Mashinky - jan.zeleny

Hello respected community!

There is a new update online, so I would like to share some details with you.

There is for example UI Scale feature requested by the community (especially usefull on 4k), which forced me to re-do all icons and UI graphics in general, so I was doing kind of HD-Remaster to the game that has not been released yet :).

Also several players asked me to add some possibility to do restoration of their precious old or unique vehicles in the game, so now you may use auto replace tool for doing this (we will probably re-balance currently-fixed restoration price in one of next updates).

Main changes are:
  • UI Scaling (You may choose the user interface size, especially handy for 4k monitors)
  • Hi-res Icons (Reworked 400 icons)
  • Start in any era (once unlocked by playing)
  • 7 new Trees
  • Restoration of old vehicles

There are also several small improvements and tons of fixes as always :)

Detailed changelog:

UI Scale
  • New UI Scale feature
  • New 385 icons, 500+ letters
  • Added Tons of missing letters (aprox +200)
  • Automatically scale up icons that are in an old resolution (due to mods)
  • Modified icons of track modified to make them more distinguish
  • Added automatic restriction to UI Scale according to resolution / window size
Start new game from any era
  • Added possibility to start map in another era!
  • Added autodetection of max start era unlocked (you have to progress naturally to unlock more eras to start from)
  • 074 Bangle cost balanced to support start in later eras
  • Added script function GetStartEra
  • Restoration possibility (autoreplace by the same vehicle, even for unique ones. Fixed cost atm)
  • 7 new trees (+removed Acacia)

  • Fixed Town growing
  • Added image to YouWing oil quest
  • Automatic immediate reload of UI when language changed
  • Fixed Crash when stop window too narrow
  • Lowered farm fields size
  • Some fixes for 512_h_paths map
  • Fixed cursor position vs tool icon position
  • Fixed some script minor issues
  • Fixed visual glitch when using unknown cargo
  • Fixed position of number showing distance between automatic signal placemnt
  • Reload config runtime does not cause background main menu image to stretch
  • Dragging locomotive in depot window active area
  • Acccumulation of multiple "Train cannot find compatible track" message
  • Fixed building rules where only token is produced (no inputs)
  • Produced tokens agregated not per station nearby, but per token type (no more 0 tokens pruduct marker above the building)
  • Fixed Issues with the new trees trunk mapping
  • Fixed Device Reset when using assimp
  • Fixed Rendered texture alignments (except texts)
  • Fixed Consistency of leaves fade out on close model and far baked one
  • Modified Small raycasting optimization
  • Fixed Lodbaker supports also 32bits indices
  • Fixed Auto detection of max UI Scale minor bug
  • Fixed Crash when moded rail parts missing signal positions
  • Fixed UI Icons white outlines issue
  • Church quest do not build new town when any other existing
  • Fixed Tooltip for Start Era option
  • Fixed Changing Start Era cause change of difficulty selection
  • Fixed Spawning of posts and towns when save/load custom map
  • Fixed Era limitations (when start from specific era)
  • Fixed Spawning posts and shops in town on custom maps
  • Fixed Glassworks script
  • Fixed Longer script

Hope you will like it ;) Have a nice weekend and thanks again for keeping me updated on some of your ideas and wishes!

Mashinky - jan.zeleny
Hello respected community!

It is insane, but recently we've together reached more than 100 mods in Mashinky steam workshop :O This is something I would never expected, especially while still in Early Access and without any usable tutorial how to create one mod.

I feel a huge gratitude and respect to the authors, thanks a lot guys!

This is another proof of having the best community ever, full of talented people who are able to dig into our data and learn how to create almost any modification possible. So many beautiful crafted engines and wagons, awesome maps or even mods that changes the basic gameplay, adding more possibilities to station upgrades or buildings...

If anyone needs some help with mod creation, please don't hesitate to ask me. I plan to add some documentation to our wiki page one day and this may help me structure it properly and even raise the priority of creating it.

Thanks a lot! I love it and working on the game for all of you guys who like the game and support it is a great honor for me...


Mashinky - jan.zeleny

Hello respected community!

After 5th era release, I've fixed several bugs and meantime implemented (and fixed) also asset lists (of all vehicles, buildings, towns, depots, etc). Including sorting. I will be adding more sorting options, these are just basic atm.

There are also several visual improvements, mostly distant fields flickering and sea shape and foam in a distance.

There is also a text polishing made by our mighty translators and Wad made some script improvements as well and he made a beautiful new map for you!

