Sniper Fury - Diana Gameloft
Hello Snipers,

We are days away from the launch of Update 39! We are excited and we know you are excited because this means in a couple of days one of the most popular features in the game, Clan Wars, will get a much needed revamp.

We are finally ready to reveal more details about this process.

General Clan Wars improvements & changes
Before we get into describing what Planning Phase is about, here are some additional changes that will happen for Clan Wars.

Seasons will be introduced for Clan Wars - Those will provide seasonal rewards for top clans and milestone rewards for all clan members.

Rating will be reset for everybody - Now that we will have seasons, the Clan rating will be reset once per month, same as the rest of activities that are running seasons.

Following the introduction of the seasons, clan decay system will no longer be required, as the rating will be reset once a season ends. In UPD39 we are removing the decay system - this means you will not lose points for not going to war.

Matchmaking time will be decreased - Now that we have seasons, it is important to quickly find a match for Clan wars. Next update we are making some changes in order to lower queue times when searching for a war.

General Matchmaking improvements - We will revisit the matchmaking formula and adjust it based on players feedback to also take into account Clan Core level. Keep in mind that imbalanced wars scenarios can still happen, but will not be frequent - it depends a lot on how many clans are searching for war at the same time as your clan.

Rewarding top clans - We know that a lot of Clans have been working to be number #1 in the leaderboards for the past 3 years. We know that you will be most affected with the introduction of seasons and we really want to make up for that. Once the September season ends, on the first reset, everybody will get badges based on your rating. Those will only be rewarded once, only for clans that participated in Legacy Clan Wars.

Planning Phase - New Clan Building - War Room

The War Room is a new building added to the Clan HQ. There are now five buildings in the clan HQ.

The War Room is where the clan war resources will be stored. Upgrading the War Room will increase its capacity, so more war resources can be gathered by the players.

When powered, the War Room allows the clan leader (and officers, depending on privileges) to spend war resources in order to 'purchase' buffs which become active for the duration of the current war.

Also, when powered, the War Room allows the clan members to activate a clan insignia which:
  • gives XP bonus in PVP battles while active
  • gives the possibility to gather war resources from base attack PVP while at war with another clan.

NOTE: If the War Room loses power during the war (the core doesn't have enough neutronium), any purchased buffs become inactive and the clan members can no longer gather war resources.

NOTE: Since there is no longer an invasion phase, the Armory and Defense Systems buildings will no longer provide attack and defense bonuses for that particular aspect of the game.

Planning Phase - Gaining War Resources & Clan Insignia

While a war is in progress and the War Room is powered, all clan members that have an insignia active can gather war resources in base attack PvP.

Killing players in the base attack PvP while the clan insignia is active will award war resources.

NOTE: If a player leaves a clan while his insignia is active and upgraded at least one tier, he will lose the upgrade(s).

NOTE: If the building cap on war resources has been reached, the players will see that they win war resources in the victory screen, but no resources will be actually added to the building while at cap.

Clan insignia can be upgraded from the War Room building pop-up using Rubies. Each step increases the bonus XP and the number of war resources players get for kills in PvP.

NOTE: In base attack PvP, only the enemy Avatar counts as a kill for gaining War Resources.

NOTE: The Bonus XP applies only in Base attack PvP.

NOTE: Any war resources remaining at the end of a war will carry over to the next war.

Planning Phase - Spending War Resources

Clan leaders (and officers) can spend war resources in the planning phase (formerly invasion) to 'purchase' buffs for the upcoming war. The buffs can be defensive or offensive.

Leaders/Officers can only spend War Resources in the second part of the planning phase. A timer will appear on screen to show remaining time until resources can be spent. Player can still inspect the boosts and see the effects and the costs. Buffs come in two categories: defense and offense.


