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Nihon Falcom’s RPG series Ys is continuing its meandering journey over to PC piece-by-piece, with 2012’s Ys: Memories Of Celceta due to officially find its way from PlayStation Vita to PC in summer 2018. I’ve no experience with the series myself but people speak fondly of it and seem glad when more games come to PC so good, here’s some good news for such people. Me, all I need to know is that it’s set around a giant forest. Yes, good, thank you. Publishers Xseed livestreamed almost two hours of the game on Friday so here, watch: (more…)

Sep 22, 2017
Ys SEVEN - omnisyncd
Hey all! Another patch out this week. As always, if you have any new bugs or information please send the details over to support@xseedgames.com

- Fixed an issue where some bosses behave differently in 60FPS mode.
- Fixed a crash bug that can be triggered by mashing the confirm button when returning to the title screen.
Sep 12, 2017
Ys SEVEN - omnisyncd
Hey, all!

We're here with a big update after some rigorous in-house testing! There are still some issues we're working on, so look forward to more updates incoming.

As always, if you have any new information or issues please go to our Bug Reports and Feature Requests thread or email us at support@xseedgames.com.

-Fixed an issue where the game would not launch in Offline Mode
-Fixed an issue that caused computers with certain locales to crash when saving progress or loading a save
-2560x1440 and 3840x2160 resolution support added
-Mouse cursor now disappears when a gamepad is connected
-Players may now switch characters while using EXTRA skills
-Fixed an issue where certain controllers could not use Guard or Skills by default
-Cleaned up some graphical issues in the UI.
-Added safety measures to prevent the game from being flagged by certain antivirus programs
-The game will now pre-compile shaders on lower end computers.
-The EXTRA skill gauge will no longer occasionally empty when no EXTRA skill is used
-The "Item" menu now opens when it shares the same button assignment as "Cancel"

We need more information about these issues before we can proceed with fixes:
-Game crashes when texture quality is set to "Low"
*Please send your DxDiag, any crash dump files, and your launcher settings
-Alt-Tab will not properly return to the game and instead shows a black screen
*Please send your DxDiag, your launcher settings, and monitor specs
Ys SEVEN - contact@rockpapershotgun.com (Samuel Horti)

ys seven

Nihon Falcom s flashy slashy JRPG Ys Seven [official site] is now out on PC, eight years after it first arrived on the PSP. It’s largely the same game as the handheld version upscaled for bigger screens, just with a refreshed translation from the Japanese original. It should run at 60fps at a variety of resolutions and it supports both keyboard-and-mouse and controllers. All good stuff.

You’ve got control of a three-man party exploring a large world that offers a 20+ hour main campaign. The focus is on combat and, unlike some JRPGs, there’s no split between exploring and fighting. I watched publisher Xseed Games stream a bit of it a few months ago and the combat looked smooth and satisfying.


Ys SEVEN - contact@rockpapershotgun.com (Samuel Horti)

Ys Seven

Nihon Falcom’s JRPG Ys Seven [official site] will hit PC on 30th August, publishers XSeed Games have announced. The port of the 2009 PlayStation Portable original is a “full upscaled HD” version and will feature lots of resolution options, new achievements and a refreshed translation from the Japanese version, XSeed say.



A PC version of the 2009 PSP action-RPG Ys Seven, updated "with all the features of a modern PC release," was announced last month with a vague release window of "summer." Today publisher Xseed made it more specific by nailing down the launch date to August 30. 

Ys Seven on the PC will feature HD graphics running at 60 fps, controller support, and achievements, trading cards, and cloud saves on Steam. It will also offer "revised localization to ensure players receive the most immersive gaming experience possible." And of course there's a save-the-world story in there, too. 

"The people of Altago are still distrustful of foreigners, and the land is crawling with monstrous creatures who are invulnerable to standard steel, rendering Adol’s tried and true arsenal of weapons from games past ineffective. Forced to rearm and retrain from scratch—and to prove his worth to this new country’s somewhat xenophobic populace—Adol takes up a king’s quest to explore a nearby set of ruins, only to find himself embroiled in a high-stakes game of appeasing ancient dragons and saving the world... yet again." 

Ys Seven will be available on Steam, GOG, and Humble for $25/£20/€25. Details about the game (but not a preorder option, that's for the PSP version, and also it doesn't work anymore) can be found at worldofys.com


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