Mashinky - jan.zeleny
Hello respected community

Today I have a new build for you and this time it is quite interesting one :)

It was for the first time I've utilised Experimental branch to find as much issues as possible and I would say it worked better than expected! - Thanks to all of you who participated and let me know any issues, ideas, opinions - together we are making this game far better then I would be ever able to.

In this build, there are few main highlights:

  • Distance bonus for passengers and mail (with visualization per wagon in train window, train map icon, train list)
  • Distance bonus for other cargo included in industry buildings rules (bonus computed according to closest resource on map)
  • Second "High speed" track type (including upgrade tool, new signals, smart shortcuts respecting last track type used)
  • Language can be selected in splash window (+ game branch visible in splash window and ingame)
  • New track & road smoothing (including construction mode and lod in a distance)
  • Many fixes

Hope you will like it as much as I do, since the distance bonus and second type of track was quite a challenge to finish due to all UI / AI / save&load / balancing / assets changes. Now we have a solid base not only for future track types.

Full changelist:
  • Added: Distance delivery bonus
  • Added: Branch name is visible in splash window and in-game right bottom corner
  • Added: Language selection in splash window (when nothing set, game tries to use steam client language as a default one)
  • Fixed: Town growing
  • Added: Automatic vertex color generating also for lod - fixed all road / track smoothing issues in construction mode
  • Fixed: Track & Road & Other infrastructure smoothing finished and fixed all issues
  • Fixed: "Remove" shortcut
  • Modified: Reexport models for new smoothing shader
  • Modified: Colors a bit (trees, grass, fog)
  • Added: Script function GetRemoteQuestVariable able to read global variables of other quest
  • Modified: Depth of field shader improvements
  • Fixed: Default dof intensity
  • Modified: Avoid <1 numbers when unloading passengers in town by chunking these to whole numbers
  • Modified: Ballancing of distant bonus
  • Fixed: GetNumQuestsActive script function counts only visible quests
  • Added: Visualization of wagon profit estimates
  • Fixed: Rare crash when watching year statistics
  • Fixed: Rare bug with Invisible objects from some camera position
  • Added: Reward estimates also for autorouting
  • Fixed: Some object were not clickable
  • Fixed: Script function GetRemoteQuestVariable when used on director script or non-existing script
  • Fixed: Map coords computation for mouse cursor
  • Fixed: Invisible tool tip sometimes
  • Added: Estimated reward shown in train 3d icons
  • Added: Estimated reward shown in train list
  • Modified: All wagons available in editor
  • Added: Save/Load of last autorouting destination
  • Fixed: Crash when building depot upgrade for second track
  • Fixed: Async threads crash when rendering estimated reward
  • Fixed: UI padding insufficient after fixing of text length computation
  • Fixed: Visibility of track depends on track invisible option, not buildings
  • Added: UI remembers last track type and use shotcuts accordingly
  • Fixed: Proper bridge/tunnel/station speed limited by object and track together
  • Fixed: Speed weird peaks when too strong engine on a limited speed track
  • Added: Texts for on map tooltips (not localized yet)
  • Fixed: Building highspeed track tunnel
  • Fixed: Missing internal part of high speed tunnel
  • Fixed: Upgrading tool working for Tunnels
  • Fixed: Upgrading tracks on bridges shows proper track position
  • Fixed: Crash when computing distant reward for non-accepted cargo there
  • Fixed: Potential crash when searching for the best path backward
  • Fixed: Missing arrow in routelist
  • Fixed: Removing Steel bridge by remove tool
  • Fixed: Upgrading steel bridge
  • Fixed: Effects for high speed signals
  • Fixed: Upgrading when multiple tracks on a single tile
  • Added: New signals for highspeed track
  • Modified: Chain signals have real sign on them
  • Fixed: Signal construction switching visualization

Let me know if you like it and if everything works as desired. And thanks for your awesome support so far!

Mashinky - jan.zeleny
Hello respected community!

There is a new update for Mashinky. As promised, I keep updating experimental branch and once seems to be stable, merge it to default.