Tier 3
  • take less damage from snipers and pistols
  • take less damage from assault weapons
  • take less damage from grenade launchers and RPGs
  • take less damage from railguns

Tier 2
  • add suppressors to the clan core defense waves
  • activate revenge on core defenders

Tier 1
  • double HP and activate recurrent EMP pulses from the core


Tier 3
  • deal more damage with snipers and pistols in core attacks
  • deal more damage with assault weapons in core attacks
  • deal more damage with grenade launchers and RPGs in core attacks
  • deal more damage with railguns in core attacks

Tier 2
  • increase attack duration
  • clan members have increased critical chance in core attacks

Tier 1
  • increase number of available attacks with 1

  • Rating and Neutronium won in the current war will be doubled in case of victory.

Arena Gears

In this update we've added a new functionality for gear changing. Players will now be able to change the Arena Gears.

New Arena Gears will become available at a later date, after the update is released!
Here is a preview of an upcoming Arena Gear:

Other changes & improvements
  • General Ads functionality improvements
  • Arena stability improvements
  • Minor adjustments for clan rules restricted words
  • Added a new “Rookie” status for new clan members
  • Fixed an interaction issue between Assassin and Protector Squad Mates
  • Fixed an issue where winning a war could reward 0 points

*Please note that everything listed in these patch notes are subject to change at any time. Please refer to your live game and in-game announcements for the latest game statuses.

**Pictures displayed in these patch notes are not real in-game screenshots. Please refer to your live game once the update is released.
Sniper Fury - Diana Gameloft

New content:
Companion drones

The Companion Drone is a special type of drone that you will be able to obtain only by ranking in The Arena. In terms of functionality, it will behave as a normal drone (same as the ones you place in your base).The drone will be added in Base attack PVP second room - it will assist the avatar in the fight.The drone appears near your avatar in the main menu screen - If tapped, it leads to the page for the second PvP room setup.The drone also has a number of tiers which are reflected in its HP value (the higher the tier, the more health it has). You can get higher tier companion drone by reaching higher Arena divisions.
  • It is added to the player's defenses automatically when acquired.
  • Drone's HP is based on the Avatar HP - it scales with Avatar level.
  • In the unlikely event that there is already an active companion drone, a higher tier drone replaces a lower tier drone. If the drones have the same tier, the duration should get extended. 
  • The drone can also be accessed directly from the screen from the second PvP room setup.
  • Battle doesn't end until BOTH avatar and drone are killed. 
  • The companion drone has EMP shielding, which means it's not killed by EMP. However, instead of being killed by EMP, the drone will be stunned (unable to attack), unless it has started moving towards the player.
Component-based gear system [ARENA ONLY]
In this update we'll introduce more Arena gear sets! Those gears will be a bit different:
  • You'll only be able to acquire the full set - no gear parts involved for Update 37.
  • Each gear piece will have a specific number of slots that can be used to equip mods (components).
  • Mods are items which are installed on the gear parts, and once slotted, they offer a static bonus.
  • The effects of those mods are only available in Arena matches (same as the gears).
In the future, you'll be able to earn Arena Gears with different rarities. There are two types of mod components available:
  • Permanent - Those mods will remain available on your gear.
  • Temporary - Those mods will expire after a certain amount of time. Those mods are usually better than the permanent ones in terms of performance.
  • Note that Permanent and Temporary mods are placed on different slots. The higher the gear's rarity, the higher the number of slots.
Effects of mod components are:
  • Defense
    • Bonus HP
    • Head Damage Reduction
    • Less chance to be critically hit
  • Offense
    • Bonus Sniper Damage
    • Bonus Assault Damage
    • Bonus Railgun Damage
    • Bonus Critical Chance
    • Bonus Headshot Damage
  • Utility
    • Bonus XP
    • Jump Recharge 
    • Jump Speed
Other notes:
  • You will be able to disassemble/dismantle any mod component and receive an amount of Arena Tokens based on the component tier.
  • Once a mod component is installed in a slot, it can't be removed.
  • An installed mod component CAN be replaced/overwritten with a new one, but the old component will be permanently lost. 
Arena BETA changes and improvements:
Arena progression:
  • Player XP can now be earned by playing Arena matches.
  • Added a kill-based multiplier for Arena Rating gains - more kills during a match will increase your rating gains.
  • Adjusted arena rating gains based on your division - you can lose more and earn less points the higher you progress in division.
  • At the end of an Arena season, the leaderboard resets - Division will now be changed based on your Arena ratings. 
  • Season changes:
    • Seasons will last for 4 weeks
    • Each season will have 3x Weekly rewards - For Week 1 ,Week 2 and Week 3
    • For the 4th Week, Seasonal rewards will be delivered
    • All the rewards will be based on your Division and leaderboard position
Arena Rewards:
  • Rewards for end-of-match:
    • Player XP - Capped at 200000 (you cannot earn more XP from the Arena after you reach the cap)
    • Arena rating
    • Combat pack - will share the collection limit with Base attack PVP
    • Arena Tokens - A new currency where earnings can scale based on your Arena Divisions
  • Weekly seasonal rewards:
    • Consumables
    • Arena Battlepacks
    • Companion drone
  • Season end rewards:
    • Bullet skins
    • Camos
    • Exclusive packs
    • Gear packs
    • Permanent Companion drones
    • Gear components
    • Rubies
Note: You will have to play a certain number of matches to qualify for the weekly and seasonal rewards.
  • Improved matchmaking algorithm
Other Arena changes & improvements:
  • Players will be able to shoot and be shot during the jump
  • Increase HP bar widget size
  • Improved bots AI
  • Added Arena tutorial
  • Added a new weapon type for the Arena - Railgun
Arena Shop:
  • Updated UI
  • Updated shop content: added Arena Packs available for purchase with Arena tokens.
  • Packs can be stocked up, you don't have to open them right away. However, you will only be able to open them if you reach the Pack's division.
Exotic events improvements
  • Weapon affinity will be unlocked/activated by default in the Exotic event chapters.

