Revhead - Creative Pudding

Dear Revheads,

After months of works, finally Update 22 is here with version 1.3!

After 2 years, that Revhead has been released on Steam, we had still several significants problems, which was reported by our players. First of all our simulation was questioned several times and while some part was good, others made it feels arcade. Game economy and game balance was also mentioned many times, too hard to start the game, using wrecks to farm some money was easy once you figure it out and once you get further, the game get’s too easy. You can win with having a stronger car then an AI or simply relax because our AI will "make sure" you will win.
Newspaper was also on the list as too easy to find the “known” treasures kill the fun of treasure hunting. Not anymore!

What better time to honour to our players for all those great feedbacks and support with a release specifically designed based on their feedbacks and comments on The Memorial Day!

The Biggest Update
Since 2 years, we have read all reviews, emails, notes and all comments on Steam and on our discord community site and putting our own roadmap aside, we had focused to gather and fix all major issues, the game still has.
Update 22 is the biggest update we have ever done since the game has been released. It improves the game in many ways, from performance, simulations, car handling, AI to game balance, while we were trying to keep something from our own roadmap as well. We are still going to the same road, but we never forget our players and their comments.

Simulation was the major part of this update. We have not only fixed several bugs, but improved the physics simulation for almost all parts, rebalanced our cars and improved our simulation with tire, surface and environment temperature, fixed our drivetrain and many many more, which all makes Revhead now a simulation game.

If you like drifting, power slides, hand brake turns or just having fun with some donuts or burnout, this is your version!

A new feature is also introduced in the game: Projects. These are smaller or bigger missions, where someone will ask you to do something. From finding a family car to building a race car to reach 500km/h top speed, kind of anything could be. As part of this new project system, we have added the first batch with around 10 racing projects.
Tutorial and the “First Car Project”, both has been “transformed” into our new project system, which now allows to get real help and provide the basic education for getting started. If you get stuck just ask Charlie for some help or check the task list.
If you have the game already - probably you read it because you do-, try a new profile from start to learn the basics and make sure you don’t miss some important details. Once you finished with these two projects, you can go back to your old profile.

Project system was inspired by our Discord Community, especially with the latest "Budgetcar Contest", managed by our players. It's one good example, how your ideas can get into the game. So don't forget, we are making it for You, your comments and ideas does count!

Enough! There were so many more, if we write it here you would never even start to read it.
So here is the list of what have we done (as a tiny summery :P )

Date: 30-05-2019
  • Simulation rework: from arcade to simulation. Better car handling, more realistic driving, drifting, power sliding or just enjoy some fun with few donuts and burnouts.
  • Improved AI and due to the new simulation, it won’t be enough just to have a stronger car, you still need to be able to bring it in first!
  • Fixed weight distribution and added more dynamics for several major parts
  • Added tire temperature, engine temperature, surface and environment temperature, DON’T forget to heat up your tires - and car. Use the first lap to get the tires, engine, brakes, etc. into optimal temperature to get better grip and performance. (drag now starts with optimal preheated tires, races only warm it up a bit, still need a bit of caution at first few corners, while practice and street driving does not have auto warmup, so be careful on throttle until they are warm enough!)
  • Engine rework, rpm, temperature, dynamics
  • Several (SE, racing) ignition system has rpm limiter, most stock ignition does not have any. Without rpm limiter you can heat up and blow your engine much easier!
  • Suspension rework, better, faster, more realistic. Camber, caster and many more improvements
  • Introducing Projects, where you can make some real money with some special work. In this first batch, we have included around 10 racing projects, where you need to select a car, then build it accordingly to the request and win on some race. Some of them are educational and helping you to learn and move forward. Later we will add more types, such as builder and dealer projects.
  • Tutorial and First Car Projects is educational, with a lot more help
  • Game Economy, more random in newspaper to avoid too easy treasure hunting and farming
  • Game balance, you can make now good money with choosing only the racing path, the game won’t force you to race with brand limited races, so you don’t have to change your car if you don’t want to. While the first car is a properly setup for an instant race, you can pick any car you want to unlock all tracks.
  • Full interior for Wanja (we won’t stop until all car has full interior)
  • Walea V6 stock comes with a new SE Tachometer and Speedo for higher speed and rpm limits
  • Added many clocks (for each brand) as instruments to be able to see times, you can now install clock into your dashboards
  • Petrol station has a new billboard with time and price of petrols. Prices could be different in each station, but the petrol is still the same. (soon we will add more types of fuel, this was the pre-work part)
  • Improved performance, if you having low FPS issues, try lowering your resolution first, then lower your visual options! Check your video settings in the game options menu!
  • Localization updated, most major languages are 100% translated, the rest will follows…THANKS for everyone who helped!
  • Added credits for translations, thanks again!
  • Included Winner's Cars from our “Budget Contest” on discords Thanks guys for the fun! This was one of the major inspiration of our new project system.
  • Fixed Exhaust job bug
  • Fix several 3D clipping issues, “holes” in car chassis, etc.
  • Newspaper has more random, tutorial or project related parts are marked to find them easier
  • 1000+ changes, fixes, tweaks, rebalance

Don't forget to reset your controller setup! Changes will effect your setup!


