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SimAirport - LVGameDev

Grow your airline relationships, negotiate deals, lease office and lounge space, and try to grow your airport empire. Beginning today, you can even turn your airport into a 24/7 international powerhouse -- new high-efficiency worker scheduling capabilities, janitor patrols, you can even negotiate and schedule highly-requested 'EAM' flights!

Brand new mechanics add even more depth along with numerous QOL and UI/UX improvements, TONS of content, numerous bugfixes, and a little bit of everything in between. Dive in and let us know what you think!

Developer Live Stream - July 2 @ Noon PDT
We'll be hanging out and live-streaming on Tuesday -- stop by and say hi!
When: Tuesday, July 2nd @ Noon PDT
Where: On Steam, YouTube, and Twitch!

Thank you for your continued interest and support, and especially to those of you helping us test & iterate over on the Edge branch. Thank you!! :)

And now, the full patch notes...

Hotfix - July 2, 2019: This morning we became aware of a bug that could cause errors to occur in the background, causing log-file writes that might slow the game down. A hotfix was prepared and has been released to address this issue. :)

Airline Deals & Negotiations
Negotiate custom deals with airlines! Airlines now have new needs and desires, and you can work with them to build a partnership that helps you both. Charge them higher runway and terminal fees, or even negotiate flat-rate daily fees! In return, you may offer them exclusive Flight Crew Lounges, First Class Lounges, Offices, Gates and more!
    Key Highlights
  • New Tutorial Added: 'Airline Needs and Negotiations'
  • New 'room value' mechanic added to Negotiatiable Zones, based on: size, open space, window view, ease of access, and environment (click negotiable zone to view)
  • Airline Needs: Trust, Communication, Service Reliability, Passenger Satisfaction, Fuel Satisfaction, Facilities Quality

    New 'Sales Rep' Staff Type!
    Sales reps (and administrators) can be assigned to airlines; both improve communication with airlines, raise interest, and are a catalyst for fruitful negotiations!

    New 'Conference Room' Zone!
    Host meetings with the Airline Executives in conference rooms to further improve communication and overall airline relations. Leased conference rooms will host daily meetings.

    Negotiation Mechanics
  • Negotiables include: Cafes, Cafe Profit Share, Stores, Store Profit Share, Fuel Satisfaction, Conference Rooms, Guaranteed % of Pax per Flight
  • When offices are leased, airline executives will use them along with your facilities, providing additional profit potential
  • Sales Reps are less expensive than administrators, but admins have negotiation abilities & skills that can have a bigger impact on your bottom line. Use both to nurture relationships most efficiently
  • Take multiple rounds to negotiate, and see how offers progress via the negotiation history tab

    Airline Executives
  • New 'Reception' zone & Reception Desk object. Reception desk must be staffed by a security guard & creates a secure area behind it
  • All executives must use a reception desk to access the secure sector and cannot use regular security zones
  • Facilities beyond a reception zone cannot be used by passengers
  • Executive facilities, such as airline-offices and conference rooms, must be built in a secure sector

New Government Grants Mechanic
Six different 'tracks' in total, each a series of grants with unlockable rewards. Rewards include EAM Flights, objects, pricing abilities and more.
  1. Airport Basics
    Helps provide boost for starting on new map, only available on 'blank-slate' starting maps.
  2. Passenger Experience
    Expand the airport's number of passenger facilities and improve the environment.
  3. Airline Services
    Make your airlines happy, provide fuel and baggage, and more!
  4. Investments
    It takes money to make money! Invest capital and hope to see a positive rate of return.
  5. Airport Efficiency
    The region's gateway to the world economy must not be held back by inefficient management!
  6. Maximizing Profits
    This government cannot afford to bail out this airport. Ensure healthy & growing profits to appease the taxpayers.

Staff Scheduling Improvements + Janitor Patrols
  • Staff Scheduling improved to allow creating distinct schedules per staff type
  • Janitors can now be scheduled & you can assign them to areas / create patrols for them

Timelapse Capture
Create high-quality timelapse captures of your airport's construction without any third party software. Access via the 'Timelapse' tab of the in-game Preferences menu, or setup a custom keybinding to toggle recording. Utilizes a high-performance video capture via GPU, though is not supported by all hardware/drivers combos (is unfortunately unsupported on OpenGL/Linux).

Added 15 New Steam Achievements
  1. Accomplished -- Win a scenario
  2. Unaccomplished -- Lose a scenario
  3. Environmentally Friendly -- Environment rating of 85% (min 200 pax)
  4. The Open Road -- Have 5,000 cells of road
  5. A* -- No missed flights in a 24-hour period (min 200 pax)
  6. Local Airport -- Board 2,500 passengers in a 24-hour period
  7. Regional Airport -- Board 6,000 passengers in a 24-hour period
  8. National Airport -- Board 8,000 passengers in a 24-hour period
  9. International Airport -- Board 10,000 passengers in a 24-hour period
  10. Good luck, we're all counting on you -- Have an aircraft land in harsh weather
  11. Oilgarchy -- Make $1,250,000 in profit selling fuel
  12. Scientific Method -- Unlock all technology in the research tree
  13. Sellout -- Sell your airport for a minimum of $25MM.
  14. Beginner Operator -- One day of perfect ops
  15. Overloaded Operator -- Ten consecutive days of perfect ops.

More Notable Additions
  • Adds ‘Use Legacy Sprites’ option to Gameplay tab of preferences menu (near bottom)
  • Adds new ‘Crosswalk’ object
  • Escalators now allow you to ‘Switch Directions’
  • Adds maintenance to moving walkways & can now set walkway speed; higher speeds require more upkeep to prevent breakdowns
  • Adds new Agent Render Mode setting to preferences, allows you to use the most efficient rendering method that your hardware/GPU supports. Included render modes are 'V2' and 'Legacy' and a 'Aggressive Culling' version of each. Experiment to see if your GPU supports 'v2' and see which provides your system with the best performance. When supported, we recommend 'V2+AC'.

  • Adds new Security Zone validation for UI/UX purposes via multiple inquiries: if at least 1 security object is staffed within a security zone, require that at least 1 object of EACH TYPE has staff. Types: 1) ID Check; 2) Bag Scanner; 3) Metal Detector / Body Scanner.
  • Tweaks to passenger pathfinding costs to not avoid one-ways & security exits as harshly
  • Maintaining a runway will now take down crossing runways
  • Reworked animation of vehicles entering and exiting hangars
  • Changed airport vehicles "road priority" vehicles will now prefer a road that is on a gate over a taxiway
  • Slightly increased cost for taxiing on runway vs. entering a runway to cross it
  • Optimized maintenance of runways; planes will be blocked from taxiing on or crossing runways under maintenance.
  • Pax now attempt to exit if they become stuck behind an area they shouldn't be able to access
  • If AI latency becomes too high, the game will slow itself down automatically until the AI requests catch up. Should mitigate issues where construction in busy airports could cause delayed passengers; further work is being done to optimize this to make it less likely that this slowing occurs
  • Janitor schedule mode now auto-moves & zooms to the garbage zone; is for convenience & to help new players figure out where janitors are 'based' when applying custom schedules.
  • Tweak arrival pax Leave Airport need urgency (increased)
  • Adds new Bag Carousels with network ports on 'same level' & 'from above'
  • Can now hire/fire staff directly from the Staff Schedule Overlay
  • Game now auto-pauses while the scheduler is on
  • Picking up multiple dirty areas/floors now causes garbage bags to be spawned
  • Steam Achievements no longer available in tutorials
  • Adjustments to subsector partitioning and pathfinding weights to prevent pathing through objects on long-distance traversals
  • Scenario Play Mode: no longer allows selling airport or importing additional airlines. You can still add custom airlines inside the scenario editor, but not while actually playing a scenario -- to ensure they're played as intended
  • Tutorial no longer allows importing additional airlines until all objectives have been completed

