Hey guys!

Here's a bunch of fixes that makes the game work and feel better.

TWEAKED: mag spawn hitbox is now bigger, easier to pick up mags.
TWEAKED: 1911 mag rotation when in hand and on body.
FIXED: scoreboard player names duplicate.
FIXED: sliding away uncontrollably after respawn.
FIXED: level not loading, getting stuck in one level.
FIXED: grenade damage not replicating correctly.

Getting back to work. Expect another update to be released today. Not gonna make separate post about that, but it will be a fix for sometimes getting stuck in the ground and not being able to move (workaround for that is now pressing Z on the keyboard).


This is the biggest update yet! Been working on this one for quite some time. Usually I like to release more often, but this update changed a lot of fundamentals in the game, so I had to rewrite a lot of logic from ground up, that made the game all around better. Here's the update:

Such a big update asks for a new trailer. Old trailers became misleading by showing the floating bodies ;)

After adding full bodies the "BREACH IT" feels and plays like a totally new game. You really need to play differently, because now enemies can see your feet when you standing next to reinforced door or equipping a shield.

A rather simple addition when you think about it, but increases immersion a lot! I remember how people were hesitant to add hands, now it feels necessary.

Wanted to add this for a while. Feels so good, when you open up a wall, your teammate drops in a grenade and after a second or two you push in.

Natural way of communicating with one another. Will not hear somebody from across the map just the ones close to you. But remember if enemies are close, they can hear you too!

Previous recoil implementation was pretty good, just had one major problem, it wanted to replicate over network, so if you're connected to a laggy host, your recoil would jump around a lot. This recoil is smooth as butter.

More vibrant colors, shadows, reflections and so on. Just feels good.

For the people that want to record their gameplay this is perfect.

Frankly so many things have changed, been added or tweaked during the development of this update that I've lost track of it. Here's a not nearly as complete log as it should be:

- Added: fullscreen viewport for monitor
- Added: frag grenade.
- Added: flashbang grenade.
- Added: height calibration .
- Added: first person hands.
- Added: full body models. 10 different outfits.
- Added: vicinity chat.
- Added: radio chat with teammates.
- Redone: recoil from ground up.
- Redone: lighting.
- Fixed: recoil happening not locally, so gun movement unsmooth.
- Fixed: mag getting stuck in the gun.
- Fixed: voice chat where everyone can hear everyone.
- Fixed: not possible to pick mags after you pick a gun while holding a mag.
- Fixed: mag would not attach.
- Fixed: gripping would cause mag to fall out.
- Fixed: bots AK-47 would sometimes fly around after death.
- Fixed: bots were able to shoot through walls.
- Fixed: bots stuck in shooting animation.
- Fixed: moving around gripped gun not smooth on a laggy host.
- Fixed: switching to marker gun stays gripped.
- Fixed: everyone can hear radio chat.
- Fixed: dead players triggering reinforcements to show up.

Will go now to work on a huge new map and gun handling (chambering bullets, etc).

See you in the game!

P.S. Join our discord to preview and test updates like this:
Aug 15, 2017
Hey guys!

Wanted to work on something else for a bit, so decided to make a new map for the "BREACH" game mode and so here it is:

It's the biggest of them all and will provide interesting breaching and defending opportunities. Really interested to see how people will play it and what tactics will be developed.

It's Tuesday so see you as usual 6PM BST in the game! Or during NA time session: 9PM EST.

Join our discord to know when the people are gathering:

See you breachin!
Aug 11, 2017

Haven't posted in a while because the update I'm working on now is pretty big. I'm working on implementing full body player models and hands into the game:

That requires A LOT of rewriting of the existing logic and learning A LOT of new things. Nevertheless I think I will be able to finish it in the few upcoming weeks.

Besides that game keeps getting fixes and tweaks, but I just don't post them here. For example yesterday released an update improving how the mag behaves when it's being taken out from the gun.

Also as usual we play on these scheduled times:
NORTH AMERICA: every Tuesday and Thursday 9PM EST.
EUROPE: every Tuesday and Thursday 6PM BST.