Also all critical issues should be fixed now ;)

Thanks a lot for all your feedback and support! It helped me a LOT!

Full changelog is here:

  • Added New "512 Path" Scenario
  • Added Sortable lists of buildings, vehicles, stations, etc.
  • Kumulative messages (automatically switch to kumulative message instead of enumerating every instance)
  • Added cycling goto feature for kumulative messages when clicking on them
  • Added possibility to start / stop all vehicles at once
  • Showing red numbers in assets window when station storage full
  • Added filtering in replacement list only existing loco/wagon types in game
  • Added depot button for electrification (like using track upgrade tool manually)
  • Modified Number and size and the shape of fields
  • Modified Scripts and Texts
  • Modified Power plants ballancing

  • Smoke and sound of train waiting on signal
  • Train stucked on a platform (when clear routelist and turn around)
  • Red signal when removing track piece between two blocks where one is occupied
  • Better streaming of terrain (fixed also issue with 10s lag when switch to construction mode)
  • Waypoints
  • Goto buttons in buildings list
  • Issue with stucked train leaving the depot
  • Blue track overlay wrongly applied to trees and fields
  • Frustum culling of plants (sometimes invisible when close to screen border)
  • Frustum culling of vehicles (sometimes invisible cemara onboard)
  • Max weight when going on reverse
  • Landscape type names (was "showing unknown" text instead)
  • Asynchronous access crash and buidling list flickering
  • Track version statistics (used by some script functions)
  • Food shop name
  • Buying new vehicle or bridge / tunnel does not play sound when not enough tokens to finish the action
  • Signal type may be changed without removing old signal first
  • Icons in realistic mode not visible on horizon

  • Added SSAO diameter noise (supress shadow silhouettes)
  • Added humidity gradient over the map adding more visual variety
  • Modified sea params, colors, foam
  • Modified SSAO ranges when camera onboard
  • Map streaming improved
  • Fixed Sea and fields z-fighting
  • Fixed Sea foam jittering

Now lets start with the next era and even bigger & bold changes :)

Mashinky - jan.zeleny

Hello respected community!

5th era is finally out now!

Please enjoy and let me know any concern, feedback, issues ;)

Full changelog is here:

5th Era update overview
  • 5 new locos (3 electric, 1 diesel, 1 quest loco), 6 new wagons (1 quest wagon)
  • 3 new industry buildings with upgrades
  • 2 new buildings without upgrades
  • 6 new quests, 1 era quest
  • 1 new cargo type
  • 1 new track type, new depot
  • new sounds, particle, camera positions, fixes, features, visual effects, etc.

Electrified track
  • Electrified track (UI, 3D assets, gameplay params & balancing, transition parts, AI pathfinding, new depot)

  • Field generator (respects terrain shape, chunking into compact shapes, select amount in newgame dialog, tools for planting and removing, limit trees on fields)
  • Field types - corn, grain, sunflower
  • Shader feature for Fields growing in spring, autumn harvest, clipping by rocks, separate "harvestable" geometry (fences stays over the winter)
  • Field type moved to xml - so fields are modable too!
  • Generating fields even into savegame when old savefile detected

  • New quests for 5th era
  • Bonus wagons present in the depot even if owner quest invisible

  • Oil power plant, upgrades
  • Coal power plant, upgrades
  • Farm, upgrades
  • Glassworks (quest building)
  • Food shop
  • Temporal coal mine upgrade

  • New Ragulin diesel loco
  • New Alligator electric loco
  • New E118 electric loco
  • New E66 Azakase electric loco
  • New Passenger, Mail and Restaurant wagon
  • New Timber wagon

  • All textures are now compressed (smaller HDD footprint, faster streaming)
  • Transparent pass (Glasses)
  • Fresnel driven glossiness
  • Overlays for track type (helpers for track upgrading)
  • Vehicle particle delay randomizer (controlled by its xml params)
  • New Electric loco particle
  • Improved details via distance interpolation

  • New sets of sounds for electrified locos
  • New Sounds for Oil Power plant, Coal power plant, Farm
  • Loco sound reference speed (not needed current max speed) - this will provide more engine sound variations

User Interface
  • By deselecting wagon / loco type filter in depot, all are activated again
  • Prefered track (only when using shortcuts) is now automatically updated once new track appears or after load / start new game
  • Screen resolutions sorting (also it offers Full Screen multiple times with different frequencies)
  • 55 new buildings cameras and 24 new vehicles cameras
  • Vehicle shows depot icon when it's heading to a depot
  • Missing or dangerous mods windows shows only up to 10 first mods and "..." instead of the rest to fit the screen

