Cobalt WASD - thewreck
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed muzzle flash and sounds effects not playing when a host player shoots a weapons with just 1 ammo.
  • Fixed possible crash for when heat/gamma/health/chrono exceeds network limits
  • Fixed possible crash in when playing online due to exceeding MAX PACKET SIZE.

  • Added two new command line options for dedicated server:
  • -min_level X //Locks the server to players above a certain level
  • -max_level X //Locks the server to players below a certain level

  • Added "Beginner Friendly" Servers, where the max level is 10, max buy time is 33% longer, and bots are easier.
  • Added "No Bots" Servers, where bot fill is 25% (meaning they will disappear when there are two players present), and warmup is infinite (to allow better syncing of match start).
Jan 24, 2018
Cobalt WASD - thewreck
  • Added a max matchmaking ping that now defaults to 250. When searching for an online game, you will start out at max 100 ping, and gradually increase to your configured max ping. The current max ping will be displayed in the status window.

Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed kill-icon missing for grenades in certain conditions.
  • Fixed network field bug related to removing many network objects at the same time (like at end of warmup)
  • Fixed Box Generator beeping forever if dropped as armed when destroyed.
  • Adjusted the history ping formula used for melee hit detection
Jan 22, 2018
Cobalt WASD - thewreck
Bug Fixes:
  1. Fixed crash in menu related to playing offline and searching for online games at the same time.
  2. Fixed crash related to sliding door in multiplayer
  3. Fixed bug where a player would sometimes just slide around instead of moving synced.d
  4. Maybe fixed ghost actors. Will need testing.
  5. Improved accuracy of melee attacks when lag is involved. Especially in cases when you are hunting another player.
Jan 19, 2018
Cobalt WASD - thewreck
  • Adjusted dance feedback to be more related to beat and beat-groupings.
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed menu music playing after level switch in online.
  • Maybe fixed a rare network data disconnect case.
  • Fixed rare blaster crash.
  • Fixed dance issues with more than 2 clients.
  • Recoded inventory sync code - will take a bit more bandwidth at start of round, but is more robust. Hopefully fixes some inventory de-sync issues.
  • Fixed certain values in stage settings not reverting to preset default when restoring default.
  • Revert to default asterisk removed for the global bots values. You can still revert them to default, but the ui will at least not keep nagging.
  • Fixed a couple of cases in the network sync that could lead to ghost actors.
  • Removed peer network connection error message since it should now have a workaround.
Dec 19, 2017
Cobalt WASD - thewreck
  • Dancing is now synced across the network which means the boulevard disco works can be used to dance. Successfully leveling up dancing close to enemies will shoot them with “disco-bolts” which stun them similar to hack grenade.
  • Increased Stun Gun push effect on enemies a bit.
  • Raised Stun Gun damage to 25, was 15. It still has no critical hit multipliers, which means 2 hits to destroy an unarmored, 4 hits with armor, and 12 hits for a heavy.

Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed Steam Lobby privacy setting not working correctly!
  • Fixed possible crash in network code.
  • Fixed homepage link in overlay.
  • Fixed spelling mistake in end credits.
  • Fixed Chrono splash attacks being absorbed by bullet deflector shield.
  • Fixed Stun Gun effect disable working bad sometimes.
  • Fixed Stun Gun not deflecting correctly on the bullet deflector.
  • Fixed floating camera in Trunkopolis Enclave.
  • Fixed one-way hatches sometimes generating invalid pathing connections in the ai-network.
  • Fixed one-way hatches not generated correct pathing for hatches that are always open on the ai-network.
  • Fixed a bug with ai pathfinding which sometimes would cause bots to get stuck when trying to switch direction before a jump.
  • Fixed a couple of bugs with ai pathfinding which caused less smooth movement for bots. They are now much better at getting to the objective fast.
  • Fixed rig-health not being represented correctly if you are damaged while being revived.
  • Fixed Cobalt Logo moving down incorrectly when changing resolution.
  • Maybe fixed chrono alternator teleport into wall issue.
  • Fixed crash related to birds.
Dec 11, 2017
Cobalt WASD - thewreck
  • Raised hook wrecking ball mode speed threshold from 5 to 15 speed. This makes the wrecking ball mode give you away less when stealthing, and it makes it a bit less sensitive in the low speeds.
  • Reduced the protective surface limit of the Energy Shield. It now protects 8 pixels less in the upwards direction and 4 pixels less in the downwards direction. This new limit more accurately matches the graphics. The old surface size was 55, the new is 43, so a reduction in size of 22%.
  • Energy Shield now has proper feedback when hit online, both visual and audio.
  • Energy Coil now has correctly synced feedback when hitting targets.Also
  • Energy Coil push force increased by 25%.
  • Energy Coil mass factor reduced by 50% (meaning is will be even stronger)
  • Energy Coil gripless amount (the amount of control-loss for the target) now ignores mass.
  • Made the disable abilities effect on Stun Gun more reliable.
  • Weapons dropped during warmup now disappear after 30 seconds.
  • During a match round, if you are AFK for more than 45 seconds, you will now receive an AFK warning under your character. It will increase in opacity over 15 seconds. When the warning time runs out you will be moved to spectators. When you get back there will be a message on your screen saying “You were moved to spectators”.

Bug Fixes:
  • Created a workaround for the player stuck in spawn bug.
  • Added a small workaround for the Chrono Alternator damage bug.
  • Fixed spelling error in button message.
  • Fixed bug where entering a door at end of round could cause you to spawn at the door when the next round starts.
  • Made some window resolution resize operations less buggy.
  • Fixed main menu not resizing correctly when resolution is changed when menu is hidden.
  • Improved server stability.
  • Fixed crash related to being kicked.

  • Added “Join Discord” Button under cancel in the matchmaking popup.
  • Added “Hide Full” and “Hide Empty” to server browser.
  • Changed “Show only matching version” to “Hide differing version”
  • Added tool-tips for camera settings that explain what they mean.
Dec 4, 2017
Cobalt WASD - thewreck
A new update has been pushed to Cobalt WASD!
The dedicated servers are being automatically updated.

  • Reduced jet ceiling height by 25%.
  • Hook now also turns you into a wrecking ball when swinging that will cause you to deal damage & stun & disable abilities on impact.
  • Stun gun damage hit-multiplier removed. (No eye/head/back shot bonus)
  • Stun gun base damage increased from 13 to 15.
  • Replaced the Print(‘I am sorry’) with I AM SORRY.

Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed mods being activated crashing on boot up.
  • Fixed client shortcut icon not working on windows 10.
  • Fixed dedicated server crash when using a mod AND a custom map as command line start parameter.
  • Fixed dedicated server not appearing for people in their tools section.
  • Fixed rare crash in matchmaking.
  • Fixed crash related to birds (Affects cobalt beta)
  • Fixed arm not being attached to the hook when it moves around.
  • Added more feedback to controls editing for when you are trying to bind an unassignable button or when you are trying to add a duplicate button.
  • Fixed custom lobbies disappearing to the bottom of the server browser.
  • Fixed vehicles not being part of latency compensation when piloted.
  • Fixed version string saying Closed Beta.

  • Updated the Mod API docs, see #modding channel in the discord!
Cobalt WASD - Valve
Cobalt WASD is Now Available on Steam!

Cobalt WASD is a multiplayer bomb-defusal action platformer with grenades that stop time. Blast your way to the bomb site or repel the assault! Use teleporter guns, grappling hooks, sticky sentry turrets and quick tactical thinking to lead your team to victory! Play online or against AI!
Cobalt WASD - Valve
Cobalt WASD is Now Available on Steam!

Cobalt WASD is a multiplayer bomb-defusal action platformer with grenades that stop time. Blast your way to the bomb site or repel the assault! Use teleporter guns, grappling hooks, sticky sentry turrets and quick tactical thinking to lead your team to victory! Play online or against AI!

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