West of Loathing - Asymmetric
Today's long-in-coming patch fixes a couple of rare and extremely difficult-to-track-down crash bugs on Windows 10. Many thanks to the folks who helped us out by sending in Unity logs and testing things on a beta branch!

With this release we'll be closing all the current beta branches — this build incorporates every bug fix we've made thus far, so no one should need to be on a specialty build at this point. (We'll open fresh branches to address new issues as they arise.)

There's at least one additional Windows crash bug still out in the wild — if you're experiencing it, please let us know! It's extremely elusive at the moment.

We did tweak a few minor things as well:

  • The Spirit Guide achievement should no longer be awarded in situations where you didn't actually deserve it
  • The Hedge Wizard no longer dies silently (into that good night)
  • The dictionary now allows you to type both upper and lower case letters, just in Case you need to make your CASE
  • Added some extra dialogue to account for the possibility of offering two somewhat similar characters each other’s quest items instead of their own
  • If you don't own all the available DLC, a sign will appear on the main menu (many folks still don't know that there is DLC)
  • Fixed 11 typos; Added 11 different typos in other places, just to keep you on your toes
West of Loathing - contact@rockpapershotgun.com (Jay Castello)

Surprise! Monochrome stick-figure giggle em up West Of Loathing has DLC now, called Reckonin At Gun Manor. As the skeleton in the front garden might suggest, this old house has a mystery hidden within, and it s up to you, hat-wearing puzzle-solving protagonist, to unravel it.


West of Loathing - Asymmetric
A quick little DLC patch today to address some issues that folks have brought to our attention. Thanks for all the bug reports and also all the kind words about the DLC in general, everyone! Y'all rock.

  • You now get the Spirit Guide achievement at a more appropriate moment -- also if you load a character that SHOULD have gotten that achievement but did not, it will be awarded right away (apologies for how poorly thought-out that was initially!)

  • An important object in Mrs. Gun's room is now much more self-evident
  • You should no longer be able to walk past Chet without talking to him once

  • Eating a deep-fried holster should no longer give you the effect from the gun-shaped cookie
  • You should no longer be able to walk up to a coaltergeist without getting warned about how that's a bad idea
  • A photo of L’ardest should no longer appear from out of nowhere in the larder window if you defeated him in combat
  • Added text to the #5 pool ball to indicate that you will start every combat on fire while holding it (which probably makes you look super intimidating, like "Dang, they're on fire and they don't even care!")
  • Fixed an errant instance of Alice speaking when your pardner is actually Susie
  • Flo should no longer report she learns the “Suck Ray” skill when in fact she learns “Beta Blast” (not really sure what the Suck Ray is, but it sounds cool)
  • Added some entries (mostly plurals of existing entries) to the dictionary
  • Some large bells now have a distinct visual effect when rung instead of just playing a sound
  • West of Loathing should no longer switch Mac users with a Retina display to a lower-than-expected-or-desirable-resolution on launch

  • And finally, you should only be marked as having found Macready’s grave if your character already knows it is important (from now on -- this is not retroactive, unfortunately) [Some people were encountering the grave before they knew anything about it, forgetting about it because it didn't seem remarkable, and then the game doesn't give you hints about where it is located, because you had been marked as having found it... Doh!]
West of Loathing - Asymmetric
Our first DLC for West of Loathing, Reckonin' at Gun Manor, is now available for purchase right here on Steam!


And now, here's some exciting marketing copy for you to read:

A ghostly carriage arrives in Dirtwater. Only you can see it, and it only goes one place -- the mysterious Gun Manor.

A brand new West of Loathing adventure, full of all the things you've come to expect from the Loathing brand:
  • A few more hours of that sweet, sweet gameplay
  • Fiendish new monsters
  • Useful new items
  • Challenging puzzles (which are also new)
  • Scads of new goofs and gags
  • No new gulches (sorry, we're all gulched out)
Who can solve the mystery of Gun Manor? Is it you? It's probably you.
West of Loathing - Asymmetric
* Does not actually contain any cabbage

Not a ton of changes in this patch:
  • The dialog window has been made a bit wider so that text after buttons can't try to hide from you off-screen any more
  • Harmonized Halloway’s Hideaway hardwoods (had halted hiker headway historically)
  • Horses that were sometimes so slow as to be immobile have been returned to normal speed
  • Pardner skills now say what they're called when you have them selected in combat
  • In very low light conditions, white objects would be drawn in a very dark green color. This was a bug, and it is no longer true. Now those objects will appear gray. After today, it will be safe to assume that any objects which appear to be green when dimly lit are, in fact, green objects.
  • We had not found all the typos, it turns out; corrected a bunch more of them
  • Oh, nearly forgot -- our new DLC, Reckonin' at Gun Manor, is now available for purchase here on Steam
  • <3
West of Loathing - Asymmetric
  • The game should run in Windows XP again, probably (we really mean it this time)
  • Best Font Mode should no longer prevent text from appearing
  • Letters should no longer double-up when you type text in the Linux version of the game. Our apologies for the extra work now required when naming your horse “Balloon”, “Cappuccino”, or “Tennessee Bookkeeper”

  • Fan Hammer's description in combat should now accurately predict how much damage it will do to an opponent
  • Corrected a typo that was maybe preventing Pete from complaining about his joints in one pretty specific circumstance
  • Lloyd will no longer incorrectly say that you have a room at the Jewel if you haven’t gotten one yet
  • The ghostly Foreman at the Jumbleneck Mine should now actually disappear if dispatched with the old pickaxe
  • It is now possible to get the Kurtzian Charm perk from Irene regardless of whether you already acquired mushroom pliers or not
  • Reduced the power of the Energized effect because it was too… energized

  • Laid groundwork for the ability to (finally) release some DLC.
  • Fixed lots of bugs in new features for the upcoming DLC!
  • Did we mention that we're really close to finishing the DLC?

