Canvas The Gallery - Cough-E
Hey CTG Players, long time no see!

The game has had two major improvements: Performance, and file size!

The version of Unity the game was running on has been updated from Unity 5.6 to Unity 2018.3, a huge leap! With this comes all the performance improvements that Unity has received. On my machine, this means going from 80-100 frames, to 120-150! Hopefully this should help lower end machines run the game even better.

The new file size is <90mb, compared to previous ~200mb! This will result in an update of the updated files but afterwards your install size should be much smaller.

The speed of movement was increased, and a button to follow me on twitter was also added.

Thanks so much for playing,

Canvas The Gallery - Skylar Stickley Games
Sorry for double announcment, had an issue with steam and had to try again.

Google Form

Looking for feedback on new features to be implemented into the game. This survey shouldn't take more than 30 seconds and doesn't require a sign in. If you would please take it that would be much appreciated

Have a great day and thanks for playing and supporting me :)

Apr 24, 2017
Canvas The Gallery - Skylar Stickley Games
Hey everyone! Thank you so much for the positive feedback of my game. As it currently stands, there are 35 positive reviews and 1 negative, although the negative seems to be a troll. I've loved seeing everyone play my game on youtube and leave such nice comments.

While I have started work on my next game, I still plan to do any fixes and non major upgrades that Canvas The Gallery requires. In this update:

  1. Changed the action required to open the artist menu to be a toggle instead of holding down the button.
  2. Fixed an audio issue
  3. Most audio now loads in the background, decreasing load times
  4. Fixed a possible save bug
Feb 19, 2017
Canvas The Gallery - Skylar Stickley Games
Hello everyone, 1.1.1 is ready. This adds more stencils to the artist pack, including some neat 8-bit characters. It also improves gallery load times.

  • Added more stencils to the artist pack
  • Added 'Controls' Diagram from main menu to in game pause menu as well
  • Improved gallery loading times
  • Small performance improvements

Feb 16, 2017
Canvas The Gallery - Skylar Stickley Games
  • Option added to toggle automatic or manual stencil rotation
  • With manual rotation, press Q or E to rotate or press the number keys to snap to a corresponding 45 degree angle.
  • Star stencil's rotation fixed
  • Color picker tool - Hold right click to select the color your spray can is under
  • Recent colors can now be selected via clicking the color that now appears under the color picker
  • Added a controls diagram onto the updated main menu
  • Movement speed increased slightly
  • Spray paint now sprays faster so you dont have to hold it down so much
  • Fixed windowed mode being turned off occasionally
  • Capped framerate to 120 frames per second
Canvas The Gallery - Skylar Stickley Games
Hey everyone, just a heads up to let you know that CTG is out now on steam. Make sure to pick it up!
Canvas The Gallery - Skylar Stickley Games
Hey everyone!

With much satisfaction I can gladly say Canvas The Gallery will be releasing tomorrow, February 16th at 9 AM PST. Remember, the game is free, so go ahead and grab it! Let your friends know and you can exchange galleries as well.

I thank everyone for the support! I plan to release incremental updates and other content for the Artist Pack in the future. Please feel free to make any suggestions.


Skylar Stickley, Developer ːsteamhappyː

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