Dick Wilde - Bolvërk Games
OY! This patch fixed code-critters hotter than a goats butt in a pepper patch! No one could play the "Nothern-Plant" level, not that any of you scallywaggers made it there anywho.
We also goan balanced the sounds in this ol' game, and added some moar!
Dick Wilde - Bolvërk Games
Hey y'all swamp-folks. This 'ere update to my game goan fixed all 'sortsa bugs and critters and such. Oh. And it done added some of them old features and thangs.

Here be them list and all:

Updated Piranha sounds.
Fixed Dragonflies leaving the level late.
Harpoon & sawblade rifle sounds updated.
Projectile fly by sounds added.
Updated weapon selection small leaderboard.
Fixed potential networking related crash.
Fixed sawblades sticking to enemies.
Fixed nailguns in menu.
Updated singleplayer new score page.
Bow now defaults to right handed setup.
Hard levels are now unlocked by default.
Added disclaimer on the loading screen.
Fixed exit game button on oculus touch.

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