Phantom Halls - Jon

Greetings Slayers,

We are pleased to announce that our haunted mansion will be getting a fresh lick of paint for the holidays. The latest update will bring with it some Christmas and New Year themed-content alongside a 25% discount as part of the Steam Winter Sale.

It seems, due to an unfortunate accident, Santa's elves have been left with no choice but to reanimate him in the Phantom Hall's laboratory in the hope that he still might manage his Christmas rounds. But that's all gone awry and now zombie Santa and his not-so-merry elves are roaming the mansion devouring anything in sight.

That's where you come in slayers - time to stop Santa and his killer elves and bring the Festive spirit back to the mansion in our Xmas update, which will be landing Christmas Eve.

Achievements are here!

Alongside our festive update, due to go live Christmas Eve, we'll also be adding the ability to gain achievements as well as the already updated Stats screen.

Our haunted mansion awaits you this holiday season with all-new Christmas and Chinese New Year-themed quests as well as enemies for you to fight your way through.

Who knows, you might just save Christmas, or die trying.

Until next time folks, RIP!
Dec 11, 2018
Phantom Halls - Jon

Greetings Slayers,

Costumes aren't just for Halloween! Our plucky gang of heroes are ready to change outfits in a flash with the new unlockable outfits included in our latest update. Battle your way through the undead hordes and you'll get access to looks inspired by Carrie, Beetlejuice, Ghostbusters and Nightmare on Elm Street.

As I'm sure you're all aware, zombie brains are hard to wash out, so an alternate outfit could come in handy for all your monster hunting needs. So, scour our haunted mansion for all the materials required to put together these funky outfits.

It's all in the numbers

For all you number nerds out there we now have a stats page accessible from the main menu. You can find out such fascinating data as the number of doors you've opened, fancy chandeliers you've ruined and clown's retired.

So, if you're interested in finding out how your slayers have been getting on then check out our new stats page and share your numbers with us on Twitter.

Until next time, RIP folks!
Nov 21, 2018
Phantom Halls - Jon

Happy Thanksgiving Slayers

Are you ready to battle the forces of evil once again in our Thanksgiving update that pits our squad of plucky heroes against... zombie turkeys? Of course, some genius decided to start a turkey farm on an ancient native burial ground leading to some... interesting results.

An outbreak of zombie turkeys has broken out across our haunted mansion which is threatening to spoil the whole festive season for everyone. So, gather your team and ready your plates because it's open season on zombie turkeys. Happy Thankskilling!

Just remember to bring a flashlight or it might be the turkey eating you this Thanksgiving!

22% off this Thanksgiving

To celebrate the day of giving thanks we'll be discounting Phantom Halls by 22% from 21st Nov to 27th Nov so all you slayers who haven't quite taken the plunge yet can get a turkey of a deal and join us in our monster hunting pursuits this Thanksgiving.

Join Evil Dead's Ash Williams and the rest of the gang as they try to carve up some festive turkey and put an end to the zombie menace that plagues our haunted mansion.

Until next time, RIP folks!
Oct 31, 2018
Phantom Halls - Jon

Today is the day Slayers - Happy to announce our V1 release!

We're dead happy to finally announce the full release of Phantom Halls this Halloween! We couldn't think of a better time to reveal our spooky survival horror to the world.

It's been one hell of a journey taking Phantom Halls from Early Access all the way to full release. Thanks to those of you who have followed along with us in our ambition to create a fun and challenging comedy horror that pays homage to the classics.

So, squad up and survive the night, but remember Slayers, don't forget to bring a flashlight!

Also, please let us know your thoughts on the game and leave us a review. You'll have our eternal gratitude!

Your opinion matters to us

Community feedback over our Early Access period has really helped shape Phanom Halls into the game we are releasing today and we want that to continue. Work doesn't stop here and your feedback is always valuable to us.

So get involved, whether that be through social media or right here on Steam, such as leaving a Glowing review or comment, know that we appreciate it.

What's new?

The full release features:
  • 13 playable characters
  • 24+ enemy types
  • 50+ weapons & items
  • 7 environments, Including the infamous Cabin from the Evil Dead series
  • 34 unique missions
And all this is all available day 1! We, of course, also intend to keep expanding and improving the game as we have done over the last year.