Join us then if you're having trouble finding someone to play with.
Join our discord to find somebody to play with and to stay up to date:

And in general I highly recommend starting up the game if you haven't in a while. Especially the new "BREACH" game mode is so much fun and constantly brings up my optimism for the people and the game :)

See you guys breachin!
Hey guys!

First of all if you're looking for somebody to play with, jump in here:

I also do a special play session every Tuesday and Thursday 6PM BST. Join me and others!

The update:

FIXED: Radio not working when new round starts.
FIXED: Radio not starting automatically when new round starts.
FIXED: Player joined mid round invincible.
FIXED: Being able to pick up bots guns.
FIXED: Game sometimes crashing after respawn.
TWEAKED: Collision for walls.
TWEAKED: Collision for bots.
ADDED: Little icons on controllers for drop mag and radio buttons.

See you in the game or on Discord!

Hey guys!

Your AI companions are here and ready to kick ass!

Bots will appear automatically if no other person connects to your created game in 30 seconds (works only on "BREACH" game mode).

They will automatically disappear when the first person connects. So the bots are there to keep you busy until somebody joins ;)

They look really great! Take a look:
Also a gazillion of fixes and tweaks have been made. Gonna mention only few of them:
- TWEAKED: Lighting in all levels for "BREACH" game mode.
- TWEAKED: Sound volume for music and announcer.
- TWEAKED: Collision for various objects in "BREACH" game mode.
- TWEAKED: Added indirect light shadows for bots.
- FIXED: Sound cutting off when all bots are shooting at the same time.
- FIXED: Bots adding when in main menu.

It's Tuesday so as always I'm gonna be playing 6PM BST!

See you then!

Just a quick update for quality of life :)

FIXED: Gun ungripping while shooting.
FIXED: Gun gripping while holding a mag.
FIXED: Doors not possible to walk through when wall is shot <2 times.
FIXED: On end of match falling through the container.
FIXED: Random team win during the preparation phase.
FIXED: AK-47 recoil not replicating for clients.
FIXED: Wall destruction not always replicating during preparation phase.
TWEAKED: Wood impact particles effect. Looks and feels so nice now!
TWEAKED: Explanation text added here and there.
ADDED: Groundwork for BOT support. BOTS are coming soon!

Also want to note that if you don't catch people playing it's best to come to play on Tuesday or Thursday around ~6PM BST.

This is a BIG ONE.

Made a video about it. Take a look:
In short:
New game mode is called "BREACH". Defend 3 rounds then attack 3 rounds. All walls are destructible. This game mode comes with 3 new maps which change after every round. Soon there will be much more than that, because I will share the modular pieces of those maps, so any of you can open up "Unreal Engine" and as easy as in "Sims" make your own!

TWEAKED: Manual grip is now ON by default.
TWEAKED: Mag is now staying one place, so it's easy to reload without looking.

Played this new game mode with my friends and I have to say it's 10x more fun than the old one. They were saying the same!

See you guys in the game!


Manual grip was implemented fairly quickly in an hour or two, but making it replicate with other clients properly was a pain in the ass. Anyway it's here and it really feels great to grip the gun manually.

ADDED: Grip, ungrip the gun manually with trigger.
ADDED: Set your ammo on the left or right hip.
ADDED: Settings menu when in game.
FIXED: Sometimes vibro after round would not stop vibrating.
FIXED: Push to talk not always working.

I need your help on testing these new functionalities. You can enable both of them after joining a server and opening menu on your non dominant controller.


Join our discord to chat and schedule plays:
Our play schedule:

Rather small update, but will improve how the game feels and plays.

ADDED: C4 light goes green when it's ready to be planted.
TWEAKED: Metal walls now do not disappear when reinforcing.
TWEAKED: Menu buttons are not clipping through scoreboard anymore.
FIXED: New round is not starting because not enough players.
FIXED: Settings not saving. (mag side still doesn't save, workin on it)

Working on toggle grip mode still and it's giving me headaches. It's not replicating to server and other clients. Should figure it out in 1-2 days. It really feels great to grip the gun manually, can't wait to push it out!

See you guys in the game!

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