First Strike: Final Hour - Dalbar
It's something we always dreamed of, and today it will happen: our first physical release! Airheart, our game where you hunt for fish above the clouds, will get a disc version for PlayStation 4, published by Limited Run Games. Make sure to check out the LRG store today to order your copy, it's limited to 1500 prints!

We're extremely happy, and to celebrate the occasion we discounted the Steam versions of First Strike: Final Hour for 60% and Cloud Chasers for 40%.

As for the Airheart disc release: every copy comes with a poster and a reversible cover (as well as a special LRG skin for an airplane), and there's also a bundle where you get the original Airheart soundtrack. We love the music that Michel Barengo (also composer of the First Strike soundtrack) creates, so we'd go for that version ;).

As for the future of First Strike --> subscribe to our First Strike mailing list and you'll be among the first to know what's up. We'll have some news very soon! We know you can't wait - and it's the same for us! ːsteamhappyː

Your Blindflug Studios Team
First Strike: Final Hour - Dalbar
Yesterday we were able to celebrate 5 years of Blindflug Studios! First Strike was with us right from the beginning - first on the iPad, then for iPhone & Android, and finally also for PC & Mac.

We want to celebrate our 5 years with our players, so we made a sale for all our Steam games for the next couple days; all our games are reduced to up to 50%!
If you look closely at the picture, maybe you'll see some hints to our games! :D

You can find the bundle with all our games here (off 50%): Flying Blind Bundle

Make sure to subscribe to the First Strike mailing list on the First Strike homepage to hear what we have in store for you very soon!

If you want to keep up with all the news we'll have;

Here are some impressions from our team over the last 5 years, thanks for being part of our journey and we're looking forward to bring awesome new games to you in the future!

The initial First Strike team from 2014:

Winning game of the year at the Best of Swiss Apps awards:

Winning the Indie Prize:

Our (very improvized!) GDC booth back in 2014

First Strike: Final Hour Launch in 2017:

Winning the GDC Pitch with our awesome secret project in 2019:

First Strike: Final Hour - Pierwsza Klępa

Looking for an action-adventure with an epic story and unique gameplay? Search no more! We are proud to present to you our critically acclaimed game "Cloud Chasers" - now available for Windows and Mac.

Meet Francisco and his daughter Amelia, who need to leave their farm. Since all the water from the clouds is collected by harvesters from the world above, the fertile land turned into a desert.

>>> Get "Cloud Chasers - Journey of Hope" on Steam <<<

Begin the dangerous journey through five deserts and experience multiple narrative encounters. Make the right decisions, trade items and try to make it to the Spire - a city above the clouds.

On the desert, water is your most valuable resource - collect it flying through the clouds with your glider. Be careful though - harvesters from the world above don't like competition and they will try to stop you.

We hope you will find the story of Amelia and Francisco interesting. Thanks for playing our games!

Blindflug Team
First Strike: Final Hour - Olga
It's hot as hell in Zurich, how about the rest of the world? If you are also afraid to go outside, play some games - how about First Strike: Final Hour? ^^

The temperature outside is not the only reason for the sale though - it is also our way of celebrating the release of our new twin-stick shooter - AIRHEART. It's an roguelike action game with airplanes. Meet Amelia - a young pilot and fisherwoman wishing to reach the abundant worlds edge. Sky-fishing became a really dangerous job, with pirates roaming around everywhere. So start your engines, arm your airplane and get ready to make the catch of a lifetime!

If you play only games with atomic rockets in - good news: you can army the main character's airplane with a rocket launcher! ːsteamhappyː

You can also get both game in our deluxe Flying Blind Bundle - you can save now 41%!
First Strike: Final Hour - Olga

Our new game - Airheart - is out now!

Airheart is a dieselpunk airplane action game, where every colorful level is built on top of the previous one, all the way up to the stratosphere.

