Graveyard Keeper - Lazy Bear
  • Fixed: game crashes because of removing mobs from the map.
  • The first cut-scene in Stranger Sins DLC doesn't freeze anymore (Asian languages)
  • Lack of Achievement "Master Alchemist Achievement" was fixed.
  • The bug of overfilling the sales window in the tavern won't happen again.
Graveyard Keeper - Alex@tinybuild
Greetings, keepers!

Boy, have the last couple of years been exciting or what. We launched Graveyard Keeper in August of last year, and since then the game has received over 40 updates! With plenty more to come, the whole team at LazyBearGames humbly invites you to nominate Graveyard Keeper for the Labor of Love award in 2019's Steam Awards.

We hope you love the game as much as we love working on it.

This is also a great opportunity to get the game at a wooping 60% discount. It will not be cheaper for a long time.
Graveyard Keeper - Lazy Bear
  • Fixed bug when alcohol was sold only once in the tavern.
  • The tavern​ was added on the map.
  • Now new zombie technologies are only available after the opening of the first zombie.
  • Fixed freezing of the lighthouse keeper when approaching the lighthouse.
Graveyard Keeper - Lazy Bear
  • Fixed incorrect display of some Asian characters.
  • The crash of the game when you try to skip the introduction text in the first cut-scene with the gamepad will not happen again.
  • Added a new spot to work on the desk.
  • Fixed sound notification of a new corpse.
  • Some dialogues and quest titles were fixed.
  • Now you can sell to Adam blessing commerce.
Graveyard Keeper - Lazy Bear
  • Ocassional impossibility to build porter stations at Vineyard is fixed.
  • Fixed disappearence of Bella's ring from the body.
  • Some missing translation for Zombies working at Vineyard is localized now (Russian).
  • Some 1366x768 resolution issues corrupting UI should be fixed.
  • Ocassional interactions icons disappearence is fixed.
  • Tavern is now running fine after any Event.
Oct 31
Graveyard Keeper - Lazy Bear
  • Fix for quest items disappearing from Bartender's inventory after Event.
  • Keeper using the ​fishing rod in wrong direction is fixed.
  • New corpse arrival and buffs icons should not overlap each other anymore.
  • Few dialogues errors are fixed.
Oct 29
Graveyard Keeper - Lazy Bear
  • Fixed a bug when a farmer didn't go home after a quest with his son and a flask.
  • Fixed the game freeze if you give Cloto the potion treatment.
  • Fixed the shadow offset of zombie-porters.
  • Fixed an issue in the dialogue with Gerry about the last Keeper.
  • Missing shoulders of a downhill zombie-porter with a box have been fixed.
  • The impassable light from the lantern in the cemetery has been fixed.
  • The beekeeper's jam is fixed.
Oct 28
Graveyard Keeper - Lazy Bear
  • Now you will see visual notifications when a new corpse arrives.
  • Available ability to automate grapes and hops growing.
  • You can assign zombies to carry grapes and hops to the house basement.
  • New zombie-brewery and zombie-winery added.
  • Added missing character voices
  • Added light from windows in rooms
  • Added a list of all tutorial windows, and now you can see them at any time.
  • Fixed a lot of bugs.
  • Improved performance and optimization.
Graveyard Keeper - Alex@tinybuild

Good news, keepers

Stranger Sins is out now on Steam, Xbox and Switch! The PS4 version is coming very soon.

Enjoy the launch trailer:

Get the DLC:
Graveyard Keeper - Lazy Bear

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