Other improvements:
  • Added a separator for big number values in Clan Wars and Clan Ops boss 
    • The number should be displayed as "1 000 000 000" instead of "1000000000"
Other changes:
  • Multishot nerf - The ability will now deal 999% of the base weapon damage to all visible enemies.
  • Level cap increased from 75 to 90. Squad mates levels will not be changed.
 *Please note that everything listed in these patch notes are subject to change at any time. Please refer to your live game and in-game announcements for the latest game statuses.   
Sniper Fury - Diana Gameloft

Update 33 is set to bring about the end of purple energy and with it an overhaul of the PVP system.

Another change worth mentioning is the introduction of deputies, your virtual assistants to take care of specific tasks. We are also buffing up your Avatars so they can put up more of a stand during base attacks.

Do not hesitate to share your thoughts in the General Discussion subforum. If you encounter a bug with the game, please let us know in the Bugs & Issues subforum.

Deputy System

Deputies are personal assistants that can be rented. While active, they will help you with certain activities. When update 33 launches, we’ll introduce two Deputies - The Operator & Quartermaster

The Operator will assist you with Exotic Event participation. Her main duty is to take care of your Supreme Packs. She will assist you by opening up packs when they are ready, and generating a new one to be placed on a slot whenever one is empty (if all slots are available, it generates instantly for all slots).

Quartermaster will provide assistance with Special Ops. His main perks are:

  • Increases chance of success of all Spec ops by 10% while active
  • Automatically claims rewards for the completed missions, freeing the squad mates
  • Auto-assigns squad mates to the current Squad Ops when the deputy portrait is tapped

More deputies will become available in the future! They will be able to assist you with different activities like Special ops and PVP.

PVP Energy removed

Starting with Update 33, we are permanently removing PVP Energy costs. This means that players will now be able to play unlimited PVP matches (base attacks).

In order to balance this change, the following adjustments will also be included:

1. In order to preserve game’s economy, PVP base attacks wins will no longer reward Rubies.

Important note: While the PVP matches will no longer reward Rubies, to compensate for the change we have added a total of 1050 rubies that can be obtained by completing Battle Pass tiers. We’ve also included new PVP based Battle Pass challenges in order to make it easier for the PVP-focused players to complete the tiers.

