag on the Lineup Display screen now has an asterisk when there is a bonus or penalty applied
  • Line power tag tooltip has been added. It will appear only to explain why there is an asterisk.
  • Lineup display screen during gameplay can now be closed with escape or enter keys
  • Change in game exhaustion algorithm so players don't stay on the ice for ~10 minutes or more.
  • Fixed a rare crash during free agency
  • Sped up game simulation
  • Fixed bug where injured goalies on computer-controlled teams would start a game and get credit for it
  • Goalies are no longer shown on the rink before a game starts
  • Adjusted some player info

    Our next update should allow you to change your lines during the game! Stay tuned!
Executive Hockey - Earl Woodman
Hello everyone. Here are the changes in today's update of Executive Hockey. If there's something specific you want to see in an upcoming update, please let us know!

  • Fixed crash when pressing backspace in an empty text box.
  • Roster AI has been improved (computer makes smarter choices of how to deploy players and who to scratch/waive/send to minors)
  • Fewer players now get waived when the game starts, and fewer high profile players are waived
  • Game no longer crashes in some screens with player menus
  • Concept of '2-way contracts' has been replaced with 'requires waivers'. Players who require waivers cannot be sent to minors without going through waivers first.
  • Changed how player valuation happens after age 35
  • Added more places to where the Player info popup screen can be shown
  • Added a Team info popup similar to Player info popup
  • Teams can now be renamed (both city and nickname)
  • When a window pops up, any tooltips disappear
  • Fixed occasional crash on Scratches list on lineup display when there was no player
  • Injured Reserve and Minors now have menus popup for players
  • Logo looks better on trade decision popup screen
  • Reduced logo size on waiver result message window
  • Minor wording improvements/changes
  • Some player attribute changes
Executive Hockey - Earl Woodman
The following bugs have been fixed and new features have been added:

  • Split special teams and overtime lines into separate screens
  • Fixed a bug where columns didn't line up for some player stats
  • Added two more three-player units to total four.
  • Regular season overtime is now 3-on-3, though the automatic coaching may use special teams lines if penalties occur.
  • Widened player list dropdown on special team and overtime/shootout lines screens
  • Added instructions to special team and overtime/shootout lines screens
  • Clicking a player on the roster list or lineup screens will popup a player info screen similar to the tooltip
  • Player info screen has a 'Rename' button where a player's first and last names can be changed.
  • Fixed a crash when a player who was injured was signed as a free agent
  • Player offense and defense power drop more sharply now after age 35 instead of 40.
  • Fixed a bug that occasionally slowed down game startup

    The next update is planned to improve the player info screen and add a team info screen, as well as include more bug fixes.
Executive Hockey - Earl Woodman
Hello everyone!

In this week's release of Executive Hockey you will find the following features and bug fixes:

  • Added Settings screen
  • Added ability to run in windowed mode
  • Added ability to select resolution (min 1600x900) for both windowed and full screen modes
  • Added setting for game speed (4 levels)
  • Fixed a bug in the scores screen that showed some games on consecutive days
  • Improved layout of scores screen

    For the foreseeable future, we will continue to release updates roughly once a week.

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