Tower Fortress - melai0719

Tower Fortress is back with lots of new content:
- New modes: Daily Tower and Hard Mode
- New themes: Monochromatic and Retro Handheld Display
- 5 new suits
- Bug fixes and minor improvements
Thank you to all the fans who have supported us!
Tower Fortress - melai0719
I've updated the build to correct some issues caused in the recent content update.

Bug fixes:
- bug fixed: when using new suits with new weapons as default, the game will crash when taking Big Mag / Full Service upgrade
- bug fixed: When picking Chameleon suit and selecting another suit, game will crash if you reach the end or start of the suits lineup
- bug fixed: When using Supersonic suit, damage amount becomes inconsistent from 5 to 1 when Poison upgrade is on
- graphical bug fixed: color line effects on spin jumps for new suits

- suit unlock achievements gets triggered if you unlock suits equal to or more than (for offline trigger misses)
- fork gun volume down
- lightsabre volume up
- update new french translations
- fixed some spanish translations
Tower Fortress - melai0719
New Content
7 New weapons
- magnum
- homing
- tornado
- boomerang
- bouncer
- fork gun
- lightsword

10 New Suits
- Diamond Clad: 7 hp, no pickups
- Ranidaphobe: no frogs
- Santa: chests everywhere
- McGee: magnum is default
- Lockpick: start each level with a key
- Captain: boomerang is default, 3hp
- Seeker: homing is default
- Swordsman: lightsword is default, no chests
- Dead Aim: weapons have infinite ammo
- Chamber: start in area 4, no keys

- Double Spin: first jump is spin jump
- Easy Fix: health pickups restores 2 hp
- Overheat: when at 1hp, +2 gun damage
- Bullet Time: slow down enemy bullets
- Swift Boots: movement speed up

- Area 3 now scrolls along with the player. This will help players continue to rack up combos and beat the game faster.
- Second boss has more streamlined attacks and movement.
- 'z' key added for jump
- fixed slowdowns on some Macs
- improved French translations
- bug fixes

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