2. In order to keep the PVP environment competitive, we are adjusting Leagues and ranking system:
  • Increased Hall of Fame threshold from 10.000 to 20.000 Trophies.
  • The change above will be applied starting with March season.

3. PVP related gambits/boosters have been changed:

  • Zeal booster is going to be converted into Recon booster (1:1 conversion rate)
  • Jackpot booster will still double the rewards. (Including combat packs - read more below)

4. You will now receive one Combat Pack for each PvP win, up to 24. Once the limit is reached, you will have to wait a certain amount of time before you can start earning them again. (up to 24 packs again, after each restock occurrence)

The Combat Packs earned from PVP matches can be upgraded to higher packs as follows:

  • 4 Combat packs can be merged into 1 Elite pack
  • 6 Elite packs can be merged into 1 Exclusive pack
  • 8 Exclusive packs can be merged into 1 Gear pack

Note regarding Gear Packs - if you already own all the items offered in Gear Packs’ reward pool, the resulting pack will remain locked on the slot, in a 'Stay Tuned' state, unable to be opened until new gear pieces become available as possible drops (Behavior can be seen in the images below).

You will still be able to open any earned Exclusive packs, even if you cannot open the Gear pack.

Quality of life improvements

Advanced Squad Mate filters

We know that many of you have asked for an improved Squad Mate filter tool. In this update we are introducing the Advanced Filter for Special Ops.
Main changes:

  • You can now filter by Tier, Perk and Counter while assigning Squad Mates for Spec Ops.
  • You can now select multiple icons for an advanced search. (For example, you can select 2 counters, 1 perk, and 4 Tier levels)

Give it a try and let us know in the comment section below how it feels!

New clan chat commands & sections

In this update we have made two changes proposed by the community:
We will have two new clan commands:

  • ?clanjoin: for leaders and officers, it shows the entire members list by default (no special permission required); for regular users, only their join time is shown
  • ?topdomination: shows a list of all domination contributions; the list resets when the first influence point is won (in the next round)

2. We are adding a new section for “Clan rules”. You can use this section to either add a general clan description or to add your clan rules. Or just add them both!

Affinities for old gear sets

In order to make it easier for new players to be able to access a weapon’s bonus, we are adding Affinities to all the gear sets inside the Gear packs.
Here is the list of the updated gear sets:

  • Lethal: Hardened, Para, Carapace, Infiltrator, Enforcer
  • Brutal: Military, Scout, Phantom, Oni, Chivalry, Nox
  • Heroic: Ducat, Operative, Elite, Controller, Bandit, Mastiff
  • Keen: Golem, Bitterfrost, Shadowfire, Goldplate, Magellan, Alternator
  • Swift: Wasp, Manticore, Devastator, Valor, Sun Warrior

Clan balance adjustments

We’ve heard your feedback and with this update we will be buffing Clan Core damage reduction bonus for all levels. Please refer to the in-game values after the update goes live.

On the same note, we’d like to remind you that using cheats or abusing in-game bugs (exploits) to gain advantage is not allowed.

Recently, we’ve addressed a method on exploiting clan donations. We will take appropriate measures against the players that have been taking advantage of this exploit. We want to preserve a fair, fun and competitive environment for all the players. If you’re suspecting a cheater please continue to send us reports via the in-game Customer Care button. Each case is being investigated.

Changes & improvements

  • Pack opening animation can now be skipped.
  • Added a SFX warning for protector shields.
  • Improved parts redirect pop-up.
  • Redesigned settings menu.
  • Global hunt flow improvements (Replay button, new bosses).
  • *Added an “Additional Defense” overview pop-up, allowing players to activate all base defenses at once.
  • Message of the day pop-up has been temporary removed while we are looking into options to improve the feature.
  • Added damage per minute in the weapon’s tooltip.
  • Using weapon filters should redirect now at the end of the list (Newest weapons).
  • Avatar’s HP will now scale based on your [account] level. Previously, the Avatar could be easily killed by stronger weapons.
  • Added a sound to mark the Alien Ship boss invulnerability phase.
  • Added icons for splash damage and last breath ability in the battle pass challenges texts .

