Jul 9
Shotgun Legend - tindelljk
Nothing major this time. Just some adjustments to the analog control.

  • Increased the analog threshold slightly. Since you can only move in 4 directions the lower threshold made it a bit too easy to move the wrong way.
Bug Fixes:
  • It is no longer possible for the analog to register 2 directions at once.
  • The second controller's analog works on the title screen now.
Jun 10
Shotgun Legend - tindelljk
  • Durastin's health has been reduced slightly.
  • Added a health bar display to normal enemies as well as lesser bosses.
  • Enemies no longer spawn in the room you start in every time you continue.
Bug Fixes:
  • Shotgun pellets caused Durastin to become immune to damage slightly longer than intended.
  • Alien shades were not being revealed properly by several weapons.

Apr 5
Shotgun Legend - tindelljk
  • Durastin can no longer be stun locked to death by rushing him with 2 weapons.
  • Removed one of the eyeballs in a particular room in Level 1. They were nearly impossible to avoid.
  • Normal and hard modes are now unlocked from the start. Ultra will be unlocked after completing either.
  • Reduced the wait time after dying in the Floppy Fish mini game to 3 seconds, down from 5.
  • Slightly redesigned a secret room in level 8 that was impossible to complete without taking damage.
  • Health in shops now comes in packs of 6, up from 3.
  • Bolts in shops now come in packs of 9, up from 3.
Bug Fixes:
  • Certain items overlapped enemies, such as dungeon maps.
Shotgun Legend - tindelljk
Shotgun Legend appeared in an article on Rock Paper Shotgun in January as one of the best five unsung games on Steam that week.

I discovered it listed as the 25th best game released on Steam in 2018 on a website called Steam Top 250.

There was a review on Brash Games that was later moved to another site called Bonus Stage.

Well before launch it appeared on Scythe Plays on Youtube, among many others.
Feb 15
Shotgun Legend - tindelljk
  • The game now has a title theme.
  • The music option in the settings no longer plays the dungeon theme if you haven't started a game.
  • Added difficulty settings when you start a new game. Normal is available from the beginning. Hard and Ultra are unlocked after completing the previous difficulties.
  • Hardcore mode now has dungeons completed leaderboards for all 3 difficulties.
  • Added a difficulty indicator at the bottom of the inventory screen.
  • Invincibility time has returned to 1 second when hit by fireball and spike traps. Up from 1/2 second.
  • Added an error sound for greyed out menu options. This was actually added before launch but rolled back by accident.
  • Enemies summoned during the final battle are now chosen in a pattern instead of at random.
Bug Fixes:
  • Blue slimes summoned by big slimes were dropping items in the wrong place.
  • The brightness setting was not working at all as of a few updates ago.
  • The cursor locked up for a full second if you selected continue when you had no save file.
  • If you have already completed normal you will need to continue once to unlock hard mode.
Jan 27
Shotgun Legend - tindelljk
  • Added an arcade cabinet with a mini game to one of the houses in town. It's totally not a rip off of anything either. I may add more of these in the future.
  • Added the game's first Steam leaderboard for said mini game.
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed some text errors on the inventory screen and in notes.
Shotgun Legend - contact@rockpapershotgun.com (Sin Vega)

Which new games on Steam have the most bestness?

Studies say that this week is the best week of the year to move house for gillionth time, attempt the thirteenth Herculean task of speaking to the one human in a Royal Mail call centre, then injure your back. Anti-frustration, then, would be a perfect theme for this week’s Unknown Pleasures.

Washing down an inadequate course of ibuprofen this week: artificial mortality, shotgun-based exploration, and zero gravity monster-dodging.


Jan 15
Shotgun Legend - tindelljk
  • Added a collectable card bestiary to the game. Common cards randomly drop from enemies. Uncommon and rare cards are found in specific places throughout the game.
  • Many of the game's visuals look sharper and move smoother now.
  • Dying now sends you straight back to your last save point instead of the title screen.
  • Summoned skeletons are now destroyed along with the lesser alien bosses.
  • 1-8 now selects the appropriate item if player 1 is using a keyboard.
  • Added a new music track for cave areas.
  • The compass now also allows you to track rooms you have been in before in dungeons.
  • The eyeball enemies have been given a little something extra. Be prepared.
  • Added an error effect when trying to open locked doors and blocks before the room has been cleared.
  • All save data has been wiped for this update due to changes in the save files. This should be the last time this will be necessary.
Bug Fixes:
  • Charger Beetles could not be killed if an occultist was in the room. These enemies rarely appear together.
  • Vertical moving teleporters would sometimes touch you and not move you to the destination.
  • Certain enemies that were supposed to repawn were not doing so until you quit the game or died.
  • The second player was getting stuck in the door when you entered a room sometimes.
Dec 9, 2017
Shotgun Legend - tindelljk
  • Holding the L key on the keyboard will now display your actual location. This will be helpful for debuging purposes.
  • Reduced the health of the first miniboss in level 10.
  • Removed the warning signs on the back side of the miniboss rooms in level 10.
  • Relocated some of the health/ammo boxes in level 10 and added a few new ones.
  • Some wooden crates now always drop health when destroyed.
  • Reduced the damage a particular attack the final boss does slightly. If you been there you know what I'm talking about.
  • Added a "Gamepad Recommended!" splash screen at the beginning.
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed an issue with background skeletons under the floor in level 10 becoming stuck.
  • Removed the timer that always read 0 on the game over screen in hardcore mode. The hardcore timer was scrapped a long time ago and I forgot about this part.
Shotgun Legend - tindelljk
  • The final dungeon of the main story, level 10, is now open to the public for testing.
  • Removed the early access warning screen as the game can now be played to completion. I have some plans for future content though.
  • You will now continue with at least half of your maximum health or 3, whichever is higher, and at least 3 in the cooler as well.
  • Wall huggers now count as enemies again, meaning they have to be killed as well to escape the room.
  • Redesigned a particular secret room in level 8 a bit. It was loud and obnoxious almost anywhere you stood.
  • The devistator attachment now uses 2 wave shells instead of 3. It actually seems useful now.
  • The images in the book about health and ammo boxes have been increased in size.
  • Added moving teleporter traps. A brand new thing to be annoyed by.
  • The opening crawl is now much shorter and more mysterious.
  • The books have been changed to torn pages. It was strange that entire books often had a single readable page.
  • Moved some of the story from the opening crawl to pages found throughout the game.
  • Changed the sound the logo makes at the title screen.
  • Increased the health of most of the major bosses.
  • Increased the skeleton sheriff's health slightly.
  • Reduced the health of the bomber aliens slightly.
  • Increased the health of the blue and red ghosts slightly.
  • Shortened the duration and cooldown of the barrier generator.
Bug Fixes:
  • The skeleton sheriff's aim was off by quite a bit. He will now shoot at players again instead of whatever he was aiming at.
  • giant crabs no longer drop items in strange places. Often far from where they died.
  • A few npcs kept displaying text when attacking you.
  • The barrier generator lasted longer on player 1 than player 2 when used.
  • Unstable wave shell drops no longer destroy crystals on pickup.

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