Detailed patch notes

For all you egg heads out there here is light bedtime reading showcasing all the things we've added, updated or adapted for the full V1 release.

- Overhauled all character voice-overs so that each character has their own unique voices.
- Added the ability to craft alternate skins for the playable characters after crafting a Wardrobe at the HQ.
- Added the Mechanic's Dia de los Muertos quest "You've Got Ofrenda Me"
- Added the LARPer quest "Bride of Frankenstein", which unlocks the Punk characters.
- Added Herbalist quest "World Wide Web of Wealth".
- Adjusted quests Sleepover, Pest Control, Dead Party, and Gourd Goring to allow different starting characters.
- Added the ability to craft cosmetic upgrades for the RV in the HQ.
- Added "Partially Complete" status to quest display for quests with multiple starting characters that haven't been completed by all of the characters.
- Changed quest Handyman, Handyman, Handyman to be a Hillbilly quest instead of an Ash quest.
- Adjusted game progression so that quests unlock more gradually through a path of character unlocks and base upgrades.
- Completely overhauled the artwork in the Headquarters screen.
- Adjusted the Health Boxes so that they're applied by dragging the item onto the character's slot in the inventory as opposed to having to equip and use them during gameplay.
- Added new music to the Cabin interior and Basement environments.
- Revised the Mansion entrance room.
- The flashlight is no longer equipped when scrubbing through weapons with the Next/Previous Weapon buttons.
- The spoils rewarded by a quest are now displayed on the quest description panel.
- Added windows to walls that allow the sky to be seen in the background.
- Added environmental weather effects.
- Revised the visuals on nearly all of the environments and props.
- Revised the Conservatory environment to add some animated elements in the background.
- Revised the icons that appear on the minimap.
- Improved visual fidelity and added animated elements to the Title and Headquarters screens.
- Increased the All-Star's basketball attack damage from 3 to 5.
- Nerfed the Gargoyle's attack cooldowns and adjusted the range of its flame breath.
- Reduced the number of Gargoyle spawns so that they only appear in quests with multiple floor counts.
- Adjusted enemy spawn rates so insects occur slightly less often.
- Adjusted the Flying Beetle's animations, hopefully fixing the issue where they appear to remain jumping if attacked in midair.
- Adjusted the lighting on the Flashlight so that the immediate surroundings are illuminated.
- Increased the radius of the escape trigger in outdoor areas where the player must interact with the RV.
- Added some additional dialogue for each of the characters.
- Fixed an issue where all of the audio was being output in mono instead of stereo.
- Characters now shake when they are struck by an attack.
- Increased the visual fidelity of the skybox.
- Fixed the positioning of enemies when they are spawned from a trap.
- Fixed the interaction highlight so that the entire model is highlighted.
- Added a sound and shaking visual effect when an item is looted from a container.
- Containers that are fully looted now dim out to indicate they are empty.
- Fixed visible visual seams in the Conservatory environment when transitioning from the greenhouse rooms to the garden shed room.
- Fixed an issue with characters teleporting off the ground when transitioning in the cemetery environment.
- Adjusted yearbook character select layout to allow more characters to be displayed.
- Added visual skid effect to tires in HQ departure animation.
- Added nighttime ambient noise to the Headquarters.
that's all been culled from the game repository. it's possible there're some other changes that slipped past undocumented in the repo

And breath, if you're living that is!

That's all, for now, Slayers expect more updates coming soon! Thanks for playing.

Phantom Halls - Jon
They're Here

The Phantoms Halls mansion has filled to capacity and the undead horde within are spilling out, eager for blood. There's only one thing standing in their way this Halloween - and that’s you, slayers, and the brave souls of the Occult Studies Club!

House party

Only a fool would venture into the Phantom Halls alone. Phantom Halls is a squad-based survival comedy-horror adventure. In either single-player mode, or with drop-in/drop-out local co-op, you’ll need to team up with your classmates to survive. Play as all your favourite horror movie archetypes, including a clueless cheerleader, a brain-dead jock, and a frightened nerd. They really are quite the team - but don't take our word for it, the gaming press has also had some lovely things to say about us.