Bug fixes

In this update we’ve addressed several issues reported by the players:

  • Fixed several ads reward issues;
  • Fixed a weapon issue while testing defense;
  • Fixed an issue that would cause Clan bosses to not spawn or the mission to be instantly completed;
  • Fixed a visual issue with Glacial Guardian’s 3D model;
  • Fixed a visual issue at victory/rewards screen;
  • Fixed an issue that would cause Battle Pass challenges completion to not register;
  • Fixed the base defense difference between the “My Profile” section and the defenses sum from the base rooms;
  • Fixed an issue where under certain steps, players would see a negative Cash value;
  • Fixed a splash screen issue on iPhone X;


Mad Rabbit in action! Download the high resolution wallpaper here:

*Please note that everything listed in these patch notes are subject to change at any time. Please refer to your live game and in-game announcements for the latest game statuses.
Dec 3, 2018
Sniper Fury - Diana Gameloft
Can you believe it’s already December? We just published our last patch notes for 2018 and we are ending the year in style.

First thing's first. Sniper Fury is officially three years old as of December 2nd. Check out the special anniversary video and details about in-game rewards you are going to receive as a result of the happy occasion.

Getting back to Update 31, there are plenty of features to talk about so please read on.

Base revamp

Developer comments: “In this update we have changed how the base looks. Our goal with this change were to make the distinction between the first and the second room clearer and open up the design space for future defense upgrades and features - it also makes it easier for our new players to understand how it works. Since the Base was where the defense is taking place, we moved the Fight button to a more prominent position and only Test Defense remains. We will continue to work on how the base looks and make additional quality of life changes, based on your feedback. Please leave a comment below or post on our official forums and let us know your thoughts!”

Room 1

In this room you will be able to change squad mates, deploy drones, and analyze your defenses

Room 2

In this room you will be able to activate Defense items such as Aegis Barrier or Floodlights. Also, the displayed avatar will wear your DEFENSE GEAR PRESET (Read more about it below). When you try to test the defense now, you will always fight vs your Defense preset (while you can attack using one of the normal preset slots).

Main Changes:
  • Redesigned base layout
  • Two base screens - Room 1 (Squad mates) & Room 2 (Avatar)
  • Removed the “Fight” button from Base menu (It has been moved on the landing Main Menu)

Defense gear preset

Developer comments: “Many of you were looking for a total of 10 preset slots. That’s not scratched from our to-do list but we’ll have to address some technical issues before adding that many slots into the game. Right now we were able to add one - with a twist. The defense slot will act as an always-equipped gear set (and weapon) that will be activated when players are attacking your base (even if you are offline). This way, you can use your 5 gear slots for offensive purposes, without having to worry about switching to a defensive slot when you log off!”

Main changes:
  • Added a 6th gear preset.
  • The defense slot will act as an always-equipped gear set (and weapon)
  • Will be activated when players are attacking your base (even if you are offline)
  • Added an option in “My base - 2nd Room” to easily change defense weapon

MECH - New clan boss

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A new Clan boss will rotate once in a while, starting with UPD31!

MECH difficulty level: Insane.

Squad Mates

Resurrect - Squad Mate ability

When killed, the squad mate will spawn a ghost object at a certain height above the kill location, which slowly goes down toward the body. If not destroyed in time, it will respawn the squad mate. The HP value of the ghost object is a percent from the HP of the squad mate that generated it.

New Squad mates CLASS/TYPE - Suppressor

The Suppressor is a new SM type that can be equipped on assault slots. His purpose is to disrupt the player by slowing him down.

When he activates his ability, he casts a beam (suppression field) at the player for a set duration.

While under the effect of the Suppression field, all the player's actions are slowed down (Fire rate, reload time, aiming, bullet speed, etc.) & gear abilities are disabled/set on cooldown.