  • Real talk for a second: We removed the noose from the tree outside Chuck’s house after someone pointed out the crappy connotations it has. We were oblivious, and we’re sorry.
GUN™ - contact@rockpapershotgun.com (Matthew Castle)

Red Dead Redemption 2 was made by five million people working nine day weeks, but does it have a duck that collects your discarded throwing knives? Actually, I don t know, as it s not on PC. But a game that does feature a magic duck, and can be played on your home computer, is the lovely Luckslinger. It s one of eight delightful cowboy em ups that you could be playing while Rockstar pretends its latest won’t eventually come to PC. And the RPS Video Department has gathered them in one handy video.


West of Loathing - Asymmetric
  • This patch is live for Windows, Mac, and Linux (which means that Linux now has controller support)
  • The game should run in Windows XP again, probably
  • Macs with Retina displays should now display the game at a reasonable size instead of in a tiny baby window
  • Changed the setting from "blend" to "liquefy" so the game should load faster and have a smoother texture if you try to drink it

  • Controller UI elements should now hide themselves if you start using the mouse or keyboard to play
  • The Character/Skill screen will use the original layout on PC when using keyboard or mouse instead of a controller
  • We the developers resolve that in order form a more perfect game, the list of screen sizes should no longer list the same resolution multiple times
  • Options screen tooltips are no longer mostly off-screen in non-16:9 resolution windows
  • Scrolling the map with WASD is back to being a peppy and enjoyable experience for all ages
  • Several places* that you could clip through the scenery and walk behind the world should no longer allow that (Clippy, you're drunk, go home)

  • If you’ve unlocked Ruthless as a perk (but not Honorable) you should now be able to select that perk when skipping the Prologue
  • The post office’s “infinite sauté knives” promotion has ended
  • Silver (and silver plated) weapons should now (finally) actually do extra damage versus demonic creatures
  • Grace should no longer exhort you to collect a goblet if you’ve already tossed it into a bottomless pit
  • The portion of the Necromancer quest line that involves the Ley Line diagram should now work more intuitively
  • The portion of the El Vibrato quest line that involves taking a keystone to the Lost Dutch Oven Mine has been clarified and is a bit more friendly
  • Fixed some bugs that we introduced while fixing other bugs
  • Corrected no typos... Could we have caught them all? Time to consult our typokedex!
West of Loathing - Asymmetric
Out now for Windows and Mac, and coming very soon to Linux, it's version 1.10!

Major updates:
  • We've added controller support! The game should notice if you are trying to use a controller and update your UI as appropriate. We've tested a variety of Playstation and Xbox controllers on Windows and Mac — let us know if your Steel Battalion control rig isn't working and we'll see if we can support that too.

  • On the back-end we updated to a new version of Unity. We tested the game in-house, but this is a significant upgrade and there might be new bugs that we missed. Please report anything wonky that you find and we’ll look into it ASAP!

Captain updates:
  • West of Loathing takes up even less drive space than it used to, with the minor trade-off of slightly longer load times here and there

  • Night mode can be disabled with the launch option “--reset-nightmode”

  • Big Spleen is now correctly marked as a perk, so it doesn't have a useless [+] next to it on the skill screen

  • The XP costs for increasing Grit to levels 10 and 11 have been corrected, they were at odds with Gumption and Glamour before

Lieutenant updates:
  • Fixed typos, more than we cared to count (maybe... 42?)

  • Removed the worst 11 jokes, added 11 different, potentially worse, jokes

  • The combat music has been rebalanced; combat balance has not been remusiced

  • Punching an opponent with your bare (or brass-covered) fists will now make a sound, which is also logically sound

  • You can now hear it (glug glug!) when your character consumes booze

  • You can no longer be doubly Ruthless, and it’s a little easier to be Honorable

  • Wimpy Fricker is now a good shot with his right hand and a terrible shot with his left

  • The Hostler will no longer offer to sell you a horse until you’ve learned the locations of his lost horses

  • The lockbox in Orehole Mine is now clearer about how it should be opened

  • Skeletons in the prologue can no longer be poisoned

  • Rattlesnakes will now actually bite you instead of just slithering (hopping?) up to you and immediately turning away again

  • The pyrobove in Susie’s basement will no longer make noises once it has been dispatched

  • Pete’s leveling up encounters will no longer sometimes prevent you from ever seeing other one-time encounters

  • Your pardner will no longer have a non-response when you are looking for barbed wire and you ask them about sidequests

  • The House-in-the-Desert Gang can now be Outfoxed or Intimidated out of their weapons

  • The Pickle Factory Activation Lever should no longer sometimes lock you out of acquiring the Wanted: Alive achievement

  • The Goblin Gulch jeweler encounter will now only happen once per character, and won’t sometimes prevent you from ever encountering the Goblin Gulch juggler

  • Gary will no longer join in a fight against a goblin who is trying to sell you driftwood sculptures

  • Numerous other small bug fixes that we failed to write down
West of Loathing - Valve
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