  • Adds over 30 new base Aircraft models, courtesy @ThomseN -- HUGE THANK YOU!!
  • Adds 'Mod Preview' feature back for custom aircraft / airlines
  • Optimizations to state machine routines & janitor task assignment algorithm
  • Updates to latest Unity game engine version and enables updated incremental GC feature; should any issues/crashes arise via this change then we have a hotfix standing by, fully ready to go -- it contains everything listed above except this item.
  • Performance improvements for agent movement
  • Update all translation files to/from i18n repo
  • Optimize 'need update' routines and make multi-core capable
  • Adds 'Agent Render Mode' dropdown user preferences
  • Adds Clone Tool hotkey action (binding is 'V' by default)
  • Optimizes all agent renderer modes & agent appearance/render controllers
  • Adds distinct icons for each type of pax highlight viewed via aircraft/gate/pax flow overlay
  • Aesthetic improvements on gate sprites, ramp, and adds blend feathering
  • Optimizes sprite lookups and path-following routines
  • Flight schedule UI improvements to better accommodate wrap-around EAM flights
  • Quick Select Improvements: Deselect with second keypress; is now rotation aware; now works on construction-in-progress objects
  • Adds hotkey action for 'Timelapse Capture Toggle' (no key set by default)
  • Adds some simple non-rectangular visual flair to roads/taxiwys, runways, and gates
  • Hovering level selector on HUD now allows scroll wheel to change levels
  • Changes sector re-generation sequencing to greatly reduce the number of map-state generation cycles that are required for terrain/tile construction. Improves performance during construction.
  • Most agents now actively avoid pathfinding through areas with ongoing construction
  • Changes to agents detection of outdated map state, improves responsiveness & performance
  • Zone text now appears above agents/objects when zone has warnings to display
  • Pax hover now using a tighter absolute zoom before showing full verbosity
  • Optimize 'path renderer' used for queues, patrols, and similar
  • Consolidates pathfinding 'rules' for various agent types across all types of pathfinding systems
  • Optimize allocations on some zone validation & text display routines

  • Fix reachability checks, zones and sectors will again check for reachability to pickup/dropoff or an LRT station
  • Fix and re-work bus and LRT hover texts
  • Fix rare kitchen storage bug when containing legacy 'donuts'
  • Fix long-named objects in build menu causing overlap
  • Fix build menu UI not saving size setting
  • Fix timing issue when deserializing tasks to empty trash bin
  • Fix issue with workmen picking up tasks a bit too early
  • Fix several kiosk marker positions for better aesthetics
  • Fix vehicle pathfinding failure/error in certain scenarios where no target exists
  • Fix and improve floor transition object load balancing
  • Fix LRT platform usable before construction is complete
  • Fix taxiway/runway reachability & distance calc bug related to one-ways
  • Fix pax wander behavior not avoiding roads by default
  • Fix and improve 'Rest Object' usage behaviors, movement & aesthetics
  • Fix bug that allowed creating 'split' two-way conveyors, bypassing the validations
  • Fix stretching image issues in the research screen
  • Fix more dropdown 'scroll speed' UI issues
  • Fix scaling on assignment dialog not always scaling with zoom
  • Fix passenger hover on top HUD causing large framerate drops
  • Fix maintenance tooltip not translating properly
  • Fix assignment mode bug when switching between objects & floors
  • Fix pax able to go through one-way objects in the wrong direction
  • Fix ATC Tower lights & gate numbers not respecting underground opacity slider
  • Fix pax boarding even when GAD not staffed
  • Fix Pax AI consideration requests not correctly prioritized
  • Fix underground level 'greyscale' and road visibility issues
  • Fix zone overlay slider to be parabolic impact on color
  • Fix conveyor connections not always visually 'connecting' correctly
  • Fix passenger hover text not in translation files
  • Fix and improve "adjacent ... already considered secure" warning message
  • Fix Build Menu UI 'resize' cursor inverted
  • Fix some reports inconsistently named ('Heatmap' is now 'Overlay')
  • Fix pax standing at info screens in weird/awkward positions, facing wrong directions
  • Fix Rest need activation threshold set too high
  • Fix FCrew & First Class not using their respective lounges enough
  • Fix wrong dialog text shader usage; should fix issue with dissapearing font/text
  • Fix issue with retail supply orders sometimes failing to load & preventing retail deliveries
  • Fix rare null reference in Food Display queue size heuristic
  • Fix tutorial unintentionally able to be closed with ESC
  • Fix fuel price change not getting exclusive keybindings
  • Fix some debug-related allocation occurring in public builds
  • Fix offers sometimes not being cleared for certain airlines after selling airport
  • Fix high object-density areas having too much weight & causing poor path selection
  • Fix numerous UI & presentation/spacing issues & non-translatable texts -- including:
    • Janitor not showing the cost in the Staff Hub.
    • Research text not fitting on the research tech tree screen
    • Keybinding dialog screen overlapping a lot.
    • Clock not formatting AM/PM correctly in languages that don't use AM/PM
    • Transport Operations titles heavily overlapping
    • In-game mod status menu now translatable
    • Passenger analysis screen UI converted to translatable text
    • Overlay titles are translated reusing tooltip names
    • Timelapse options screen now translatable
SimAirport - LVGameDev

Hope everyone had a great month and is as excited as we are for the summer to really be getting under way! We wanted to take a moment tonight to provide you with a few updates, and to let you know about an upcoming dev live-stream this weekend which you're all invited to attend! :)

Dev Live Stream: Sunday, June 2 @ 11AM Pacific
Join us here on Steam, over on YouTube, or on Twitch this coming Sunday for an afternoon of gameplay, chatter, and gameplay discussion! Hope to see you there!

The 2019 SimAirport Survey
The results are in and the response has been really impressive; we thank those of you who took the time to provide your thoughts, it was very helpful and the overall turnout surpassed our expectations by far. We'll be talking more about it during the live stream this coming weekend!

The Lifecycle of SimAirport
Don't worry -- we aren't finished quite yet!! The game has come a very long way already, and while we really aren't finished yet, we have started to plan for the transition to full release.

You don't have to worry though, that will not mean the end of Edge and it won't mean the end of patches -- there are still a number of things we want to get implemented, even if some of them are delivered via post-release patches. The roadmap breaks it out pretty well, and we'll be talking more about the transition on the live-stream, too!

    Summary - SimAirport Release Transition
  • SimAirport will transition to full release by end Q3 2019.
  • Expect the price to increase upon release.
  • Default & Edge patches will continue -- this will NOT be the end of patches!

The Current Dev-Cycle
It's deja-vu all over again. This one already feels like it's been a long one, and I have the seemingly omni-present feeling that we didn't get enough into it; but upon looking over the notes & roadmap, I'm pleasantly surprised & relieved.

Tonight marks the official 'feature complete' point for this cycle; we actually reached that point a little earlier, but as always there has been more that we really wanted to get into this cycle. I'll admit, there are still a few things really close that we may try to slide in but for the most part this one is a wrap. We've still got plenty of debugging to do, so tonight really marks the beginning of the bug bash for the cycle -- nonetheless it's a good milestone to reach each time around. :)

Curious what you have to look forward to? Here's a sampling of what's on Edge right now and that will be coming to Default in June!