Clans changes

Developer comments: “Based on our data and community’s feedback, we decided to increase the structures` max level to 20. Over time, this should increase the overall time spent in core attack phase & also provide your clan members with some other benefits. This is only the first change - we aim to further improve the Clan Wars with future updates.”

  • Clan buildings can now be upgraded to level 20

Other general changes
  • New Start Menu
  • Revamped Cash/Ruby purchases menu
  • Revamped squad mates upgrade menu
  • Added redirects to the squad mate details from various menus.
  • New Main Menu music
  • Changed ironsight marker for several exotic weapons.
  • Added a PVP button on landing Main Menu
  • Warlord and a PVP tab have been added to Start Menu.
  • Captain’s Sight can now fire full-auto (previously you had to tap/click the fire button for each shot).
  • Mystery reward (Sniper Fury anniversary) will become available to all players to redeem for a limited time. (More details will be revealed soon!)

Bug fixes & improvements
  • Fixed issue where a banner would interfere with menu buttons, covering them
  • Fixed a crash that would occur if the avatar is killed while floodlights are active and certain weapons are used.
  • Fixed an issue with “multi kill” while killing an Assassin & another enemy behind him
  • Fixed an issue with Sickened Shot splash damage
  • Fixed several ads rewarding issues
  • Fixed an issue/exploit in clan wars
  • Fixed several memory crashes
  • Changed the coming soon region displayed
  • Added new battle pass challenges (will become available soon)
  • DPM will now take into consideration the critical chance and critical damage bonus
  • Skipping free Supreme packs will have no cost in the last 3 minutes
  • All weapon perks will now be displayed when matchmaking
  • Added a notification when Supreme packs are ready to be opened
  • Improved avatar menu layout on some devices
  • Added an “idle” animation for squad mate details menu
  • Revamped clan boss attack screen
  • Improved anti-hacking measures - detection and prevention

*Please note that everything listed in these patch notes are subject to change at any time. Please refer to your live game and in-game announcements for the latest game statuses.
Nov 12, 2018
Sniper Fury - Diana Gameloft

Snipers, you can now download Update 30! Head into the heart of the Lotus Blossom and face the villainous Yao Wang in the latest chapter!

Also included in the patch are several bug fixes and game optimizations.

Bug fixes & improvements

  • Fixed an issue where changing officers' privileges would make a notification pop-up appear at every launch;
  • Fixed an issue where resurrecting the clan boss by 2 or more players at the same time locked the resurrect button in a loading state;
  • Fixed several text issues on FR language;
  • Fixed an issue where the cash and XP displayed before a Mini Ops event were not the actual rewards you receive at the end of mission;
  • Fixed a display issue that was affecting Squad mates with multiple perks;
  • Fixed several issues caused by Last Breath Gadgets;
  • Fixed an issue that was causing daily rewards to give more gold than the vault capping.

*Please note that everything listed in these patch notes are subject to change at any time. Please refer to your live game and in-game announcements for the latest game statuses.
Oct 19, 2018
Sniper Fury - diana.petrescu

Attention Snipers,

Operation "Pumpkin Slayer" is about to begin! Read on to get the full specs for the Seasonal Mini Ops event, taking place this weekend.

Mini Ops - Flashback and Conquest

The Mini Ops event will last three days (October 20-22) and your primary mission objective will be to gather collectibles in the form of pumpkins. These are valuable resources you can later use in the event shop.

Mini Ops activities consist of:

  • Flashback - you get to revisit (or be spoiled, depending on where you are in your Sniper career) the Underground region where you have to successfully complete the missions in parallel with locating, shooting and collecting pumpkins.

  • Conquest - you challenge other players but cannot win or lose trophies; your goal is to gather pumpkins, but just like in the case of Flashback, you need to win your battles to be able to keep what you collect.

Worth mentioning:
  • You can use any weapon in your arsenal to play both Flashback and Conquest.
  • Headshot kills on the enemy Avatar in PVP will double the number of pumpkins.
  • Flashback missions require single player energy, Conquest - PVP energy.