Patch 1
Date: 1-06-2019
  • tweaked some car's configuration for better driving experiences
  • AI wont stop to early in drag races
  • updated localization (smaller fixes, missing texts)
  • add pressure bar values into "tire gauge"
  • some projects slightly rebalanced (more time to finish, so you have time to build, test, fix, win)
  • fixed bug: tutorial finish vs buying another car
  • first car project does not force you to go back to BY and keep you there until the first lap is finished to avoid stuck there when car's broken or cannot start up
  • notepad's back/close can be used by right mouse click (so don't need a keyboard to close)
  • stability fixes

Patch 2
Date: 2-06-2019
  • fixed wrong track name in project description
  • fixed some localization typos and texts

Patch 3
During the last few days we've collected most of the issues and fixed them in this patch. We have seen several complains about the new physics, most cases the problem was either due to a wrong rev-limiter or too cold tires or too hard sway-bars on the rear (this last one you have to fix in your own cars)

Date: 9-06-2019
  • phys update with many trims, balances
  • fixed rev-limiter, rpm
  • cars start with preheated engine on race
  • better tire grip at low temp, faster/better warmup to make it easier to start a race
  • fixed a bug in autoclutch which caused weird behaviours during drift or driving when it should not be activated (the system which prevents the engine to halt when you brake without using clutch or help to start moving the car)
  • further balanced suspensions, differential, brakes, engine, carbs and few more phys related stuff
  • fixed audio bug when stuck playing after leaving a scene/track
  • fixed bug which caused invalid values in some parts, causing invalid weight or parameters in the part's info
  • set timelaps for each tracks
  • Tutorial let the newspaper enabled after buying an engine to avoid get stuck
  • Tutorial won't save progress, you have to start it again if you exit to avoid stuck in a who-knows-where-were-you-last-time-space.
  • First Car project can be canceled (you need to try it and do some work, but it will be possible to cancel before finish it, to avoid to stuck in project for some players)
  • fixed some localization typos and texts

Patch 4

After releasing version 1.3, we have received many happy but also unhappy reviews, comments, feedbacks. As it turned out, we have missed an important bug, a bad Center of Mass calculation, which caused many problems all around the game. Flying away when hitting a traffic cones or when touching the wall was just few of those nasty issues we had.
Tire grip was also affected a lot and made some cars slip as hell.

So how could we missed it?
While some of the issues were simply missed by us, the main bug was not consistent at all. That's why some of you liked 1.3, some of you hate it. The bug was depending on car setup, such as tire type, tire pressure, rim, suspension, chassis and to make it even harder how quick is your computer. So many things had to be in a way to make it a hell, but it happened.

So why took it that long to fix?
After the fix, we had to rebalance the system and make sure no more surprises left there.
We have over 10 cars, each with ~3 variants, so around 30 cars. This would be already a challenge to test, but since we gave you the freedom to swap what you like, we have to make sure each parts are balanced correctly and will work in another car too. Make it even harder, we have almost 1000 components in the game that you can pick from.

Thanks to our community and our players, we had located, fixed, trimmed and tested the physics as well as all those issues you did reported in the past few weeks.

Hope you will all enjoy the game this time!

Date: 22-06-2019
  • Fix Center of Mass calculation - the main issue for most of the bugs
  • Fix aero calculation, which was also way off
  • Fix several stability issues, including the mystic crash, when roll over or hit a tree (was caused by an audio file when you broke your headlight)
  • New tire models, this time with LOTS OF GRIP! You still need to warm them up - usually 1-2 laps, but if you are using the right tire size, pressure on the right track, it will stick
  • few small fixes in AI which was causing easy accidents
  • Trimmed some lap times
  • also fixed all of those issues that were reported during the last week

Thank you for everyone, who helped with feedbacks, reviews, tests or any other way to finish this update and let us give back that GRIP!

Revhead - Creative Pudding
Revhead - Creative Pudding

Dear Revheads,

Xmas has just arrived with Update 21 !

Buthanbang - and it's UTE version - has got a new interior, which make the car looks even better then before. We have added several newly designed smaller rims, which helps to accommodate tires for smaller cars and give a bit more realistic view from the game's era. Back in those days, most of the rims were smaller using big tires. More rims and tires will come soon to fully cover all needs of different road surfaces and racing events, this is just the beginning.

