Dead Cells

It's been a little over a year since Dead Cells, "the old school Castlevania gone roguelike" as Shaun described it, debuted on Steam Early Access. It's come a long way since then, with a new biome and monsters, daily challenges and abilities, and a new level and boss, and today developer Motion Twin announced that it will finally leave its pre-release state behind and go into full release on August 7. 

"We’re super stoked to see people play Dead Cells 1.0," the devs said. "However, the journey doesn’t end there as we’re still working on Dead Cells to bring you new content, as promised before, and are dedicated to improve mod support." 

There's also a little note that while the release date is definitive, it is not valid "in case of fire, flood, or zombie invasion." Talk about hedging your bets.

Shaun took Dead Cells for a spin shortly after it hit Early Access last year, and even at that stage he found it impressive. "While there was little in Dead Cells that surprised me, there was a lot that compelled me to keep playing it," he wrote. "It’s as moreish and punishing as the sub-genre demands, but the small evidences of polish and inspiration are what sets it apart from the rest of the pack." 

The standard digital edition of Dead Cells goes for $25/£21/€25, on Steam, GOG, and the Humble Store, and there's also be a boxed edition available, with a concept art book and soundtrack, for preorder for $35 or your regional equivalent.

Dead Cells - (Dominic Tarason)

Dead Cells

RPS have watched platform roguelike Dead Cells like some sort of many-headed nightmare hawk. Excellent even in its first early access release and steadily improved by patches, its deep combat and huge number of viable play-styles making each run feel fresh enough to keep us coming back. We even declared it the best game of 2017 in a fit of communal enthusiasm.

After a great many updates, it’s just about time for developers Motion Twin to put a bow on it and declare the game ‘complete’ (for the time being) – Dead Cells will be leaving early access and launching on August 7th.


Dead Cells - Messbass

Announcing... DC:Odyssey

Hello everyone!

How are you doing? Hope your summer is less sweaty than ours! Note that working on a room filled with computers doesn’t help.

That’s said, let’s move on to the big news: we finally have a firm, definitive* release date! Dead Cells will launch on August 7 2018. If you’re a PC player but still have some love for physical releases, you should know that we’re also releasing one, available here.

And we do have a new trailer to celebrate! \o/
We’re super stoked to see people play Dead Cells 1.0. However, the journey doesn’t end there as we’re still working on Dead Cells to bring you new content, as promised before, and are dedicated to improve mod support.

Finally, the soundtrack of Dead Cells is also coming in in a physical release as super classy looking vinyl! Take a look here.

The MT team

*Except in case of fire, flood or zombie invasion, in which cases we’re considering ourselves released from our promise.

Community Highlight:

If you find Dead Cells too easy for your super skills, head to alaah’s Workshop! You will find a few way to raise the difficulty to your level.
The Witcher® 3: Wild Hunt - (Astrid Johnson)


Welcome to Soundbyte, an audio mini-series that stimulates your ears and explores topics in the games industry. In our first episode, Pixel Picketers, we’re talking about unionisation in the games industry, what some folks are doing to make it happen, and the challenges they face. Let’s start by speaking to Doug Cockle, who plays Geralt in The Witcher among other roles, about his negative experiences in the recording booth. It turns out you can’t speak like a rough mercenary for hours on end without your voicebox shriveling up. Who knew?

Oh, voice actors did. (more…)

Dead Cells - (Alice O'Connor)

With Dead Cells nearing its exit from early access, developers Motion Twin have ticked off a few big boxes on their to-do list for the rad roguelikelike metroidvania. Today brings Mac and Linux versions, “experimental” mod support, and final confirmation that the price will go up by $5 ahead of its August launch. But heck, Dead Cells was our favourite game of 2017 even in its early days on early access, so I’d feel fairly confident buying before it’s done-done mega-‘done’ done – especially as it’s going cheap in the Steam summer sale right now. (more…)

The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition - (Alice Bell)

summer sale header

The old quote is wrong: neither death nor taxes are, it seems to me, as terrifyingly certain as the Steam Summer Sale. Yes, once more we can add to the heap that is our backlog by buying games for, what, five quid, on average? But there are so many to choose from that it’s easy to get flustered, so who better than the staff of RPS to hand-pick the best ones for your consideration (rhetorical question; do not answer)?