Event Shop

Once you have gathered enough pumpkins you can use them to get valuable supplies.

The event shop runs on tiers that will have to be unlocked by spending pumpkins. Here is a rundown of the tiers and what items will be available:

Tier 1 (default)
  • Epic Special Ops boosts: Fluke, Synergy, Recovery, Medikit, Headstart etc.
Tier 2 (spend 300 pumpkins to unlock)
  • Base Defenses: Aegis Barrier, Jammer Turret, Floodlights etc.
  • PVP boosts: Infiltration, EMP Grenade, Sleeping Gas, Godlike etc.
Tier 3 (spend 900 pumpkins to unlock)
  • Master Pack
  • 5* Ninja Squad Mate
  • Pumpkin Holo Badge.
Don't neglect to spend your pumpkins. They are set to self-destruct 24h after the event ends.

Pumpkin Holo Badge

Though there are plenty of other goodies in the event shop, we hope you will be motivated to compete and claim the Pumpkin Holo Badge.

This item grants you a 10% damage bonus versus enemies with more trophies than you. The badge will remain in your inventory after the seasonal event ends.

Briefing complete, Sniper. Return to your regular duties and prepare to slay some pumpkins.

Sniper Fury - diana.petrescu
Snipers, you have places to be and missions to complete! Let's give you the complete low-down on the biggest changes and developments in Sniper Fury gameplay from the past few months.

Keep reading!

Holo Badges

Released to the world in Update 29 earlier this week, Holo Badges are Holographic gears that act as a buff during PVP encounters. Each badge will come with a specific in-game bonus!

All the players received a default Holo Badge that has the following bonus: "Reloads the weapon clip after killing an enemy."

More Holo Badges will be available in future time-limited events.

Read the complete patch notes for Update 29 here .

New chapter – Ghost Town

Ghost Town is the 26th region to be released in the Sniper Fury universe.

Combat operatives have their work cut out for them in this single-player campaign that pit them against a group of eco-cultists:

"In the suburbs of Auron Inc.'s Future City lies Wanapucket, a Ghost Town. Pollutants from Auron Inc. factories have left this town uninhabitable; completely lethal to human life. The air is toxic, the water is like sludge and the animals are sickly and dying. This is the price of progress; the cost of capitalism. And this town's former inhabitants are tired of paying that price. They've banded together with Earthshatter, the cultists who developed that world-rending, seismological doomsday device, to get their revenge on Auron Inc. and their Future City. They're building a new seismological device to sink themselves and the neighboring Future City into the Earth's core. Millions will die if we don't stop them. Stop this atrocity from happening, and bring down Earthshatter once and for all!"

Battle Pass

Already on it's fourth season, the Battle Pass is a centralized rewarding system that incorporates most of the Sniper Fury rewards in a single place. All you need to do in order to get the rewards is to play.

New Squad Mates and abilities

Introduced this summer, the Assassin can kill the attacking player by teleporting from place to place until it reaches the player and initiates a Melee Attack. Assassin Squad Mates can be placed on both the top and the bottom rows in your base, and you can even have a 5 Assassins defense set-up.

The scope and range of Squad Mate abilities have also expanded. For example, the assault Squadmates that have the new Taunt ability are able to attract bullets towards them while highly increasing their own defense.

Two more abilities were introduced in the most recent update:
  • Accursed Squad mates: spawns a wraith on death which acts as a drone, but its HP is based on the HP of the Squad Mate that spawned it.
  • Steadfast Squad mates: cannot be eliminated with critical hits; these will be converted into normal hits once they hit the target.
Special Ops

We have added two extra difficulties to missions to accommodate even the most battle-hardened squadmates.

Most missions now require Ninja or Protector squadmates (in some extreme cases both) in order to be completed.

