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我们很自豪地宣布,我们游戏期待已久的<<Update-X>>现已在<< Steam >>上提供。 <<Update-X>>已经发展了很长时间,我们想借此机会感谢我们的粉丝们的耐心。 您可以通过运行“LovelyAprilSky.exe”来播放更新中包含的新游戏的演示版本。 新游戏共包含14个等级供您欣赏。 利用在线<<Leaderboards>>改善你的最佳时光,并与你的朋友一起! 演示并不代表产品的最终质量。 我们很乐意倾听您的反馈! 请在这里写信给我们或发邮件到

Super Lovely Planet - quicktequila
It's been a long time since we saw an update for Super Lovely Planet, that's because I was on vacation. Europe was great, I prefer Southeast Asia still. Ask me about Berlin - best time ever!

Anyway, as promised earlier this year, I've got a Linux port of the game ready to go. It's been tested on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. We've got a discussion pinned on the forum to track any bugs or issues we might run into. I'll be trying my best to work out the kinks.


Feb 3, 2018
Super Lovely Planet - quicktequila
Airport Level 58 is up!

It's longer, it's unforgiving, it's unlike any other level in the game. The stage sits at the end of the new levels from the last update so to access it you'll need to beat those before.

Let me know what you think! I was going to push out two more levels along with this one but they just didn't have enough new things going for them so I took the time to polish out this one instead.

Happy New Year!
Super Lovely Planet - quicktequila
Since its inception, Super Lovely Planet has seen a lot of iterations on its level design. I was always experimenting with new styles of gameplay which is why the game, the way it is today, has the stages distributed across many different worlds each with its own unique style.

I've been meaning to experiment further with new kinds of levels, which is why I'll be creating new stages and updating the game slowly over the next few months.

For now, we've got a handful of levels which introduce a new trap and up the difficulty a little bit. More than half of them are placed in the Construct and the rest are reconfigured version of levels from the Airport. You can gain access to these levels from the Summit.

That's it for this update. Expect new levels to trickle in slowly with future updates.

Super Lovely Planet - quicktequila
Update 7 is here and it includes a Speedrun Mode!

You can toggle it on or off by hitting the F1 key at any point in the game.

It's pretty lightweight. All it does is drops a clock on the top left hand corner of the screen that tracks your run time and shows your stats.

It also enables a few hotkeys. You can use Tab or Shift+Tab to scroll between levels and hold the Restart key to restart your run from the beginning.

My record is 2:06.

But that's only because I can't type the cheats to skip levels any faster.

I think I can manage a minute fifty if I put some more effort into it.

Lovely Planet - (Alice O'Connor)

The creator of fine timetrial FPS Lovely Planet has returned to that Lovely land with a new game, this time going platforming in Super Lovely Planet [official site]. It’s a 3D platformer starring a ball which intends to reach the end of each level. To do this, it’ll need to jump over gaps, weave past spikes, dodge shots, and so on – platformer stuff. But the original Lovely Planet was great because it streamlined the FPS while whacking in leaderboards, and this looks to do the same with platforming. (more…)

Jul 28, 2017
Super Lovely Planet - quicktequila
So a bug was discovered where under a certain framerate the player character (Yellow Ball), instead of responding to player input like every other well mannered video game character, would decide to absorb the power of the sun and expand into a magical ball of emissive energy to instantly become one with the end point and finish the level.

Obviously, the root cause of the issue was a third party plugin I downloaded from the Unity Asset Store. I've disabled this "Google Deep Mind AI" plugin, so everything is working fine now. I'm quite certain no other features were affected with this change.

Apologies to those of you who were already plotting to pull out your charger cable and spin up a few instances of Photoshop to decrease the framerate and insta-win the difficult levels.

You can't do that anymore.

Jul 28, 2017
Super Lovely Planet - quicktequila
Super Lovely Planet is available for purchase now!

Also pushed Update 5 with various fixes.

If you participated in the beta, you'll find some levels were modified. Changes to existing levels shouldn't happen after this update.

Have fun!

Jul 25, 2017
Super Lovely Planet - quicktequila

Here's a list of things changed in this update.
  • Jump sound no longer glitches out if you're stuck in a crevice
  • Removed extra ranks D, E and F
  • Fixed issue where camera would flicker if framerate fell below a certain amount
  • Various minor fixes and adjustments to levels
  • Added Look feature tutorial
  • Added missing sounds for hidden secrets
Future updates post release should include the following features.
  • Option to enable special UI/HUD for speedruns
  • Option to enable advance controls to skip back and forth between levels
  • More verbose and explicit explanation of ranking at end of level
Thanks a lot to everyone who participated in the beta and provided valuable feedback!

Jul 21, 2017
Super Lovely Planet - quicktequila
Super Lovely Planet is set for release next Friday, July 28!

Check out the new trailer!

There's no embargo on the title!

If you've received a key in a press release or have beta access, feel free to share your thoughts, write reviews, stream or share gameplay footage!


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