Dungeon Painter Studio - pyro
Dungeon Painter Studio - pyro
Hi, good news, DPS moved to the new SDK and now works better with resources of your computers. This will good impact on stability and performance, significantly reducing the risk of problems when exporting and working on large maps. The size of the rasterization regions is quadrupled, and most maps now are exported in a single pass.
Dungeon Painter Studio - pyro

New tool allows to place tokens on the map instead of numeric and alphabetic marks, you also may change tokens background to encode opponents and neutral characters.
All images store in png files, so you import them to your favorite VTT.
In the foreseeable future, the collection will be replenished.

Jan 10
Dungeon Painter Studio - pyro
This update corrects an errors that leads to the loss of mods texture paths, and friezes on mods folders opened. As we can see now these problems are corrected.
Dungeon Painter Studio - pyro

Hi, in this update we added a very atmospheric tileset stylized as a pen drawing.
It is beautiful, but for those who print maps is just a find.
I'm sure you'll love it as much as we do :)
Nov 8, 2017
Dungeon Painter Studio - pyro
About 30 textures added to main & outdoor sections of Dragonville objects, stairs kit added too.

Dungeon Painter Studio - pyro
Jolly Roger's Atlas replenished with 7 new high-quality objects.

And we made a short but very informative video about most of DPS features.
Think you like it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FQm4sbCqSBY
Dungeon Painter Studio - pyro

New textures are very high-quality and detailed, please look at this picture on 100dpi:
In the future textures number will be replenished.
Dungeon Painter Studio - pyro
Hi, I have 3 good news:)

Undo / Redo.
I covered most of actions with undo/redo functional, it remembers last 10 actions.
The intricate processes of drawing (polygon, paddle, arch) remained intact, but in the editing mode everything works.

Import / Export effects.
There are two buttons on top of Presets tab for saving and loading effect libraries.
The default library is located at the root of the DPS folder (default.dpf).
If you save your library over, it will be loaded every time you restart.

Preview scaling.
In the bottom right corner appeared a slider resizing previews,
the smaller the size, the more of them will be placed on the screen.
Jun 19, 2017
Dungeon Painter Studio - pyro
Hi, new rotate tool allows to define the point around which rotation applies. You may move it using drag&drop, than hold left mouse button to rotate selected layers.
Buttons with specific angles of rotation moved to top additional toolbar.

Old enlarge/reduce options became scale tool.

Union and substraction are available on top additional toolbar in move and rectangle selection modes, so texture browser enabled in all modes, and it makes possible to change textures using context menu on previews always.

Think it's last UI update, and next updates will improve functionality, first of all undo/redo.

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