Co-op Event Revamp
  • Players will be able to earn a Supreme Pack for every mission they play.
  • Co-op events no longer rely on event energy.
  • The UI has been retooled for a more streamlined experience.
  • A better intro was implemented, that serves as a more effective way to get all the info the player needs before starting the event (what to do and how the mechanics work).
  • Players now have the option to upgrade each individual weapon module and can choose to max out the modules they prefer the most (like Mag Size or Stability).
What the future holds

Stay tuned for new Halloween content over the next two weeks, including a new type of event!
  • Halloween Events
  • New Weapons
  • New Holo Badge
  • New Gears
  • New Squad Mates

Briefing over, Sniper. Now go out there and fight for the future !

Sniper Fury - Julian (Gameloft)

Hello Snipers!

Update 23 is here, the league modifications are set and will take full effect with the next Season.
Cellstrike event also suffered minor modifications.

PvP Leagues

As we said in our previous leagues related post, we’re lowering the league thresholds to be more achievable from a 2500 Elo reset and implementing Diamond Point Rewards per achieved League as it follows:

Hall of Fame members will receive an additionally 7500 Diamond Points.

Diamond League
Starts: 7500 Trophies
Diamond Points reward: 7500

Gold I
Starts: 6500 Trophies
Diamond Points reward: 4000

Gold II
Starts: 5500 Trophies
Diamond Points reward: 3000

Gold III
Starts: 4500 Trophies
Diamond Points reward: 2000

Silver I
Starts: 3500 Trophies
Diamond Points reward: 1000

Silver II
Starts: 2500 Trophies
Diamond Points reward: 500

Silver III
Starts: 1500 Trophies
Diamond Points reward: 300

Bronze I
Starts: 1000 Trophies
Diamond Points reward: 200

Bronze II
Starts: 750 Trophies
Diamond Points reward: 100

Bronze III
Starts: 500 Trophies
Diamond Points reward: 50

Please keep in mind that the League Reset will stay at 2500 Trophies and that the current season will also have the Diamond Point Rewards per league.
We’ll monitor the league activity and results and keep making adjustments for the next seasons, if necessary.

Cellstrike Event

Cellstrike League Ops is evolving from a bi-monthly event to a monthly one.
We’re doing this in order to offer everyone a fair chance of joining the Diamond League ranks and to obtain the maximum rewards.

Happy Sniping!
Jan 10, 2018
Sniper Fury - Julian (Gameloft)
Hello Snipers!

Update 21 comes with a new zone: Virtual

After a series of mainframe hacks, Cellstrike began storing our important intel within a complex virtual world, protected by an AI security team. But last night, our AI was hacked by an unknown party, and our security team went haywire, attacking our intel banks instead of protecting them. We're jacking you into this world to subdue the renegade AI, and find out who orchestrated this glitch. To ensure instant reaction time, your entire physiology has linked to the network. So if you're killed there, you'll stay dead. Try not to get deleted, OK?


-The warlord gold collect gold and play PvP matches progress was not updated unless restarting
-Multishot ability fixes (the beholder affinity)
-Protector Squadmate improvements

Happy hunting, Snipers!
Dec 13, 2017
Sniper Fury - Julian (Gameloft)
Hello Snipers!
Update 19 just hit the stores and with the mandatory update coming soon it’s time to read the patch notes.
Without further ado let’s start!

What’s new in this update:

1. Mentoring System
This system is a tribute from us from those players who reach level 60. Now they automatically become trainers and can invite other players to become their apprentices by sharing a code with them. Both the trainers and the apprentices receive extra XP from the system. Trainer gets XP rewards based on his number of apprentices. More apprentices, more XP. Apprentices receive the equivalent of 25% of the XP the Trainer receives. So growing together is win-win.

2.Global Chat
It will take some time to get used to it but we’ll get there.

3. New squadmate type - The Protector
The protector will be first introduced in clan base for free rental during weekends.
After you get used to it we’ll also introduce it in other parts of the game like chests, events and shop.

4.Warlords call.
The Daily Challenge system got a brand new design.
Now you receive random warlord quests every day, and you can re-roll if you don’t like them. Like before, they reset daily.

Keep on sniping!


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