New content / features from the experimental branch:
  • Walls modification according to road presence
  • Decorative upgrades for your stations (it is rather proof of concept, more will occasionally follow)
  • Fixes for pathfinding (when using waypoints and force load / unload as well as some special cases)
  • Optimizations for rendering

These are rather small updates for you, since we are working on some major era #4 features and content. One of them (second track type) will come even before era #4 release, so stay tuned.

Full changelist:
  • Added: 3 new decorative upgrades for a station
  • Added: Third wall type
  • Added: Platform walls & Possibility to change walls elevation
  • Added: New tab in stop window with decoration upgrades
  • Added: Stop upgrades displayed in multiple columns according to window width
  • Added: More performance markers
  • Added: Performance dump enabled when "perf" command line param
  • Added: Performance for script commands including script name
  • Added: Possibility to render text with shadows
  • Added: Commandline arg "perf" (enable performance dump), "aidbg" (ai debug visualization)
  • Modified: When place depot, tool is disabled and depot window opened
  • Modified: If not alternative wall, use default
  • Modified: After manual turn around, train does not check available path
  • Modified: Improved AI debugger
  • Modified: Changed default start tokens and max loan from 1000/1000 to 2000/5000
  • Modified: New texts
  • Modified: Better track removing
  • Fixed: Train will not turnaround when timeout on signal, but it is not bettre to turn aroung
  • Fixed: Pathfinding issue with 2+ stations route
  • Fixed: Waiting on green semaphore
  • Fixed: Train turnaround rare issues
  • Fixed: Modding track types
  • Fixed: Distant shadows
  • Fixed: Depth of field
  • Fixed: Shadow pixel stability
  • Fixed: Pathfinding bug when using Full Load / Full Unload commands
  • Fixed: Script performance log showing proper script names
  • Fixed: Road automatic elevation when road climb up the hill towards gate
  • Fixed: Starting editor does not change sea level preferred value
  • Fixed: Shadows invalidation in the first frame after load / generate(edited)
  • Fixed: Waypoints
  • Optimized: Terrain shadow casting
  • Optimized: Towns updating

There is also one known issue with road connections, but I am working on this already ;)

Mashinky - jan.zeleny
First week of full time development is almost over and I see a huge potential in this :) ..and I really enjoyed it!

Since there is a public branch update today, here you can see its changelog (I pushed the update due to some new path finding fixes):

  • Added: When place depot, tool is disabled and depot window opened
  • Added: Commandline arg "perf" (enable performance dump), "aidbg" (ai debug visualization)
  • Added: Performance dump for script commands including script name
  • Modified: Speed up Depth of Field postprocess again
  • Modified: After manual turn around, train does not check available path until next junction or signal
  • Modified: Improved AI debugger
  • Modified: Changed default start tokens and max loan from 1000/1000 to 2000/5000
  • Modified: New version of localized texts
  • Fixed: Train will not turnaround automatically when timeout on signal, but only if there is available path bacward
  • Fixed: Pathfinding issue with 2+ stations route
  • Fixed: Waiting on green signal
  • Fixed: Train turnaround rare issues
  • Fixed: Modding track types
  • Fixed: Depth of field


First, while we are working on 4th era, I've started new branch called EXPERIMNTAL. It is publicly available and the point is to give you brand new features sooner, but with potentially some issues we have to identify and I need to solve asap. Once stabilized, I will merge this to default branch.

You will be able to see changelog for Experimental branch on our Trello road map

To give you a small head up about what I am experimenting atm (this is NOT on experimental branch atm, but will be uploaded soon).

  • Alternate walls for building / station according to road presence in neighborhood

  • Possibility to generate big town buildings in the city center (working on proper generator atm). These will be rare but have some special bonus rules for you.

  • Station decorational upgrades (similar to that 1x1 tile platform, but some more variations - with benches and tree, with a roof above the platform etc).
  • Second type of track (highspeed) - working on upgrading tools and visuals.
  • Steam workshop has still very high priority and now I have more time to fully focuse on this.
  • Few more ideas to prototype and potentially add...

Thanks a lot all of you for support and stay tuned for future updates ;)

Mashinky - jan.zeleny
Hello respected community!

Good news everyone, Mashinky is my Full time job now!

It has been several awesome years at Bohemia Interactive studio, many talented friendly people I always enjoyed to work with...

