The Vagrant - Pseudor
Hello everyone! Here comes another update:

  • Game engine update, minor improvement to the visuals. (We suggest reset your keymapping to default in start screen options, and then set it for your adaptation.)
  • Added support for for 2560X1400 and 3840X2160 resolution.
  • Italian localization is now available! Thanks to Diego Muscetti.
  • Fixed the issue with Groundshaker battle.
  • Rebalanced the battle with HMW in the Dungeon of Decay.
  • And other known bugs and glitches.

Another thing we want to say is that we are currently planning for our next game! There isn’t much to reveal at this moment, but we’d love to ask you guys to participate in a poll about the funding of our next project. This is just a survey, but we definitely would love to know what do you think about this, thank you very much guys!
You can take the survey poll here:
What do you think of the funding we should adapt for next project?

Please join our Discord discussion group and ask us anything or report any issue you found directly! We might not be online all the time, but if you catch you are more than welcome to chat with us!

Official Discord:
Official Twitter:
The Vagrant - Shippou
The Vagrant - Pseudor
Based on the feedback we collected, we fix some known minor issues.

Enjoy The Vagrant!
The Vagrant - Shippou
Hey guys this is Pat from SakuraGame.

Due to the enthusiasm of our fans, we've decided to hire more paid translators and expand the multi-language version of our games covering Russian, Thai and Korean.

So if you want to work with us and be a part of something great, join us by contact me via email,

Thank you for all your help.

The Vagrant - Pseudor
Hope you all had a wonderful Summer sale! Based on the feedback we collected, we made some fixes and improvment to the game.

Update info:
  • Fixed the bug when fighting Maximillian II character display issue.
  • Fixed the bug that golden key can be used multiple times.
  • Fixed the last tutorial entry duplicated in the Journal section.
  • Polished Japanese localization.
  • Other known minor issue fixed.

Enjoy the game!
The Vagrant - Pseudor
Update info:

  • You can now select difficulties before New Game +.
  • The intro tutorial part will be skipped in New Game+. The stela in Brocley Village will be player’s start location in New Game+.
  • Fixed some issue may cause playdata doesn’t carry over to New Game+.
  • Fixed issue causing Explorer achievement unobtainable.
  • Other known issues.
  • Polished Japanese localization.

Thank you all for your kindly support!
The Vagrant - Shippou
The Vagrant - Shippou
The Vagrant - Pseudor
Chapter 5 is available now!

Hello every one! Chapter 5 is finally available now. Thank you very much for your patience, and there is only one more to go. After we finished all the chapters, we will do our best to keep refining the game.

Change list:
  • Story and game content of Chapter 5, including new maps, monsters, boss fights, new rift challenge and etc.
  • Adjusted the price and stocks of in-game merchant.
  • Adjusted and balanced data of the monsters.
  • Other bug fixes.

Enjoy the game!

Why not join our discord discussion group?
We might not be online all the time, but if you catch us, please feel free to ask anything!
Official Site:
Our email:
Our Twitter: @O.T.K Games

Or contact our publisher SakuraGame for other inquiry:
Twitter @SakuraGame_EN
Support Email:
Official Site:

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