  • Airline Relationships
    Nurture the relationship with rich negotiation mechanics, desire for leased offices, lounges and other facilities, new conference rooms & sales rep staff, and more.

  • Timelapse Video Capture
    Smooth capture features tailor-made for sharing your creations.

  • Old Passenger Sprites Re-Implemented!
    Ask nicely and thou shall receive! Switch between the new & the old sprites any time at the flip of a switch! They're both great, but the old sprites are awfully cute we admit! =D

  • Government Grants System
    If you need a little 'push' to help get your airport going in the right direction, these government grants are just what you were missing. Kicks the gameplay up a notch. Oh yeah, allows you to earn EAM Flights too!!

  • Steam Achievements
    If you think you've been there or done that -- then try these on for size! A total of 15 new Steam Achievements to earn, running the gamut from beginner to hardcore difficulty, there's something for everyone.

  • Janitor Area Patrols & Scheduling
    Tired of having your janitors roam the airport inefficiently when the trash leaves it proverbial calling card? This is the answer, and it'll save money on staff wages, too!

There's more of course, those are the key highlights. We've got more in the works, including: no-limits mod support, more performance, transit improvements, new aircraft, and more.

Thank you! Join us on Sunday @ 11AM!
Hope to see you during the live stream this Sunday @ 11AM Pacific -- if you're around definitely stop by and say hello, we'd love to have you!

Thank you everyone -- still more to come! :)
SimAirport - LVGameDev
Are you ready? Today we bring you SimAirport latest update -- featuring new 'Scenario Mode' gameplay, multiple new features including one-way passenger routing objects to play with, upgraded security process realism, and a metric ton of quality-of-life refinements and bug-fixes.

We've got a few other things for you, too -- let's dive in!

Developer Live Stream - April 20 @ Noon PDT
We had so much fun with the live stream that we're going to try our best to make it a much more regular occurrence! We'll be live-streaming tomorrow -- stop by and say hi!

When: Saturday, April 20th @ Noon PDT
Where: On Steam, YouTube, and Twitch!

We will add live stream links to this post ~10 minutes before we go live!

SimAirport Survey - THE 2019 EDITION
Our third survey since release, these have proven to be priceless in helping us keep the aircraft aligned on the glide path. Of course it all depends on you to help keep us on course -- so we ask you to take a few minutes before and head over to the survey -- help keep us stay on course! :)

Take the SimAirport Survey - 2019 EDITION >>>

Default Patch Notes - April 2019
Finally, here's the full list of what's new in today's patch!

  • Scenario Mode & Scenario Editor
    • Create scenarios & play them
    • Workshop support for sharing & playing contributed scenarios

  • Adds 'One-Way Path' Placeable Object
    • Yep, not kidding! :) Finally, the 'one way door' type object!

  • Improved Security Process Overhaul
      IMPORTANT COMPATIBILITY NOTE: This change is fully compatible, but you will want to re-arrange your security to best suit the new more realistic passenger flow! :)
    • More robust AI-driven pax behavior & distribution at security
    • Pax now do: ID Check, 'drop' at bag scanner, then metal detector/body scanner, then 'grab' at bag scanner
    • Improves responsiveness to staffing changes & slower queues in security zone
    • Improves throughput for security objects
    • Optimizes performance and multi-core usage for security related behaviors

  • Adds 'Quick Select' Build Feature
    • Default is 'Q' key. May require manual key assignment if you have custom keybindings.
    • Hold & release 'Q' when hovering an object to quick-select object for placement
    • Hold & release 'Q' when hovering a floor to quick-select it; if hovering no floor Foundation tool will be selected
    • Hold & release 'SHIFT+Q' when hovering a zone to quick-select that zone type

  • Construction Tools & 'Auto Foundation' Features
    • Adds 'auto foundation' on multi-floor objects, satisfies 'existing foundation' requirement
    • Logic & visual improvements to underground road drawing
    • Aircraft Gates allow roads under but them only sides/edges
    • Dismantle - remove objects but not flooring; also removes utilities
    • Demolish - remove foundations, sidewalk/ramp, roads, taxiways, runways
    • Adds new 'Concrete' floor type to remove indoor flooring back to concrete

    • Clone tool now selectively removes zones as needed on placement
    • Update all localization strings to/from github repo
    • Error handling adjustments / improvements
    • Minor changes to the way build version data is handled to aid with retroactive save analysis & debugging
    • Clean up repair project cancellation routines
    • Add keybind action for hiding UI (no key assigned by default)
    • Boost effect intensity and distance on many decor objects
    • Increase number of tasks issued for dismantle jobs for faster projects
    • Increase throughput of coffee & drink retail objects
    • Hangar vehicles now prefer to traverse on roads vs taxiways
    • Hangar vehicles can transition directly from roads when driving to gates
    • Environment report distinguishes minor differences better via non-linear colors
    • Tweaks & balance adjustments to multiple decor & retail kiosk objects
    • Flight Crew now report to GAD & board flight even if desk is unstaffed
    • Slight balance tweaks to boredom need attenuation
    • Increased speed that bags become available on baggage carousel
    • Clone tool now ignores objects it can't handle instead of invalidating drag
    • Slight increase to info object effects / advertisement
    • Add 'auto-hire' feature to Staff UI, off by default
    • Mega Rich achievement disabled in Tutorial and requirement increased by x10
    • Add 'resize' capability to main build menu
    • Optimizes assignment mode UI
    • Optimize passenger AI routines a bit (CPU)