"A stylish squad-based shooter that combines Worms with Spelunky" - PC Gamer

"A big spooky origami nightmare... there's lots here to be excited about" - Rock, Paper, Shotgun

"There's a nice pace to Phantom Halls, with bursts of combat interspersed with gleeful looting" - Eurogamer

Let's get social

We're celebrating our release all across the interwebs and encourage you to join us. We have a number of great competitions going on across our social media channels, @PhantomHalls on Twitter and phantom_halls on Instagram. Come get involved with our spooky competitions to be in with a chance of winning a free copy of the game!

To our undead minions

Finally, we'd like to say a big thank you to our community of passion undead slayers who have supported the game in early access over the last year. Phantom Halls could not have got where it is today without you. Let's ensure everyone knows about Phantom Halls when it launches at midnight this Halloween!


Oct 12, 2018
Phantom Halls - Jon
The year's spookiest month is finally upon us and there's plenty happening in the Phantom Halls slayers. In the build-up to our V1 release on 31st October, we've been bringing some huge updates to the game. Our creepy crawly residents never looked so good, not to forget our gang and they're new RV. Everyone's ready for one hell of a launch night!

Whether you're jumping on social to join in on all the Halloween festivities we've got going on or staking vampires and vanquishing ghosts in the Phantom Halls we're glad to have you here with us for such a momentous occasion.

Let's help Ash and the rest of the gang send this undead horde back to Hell once and for all! We're ready, are you?

Follow us on Twitter @PhantomHalls

If looks could kill!

Ol' Vlad has decided to give the place of a lick of paint to welcome our new guests! So, in preparation for All Hallows' Eve, we've updated our visuals with a slick new look. Get ready to see the Phantom Halls like never before! High definition cobwebs anyone?

The new update will be going live Halloween morning - so get up early to see zombie brains like never before!

Trick or Treat?

In addition to all the great stuff we've already got going on, we'll be running several competitions starting the week before our spooktacular launch.

We'll have more details about how and when you can enter the competitions coming soon slayers and if you're interested in winning a copy of the game keep an eye on The Indie Game Website, as they'll be giving away 5 copies during launch week.

Until next time, RIP folks!
Phantom Halls - Jon

Greetings mortals,

With Halloween creeping ever closer we thought we'd share some of our ancient and essential survival tips for exploring Phantom Halls. This occult knowledge should serve as a guide to help you in your eternal battle against the undead. It's basic stuff, I mean seriously, who forgets to bring a flashlight? That’s like the first thing you should think to bring to a haunted house, talk about amateur hour!

But, we’re here to help not judge... ok maybe a little... but mostly help.

Here are some of the secrets you guys need to know to take on everything Phantom Halls has to throw at you, sometimes literally.

Nailed it - Headshots

A headshot, as you’ll know from being an avid gamer or just a big horror movie buff, is a sure way to take something creepy down quick. Headshots in Phantom Halls now do even more damage, which is all the more reason to aim for the noggin slayers. We’ve also upped accuracy - so now a headshot really is a headshot, but a steady aim is needed, so clam those nerves before you take the shot!

Violence isn’t always the answer - Blocking/Parrying

It’s not always about hitting things, although granted under pressure or due being scared half to death it might just be an involuntary reaction.

Using a melee weapon to keep an grotesque enemy at arm’s length is always a good call. Even better, you can use them to block attacks and parry. As soon as you see that red exclamation point, quickly hit your character’s action button. If you time it just right, you’ll block the attack, leaving the enemy wide open for a nasty strike of your own. Just don’t miss! Zombies bite you know!

Seriously people?! - Use a flashlight (It does include batteries)

The first rule of any horror situation: don’t forget the flashlight. We even provide the batteries, just point & shoot... and then shoot again but with a shotgun, and you know generally keep shooting.

Giving a flashlight or a torch to one of your party members gives you an accuracy and damage boost when using ranged weapons.

Who knew it could have more than one use right?