But now it is the time to switch fully to Mashinky and speed up the developemnt ! It is a dream come true.

Wish me luck and thanks to all who support me and trust me.


Mashinky - jan.zeleny
Hello respected community!

Thanks all of you for valuable feedback, hopefully I've fixed most of pathfinding bugs and also playing in steam offline mode.

Here you can see full changelog:

  • Fixed: Logging into steam account when steam in offline mode
  • Fixed: Autorouting now ignores last station (for cargo like passengers or mail)
  • Fixed: Pathfinding ended in depot fixed (proper turnaround penalty, search uses turnaround also on the end of station platforms - without penalty)
  • Fixed: Pathfinding when autorouting search for loading station
  • Modified: Increased searching budget (because of next dest. prediction)
  • Fixed: Right Alt lock rotation on camera
  • Fixed: Brushes and terrain tools have switched tooltips
  • Fixed: Tooltip for button Back on new game - advanced tab
  • Modified: Default start money set to 2000
  • Fixed: Track laying under steel bridge
  • Added: One new city building
  • Fixed: Spanish language name
  • Fixed: Depth of Field quality

If you find another pathfinding issue, please report it here.


All the best,

Mashinky - jan.zeleny
Hello respected community!

Since the release, I've received many emails about train navigation ideas and some of you have reported issues or sent me pictures where the train decided to go by wrong path of even caused some deadlocks.

Thank you all for this help, ideas and bugreports.

Based on this, I've recently reworked pathfinding and I am quite satisfied with the result ;) There are several new features:

Better pathfinding

Trains are now able to find its way also by turning around. Each direction change has some penalty, so train prefers straight paths, if there is any.
This feature is especially useful when depots exit leads to one way track. It can be also easily utilized to turn around train when magic flip is switched off.

Avoid going through the station

Train that doesn't need to stop at the station prefers an outer way around. This can prevent from some deadlocks or overloaded stations. The train prefers outer way only up to specific additional distance. If it is too long, it goes through directly the station instead.

Train stops when lost

When the train cannot find the way at all, it stops and let you know about it. In previous version, train used the heuristic to guess which tracks leads to the closest neighbourhood of the destination, which combined with oneway track usually ended up having train far from its route and blocking another path.

Next destination path prediction

The train predicts the next destination and chooses the right platform! This feature has been requested by community several times and I was always looking forward to have it in Mashinky game.

Aside from these features, several pathfinding bugs has been fixed (at least 3 of them were that kind of bug: "How could it ever work before the fix?" :) )

Thats it for now, hope you will like it ;)

Have a nice weekend!
Mashinky - jan.zeleny
Hello respected community!

The development getting speed again, but today, I want to share with you something different, it is my excitement about "unlocking" another achievement:

Two days ago, Mashinky scored a huge success:
The special jury evaluated the game in The Czech Games of the year 2017 as the Winner of two categories:

  • The Greatest hope

  • The Best game design

We've also got nomination for

  • The greatest technological improvement

It is a big honor to my and for the whole team, since this jury was full of game development veterans and well known press professionals.

Next step:
Big AI update so stay tuned ;)

Have a nice day!
Mashinky - jan.zeleny
Hello respected community!

Map Editor is out for few days already and I've spent most of the time fixing bugs that has been reported by you.

Thanks all of you who helped me finding these bugs and by sending also save files, you made it easier for me to fix it quickly.

These bugs were mainly freezes (either caused by old save files on when unlocking second era). Everything should be ok now, sorry again for inconvenience and thanks for helping me!


  • Fixed: Loading of old saves
  • Fixed: Missing humidity when random map generated(edited)

  • Fixed: Missing humidity when random map generated
  • Fixed: Freeze when starting 2nd era
  • Fixed: Town buildings generating + optimized
  • Removed: Trace dump disabled until proper switch implemented
  • Fixed: Another freeze when unable to place buildings

Editor Change log
I've promised you to share change log and here you can see what I was doing those few months. It was not easy, but I've learned a lot and next time, I will keep you updated and share some versions and new content meanwhile.