    • Fix pax AI's LCDistance heuristic not handling security exits properly
    • Fix rare stuck workers when project canceled with deliveries zone full
    • Fix ATMs not used after deserialization
    • Fix a subset of agents stuck that occurs near walkways & escalators/stairs
    • Fix staff management overhead mis-categorized as taxes
    • Fix sector partitioning bug that confused pax AI on some layouts with one-ways
    • Fix for legacy saves with runway stuck in construction when bordering land perimeter
    • Fix duplicate hover handling of in-progress object construction
    • Fix subset of supply piles from cancelled repair projects not being freed & returned
    • Fix reward not being correctly deserialized in scenario mode
    • Fix aircraft stuck after deserialize if their gate gets destroyed
    • Fix scroll speed on scenario objectives UI
    • Fix Bonus UI inaccuracies on # missed-flight pax & delayed flights
    • Fix delayed/canceled flight counts being delayed in scenario mode
    • Fix cache bug that lead to problems when installing mods
    • Fix pax going to Idle/wander when they should be selecting an object
    • Fix gate-distance being too heavily weighted in passenger AI heuristics
    • Fix Gate Desk not being selected if passenger is too bored
    • Fix stuck luggage vehicles which in turn could cause stuck aircraft
    • Fix aircraft gate validation incorrectly interpreting one-ways as inverted resulting in inaccurate validation warnings
    • Fix environment need increasing when if cell has green env. rating
    • Fix bug that lead to Bars and Coffees to affect hunger instead of thirst
    • Fix ghost details entry was sometimes visible in perfect ops bonus UI
    • Fix bug with queue distribution specific to Gate Agent Desk objects
    • Fix unable to return supply pile to storage when dropped off map
    • Fix achievement identifier mismatch on tutorial completion
    • Fix store browsing not providing any satisfaction
    • Fix able to build 'overhang' structures via clone tool bug
    • Fix retail object selection causing error/unsatisfied pax
    • Fix food display usage task save/load related bug
    • Fix unintended interaction with underground & ground floor sprites
    • Fix toilets display render order
    • Fix bag carousel luggage animation offset slightly
    • Fix retail / goods deliveries not being carried to final destination
    • Fix maint. duration slider allowing inputs over 24 hours
    • Fix Runway/Gate directional reachability when roads/ramps are used
    • Fix pax sometimes being inexplicably transfixed on objects
    • Fix multiple object-agent interaction bugs, cleaned up legacy code
    • Fix agents getting stuck in cafe after deserialization
    • Fix repair projects not releasing supply piles to storage (includes save fixing code)
    • Fix agents not reporting to GAD unless it is staffed
    • Fix bug that could cause incorrect retail supply deliveries
    • Fix staff schedule bug that caused over-removal of schedules
    • Fix 'Browse Saves Folder' not working on Linux
    • Fix task cancelation bug that could result in undefined state
    • Fix construction task enqueue/priority issue
    • Fix several taxiway light / light related visibility bugs
    • Fix underground opacity preference slider
    • Fix depth/sorting for Escalators when placed next to each other
    • Fix existing un-removed retail supply piles
    • Fix depth/sorting for fuel tank vs road ramp
    • Fix bug allowing duplicate retail inventory orders
    • Fix old/legacy save fuel truck issue, may require manual 'jumpstart'
    • Fix hangar vehicle bug that could cause some tasks to not complete, sometimes requiring 'force departure'
    • Fix several construction project related deserialize errors
    • Fix retail delivery not occurring in certain situations
    • Fix Perfect Ops Bonus UI, 'day 0' erroneously displayed & arrow should open 'details'
    • Fix Small Gate Stairs sorting order versus passengers
    • Fix land expansion needs to check for administrator present, not fired & has office
    • Fix bug that allowed more than 1 dismantle project in a given cell
    • Fix incorrectly being charged more than once for administrator wages
    • Fix Gate Agent Desk usage position inconsistency, now in 'front' of desk
    • Fix bug that allowed two admins of same type to be hired
    • Fix sector partitioning issue with road ramps causing undefined pax behavior
    • Fix dismantle of placeables located on map boundary to become stuck
    • Fix camera & save-game preview image related bug
    • Fix agent appearance hideLegs routine not working properly
    • Fix several staff scheduling related bugs
    • Fix screen resolutions sometimes appearing more than once
    • Fix cafe wait time heuristic, several adjustments and improvements
    • Fix Chef not leaving airport due to staff scheduling bug
    • Fix objects/roads able to be build on top of LRT track
    • Fix path planning/following related issues with Road Ramps
    • Fix multiple issues related to starting funds & funds tracking with scenario editor
SimAirport - Valve
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SimAirport - LVGameDev

HUGE. Seriously, this patch release is massive in both scope and volume -- it covers an extremely wide coverage area that touches on so many vastly distinct aspects. There's truly a bit of everything; lots of all-new features & objects, new systems, tons of refinements, and an absolute plethora of fixes.

Usually we'd have a bit more substantial message alongside the notes, but this one really speaks for itself so we're going to be extremely brief. Plus we'll have plenty to say over on the live stream anyways!

Dev Live Stream Tonight!
We'll be live-streaming for the next few hours tonight -- we'd love for you to join us! Ask us your burning questions, provide gameplay feedback, laugh at our airport construction skills, or just hang out and have a good time!

Live stream has ended for tonight -- we'll be back & streaming again tomorrow though and will update this post accordingly!

And now the good stuff, the meat & potatoes -- following are the full patch notes for tonight's default release. Thank you! :)


  • Hotfix - March 10, 2019
    • Fix intermittent black screen when beginning tutorials
    • Fix vehicle spawn not prioritizing supply truck appropriately

  • Six Tutorials - Learn by Playing
    • Adds SIX different playable tutorials covering progressively more advanced topics
    • Earn 1 Steam Achievement by beginning any tutorial
    • Completing each respective tutorial earns 1 Steam Achievement

  • Staff Scheduling & Management
    • New 'Staff Hub' UI separates Staff/Administrator, hire/fire management for each
    • Control costs by Scheduling Staff at only specified operating hours
    • Mass Hire/Fire: add/remove 10 with CTRL+CLICK, 5 with SHIFT+CLICK
    • Staff paid hourly wages when at airport, leave when not scheduled
    • New daily overhead charged for hired/on-payroll staff, regardless schedule
    • Staff types that can be scheduled are: Staff, Security, Retail Workers, Chefs
    • All staff now arrive & leave via transport

  • Clone Tool - Copy/Paste for Airports
    • Adds Clone Tool that allows you to copy/paste segments of your airport
    • Requires Foreman Administrator and is restricted to indoor areas
    • Certain objects cannot be cloned (walkways, stairs/escalators, queues, zones)
    • Rotate your copied selection with the rotate key or mouse button (default is 'R')

  • Retail Overhaul - Stores, Food, Objects, etc
    • Adds 'Store' zones that can be renamed like Cafes
    • Pax purchase products from various displays & pay at cash registers
    • Pax browse displays before purchase; varied displays increase chance of sale
    • New Store Objects:
      • Clothing Display
      • 2x Candy Display
      • 2x Book Display
      • 2x Makeup Display
      • 3x Souvenir Displays
      • 2x Shoe Displays
      • 3x Pharmacy Displays
      • 3x Jewelry Display

  • Underground Roads! Construction & Repair Updates!
    • Adds 'Road Ramp' transition objects, ability to draw/build underground roads
    • New system that provides capabilities not available previously
    • Maintenance project improvements; reliability & new per-type config options
    • Improved handling, performance, data integrity for Supply Pile related logic
    • Area Sell now provides per-type sale price breakdown
    • Can now zone over pending construction
    • Most placement & build validations no longer blocked by pending construction, validates based on 'future' state
    • Dismantle button now validated 'live', prevents untimely dismantles
    • Construction tasks now more responsive and workers 'think ahead' (head to project while supplies are carried by other worker)
    • Adds agent tool animation back, displays when worker is actively constructing
    • Improves handling of multi-change construction on a single tile, primarily Foundations & underground roads

    GAMEPLAY - Retail & Cafes
    • Adds 'Chef' staff type. Cooks food in the kitchen & stocks up food kiosks, food displays in cafes.
    • Cafes now accept all chair types except office chairs
    • Cafe min size now 6x6; kitchen min size now 4x4
    • Cafes zones can be renamed for aesthetics
    • New build menu category for kitchen & cafe objects
    • New Hot Plate item added to the kitchen
    • Chefs now wash up at kitchen sinks for food safety purposes
    • New items: Food Warmer and Food Cooler for the Cafe; these are food displays for your passengers to pick food from & take to the cash register
    • Food kiosks & displays now require food to be produced by the kitchens
    • Workmen now stock up kitchen storages and refrigerators with ingredients
    • Bars and coffee kiosks require stocking with drinks by workmen
    • Each food has its own cooking process, meaning that having multiple appliances will help the efficiency of your kitchen; chefs perform each step
    • Pax have a preferred food (including drinks), and will only eat or drink at places that serve it. Vending machines are used by everyone but with less effectiveness
    • Kitchens have a new 'Kitchen Overview' screen (click any kitchen zone to access); shows how each food is cooked & which steps you are missing
    • Retail workers are allocated directly to cash registers in the cafe, no more running back and forth to the kitchen to finish orders
    • Cafe zones now get assigned to kitchens (previously individual cash registers)