Killer House Party - Switching characters is a must

Sometimes if you want a job done right, you have to do it yourself... or through someone else by taking control of them... yep, pretty sure that’s how that saying goes.

You can switch which character you’re using whilst in the mansion by hitting the spacebar and then clicking on the crown of the character you’d like to switch to or, alternatively, by pressing the F key.

Switching party leaders can allow you to lead with a melee weapon, save on important health points, or protect your most valued character! Every little yelps right?

We hope you’ve found these tips and tricks helpful. And remember, our new patch just recently went live - take a look at what it includes:
Until next time, RIP folks!
Phantom Halls - Jon


You may have noticed Phantom Halls has a new addition to the menu screen, an RV that will serve as the gang's headquarters.

The new base of operations for the Occult Studies Club will serve as your one-stop shop for everything Phantom Halls, including the many case files you've gathered on this mysterious mansion and the spoils you'll have collected along the way.

You'll now find all your favourite characters hanging out in the RV on the title screen as Jock and Nerd alike have come together to form the Occult Studies Club, a team of high school undead slayers dedicated to eradicating the ancient evil that resides in the Phantom Halls!

Join us this Halloween for our full V1 release! What better way to celebrate this year's spooky day than with this year's spookiest game! Can't wait that long? Well, fear not undead slayers as Phantom Halls is available right now in Early Access for the impatient among you!


For those slayers among you interested in some of the exact changes the latest update has brought with it here's the full patch notes.

- Implemented the "Headquarters". This new base of operations serves as the starting point for all of the Slayers' activities, and slowly grows as the player progresses through the game.
- A new "Spoils" system has also been added, wherein the squad gains materials upon successfully completing a case. These materials can then be used to craft upgrades to the Headquarters, spanning from simple cosmetic upgrades to party-wide perk unlocks.
- In addition to the new HQ screens, the quest-start flow has been revised so that the quest is selected first, with the squad being selected afterwards. This makes it easier to tell at a glance which quests have yet to be completed.
- Added the quest "Welcome to Phantom Halls", which acts as a tutorial to the game, introducing basic game controls and some high-level gameplay mechanics, such as attack deflecting.
- Added the Jock quest "Team Building Exorcism," which now grants access to the All-Star character upon completion. (Previously the All-Star was unlocked from the start)
- Improved UI input code so that focus is set properly, fixing an issue with previous versions where the control remapper wouldn't properly gain focus when using a controller.
- Added the ability to clear save data and start a new game from the main menu.
- Adjusted the cemetery transition room artwork so that the doorway is more visually apparent.
- Adjusted the size of the triggers to interact with the Oldsmobile to exit a quest.
- Fixed an issue with the quest "Music of the Night" where some dialogue was being skipped.
- Adjusted the Evil Doll's health to from 10 to 6.
Phantom Halls - Llexi Leon
Greetings Mortals!

This one has been a long time coming, and we have even more exciting news for July, but here's a now fully playable peek at what we've been up to the last few months as we draw ever closer to our Halloween retail release:


  • We've introduced the Mechanic, who can use his skill as a repairman to fix the party's weapons. Complete Ash's new quest "Handyman, Handyman, Handyman!" to unlock the Mechanic and his starter quest.
  • Next up, please welcome the Herbalist, an alternative medicine practitioner who can buff the party's healing abilities. Complete the LARPer's new quest "A Cure For The Common Curse" to unlock the Herbalist and her starter quest.
  • There's a new, visual-novel style dialogue system which is used when lots of text chat should be displayed to players without the distraction of real time play. Not all of the previous quests have been retrofitted to utilise this new system, but this will be rolling out over future updates as we continue to polish the in game story telling.
  • Rooms with untriggered traps now have haunted background elements, serving as a warning that dangers may still lurk in unexpected places!
  • Weapons now spawn with various buffs, debuffs, and mods. High-end weaponry found earlier in the Mansion will often be spawned with defects, while low-end weapon found later in the Mansion will be spawned with various special effects and enhancements.
  • Kochun Hu returns to Phantom Halls with awesome new music for the Forest environment, Boss encounters, and Quest Complete/Failed screens. We're excited to be collaborating with Kochun on a complete original score for the game in time for launch, with bespoke themes for a variety of environments and encounters.