  • All tracks returns full price once removed (so player can get tokens back by removing track)
  • Train chooses depot exit according to its track type (for bug depot with multiple exits)
  • Multiexit depots are possible now even for one-depot mode (you may place multiple depots chunked together)
  • Upgrade also to basic track (downgrade from any track type to basic one)
  • Generator places buildings closer to map edge - up to 5 tiles instead of 5%
  • Params for all new vehicles and wagons, several iterations, balancing

  • Better clipping for plants, smooth terrain chunks and grass
  • Faster Generating new map and Loading savegame

  • GPU loop issue, fullscreen switching (not verified all occurrence yet)
  • Wring UI text size computation (caused empty space in missing mods list window)
  • Grass length, wrong clipping, added some grass on rocks
  • Flickering when rendering large buildings far from camera
  • Unable to load the game when some mods are missing and others are dangerous
  • Train does not skip waypoints when right after full unload / load
  • Removed unnecessary whitespaces at the beginning and end of mod name
  • Dithering lod transition
  • Some Script issues
  • Clipping of grass and fields near the bottom screen edge
  • Terrain type names
  • Map generating issue (caused slow down of generating)
  • Sea foam rendering
  • Grass & Fields mask where bridge ends, also for station and station upgrades
  • Correct upgrade cost (take track sell cost also into account)
  • Removed gravel under town buildings, used grass and gravel paths instead
  • Using enter when missing mods window appear no more break the loaded game
  • Crash / corrupted far geometry after map edit
  • Depot refresh after upgrading track inside
  • Tons issues with glass and fields when implementing them :)

Hope you will like it as much as I do (and due to the fact it probably the biggest update so far)

Thanks again for your support and interest in Mashinky game!


Mashinky - jan.zeleny

Hello respected community!

We've finally progressed with probably the biggest update so far - the 5th (electrified) era!

Today, I've updated experimental branch with brand new content so for those who are brave enough, let's switch there and help us find last several bugs and finish this great update together!

It is hard to point out what is new, so here you have at least main changes:

  • 4 new locos (3 electric, 1 diesel), 6 new wagons (1 quest wagon)
  • 3 new industry buildings with upgrades
  • 2 new buildings without upgrades
  • 6 new quests, 1 era quest
  • 1 new cargo type
  • 1 new track type, new depot
  • new sounds, particle, camera positions, fixes, features, visual effects, etc.
  • fields! 3 types atm.
  • all textures switched to compressed format (small disk requirements, faster streaming)
  • new render features like Fresnel Glossiness and Glass rendering
  • first colorize overlays (currently track type visualization) to help you see the overall situation
  • and lot more..

you may find detailed changelog here

Please use Discord bugreport: and thanks a lot for any comment or bug report.

Hope you will like it ;) and thanks all of you for your time!


Mashinky - jan.zeleny
Hello respected community!

I can finally introduce you our very first official merch done by awesome FretShirt!

Possibilities are endless and once 5th era finished, we will focus on adding even more options ;) Meantime, check out their store!


Mashinky - jan.zeleny
Hello respected community!

I have again rather small update for you, this time it brings for example town growing over the stations, rivers and so on (you can help the town by laying roads there).

Some mods issues detection

Also we are experiencing increased amount of crashes and game issues caused by some specific mods. The cause is for example when mod sets number of industry buildings generated to 0 so the game may not be playable any more.
I was thinking about preventing mods from doing so, but there could not be great mods using this wisely anymore, so the game only detects these type of mods and show warning every time you start new game or load one that requires these mods.

Improvements and Fixes
  • Towns may grow over the track if road present there (they may spread behind stations, rivers, small rocks etc.)
  • Improved all train lists, which are able to show more info for each train (for example age in replacement window)
  • Increased buildings max size increased to 9 for now (huge buildings ahead ;)
  • Fixed Crash when click on main menu camera icon (or hit F11)
  • Fixed town growing when placing shop manually (but cannot be removed for now)
  • Fixed removing trees near building even when not enough tokens to remove building itself.

Regarding to 5th era, I've spent last couple of days implementing tech for fields spread over the map (we will need them ;) ). Also we have several new assets for this era, so I will be soon sharing more from this content ;)

Have a great week!

Mashinky - jan.zeleny
Hello respected community!