    GAMEPLAY - General
    • Multiple staff can be allocated to work on some objects to improve effectiveness
    • Kiosk Scheduler removed & replaced with Staff Deployment; includes a paintable timeline feature to organize schedules
    • Bare concrete now has negative environment impact
    • Staff hire/fire now exclusively via staff hub UI
    • Add zone validation 'requires adjacent road that can reach spawn/despawn'
    • Add ability to construct up to 3 LRT platforms (1 train each, round robin style)
    • Lowest LRT interval reduced to 7 minutes
    • Improved speed of LRT boarding/unloading routines
    • Fuel truck now visually drives on/off aircraft gate
    • Pax now have slightly more urgent desire to leave after missing flight
    • Dumpsters now allowed indoors to accommodate underground garbage zones
    • Tweaks to defined queue movement behavior for higher efficiency
    • Adds all-new aircraft liveries/textures for all built-in airlines/aircraft
    • Adds Thirst pax need -- applicable retail objects now satisfy thirst
    • Improve error handling & recovery on agent task runners
    • Fuel trucks now willing to refuel themselves even if network cannot fully fill them
    • Vehicles re-attempt when zone target goes away instead of giving up
    • Improved save version tracking for better player warning capabilities
    • Welcome text shown on new maps
    • Any camera movement key-press now stops camera 'follow mode'
    • Cash register sprites updated
    • Numerous decorative flooring tile sprites updated
    • News Stand & Apparel Stand now require retail workers instead of vendor workers
    • Revises all non-vehicle agents to unified task-based system
    • Fuel Depot now using road-adjacency system, requires direct-adjacency
    • Improve 'can reach spawn' and 'can reach despawn' checks; now checks for primary de/spawn points OR Pickups/Dropoffs (can be improved further still; setups that do not produce warnings could rarely have the potential to be logically problematic)
    • Adds validation warning if no lighted runway but night flight scheduled
    • Runway light placement now force-refreshes applicable validations
    • Multiple minor improvements & adjustments to agent sprites, offsets, colors, etc.
    • Adds gate validation warning if no reachable runway has lights & night flight scheduled
    • Object placements now force-refresh applicable 'related object' validations
    • Improve road placement tool validation error messages to include specifics on the offending “nearby blocker” object/structure
    • Find 'nearest zone' lookups now accurately account for floor deltas
    • Changed certain path following routines, less likely to 'cut corners' through objects
    • Add validation to aircraft gates to help prevent them from being placed backwards
    • Balance adjustments on all Fuel Tank types
    • Flight schedule resolution increased; can schedule on per-minute basis
    • Add ability to configure maintenence priority & choose 1 of 3 'settings' for when repairs take place on that object type
    • Object 'repair override' now simply allows out-of-window repairs
    • If object hits 0% override automatically is switched on; override is automatically disabled upon repair completion
    • Workers can now abruptly stop working on a maintenance project when window closes, override turned off, or settings changed
    • Construction project 'options' menu now accessed via standard left-click
    • Can now set construction project priority to Urgent/High/Normal/Low
    • Rough balance adjustments to maintainable objects via MTBF adjustments
    • Add BClaim validation: 'requires valid path to Pickups'
    • Add 'door must be reachable from desk' warning validation to Gates, existed previously but now distinct from 'requires assigned desk' message for confusion avoidance

    • Implemented staff task pooling - RAM
    • Multiple extremely commonly used position enumerations - RAM
    • Commonly called appearance lookups - RAM
    • Functional object manager - RAM
    • Vehicle movement & node find/recall - RAM
    • Zone periodic validations to be more allocation friendly - RAM
    • Pax 'need display' tooltips - RAM
    • Core passenger AI loop - RAM
    • Long-distance & local-area path following routines - RAM
    • Build menu button requirement / count checks - CPU
    • Find 'nearest walkable area' now threaded - CPU
    • Agent identity logic & setup routines - CPU+RAM
    • Road graph generation performance - CPU+RAM
    • Objects in zone find & cache mechanisms - CPU+RAM
    • Object selection - CPU+RAM
    • Assignment mode data structures - CPU+RAM
    • Agent 'carried object' handling routines - CPU+RAM
    • Object pool CPU usage when pooling/de-pooling certain objects - CPU+RAM
    • Rendering of: Trash Bags, floor dirt, Supply Piles, Roads & Taxiways - CPU+RAM+GPU
    • Attach to wall visual render - CPU+RAM+GPU
    • Vehicle transfer animation visual render - CPU+RAM+GPU

    • Add Spanish language support (THANK YOU!!)
    • Update all translation files to & from Github including new Tutorial.xml
    • Add numerous new translation keys and re-implemented localization on some UIs
    • Add stroke/outline to agent sprites
    • Add graphical post-processing stack (anti-aliasing & color grading)
    • Increase max zoom distance slightly for a given map size
    • Add slight color variation to some tiles to improve aesthetic
    • Foundation tool now shows tiles that are to-be-walls visually for better UX
    • Minor tweaks & improvements to Flight Schedule UI
    • Multiple minor improvements & adjustments to agent sprites, offsets, colors, etc.
    • Revise thread-based state systems into unified state manager
    • Improved save game screenshot previews