Fine tuning!
  • Added enemy health bars that display over an enemy's head whenever it has taken damage.
  • Characters will now kneel to interact with objects that are lower than their waist (i.e. ammo containers or toolboxes that're on the floor).
  • Revised the unarmed attack animation.
  • Reduced Evil Doll hit points from 15 to 10.
  • Attacking the Evil Doll while it's performing its self-hurl attack is now guaranteed to knock it back, also canceling its attack.
  • Lowered brightness of non-essential minimap elements.

Content additions!
  • Added a unique buff, "Zombeef!" to the Cheerleader's skill tree.
  • Added a unique buff, "Graveyard Diehard" to the Goth's skill tree.
  • Added Ash's quest, "Handyman, Handyman, Handyman!"
  • Added the LARPer's quest, "A Cure For The Common Curse"
  • Added the Herbalist's quest "Stiff Crowd"
  • Added the Mechanic's quest "Greasing The Wheels"
  • Added new music for the Forest biome.
  • Added new music for Boss encounters.
  • Added new music and revised visuals for the Quest Complete and Quest Failed screens.

  • Fixed a typo in the Nerd's "Pocket Protector" buff description.
  • Fixed a minor typo in the quest "Read By Dawn."

Enter if you dare!

Phantom Halls - Phantom Halls Devs

Greetings, slayers!

It’s with a heavy heart today that we’re here to tell you we’re going to be cancelling our Kickstarter campaign today. Despite our best efforts -- and all your amazing support -- things haven’t quite worked in the way that we hoped, and we’ve realised we’d be better off pouring our money and efforts into making the game as good as it possibly can be ahead of its Halloween 2018 release.

What does this mean for the game?

In many ways, not much! It’s still going to hit V1 this Halloween. We already have the people and resources to make this happen. The features we’ve been promising throughout Early Access will all be present and correct, and we’re confident that the game will be delivered to a high quality.

Our hopes for the Kickstarter campaign were that we could expand on this and add a few more finishing touches to realise a few of our wildest and more ambitious concepts... but we’ll get around to those eventually and we’re still very proud of what we’ve created in Phantom Halls -- confident that when the game transcends Early Access to become a full Steam release title in October, it’ll be a great game to explore alone in the dark or from the sofa with your mates, and a perfect addition to everyone’s Halloween festivities!

Plus, we aren’t abandoning hope of the additional features, content, and platforms that the Kickstarter might have afforded us. We’re already thinking about new ways to go about these, and in this questionnaire (more info below) we’d love you to tell us what you’d like to see moving forward!

How can I still help?

You can help by taking our super-quick questionnaire to tell us what you like about Phantom Halls, what you’d like to see in the game, and which other platforms you’d like to see it end up on! One of the things we were hoping to achieve with our Kickstarter is building a new set of people to talk to about this sort of thing, and we can still do that, so if you could spare us a couple of minutes of your time, we’d be super appreciative!

Of course, anyone who pledged money to the Kickstarter primarily to get in on the game, then you can still do that right here on Steam Early Access! One of the more amusing side-effects of the Kickstarter was that, while this campaign didn’t go as well as we hoped, we did see a significant sales spike here on Steam -- so thanks as well to everyone who’s bought Phantom Halls over the past couple of weeks, and welcome to the mansion!

What’s next for Phantom Halls?

We’re going to regroup, and continue. We have a plan for hitting V1, and we intend to keep plugging away at that plan. You can still expect Phantom Halls to hit V1 this Halloween and you can still expect regular updates, content and all that good stuff in the meantime.

So, if you’re interested in following us on that journey, and you haven't yet bought the game, you can do so for just £9.99 -- that’s at least a fiver cheaper than it’ll be by October!

Plus, please please please do take a couple of minutes to fill in this brief questionnaire. It will be enormously helpful to get your feedback on what you’ve seen so far, and what you’re hoping to see in the future. It’s just a few questions long, and we promise we won’t spam you to death off the back of it!

Thanks again to everyone who’s supported us so far! We won’t be gone for long, but until then…

RIP folks!

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