Here you can see each internal build with changelog. Sorry it is quite long and not very readable, but at least you can get an insight of how the development of editor looks like ;)

  • Added: Support for save/load/delete scenarios
  • Added: Support for start new game from saved map (scenario with erased artificial infrastructure)
  • Added: Support for start new game from saved scenario
  • Added: Possibility to load and save Heightmaps and masks
  • Added: Planting trees based on density
  • Added: Saving height map
  • Added: Recompute humidity (grass color)
  • Added: Place towns according to latitude/longitude
  • Added: Terrain tools window
  • Modified: Input box improvements (dark background, handling focus properly)
  • Added: Editor keeps landscape when changing map size
  • Added: 2 new heightmap filters (multiply and bias)
  • Removed: Construction mud when in editor mode
  • Added: Generating heightmap in editor mode
  • Added: CPU filters (new tab, buttons, .. disabled for now, need to switch to GPU filters instead)
  • Modified: Terrain tools window visible by default when starting editor
  • Added: Generating / Removing separately plants, heightmap, towns, industries, humidity map
  • Added: Input box able to restrict to number
  • Added: Latitude Longitude for towns generation in editor (stores to setup.xml)
  • Modified: Terrain tools window improvements
  • Added: Europe heightmap
  • Added: World largest 7000 towns

  • Fixed: Default map coordinates now fits to Europe heightmap
  • Modified: Towns in editor are sorted and placed from largest to smallest
  • Modified: Towns are smaller (still according to its real size)
  • Added: Number of towns is progressive according to map size (90/30/10).
  • Fixed: Loading of bitmap where no imageSize filled into header (some OS?)
  • Added: Map coordinates are visible in bottom right corner
  • Fixed: Terrain tools are not available out of editor
  • Modified: Some of Terrain tools window Button names
  • Added: 4 script callbacks: OnIndustryTick(), OnEpochChange(int epochIndex), OnTokenChange(string hash, int delta), OnSecond()
  • Fixed: Saving maps

  • Added: Loading heightmap is now GPU-accelerated
  • Modified: Terrain heightmap Filters tab is back again
  • Modified: Heightmap support for jpg, png, dds
  • Modified: Heightmap internally switched from 8bits to 32bits texture on GPU
  • Added: Switch on/off terrain heightmap 32bit
  • Modified: Iteration of GPU terrain routines
  • Added: Auto recompute humidity after generation step
  • Added: Asynchronous queue for filters
  • Modified: Fixed new game map generating
  • Fixed: UI Frame text alignment
  • Added: GPU heightmap filters (Multiply, Bias, Blur, Median, Voronoi, VoronoiSmooth, Perlin, Gerstner, AdjustHeights, GeoNoise, WaterErosion)
  • Modified: Voronoi and Voronoi Smooth are tileable to avoid different density on map borders
  • Added: Amount scrollbar so now it is possible to combine more filters sequentially
  • Added: Building buttons to Grow town and whole Delete town
  • Fixed: Debug script output window
  • Fixed: Town growing when missing road
  • Modified: Raise number of arguments limit (16->64) for script function UpdateTextFormat
  • Added: New song "Diesel time"
  • Added: UI gradient window overlay
  • Fixed: Building editor buttons properly limited to editor only (grow / delete town)
  • Fixed: Deleting town with larger buildings (2*1 at least)

  • Fixed: Crash when click on building
  • Fixed: Not working Content tool colors
  • Added: First version of terrain heightmap brushes (disabled for now)