    • Fix 'X' button on main menu settings UI not opening the primary menu screen
    • Fix Flight Crew arrival & boarding routines that were using legacy code
    • Fix Gate Desk using legacy pax handling code, more robust & may speed up slightly
    • Fix 'Circle Flight Pax' not circling newly spawned pax
    • Fix environment pax need impact not taking window effect into account
    • Fix zone HUD alert/notifier showing repetitive messages
    • Fix camera settings sliders rounding to whole number values causing unexpected setting changes when resuming a gameplay session
    • Fix Perfect Ops bonus showing negative days
    • Fix several bag hub registration / de-registration bugs
    • Fix moving walkway build cost bug
    • Fix material ordering & disallow project cancel for runway/walkway extension projects
    • Fix runway validation bug when attempting to place on right or top edge of map
    • Fix weather dialog showing "Inactive due to weather" when runways are down for non-weather related reasons
    • Fix memory leak and errors due to leftover adhoc queue upon object dismantle
    • Fix UI selected object hover box being rotated incorrectly on non-rotated objects
    • Fix error on some rare short-distance agent pathfinding requests
    • Fix PA Speaker not unregistering when deserialized in a pending dismantle state
    • Fix maintenance projects started via override while outside of window
    • Fix duplicate state-set bug that could cause projects to be left in undefined state
    • Fix piles destined for non-walkable underground (fuel tank), were being dropped in poor locations resulting in very long walks
    • Fix runways able to be built half off-map, causing numerous downstream issues
    • Fix placeables sometimes not populating translated name/description during init
    • Fix luggage cars can get stuck when depot is in certain orientations relative to the nearby road(s)
    • Fix supply pile not preferring against being dropping on existing escalator/stairway/walkway
    • Fix multiple Workshop & mod related bugs
    • Fix departing bag count incorrectly displaying arrival bag count
    • Fix pause toggle action sometimes getting stuck on pause
    • Fix wind UI text display, update it to show 3-char direction
    • Fix supply pile project re-allocation not seeing all piles correctly causing price mismatch vs display price
    • Fix flight schedule UI bug for certain flight time
    • Fix middle mouse scroll not taking into account zoom level
    • Fix ticket kiosk logic may have been able to errantly allow usage when not in gate-assigned zone
    • Fix agent state bug that could cause failed agent startup on some very old saves (circa 2017)
    • Fix pooled path data structures rarely not being fully reset if canceled late
    • Fix thread safety issue, maybe caused boarded pax to very rarely be 'missed flight'
    • Fix vehicles running traffic-aware paths before being stuck in traffic
    • Fix Perfection Bonus showing all days, should only show prior 30 days
    • Fix staff not getting floor change on last waypoint during path-following
    • Fix road node reservation bug during runway construction/dismantle/expand
    • Fix pax spawner only looking at “Today” in prep for EAM flights
    • Fix extremely delayed passengers unable to despawn due to archived flight data
    • Fix several UIs need to check if game is quitting before cleaning up
    • Fix zone removal not always cleaning up scheduled staff tasks/allocations
    • Fix Fuel Truck reachability check which could cause failed fuel requests
    • Fix Fuel Truck distance heuristic returning inaccurate distance numbers causing failed refueling or poor/distant vehicles to be assigned
    • Fix performance 'leak' during when initializing & configuring certain agents & objects
    • Fix sub-task tracking issue that mostly impacted retail workers
    • Fix target selection bug that could cause retail staff to attempt to path-find to a wall
    • Fix aircraft being visible and 'floating' after takeoff on some large maps
    • Fix pax rarely becoming stuck mid-security process when objects are deleted
    • Fix multiple save/load issues related to zones, revised zone references to use primary GUID & assignments system
    • Fix roads unable to be placed on outdoor gates
    • Fix Needs UI not showing 'fully satisfied' for Environment/Frustration
    • Fix taxiway & runway light sprites not respecting underground opacity
    • Fix flight spawn curve shifted towards being too late
    • Fix attach-to-wall objects not not always causing wall sprite to refresh/update properly
    • Fix luggage using wrong material when on conveyors
    • Fix object selection dialog 'Follow' mode not providing state feedback
    • Fix fuel one-time purchase input too small
    • Fix object warnings flashing too rapidly
    • Fix Luggage Vehicle checking one-way path instead of bidirectional
    • Fix sector generation thread safety issue, could cause corrupted sector state (stuck & clumping pax, strange behaviors, etc)
    • Fix sector data pooling bug that caused RAM usage to continually increase
    • Fix lighting 'flash' each day at 20:00
    • Fix road reachability matrix & caching when using one-way taxiways
    • Fix rain appearing off screen when zoomed out
    • Fix several bank loan text/translation related issues
    • Fix gate name dropdown visual quirk
    • Fix mod status menu not being sorted alphabetically
    • Fixed duplicate floor types (removed Floor09, dupe of Floor12)
    • Fix PAPI not being blocked by other objects
    • Fix and update several aspects of Hangar submenu; adds money validation text
    • Fix wall tiling/bitmask not visually treating all doors the same
SimAirport - LVGameDev

Happy Birthday! SimAirport turned 2 years old today and to celebrate we are doing something a little bit different this time around. Instead of an update video, this time we're going to be PLAYING it with you LIVE!

This Saturday -- March 9, 2019 -- Celebrate with us!
You're all invited to the celebration! The patch will go live on Saturday, March 9th at 10PM US Pacific. The developers themselves will then be live-streaming, taking your questions, and discussing your feedback & ideas late into the night!

We'd love for you to join the celebration -- we'll be talking about all kinds of things, and we'll be happy to answer any questions you might have about the game and what is to come in the future.

    • When?
      Saturday March 9th, 2019 at 10PM US Pacific.
      If you're across the pond from us, that's 07:00 CET (GMT+1) on Sunday morning!

    • What?
      • Developer Live Stream
        Interact directly with the devs, ask questions, learn about the game, provide feedback, and share your ideas. We'll be talking all things SimAirport!

      • Default Patch Release!
        The latest update will go live when we begin streaming on Saturday!

    • Where?
      We'll be streaming directly to the store page here on Steam and simul-casting to YouTube. We'll be playing late into the night, so stop by and join us for some fun!!

      Links to the streams will be posted with the patch notes, on the forum, and this post will be updated to include them.

See you this weekend!
We hope you will join us this weekend and we're definitely looking forward to it -- and to having a chance to sit back a bit, talk about the game that we're so passionate about, and to have some fun building an airport ourselves, too! :)

See you this weekend!
SimAirport - LVGameDev
Happy Holidays from the LVGameDev team!

We're just shy of two years into Early Access as this year comes to a close and we begin to look towards 2019 and what it has in store for SimAirport. We're incredibly excited about the contents of the next default patch, and we really couldn't be happier with the state of affairs right now -- gameplay has evolved tremendously, even just this past year, and we're extremely well-positioned to really start pushing content out & hitting home on quality-of-life desires.

Upcoming Patch - Highlights & Status Update
The next cycle is well under way, and it's already shaping up to be an awesome one -- it's absolutely packed full of new content and several incredibly impactful new gameplay systems. Substantial improvement to the continued desire for 'depth', numerous new objects, and a renewed attention to visual fidelity all combine to make the upcoming release one of the most anticipated since the Multiple Floors update went live just under a year ago!

Here are just some of the highlights:

    Tutorial - Several of them!
    Long requested and finally delivered -- multiple tutorials to help players of all skill & experience levels. New players can start with the basic tutorial while those who have the basics down can play through more advanced tutorials to help master game concepts such as Baggage Systems and multi-floor construction.
    Staff Scheduling
    No longer will your staff be working 24-hours shifts, unless you want them to! Staff up to handle the travel rush & scale back during the sleepy overnight hours. Airport operations efficiency taken to a whole new level.
    Complete Overhaul of Cafe/Retail & New 'Shops' Zone
    Long needed & finally delivered. No longer will your retail workers be running confusingly between the kitchen and the cafes -- now your Chefs will work the kitchens & do their best to keep food flowing to their respective retail establishments. Pax are smarter too, with quicker & more realistic interactions that won't bog down your airport. True retail corridors are now possible; a wide array of new shop related objects & new sellable merchandise options will keep pax happier & increase your profits.
    Clone Tool
    Yep! Restroom placement just got a whole lot less tedious, and it's a very welcome change. Copy an area, rotate the entire thing, and 'paste' it with the new Clone Tool. Previously-annoying placements instantly become satisfying again!
    Enhanced Visual Fidelity - Renewed Focus
    While we've never focused heavily on graphics it's become more clear, especially as gameplay quality & depth has improved so substantially, that the game visuals have started to become the weakest link. Our focus remains gameplay, but the visuals must not be allowed to detract from the overall experience. We've already upgraded flooring textures, redone several sprites, and we're almost finished with completely revamped aircraft/airline sprites as well. You can also expect some technical art improvements -- namely anti-aliasing and color grading improvements -- to be coming, too!

Is it ready yet? When is the next DEFAULT Update?!
Several of the headliners above are publicly available now over on the edge branch -- though it's not quite stable yet. -- and the rest will make their way to Edge in the next few weeks.

Once the cycle is complete & the builds are stable we'll move towards default; we'd currently estimate that to be late January 2019 or early February 2019, should we run into any hurdles between now and then.

As always we'll do our best to get things stabilized and ready for Default as quickly as we can, but most importantly we want to ensure that the Default branch remains stable. In the meantime, check out the 2019 SimAirport Roadmap or, if you're anxious to try the tutorial or do some staff scheduling (and you're not afraid of some new bugs), then hop on over to the edge branch and give it a whirl right now!

Thank You & Happy Holidays!
We appreciate your continued support and patience, and we hope you're enjoying the exciting evolution of SimAirport just as much as we are! Thank you for being such great members of our community, and for being as passionate about the game as we are -- your support & feedback continues to be instrumental to our success and we can't thank you enough.

