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Eastshade seems a much calmer take on open world fantasy adventures than most. It may have crafting and construction, but there’s no swords or bows or guns, just painting. Set up your easel, take in the scenes of its mellow fantasy world, and then trade the artwork to characters in exchange for items, information and more. If Wandersong was a fantasy bard simulator, then this is rarer still – a wandering artisan sim. The product of years of work by Eastshade Studios, the game is very nearly complete and due out on February 13th. Enjoy the sights in the new trailer below.


Leaving Lyndow - Eastshade Studios
Hello friends of Clara! Our flagship title Eastshade, which has been five years in the making, now has a coming soon page. Go wishlist it so you don't miss release! If you liked Leaving Lyndow, I think you will love our new upcoming title. It takes place in the same world as Leaving Lyndow but you are no longer Clara. In Eastshade you are a traveling artist with a name of your choosing. The world is totally open, you are free to go where you like. In your adventures you will find forgotten places, unearth secrets of the land, make friends (and maybe enemies!), find and craft, and, of course, compose beautiful paintings! So please check it out!

Eastshade Store Page
Leaving Lyndow - Eastshade Studios
Hi all! In this most recent update, We've done a major overhaul of the shaders, and lighting for interiors has been vastly improved. In addition to this, there are some bug fixes, and we now have official support for Spanish!
Feb 22, 2017
Leaving Lyndow - Eastshade Studios
Title says it all. You can now play Leaving Lyndow on both Mac and Linux! So if up until now you've been excluded for lack of Windows, we now have you covered! We've done quite a bit of testing, so all should be well, but if you find any bugs, please don't hesitate to start a thread in the community hub, or contact us directly.
Leaving Lyndow - Eastshade Studios
Hello Everyone!

Due to the hard work of Jean Dias for Portuguese, and Giulia Grumo and Francesco Tosatto for Italian, we have two new languages! Since there was a lot of text for these folks to translate, we could benefit from some testing before I mark official support. If you speak Portuguese or Italian, we would love your feedback! Please let us know if you found any errors or text that seemed out of context in the offical Fan Translations Thread.
Leaving Lyndow - Eastshade Studios
Hello everyone! We are elated to report the release has gone splendidly! And hearing about all of your experiences has been very rewarding. A few days ago, I opened up the ability for the community to make fan translations and some amazingly kind folks have been translating the game to different languages so more people can enjoy it. Because of user Annsen Lee, Chinese is now a supported language!

Additionally, I've made a few updates attempting to address some of the more common issues people were having, as well as fixed some bugs.
  • made it possible to exit the chime game before completing it (however you still eventually need to complete it before leaving the forest)
  • fixed issues where non-english languages showed the wrong dialogue sometimes.
  • removed bug where is says "its almost time..." when you beat the game
Leaving Lyndow - Eastshade Studios
Anyone who has purchased Leaving Lyndow can now download the soaring Leaving Lyndow official soundtrack in all its high bitrate glory as free DLC here. Its an absolute masterpiece, and our wonderful composer Phoenix Glendinning very graciously wanted to let you have it for free. If you'd like to support him directly, you can get it on his bandcamp for free or for a pay-what-you-want price. Additionally, its on YouTube in its entirety.


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