Snow Moto Racing Freedom - Quantumdot

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Jun 7, 2018
Snow Moto Racing Freedom - Quantumdot
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Snow Moto Racing Freedom - EarlB
We're celebrating the holidays with a brand new patch. Expect smoother frame rates and an overall improved experience as we have put much effort on optimizations. Among the new features you'll find that we have added AI extras to fill up empty slots when racing online, so now you can start racing immediately while waiting for others to join.

Change log:

- Smoother frame rate!
- Optimizations
- Easier for beginners
- Simplified online matchmaking
- Fill-up AI opponents in online mode
- Easy stunt Button
- Bug fixes

Please enjoy, happy holidays from the Zordix Team!

Snow Moto Racing Freedom - ZordixAB
In this patch we have introduced a mechanic that will transform Snocross racing into a deeper experience. If you drive outside the prepared track you will get slowed down by the increased resistance from the looser snow. This will force you to make some crucial decisions on what turns you might try a short-cut on and what turns you might want to keep out of the deeper snow on. This, paired with the Snowmobile balancing will make Snocross a more nuanced challenge for both single and multi-player experiences.

Let there be snow!

  • In short
  • New (better) Keyboard control scheme
  • Snow Mobile balancing
  • Tweaked control model for snowmobiles
  • Snow hardness mechanic in Snocross.
  • Tweaked AI behavior.
Apr 11, 2017
Snow Moto Racing Freedom - ZordixAB
With world ranking and all. Be the king of the hill, be the no.1 guy!

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