  • Added: Terrain raise in editor uses brushes instead
  • Added: Editor can place all possible buildings
  • Added: When saving in editor, not-available buildings in 1st era are removed and put to special list (type+pos+version)
  • Added: Terrain changes per vertex (non-brush) are batched together
  • Added: Brush hardness, brush size
  • Added: Terrain brush visualization
  • Added: Simplified rendering of screen quad
  • Added: Brush paints to the texture first and once mouse released, texture is used as amount mask for effect
  • Added: Optimization for brushes: Only affected area updated
  • Added: Brush visualization on map no more uses line, only actual brush position
  • Added: Rightclick to cancel brush
  • Modified: Improved brushes / manual vertex edit / whole map filters
  • Modified: Brush paints also when moving mouse over GUI windows
  • Modified: Properly initialized GPU heightmap after editor start
  • Modified: Intensity of some filters
  • Modified: Filter tab UI polishing
  • Modified: Tuned Filter tab in Terrain tools
  • Modified: Mult / Div filter - now it ignores underwater terrain and scale down/up not to zero, but to sea level
  • Modified: Splash screen shows Including Editor
  • Fixed: Deadlock in async generation when staring new game
  • Fixed: Compile time switch for terrain brushes
  • Fixed: Water erosion when generating new map
  • Fixed: Filters sometimes caused wrong results
  • Fixed: Loading screen freeze until mouse moved
  • Fixed: Runtime brush update
  • Fixed: Whole map filters
  • Fixed: Brush issue (streaks across the whole map) on first use
  • Fixed: Wrong map shape when generate new map
  • Fixed: Brush in construction mode
  • Fixed: Map reset when restart editor
  • Removed: Brush no more change its color according to brush amount

  • Added: Texture initialization supports more formats
  • Added: One param for each filter (it can be used for specifying filter function)
  • Added: "Set" filter able to draw specific altitude
  • Fixed: Device lost Cleared whole map
  • Fixed: After load file into editor, editing cleared the map
  • Fixed: Wrong tooltip after each brush application
  • Fixed: Vertical scale of heightmap after load
  • Fixed: Right bottom corner of map issues after using some filters
  • Fixed: Brush wrongly applied when clicking on UI
  • Fixed: Lowering map when painting using some filters
  • Fixed: New map generating

  • Added: New brush able to copy height from where painting started
  • Modified: Hidden year in editor
  • Added: Reset year when new game
  • Added: Scrollbar in map selection in new game
  • Fixed: Corrupted file when add industry in editor and save / load
  • Fixed: erasing map in editor after load

  • Fixed: Loading of textures having non power-of-2 size
  • Fixed: Height scale when loading heightmap is 0-255 again
  • Added: Autosave in editor
  • Fixed: Buttons enlarge in non-town building window
  • Fixed: Using buldozer on buildings in editor
  • Added: Industries from other than 1st era are removed from custom map when starting new game
  • Added: Custom industries are placed in each era, if not possible (due to not-empty space), placed within 20 tiles distance, if not possible, at least randomly
  • Added: Undo (5 steps atm, using adaptive CPU mem. allocation)
  • Modified: Undo has 10 steps
  • Added: Undo UI, visualize num steps cached
  • Added: Rivers brush
  • Fixed: Crash when load heightmap, change map size, erase

  • Added: Persistent per brush setup
  • Modified: Brush strengths and default params
  • Fixed: Loading flat heightmap

  • Added: Plant brush (disabled - wip)
  • Added: Script function IndustryGetType (returns hash of given industry object)
  • Fixed: Watermark when loading map into editor

  • Added: New brushes
  • Modified: Switch versioning repository

  • Added: Internal possibility to test load (reads only some basic info about the file without applying it)
  • Fixed: Paragraph line
  • Modified: Refactored town growing (building budgets)
  • Added: Possibility to force building facing to road, including corners
  • Modified: Editor map has always high sea level
  • Modified: New game - custom maps window
  • Added: Second stage of town buildings (WIP)
  • Fixed: removing of bigger buildings
  • Modified: Town growing improvements (upgrading buildings, roads)
  • Added: Wind sound switch
  • Modified: Improved town generating
  • Modified: Recovery from some savefile coruptions

  • Fixed: number of town buildings generating
  • Removed: Asserts from release (without VC it caused crashes instead)
  • Modified: Mods moved from media to mods directory
  • Added: Possibility to use also directories inside mods as a mod
  • Fixed: Erasing of towns when generate
  • Modified: Erasing all buildings when changing map size
  • Fixed: Towns 1x1 generating when used for the second time in editor
  • Fixed: Industry generating when start new game

  • Added: Optimized processing of UI add item list
  • Added: Limit brush / filter to either under /above water
  • Added: Map seed
  • Fixed: Heightmap loading for the second+ time
  • Fixed: Scaling heightmap when loading
  • Fixed: Packages loading
  • Fixed: Corupting save files by saving
  • Added: Some test for save files error recovery
  • Fixed: Random numbers generator (master vs slave logic fixed)
  • Fixed: limit brushes to underwater / above water
  • Fixed: bug with repeating of keystrokes
  • Fixed: Baking textures