Check out the full list below for a mix of games that should suit all pockets and tastes.


Dead Cells - Messbass

Hello everyone!

Hope your summer is starting well! On our side, everything is pretty crazy with the Steam summer sale, since we're trying to showcase how the game actually plays by live streaming ourselves and getting friends involved too.

By the way, I'd liketo take thisopportunity to thank Glitchbutt, Trichouette, Dave5005 and CrypticHybrid, for helping us show the different aspects of the game.

Update 9 is live!

That said, we've just pushed the 9th update out for everyone! It's great news for our Linux and Mac users out there, but also for those among you who might want to treat Dead Cells as a toolbox to getting creative and sharing their Dead Cells with the rest of the community.

We are indeed bringing basic, limited, partial mod support to the game. It's not in the beta branch, but we consider this to be in its first, very early, alpha state. Basically you will be able to tweak some gameplay and cosmetic stuff. But not everything. More details in the 20 page document in this folder written by our very own Quittouff, the dev who made it possible.

Patch notes is available here!

Price increase

It should not impact many of you since you likely already own the game. However if you've got a friend who is on the fence about buying Dead Cells, please let them know that we're going to increase the price by $5 just after the end of the summer sale, in anticipation for the release out of early access in August. Thanks!

Take care,
The MT team

Community highlights:

@space_algae send us her love

More elite concepts, by @Elkopolo

Dead Cells - (Fraser Brown)

dead cells

Roguey romp Dead Cells – one of the best games of 2017 – is getting mod support, possibly as soon as this month. It s been requested frequently, so the announcement still comes as a pleasant surprise, mentioned at the end of a brief update post yesterday. The early access game is also now available on Linux and Mac – just pick those versions in the beta branch. (more…)

Dead Cells

Dead Cells' vast array of weapons and catalogue of cool animations earned the genre hybrid a place on our list of the best metroidvania games on PC. Motion Twin has now revealed it's getting mod support. And I'm excited.

In a Steam Community update that first explores Mac and Linux support and a returning pixel art font, the developer explains Dead Cells has "limited, basic mod support working" internally. Once some compatibility issues are ironed out, modding tools will launch proper.  

"Currently even very minor updates break compatibility instantly," says the dev. "Which is kind of a deal breaker. Once we've fixed that, we will release the tools into the wild along with some basic documentation. Hopefully, as early as this month. So, if you're interested in modding Dead Cells, please stick around, we will need your feedback to get this right."

At present, Dead Cells lives on Steam's Early Access initiative—but plans to launch in full this August. Here's its EA launch trailer from last year: 

I don't agree with everything our Austin says here on why the Souls-like label needs to die, but he does raise some good points about how we characterise games like Dead Cells.   

Dead Cells - Messbass

Hello everyone!

A quick news bite to let you know that the Mac and Linux versions of Dead Cells are available in the beta branch. So if you have a friend who hasn’t been able to play yet because they prefer the penguin or the apple to the window, tell them to hop in and report any bugs to us!

HERE'S HOW YOU ACCESS THE BETA for those who haven't had to before.

Next news, we're bringing back the original pixel art font. You can activate it in the settings!

Finally, we're also working on something which has been in our minds for a long time... Something that’s been quite difficult to pull off due to the way we built the game since the beginning: allowing the community to mod Dead Cells.

Internally we have a limited, basic mod support working. However, currently even very minor updates break compatibility instantly, which is kind of a deal breaker. Once we've fixed that, we will release the tools into the wild along with some basic documentation. Hopefully, as early as this month. So, if you're interested in modding Dead Cells, please stick around, we will need your feedback to get this right!

Take care,
The MT team

Community Highlights:

@koiyokidd was nice enough to include the Beheaded among his favorite indiegame characters!

Quick fan art, by @_wildarrow_


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