Customisation is a major part of our game, as many of you requested, we have extended the painting work for rims. You can now select 12 predefined colours, such as Alloy, Chrome, Gold, Bronze, Magnezium or simple colours like White, Black, Red, Green, Blue and Purple.

Date: 22-12-2018
  • Full interior for Buthanbang
  • Paintwork for rims, now you can pick from 12 predefined colours to paint any of your rims
  • Added 3 new rims: Firebird, Rush, Lightning
  • Fixed engine swap bug, when HP was showing different values
  • Fixed radiators prices

Have Fun!

Revhead - Creative Pudding

Our game just has been featured at Gamepedia!

We would like to say Thank You for all of our community members who helped to set it up and busy with maintaining our community based wiki!

Thank You for your support and great work!


Oct 29, 2018
Revhead - Creative Pudding

Play or treat! Revhead is now on Sale. Grab it, play it, have fun with it!
Revhead - Creative Pudding

Dear Revheads Update 20 is here!

After a bit of summer brake, it's time for some new excitement again! This time it is all about customisation and more fun!

We were busy with remodelling most of the parts giving them a better and more realistic view.

We completely changed our exhaust system and from the previous 8 different exhausts now you can choose from almost 100! yes that much components.
Previously our exhaust was represented as one part only. This update move closer to reality again and introducing the 3 sub parts of the exhaust system: manifold, midpipe and muffler. The update contains side, twin and even vertical exhaust system and as usually you can combine most of them with each-other.
The exhaust system not only brings more visual customisation, but also a lot more options to tweak your car. You can gain around 25% extra power with the right configuration and you can also tweak your weight / power easier, a lot easier.

More power also means more precise handling and better suspensions. We did several fixes and many improvements in the drive train, including differentials or suspension setups. Several new long/short suspension has been added to help to maintain the power.

We want to give you more options to make the car looks different, therefore we have added several special wings. These wings can be painted with the body and gives much more stylish look then the “normal racing" wings.

Other then more customisation and new content, we also fixed several bugs and improved our physic and keyboard control a lot. Drifting is easier then ever! (well, you still need to build a drift-able car…)

Game balance is always in our focus and we are continuously discussing new ideas or issues in the current game in our discord server. As a result of these conversation we have revised our car price calculation and we have changed the weight of racing points.
This means, that while previously a race car setup would cost you around $80K top, now it could reach even a million! It is all depends on how much racing points it has. Racing car prices therefore raised in the newspaper accordingly to their race points.
The goal with this change is to make a racing car with lots of good race results worth much more then a new build, just like in real life.

Date: 19-10-2018
  • car price calculation changed and depends on racing points a lot more. Cars with high racing points could reach over $1M! Can you be the first to build a $1M car?
  • improved exhaust system with manifold, midpipe, muffler. Almost 100 components to choose, ~25% more power and lots of customisation option (also for those who are waiting for turbo, exhaust system was the last obstacle, so stay tuned!)
  • improved AI and NPC's cars (drag won’t be that easy if you get a real opponent)
  • new long/short suspensions, tweaked old toe values for better performance
  • new wings, some stylish version can be painted as well
  • improved physics and drive train, better traction and handling
  • improved keyboard controls
  • 3d models updates for many car parts
  • notepad shows incompatible items to help (not selectable, but give you a list)
  • fixed the visual representation of tire pressure (it won’t look like a flat tire anymore, but only if it’s really flat)
  • updated localization, Spanish complete
  • bug fixes

Patch 1
Date: 3-11-2018
  • Tweaked AI, they are lot faster and racing is more challenging
  • Fixed tutorial for exhaust replacement
  • fixed several car configuration (better driving feeling)
  • tweaked Race point calculation to avoid farming of racing points (especially on drag) and to avoid of building high valued car within no time
  • the new AI and driving fixes made the cars go faster, hence we tweaked the time limits for most of the tracks
  • Some localization update (GER, AUS, TUR, FR, UKR, ESP, HUN) + credits for translators (thanks guys you are rocks!)
  • fixed suspension and other parts wears in garage, no more fix button when parts is still 100% and no wear out when in parking or in the lift
  • new surface type salt with modified tire grip, for better times - it like dirt but it's not like dirt :)
  • fix generator belt installation, check motor distribution to avoid bad configuration
  • fix supercharger belt visual glitches
  • smaller bugfixes (thanks to our beta testers on discord!! Great work guys!)