  • Fixed: New game produces only 1/4 of a map
  • Fixed: Far ambient BBoxes computing
  • Modified: Switched positions Flatten and Set brushes
  • Modified: Another iteration of steam workshop implementation
  • Fixed: Town growing in editor
  • Fixed: consistency of random numbers
  • Fixed: When maximized, do not remember window size (keep one from normal window state)
  • Fixed: Mods loading from zip, also switching every path to lower case
  • Fixed: reusing of map cache (performance ~5% improvements)

  • Fixed: unpacked mods
  • Fixed: icon
  • Modified: Improved custom map window
  • Modified: steam workshop iteration

  • Added: After terrain brushes, all affected map objects are tested and removed if not suitable terrain
  • Modified: Speedup main menu
  • Added: Map Size Filters when browsing custom maps
  • Added: Brush for planting trees
  • Added: Brush for removing trees
  • Modified: Texts

  • Fixed: Newgame window size
  • Fixed: Copying artificial plants when generat new map
  • Fixed: Town (+industry) names when start custom map
  • Fixed: Number of towns displayed in right bottom corner
  • Fixed: Randomly spread buildings
  • Fixed: removing of roads by plant brush
  • Fixed: Multiple industries generated when start custom map
  • Removed: Autosaves from new custom map menu
  • Fixed: Tree brush hides forest model

  • Added: Limit for custom map count
  • Fixed: generating on low/med/high presets
  • Modified: Hidden date in editor except month
  • Fixed: Crash when generate trees -> change map size
  • Modified: moved plants to landscape generator so it cooperate easily with brushes
  • Fixed: Industry start positions & names
  • Added: Basic FBX generator
  • Fixed: Generating editor trees followed by painting them
  • Fixed: Missing shadows
  • Modified: Town generating
  • Modified: New game window (custom map info is loaded only one on request)
  • Added: Input box now supports multiline
  • Added: Map description (wip)
  • Added: windows can have fixed width of right half (not only left one)
  • Fixed: Low/Med/High town count when generating in editor
  • Added: Remove whole town when main building removed
  • Fixed: Town/building icon altitude when modify heightmap
  • Modified: Town do not remove its building so often
  • Fixed: New era buildings positioning
  • Fixed: Missing shadows
  • Fixed: Advanced New game Params are applied also to custom maps
  • Added: Possibility to add custom map description (with images etc.)
  • Modified: Script for ruined church is now able to search for existing one instead of create new one (custom maps)

  • Added: Sorting industry icons in build tool according to their start era
  • Added: Autowrap text in input box
  • Added: clip text into input box
  • Added: Scrollbar in Custom map description (new game window)
  • Modified: Increased custom maps limit to 512
  • Fixed: Crash in editor
  • Fixed: Reassign town when town it's is removed

  • Added: Icons & Help for plant brushes, under/above water
  • Modified: Roads placed in editor belongs to towns

  • Modified: Copy build media batch file
  • Fixed: Asznchronouse Undo list issue
  • Fixed: Memory overflow (reading uniform string from file
  • Fixed: Town growing
  • Fixed: Town captions
  • Fixed: loading of longer strings
  • Modified: Minimal resolution raised from 800600 to 1024?/?*720
  • Fixed: Column width in new game - custom maps - map info
  • Added: Localized Terrain tools + Terrain brushes window captions
  • Added: Many editor related tooltips
  • Removed: Wrong tooltip with tutorial string
  • Fixed: Credits
  • Modified: Terrain tools buttons scaled up by 20px each to fit translated texts
  • Added: DbgTextClear() script function
  • Modified: Localized texts

  • Added: Humidity brushes
  • Added: (WIP) Humidity after device lost restore
  • Fixed: Humidity paint brush
  • Added: New game -> Advanced -> back returns to previous tab
  • Modified: New texts version