Just look at this ːsteamhappyː

To celebrate the release we prepared the Flying Blind Bundle, including:

  • First Strike: Final Hour (2017) + OST + Bonus Content
  • Airheart (2018) + OST + Bonus Content

Save 23% on Blindflug Studios deluxe collection!

Best wishes from Zurich ːsteamhappyː

Blindflug Team
First Strike: Final Hour - Olga

You want to play First Strike: Final Hour on the train, on the toilet, on a horse? No problemo, we release a FREE update for the original First Strike on iOS and Android, so you can use the Trident wherever you are.

For Android we release an additional FREE version with the same content, but powered with ads. Have no money for First Strike: Final Hour? Just get this new version on the Google Play store.

The features which you already enjoyed, but are new to the mobile version:

- 6 New Super Weapons
Burning enemy silos down or dropping their nukes from the sky; the new super weapons give lots of new strategic options.

- New Non-Attack-Pact-System
Players can now form non-attack treaties with superpowers and - if they want to - stab them in the back.

- Enhanced Graphics
New high resolution texture reworks including night lights, normal maps and star constellations.

- Save Game & 7 New Languages
First Strike now saves the game when it quits, so players can continue where they left off. Also, it’s now localized in Italian, Polish, Swedish, Ukrainian, Japanese, Korean and Thai.

Watch the trailer here:

App Store Link:
Google Play Link: update coming on 21st of December
Ads Version Google Play Link: live
First Strike: Final Hour - Blindflug Studios
Nulcear winter is coming? Use autumn to make some safe nuclear tests.

🚀🚀🚀 If you still haven't try First Strike: Final Hour n PC / MAC - now is the perfect time for it - we start an autumn sale! 🚀🚀🚀

Thanks to some "help" from world leaders, we don't need to raise awareness of nuclear war threat anymore. But we still find important thinking about the actual meaning of this scenario - and that's when First Strike: Final Hour comes in handy. Enjoy & thank you all for the wonderful support - we are really glade to have such supportive fans!

Get it now - it's 33% off until 17th of October 10 AM PST!

First Strike: Final Hour - DrJeru
Thank you everyone for making us have such a wonderful launch weekend!

First Strike: Final Hour started really well on Steam and everyone at Blindflug is so happy with the reception. It seems there are a lot of you longtime fans instantly playing Final Hour on day one, even though you already know the game from back on mobile. It makes us very proud to see in the reviews that you are happy with the results ːsteamhappyː

We're also incredibly humbled by the ammount of you who actually bought the deluxe version. We never thought so many of you would pay the extra bucks for the Soundtrack and the Design Document/Retro Boxes/Wallpaper Pack. This helps us, but especially the Music Artist Michel Barengo out a big lot. (He also wants to say thank you that you made the "Great Soundtrack" tag happen). Thank you so much!

There is one more thing we can announce. We dont wanna ask for more money, we just want to let you know, because its something we wanted for a long time. People often asked us to make similar shirts than the ones we wear at conventions (like the ones in the picture above). But that was impossible because we did them all locally here and they would have cost over 60$. So we decided opened up our own Blindflug Threadless Artist Store yesterday ːfseyeopenː

We've remastered a series of all five Superweapon Shirts we wore on exhibitions for First Strike Around the world. They have new special color highlights, making them even a bit prettier than the team shirts. We hope you like the designs, we'd love to hear what you think of them.

Again, thank you very much for all the nice words. This makes all the work so much worthwhile ːsteamhappyː

- Olga, Michael, Moritz, Frédéric, Sophie, Urs & Jeremy
First Strike: Final Hour - Olga
Good news, everyone!

First Strike will be released on 31. May 2017!

We've got a brand new trailer for you - enjoy!

Follow us on social media - there is a chance to win a free key there!

So many exclamation marks!!! ːsteamhappyː ːsteamhappyː ːsteamhappyː
First Strike: Final Hour - Olga

We are happy to say, that we are getting really good feedback from our first players! ːsteamhappyː

Now just some polishing here and there, and soon we will hand you your own nuclear football.

Get ready!

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