Happy holidays & safe travels to all!
SimAirport - LVGameDev
Tonight we are deploying a small set of fixes for some of the more common and severe issues that have been brought to our attention on the Default branch over the last couple of weeks. Still a ton more coming this cycle, this is more of a 'hotfix' of sorts, for general airworthiness improvements -- but we wanted to go ahead and get these fixes out to default sooner than later.

We'll have more for you soon -- and, as always, if you have any questions or feedback for us we'd love to hear it via any of our channels! Post on the forum, over on our subreddit, or even tweet at us if you prefer! :)

Thanks everyone!

Patch Notes - November 16, 2018
  • Increase max zoom distance slightly for any given map size
  • Fix cancelling a piece-wise construction project could sometimes cause stuck workers
  • Fix luggage task enqueue checking directional reachability instead of bidirectional
  • Fix workers getting stuck trying to get to suspended-in-air supply piles
  • Fix workers sometimes not falling into 'get unstuck' routine due to being 'sent home' too quickly
  • Fix object warnings flashing too rapidly
  • Fix sector generation thread safety lock-run, was allowing >1 re-generations at once which rarely caused corrupted sector state (stuck & clumping pax, strange behaviors, etc)
  • Fix sector data pooling bug that caused RAM usage to continually increase
  • Fix road reachability bug when road targets are shared by >1 object
  • Fix lighting 'flash' each day at 20:00
  • Fix road reachability matrix & caching when using one-way taxiways, optimizes same
  • Fix several minor null references
  • Fix rain appearing off screen when zoomed out
  • Fix several needless RAM allocations within Pax AI routines
  • Optimize nearest zone lookups
  • Find nearest walkable area routine now runs on background thread
  • Find nearest zone lookups now more accurately account for floor delta
  • Revise thread-based state refresh systems into a shared state manager
SimAirport - LVGameDev

Massive performance gains and a ton more all arrive tonight on the default branch! We are extremely excited to release the update to you tonight as we close out this long cycle. We hope you find the wait to have been well worth it -- improvements abound with nearly every aspect of the gameplay receiving attention along with the true focus, the main event of the cycle, being the long awaited performance optimizations. See below for the full change logs. :)

Update Video
Check out the latest video: SimAirport - October 2018 Update Video

What's Next?
We will be getting back to more rapid cycles now that we have taken care of the key foundational concerns that had hampered performance. We still have more performance gains ahead, and we'll continue to make incremental strides, but we're really ready to knock out some new content and additional gameplay systems!

Next cycle you will be seeing: Tutorial, Cafe / Retail Overhaul, and Staff Scheduling. As usual we'll slide in a few features, QoL improvements, and fixes too -- but the focus will primarily be on these three areas. You'll be seeing the tutorial hit edge this coming week even! :)

Don't forget the Official SimAirport Roadmap to see the whole picture of what to expect!

Thank You!
We want to extend a special thank you to the players on edge & experimental who have been instrumental to making this cycle a successful one. This was the longest cycle to date, and definitely one of the most challenging; we really appreciate the continued testing, bug reporting, and the overall patience that the community as a whole has & continues to extend to us. Your collective support continues to be incredible and is truly second to none. Thank you!!!

  • Performance - Many Overhauls & Optimizations
    • Rendering systems & key data-structures completely revised
    • New Pax / Agent Sprites via fast agent display code
    • Tile draw & refresh routines refactored
    • Background thread controller and runners re-architected
    • Baggage System and luggage simulation & rendering overhaul
    • Overhauled all Sector generation, construction, and reachability matrix code
    • Substantially improved object pooling efficiency
    • Road graph, vehicle reachability/distance generation overhauled
    • Pax 'AI context' removed from saves, reduces RAM & save file sizes
    • Numerous existing UIs optimized & improved for efficiency

  • A Real Main Menu!
    • Can start new game with custom set of airlines (and disable the defaults)
    • Steam Workshop UIs substantially overhauled & improved
    • Adds a Steam Workshop 'Browse' view with 1-click "Play" on Airports & better UX
    • Adds full featured Airline mod creation & editing tool
    • Adds a new in-game 'Mod Status' screen to display mods in the save and provide download/update functions

  • Land Expansions in ANY Direction!

  • Fuel System Improvements
    • Adds new Refuel Station which Fuel Trucks use to get refilled before returning to hangar
    • Recurring Order now a toggle, orders amount needed to fill tanks each night
    • Spot Order now separate UI, allows optional immediate-delivery
    • Fuel trucks will top-off from the fuel port after aircraft refueling at gates with a port
    • Usability & aesthetic improvements to Fuel UIs


    • Financial: Bank Loan Systems
      • Loans always available via pre-application; rates vary on credit/amount
      • New Credit Reporting research and new Credit Report UI (Finance Hub)
      • New "Perfect Ops Bonus" UI (Finance Hub) breakdown on why/not receiving "100% bonus"

    • New 'Pax Flows' overlay
      • Activate from the right side of main UI/HUD toolbar
      • Multiple modes to analyze & slice/dice the pax data - press TAB to switch modes when active
      • View Satisfaction, Time-in-Airport, Arrival/Departure, and more!

    • New 'Pax Hub' Reporting UIs
      • Access via clicking Pax Satisfaction on top HUD
      • "Passenger Needs" displays breakdown of needs by satisfaction level
      • "Pax Timings" displays total time spent by passengers in your airport; allows for viewing today or yesterday, aggregate & filtered by flight. Only shown per gameplay-session (not serialized/saved).

    • 'Departure/Arrival Runways' Display Tool
      • Activate via 'Show Departure/Arrival Runways' button of Gate menus
      • Displays runway candidates based on selection chances for that gate
      • Hover a runway to view detailed heuristics for that runway-gate combo

  • Adds several new planning mode options & colors
  • Tuning adjustments to fuel system & fuel market
  • All luggage on conveyors is now fully representative of checked/deplaned luggage
  • Bag hubs now have a maximum number of bags sorted per game-minute
  • Hangar Vehicles (bag & fuel) now eligible for tasks while returning to hangars
  • Objects now 'in inventory' when in Supply Pile & not already allocated
  • Aircraft request refuel & bag load/unload much earlier
  • Aircraft will now be in 'Initial Approach' until landing is imminent
  • One-way taxiways can no longer allowed on gate-adjacent taxiways (caused no-paths)
  • Baggage claim zones now allowed in secure & non-secure areas
  • Hunger object tweaks; cafes decreased, most kiosks increased; bar slightly decreased in attractiveness/fulfillment
  • Fuel Tank tweaks: capacity + cost + build time (balances small vs large tank)
  • Tweaks to sector division to better accommodate pathfinding to/from LRT
  • Runway numbering scheme improved for accuracy & realism
  • Loan payments taken from balance regardless of available cash (can bankrupt you)
  • Removed Ramp Agent from Staff Hire UI
  • Increase queue entry speed for improved efficiency
  • Now begin with same airlines/mods as previous airport after selling your airport
  • Improve responsiveness of pax LRT boarding behavior
  • Reduce max pax wait time on luggage to 4.5hrs
  • Reduce vehicle road occupancy node requirements for tighter fit
  • Adds hangar vehicle true distance heuristics, used for some task assignments
  • Allow slightly larger airport sizes via slight increase to land expansion max size
  • Revises 'reachability' systems to be more robust and performant
  • Pax spawn tweak: now fully spawned for flight by earlier of 3hrs before arrival OR 2hrs before departure
  • Improved workmen task immediate-chaining for more efficient construction
  • Adds new 'Booster Panel' upgrade for Baggage Hub; provides increased throughput (requires research, max 2/hub)
  • Improved runway selection heuristics; now incorporates actual distance directly