Before releasing any info about 5th era, lets make the Mashinky gameplay a bit more interesting and challenging and train management a bit easier :)

There is a new update, where I've implemented 2 new features:
- Train aging (both visual and gameplay)
- Mass train replacement (requested by the community for a long time)

Train Aging
- Train has an age now. This affects fuel consumption speed (mainteinance cost)
- Train age is visible also by icons colors
- All aged engines / wagons can became rusty (procedural rust rendering)
- These two features (mainteinance cost and rustyness are optional)

Mass train replacement
- System for planning train replacement!
- Accessible by train list window, depot window or train details window
- Persistent list of replacement rules. Once applied to any train, train heads to neares depot, process replacement and get back to its routelist. If not enough tokens, train waits until enough tokens gathered and displays warning message.
- You can cancel replacement order by pushing the same replacement button again

Bug management
- First and very simple version of bug management system!
- Also comes with rating system, where you can upvote (raise priority) for any bug instead of creating duplicates
- It is quite WIP now, so this will be improved in the future a lot.

Improvements and fixes
- Improved Script function AreConnectedByTrack, GetNumTracksVersion, UpdateTextFormat, GetName, GetNumTracks
- Possibility to Unsubscribe Steam workshop ingame
- Rebalancing (City grow speed via passengers)
- New version of localized texts
- Scripts iteration and fixes
- Scenarios do not save mod ids (workaround until proper UI implemented)
- New game do not shows missing mods warning
- Music multiple tracks play together
- Crash related to click on status bar
- Signals refresh when ignore & pass one-way signal in opposite direction
- Recommended train weight independent on multiple locos order
- One depot limit no more applied in editor
- Drag drop wagons in depot keeps all wagon params
- Wagons without outcome are not affected by age
- Town doesn't grow when starting new scenario

Hope you like this update! Just let me know in comments ;)
Next stop (hopefully) some first info about 5th era, because if everything goes well, it's gona be awesome! :)

Best regards,
Mashinky - jan.zeleny
Hello respected community!

We are working hard on 5th era, but meantime I am fixing some issues and adding new features. This update is rather small, but there are more to come soon (like train replacement feature or ingame bug reporting system).

For today, there are these changes:

  • Modified: Loading does not require mods strictly (only shows warning)
  • Added: Validate mod button
  • Added: Re-saving of models (by validate button, fixes some inconsistencies made by different 3D modeling soft exporters)
  • Added: Shuffle option to music player (default on)
  • Added: Icons for music player
  • Added: Removing whitespaces from package name
  • Modified: Scenarios do not save mod ids (workaround until proper UI implemented)
  • Modified: New game do not shows missing mods warning
  • Fixed: Crash related to click on status bar
  • Fixed: Signals refresh when ignore&pass one way signal in opposite direction
  • Fixed: Recommended train weight independent on multiple locos order.
  • Removed: Tags mod param stored in xml (obsolete, game generates it automatically)

Stay tuned for more news soon!

Mashinky - jan.zeleny
Hello respected community!

As I mentioned in last update, I am late with last update, but it is finally ready to be released on public branch! Thanks all of you who helped me to stabilize Experimental version and finish all crucial features to make ...
  • Steam Workshop (first iteration)
  • x64 build (downloads automatically according to your OS)
  • New terrain type
  • Silvester mod :)
  • and Tons of other smaller improvements and fixes
...finally life on steam.

I am so happy to see the huge amount of work already invested by mod creators into Mashinky steam workshop, especially thanks to famous Hracicka, Vaio, DanielDerStolle, Stjanusch, Wailord, Ds!!, JosefsedlCZ and many others.

Modding for Mashinky was originally introduced far before even Early Access release and very early in game development I've created virtual file system able to merge all content together once game starts. We've used this feature many times internally when testing new eras, using placeholders, overloading some game rules to test new ideas and all these tests shaped the modding support to be quite general. Currently, there are these areas possible to mod:

  • Maps
  • Engines
  • Wagons
  • Buildings
  • Cargo types
  • Tokens
  • Scripts (wip, only overloading old quests for now)
  • Terrain types
  • Vegetation
  • Sounds
  • Music
  • Gui icons
  • Languages
  • Player colors
  • ..and some more

Now with the Steam workshop support, I am looking forward to see what you guys can create!

You can see what it there by visiting this link
or directly in game (in both cases, ensure you are logged in and own the game).

To help you start with modding, I've introduced also several smart templates showing how to create new mods. More templates will come.

Hope you will like this update!


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