  • Fixed: Random spread of generated buildings
  • Fixed: Brushes remove bridges and tunnels
  • Fixed: Changing of map size in editor cause brushes to generate holes or other issues
  • Fixed: Vegetation checks suitable terrain after using brushes
  • Fixed: Using automatic humidity map generating and than humidity brushes
  • Fixed: Manual trees placing and than using tree brushes
  • Fixed: Shadow clipping to early in a distance
  • Modified: Shadow quality vs distance improved, improved shadow bias 10x
  • Added: Plant / Humidity tooltips
  • Modified: Humidity brushes and editor icon

  • Fixed: using random tree and than tree brush
  • Fixed: Save/Load heightmap scale
  • Modified: New localized text version
  • Modified: Better shadow fading in a distance
  • Added: Mod with Elishka steam engine

  • Modified: Date progress in editor turned off
  • Modified: removed not finished (locked eras) buildings from construction menu
  • Fixed: Not-growing towns
  • Fixed: Placing industry searched for closest towns also in non-existing towns
  • Fixed: in paused game, towns got number of passagners from surrounding builngs
  • Modified: latest translated texts version
  • Fixed: Humidity reset when used undo step
  • Fixed: Available industry buildings only in editor + quest buildings
  • Modified: Turned off time in editor

Wow, you have reached the end! Thanks a lot for your time.

Finishing editor after so many weeks was like releasing some stone I was rolling in front of me for a long time. I know it was even more difficult for you, since having so minimum insight into the development from outside is not fair for all of you who already bought the game and I will do my best to keep you involved next time, because only together we can make the best tycoon game ever ;)

Have a nice day!
Mashinky - jan.zeleny
Hello respected community!

Map Editor with first set of custom maps is finally released! These are main features you can use to support your creativity:

  • Load / save so called "Scenarios" (it means custom maps, in the future, these will come with custom scripts as well).
  • Support for loading / saving height map, vegetation or humidity maps - you can obtain heightmap of any world location via this site Place heightmaps to /heightmap/ location inside the game directory.
  • Generate initial terrain, industries, towns, trees by a single click in the editor, so you can quicky modify already populated maps.
  • GPU accelerated brushes able to generate various noises, modificate terrain, add / remove trees of colorize grass as well as healing brush after loading noisy heightmap, brush able to draw rivers and more.
  • Manually place, rename and grow towns or you can draw roads and place buildings to design town manually.
  • Manually place industry buildings so the game will generate them on these locations.
  • You may place also infrastructure including rails, bridges, tunnels, stations to create specific initial conditions.
  • You can add textual description to your map so everyone can read this before starting new game on your map.
  • Easily shareable *.mss files with each maps (located in /scenarios/ inside game directory).
  • First set of hand made maps (6 handcrafted maps for now, some of them comes with initial infrastructure to support your business start).
  • 7000+ real towns locations and sizes for automatic placement (you need to set proper latitude / longitude of area chosen).
  • Many fixes and improvements, optimizations.
  • New steam engine "Elishka" :)

I am looking forward to see what creative people like you can create with these tools! Please share with us your maps and best of them accompanied with your name can make it into the next build update ;)

Have a great day!
May 12
Mashinky - jan.zeleny
Hello respected community!

It has been a loooong time, full of issues to solve, unclear plan estimates and I am so glad we can move further and finally release the Mashinky's map Editor!

Changelog is quite long, so I need to prepare it for you, but in few days, I will release editor update with these main changes:

  • Advanced map editor (with GPU brushes, industry / towns planning etc)
  • Support for loading / saving height, vegetation or humidity maps
  • First set of hand made maps
  • 7000+ real towns locations and size for automatic placement
  • Many fixes and improvements
  • New steam engine "Elishka"

It was not an easy task and I want to appologise to all of you for such delay. What started as a "hey, lets add possibility to load heightmap" to something rather complex requiring to rewrite some game parts (generating towns, industries, changing map size, dynamic ownership of map items etc.).

I've learned a lot and I will do my best to meantime ensure some content updates coming.

Full steam ahead!

I've also decided to focus on Mashinky and I will work on this game on full time starting next month! This should speed up the development radically. We can also switch back to content updates soon!

Thanks for all your patience, looking forward to see your creativity in the Editor and have a nice weekend!


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