  • Improved latency when under high load (i.e. 10x game speed)
  • Revised idle behaviors and their invocation conditions
  • Decreases fancy chair rest need effects to be more in line with regular seating
  • Passengers now generally avoid walking on roads & prefer sidewalks when possible
  • Crew: spawn 3hrs pre-departure with lounge, 2hrs without
  • Crew: boarding desire now based off inbound flight's arrival time instead of departure time
  • Pax leaving via LRT no longer first walk to right-side of the road first
  • Arrival pax now less attracted to non-LC needs
  • Pax now consider LRT vs Pickups via AI; can change mind & self-balance
  • Logic adjustments to handle seeking zones in secure/non-secure areas
  • Pax trash bin selection now chooses best bin without randomness

  • Adds Czech language pack (HUGE thank you @max.vanca)
  • Updates all translations to & from the repo on Github
  • Object placement now waits until mouse-up before creating next object
  • Slows down required double-click speed on the clock, to open Lifetime Stats
  • Warns when no valid maintenance zone exists & small objects require repair
  • Pax satisfaction (top HUD) hover changed: "X passengers very un-satisfied"
  • Improvements to Pax hover display visual
  • Airline Index UI filtering now filters the Airline detail/contracts listing display too
  • Revises passenger need & lifecycle config
  • Environment & Info reports now show primary objects in bright pink
  • 'Highlight Passengers' is now regardless of floor (transparency based on floor delta)
  • Force Departure button now prompts for confirmation
  • Revise Flight Status UI, dramatically improves UI's performance impact
  • Immediate validation refresh for target/source objects upon assignment change
  • Add 'underground transparency' setting to preferences (gameplay tab)
  • Upgrade text render library to latest version
  • Overhauled internal translation file tools allowing faster future updates
  • Adds padding to right side of flight scheduler, improves PM flight UX
  • Adds '# Flights Scheduled' column to the Airlines index UI
  • Agent sprites updated and movement animations added
  • Add tooltips to conveyor ports to prompt & provide context for right-click port changing
  • Revised reports & overlays code
  • Adds a hotkey to compile hardware summary to assist in debugging
  • Aircraft mod editor displays fuel capacity in liters instead of milliliters
  • Improved ESC handling for consistency & compatibility with confirm / modal dialogs
  • Flight Schedule UI: viewport size, allow scroll during hover, etc
  • Tooltip placement changed to be less likely to obscure mouse/cursor position
  • Fuel UI spacing, word wrap, and misc. text formatting issues

  • Fix aircraft sometimes showing "NaN Boarded"
  • Fix pax sometimes getting stuck at GADs during boarding when no queue was assigned
  • Fix aircraft being unable to pushback & depart when aircraft gate was at 0% maintenance
  • Fix runways not exempt from proximity checks when they're under construction
  • Fix stuck passenger when only exit from security zone is escalator
  • Fix stuck vehicle and/or janitor caused by trash bags that made it ever-so-slightly off map (garbage zone on map edge)
  • Fix dismantling roads not completing until reload game
  • Fix hover box sometimes not working on newly placed objects
  • Fix buttons missing on some selected dialogs (assignment, etc)
  • Fix placement indicator ruler/measurement text sorting
  • Fix vehicle selection dialog showing 'Fire' button
  • Fix Aircraft showing 'Break Deadlock' button which is no longer needed
  • Fix janitors/garbage trucks getting stuck periodically until reload
  • Fix to discourage agents sometimes walking through objects
  • Fix placement indicator text sorting, improves sizing when zoomed out
  • Fix custom aircraft sometimes requesting very low amounts of fuel
  • Fix "Follow Mode" not disabling when changing object context
  • Fix garbage truck doing 2 tasks/dumpster even if they're empty
  • Fix pax wandering near Gate Agent Desks with queues that cannot service the agent type
  • Fix research UI sometimes being incorrect after loading until un-pause
  • Fix large object repair projects ordering excessive number of supply piles
  • Fix workmen stuck due to bad target selection over right boundary of map
  • Fix staff getting stuck & appearing on all above-ground floors when they become marooned on a demolished upper floor
  • Fix dismantle Dumpster null reference
  • Fix passenger stuck on walkway start to nonsecure destination when end of walkway is surrounded by security zone
  • Fix toolbox handling and visual representation
  • Fix network-capable gates from requesting indoor luggage due to congestion
  • Fix aircraft turning around on runway too eagerly
  • Fix pax AI lifecycle proximity heuristic considering only a single goal target (ex: GAD) when multiple exist
  • Fix multiple Foundation tool pricing & allocation related issues
  • Fix Pax AI background thread stop routine for cleaner exit
  • Fix runway selection on map layouts with extensive one-way taxiway usage
  • Fix idle tasks sometimes allowing pax to sneak thru security
  • Fix crew repeating security in some scenarios
  • Fix invocation order of pax AI when no sector exists, avoiding stuck
  • Fix multiple pax behavior/display issues when using Info objects
  • Fix Flight Crew not using security when GAD queues restricted to First/Coach
  • Fix luggage load/unload bug that could cause task to fail, golf cart to be orphaned
  • Fix fallback 'leave on foot' to be AI selection based based on global timeouts
  • Fix zone tooltips using up too much screen real estate
  • Fix pax unable to finish security when ID Check positioned on security zone border
  • Fix saves w/ LRT not used when placed on wrong floor due another (resolved) bug
  • Fix rare aircraft taxi clearance failure resulting in stuck aircraft due to thread-safety
  • Fix fuel port save/load related bug, could cause non-clean exit
  • Fix & improve runtime font switching (non English language fonts) to be more scalable and less bug-prone
  • Fix having LC needs unintentionally contribute to satisfaction scores
  • Fix several janitor & trash related task bugs
  • Fix refuel task distance heuristic using aircraft position vs gate position
  • Fix numerous clipping / sorting issues when pax using small objects
  • Fix error in Wander behavior that could cause undesired pax actions
  • Fix sprites being unnecessarily reloaded into RAM between game loads
  • Fix spacial lookup rebuild causing large RAM allocation/churn every frame
  • Fix road placement guide sprite mis-config that caused visual artifacts
  • Fix airport value modifier, don't include cash when evaluating EV
  • Fix conveyor transition placement validations, allow use on H2H
  • Fix conveyor functional validations, only allow H2H when using 2-way conveyors (warning shown if invalid connections exist)
  • Fix Airline resolution during loading; always uses local version if two copies exist (order: SteamID, GUID, then name)
  • Fix numerous mod & workshop related bugs
  • Fix multiple issues with secure area & reachability lookup inconsistencies which were causing stuck & lost/bad pax behaviors
  • Fix aircraft not re-selecting departure runway when chosen runway is is unreachable
  • Fix object warning incorrectly showing up underground for outdoor objects
  • Fix Supply Truck hover display of supply piles onboard
  • Fix flight bag carousel selection, filter to pax-reachable carousels (same wing, or non-secure)
  • Fix stuck vehicle condition when roads completely diverge at the spawn point
  • Fix foundation wall incorrectly clear-able when on map boundary
  • Fix multiple hangar vehicle reachability matrix bugs
  • Fix luggage vehicle distance checks using aircraft position instead of gate position

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