Patch 2
Date: 8-11-2018
  • fixed tire job, when car had drag tires
  • AI overtake had an issue if the car front of an AI left the track or spin or come to the wrong direction.
  • NPC cars now placed in the start grid based on their performance. So the first is the fastest. This will avoid the "train" effect and make the race more challanging to catch up with the first drivers. (previously we've seen many cases when the best npc was "stuck" behind because cannot safely overtake a slower one.
  • fixed chassis issue, when you see it is broken but you cannot fix it because the damage level was too low and did not match with visual damage
  • tweaked air filter, exhaust and engine wear

Have Fun!
Jun 29, 2018
Revhead - Creative Pudding

In this new update Walea, Walea UTE and Camira have got detailed 3d interior with free look. All dashboards are created in 3d now to display them in the 3d cockpits properly. The steering wheel has become a new component and has been separated from steering component. Added 20 new jobs and many new job cars to work on.

Also, the Easter-egg contest winner characters were added to the game.

Date: 29-06-2018
  • added easter contest winner characters
  • added detailed 3d interior and cockpit with free look for Walea, Walea UTE and Camira
  • added steering wheel with detailed 3d. Steering and steering wheel are now separated but both of them required to steer the car.
  • added real 3d to all dashboards
  • added 20 new jobs and many additional job cars to work on
  • added new wings for Walea, Wanja, Camira, Magura, Narnoo and Buthanbang
  • added new localization for Brasilian Portuguese and Dutch (still in beta)
  • improved cooling system
  • improved electric physics for starter motor logic
  • added new detailed 3d to the battery with the usual color codes and from now on it's unable to repair them just to recharge
  • added sound effect for the breaking of the headlights
  • added practice mode
  • added low fuel engine behaviour
  • added car light switch state save
  • improved headlight visuals
  • fixed some car's year of manufacture data
  • fixed some petrol can in parking houses to be always visible
  • fixed wheel visual positioning issues
  • performance related optimizations

Revhead - Creative Pudding
In the next update we going to introduce our Easter Contest Winners as new NPC's. Welcome to Noordu: Brent, William, Vee, Tony, Pancake, Greg, Bryce, Colton, Dalob, and Daryl!

In this update we going to add
  • some new 3D cockpits
  • new jobs
  • new parts
  • Brazilian Portuguese language
  • Dutch language
  • and some more...

Revhead - Creative Pudding
Revhead - Creative Pudding

Dear Revheads!

Do you like speed or just want to hit the gas and try your ride in a drag race?
We heard many of you complained about missing drag tracks, since getting into the drag race is required first to unlock few tracks.

Not anymore!

Introducing Boodja-Dooga Lake, a dry flat area, where local racers holds their daily race events. All you need is to find the track and enter to the race you like:
  • Drag 400m (1/4 mile)
  • Drag 800m (1/2 mile)
  • Drag 1600m (1 mile)
  • Bullet Run - Can you reach 450 km/h (280 mph) ?

One unique location would not be enough, right? So we made two, both are different from what most of other car games would offer!
Boodja-Dooga brings you the salt lake speed location AND another off-road race located in a mine. Watch out! It is one of the track where accidents are more then common! Keep yourself in the road, other-ways you can roll down to the bottom!

We also worked on our road tool and we are introducing a more challenging off-road surface with bumps and holes. Make sure your car is set properly for these tracks or you will just jumping and sliding around! Use big tires, long and / or soft suspension to help your car to keep traction!

Date: 20-04-2018

  • New drag locations for 400m, 800m, 1600m
  • New race mode: Bullet Run to reach the top speed of your ride
  • Upgraded road surface for off road locations, more bumps, more focus on suspensions!
  • added 25 new race events on 5 new tracks
  • added road bumps to Imalona track surface for real offroad feeling and to gain more importance for supsension setup
  • added a new revhead called Paige for Dooga Mine track
  • added Motel POI to the map
  • improved external follow cameras for better tracking on bumpy surfaces
  • improved downforce calculation for chassis and wings
  • improved visibility of Motel entry with some lights
  • improved suspension bump and creak sfx
  • improved car sfx volumes and falloffs (engine, exhaust, tire, suspension and wind noise)
  • tweaked dashboard gauge's max repair limits
  • bugfix: several game profile save realted bugs
  • bugfix: installed 3d parts wasn't visible until carlift was moved down
  • bugfix: Wanja stripe mirror issue fixed
  • bugfix: Panania numberplate text 3d issue fixed
  • bugfix: a rare bug where dashboard left visible after race finish
  • New localised version: Russian
  • New localised version: Spain (still in Beta)
  • performance related optimizations

Date: 26-04-2018

  • Fix game saves for some localized systems
  • Fix store bug in Linux system
  • Fix cover paintwork
  • Fix AI reset direction on Boodja Lake
  • Updated localization (German, Russian, Turkish)

Date: 26-04-2018

  • Updated localization (German)

Have Fun!


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