Crusader Kings II - (Adam Smith)

It’s always a happy day when an update for a much-loved mod appears. The Game of Thrones total conversion for Crusader Kings II [official site] is such a blindingly obvious combination of worlds and mechanics that it simply had to exist. That the team working on it continue to do such a good job is fantastic. The latest update brings in support for the latest expansion to the base game, The Reaper’s Due, which adds all sorts of epidemic modelling and hideous disease-related deaths. So, yes, you can watch your least favourite characters suffer and squirm as they try to sweat or bleed out the bubonic plague.

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Game of Thrones - (Brendan Caldwell)

The third season of guts ‘n’ conversation adventure game, The Walking Dead [official site], will be coming out this November, Telltale has telltold the people of PAX. As we heard at E3, Clementine is making a return older, wiser and probably much more killy. She’ll have another playable character alongside, the lesser-known Javier, who has “been through hell” and looks a bit like a knackered Zac Efron.

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Game of Thrones - (Jessica Famularo)

I know what you all might be asking. “Game of Thrones in my> Gears of War?” Well, it’s more likely than you think. Game of Thrones composer Ramin Djawadi has joined up with The Coalition to create the score for Gears of War 4 [official site]. “I certainly wanted to stay in the direction fans know, but at the same time, I wanted to bring my own style to it,” Djawadi has said.

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Game of Thrones - (Alec Meer)

Have You Played? is an endless stream of game retrospectives. One a day, every day of the year, perhaps for all time.>

No, not that Game Of Thrones game. The other one. The one no-one talked about. The RPG one. The one that was, confusing, based mostly on the books but had some TV people making plastic-faced cameos in it. The one a whole mess of people said was rubbish, but, aha! It was not, I tell you, it was not. … [visit site to read more]

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Crusader Kings II

Sometimes, awesome things just get more awesome. Such is the case with the Game of Thrones mod for Crusader Kings II, which has just posted a dev diary detailing a long-awaited addition. The expansive continent of Essos is under development for a future release, more than doubling the landmass available and introducing such locations from the acclaimed franchise such as Slaver's Bay and the Free Cities. Set sail for the sunrise and start brushing up on your Pentoshi—we've got more details below.

To the casual fan, Essos is the eastern landmass where Daenerys' (that's the white-haired girl with the dragons, if you have as much trouble keeping the names straight as some of my friends) storylines have all taken place so far. It's mainly dominated by city-states that arose from the ashes of the old Valyrian and Ghiscari empires, and they will run in the mod using the mechanics introduced in CK2's The Republic expansion. Thus, you will need The Republic installed to play as them.

The diary also speaks of new mechanics for ruins, since much of Essos is dominated by them. The possibility is mentioned of being able to colonize ruins—a mechanic that has never appeared in Crusader Kings, but is a staple of a couple other Paradox strategy franchises. As for what's not in (at least in the current, internal build): Qarth itself and, sadly, the Dothraki. Much of the continent is shown greyed out as wasteland, but the diary does promise that "the Dothraki shall be implemented in some way and we do have a basic plan for them, but that probably deserves its own full explanation later on." My guess would be that we'll be able to play them once the new mechanics coming in The Old Gods expansion are implemented. The pagan subjugation and rule by might systems would be a great way to model the rise and fall of Khalasars.

It may be a while before Essos is actually implemented, but until then, you can download the latest version of the mod and carve your path across Westeros.
Crusader Kings II

Crusader Kings 2's Game of Thrones total conversion has received a huge update, adding in two new scenarios with which to experience the mod's blend of war, intrigue and special family cuddles. This time, players will get the chance to try The Blackfyre Rebellion and A Feast for Crows scenarios, along with improved Hedge Knights and building options. There's a video teasing the new additions, but it comes with a couple of dire warnings.

Dire Warning #1: The video contains spoilers for A Feast For Crows, book four of the series and, incidentally, also the name of my Bioshock Infinite playthrough.

Dire Warning #2: Because of the aforementioned spoilers, I've not actually watched the video. It could contain anything! I did do a quick thumbnail scan, though, and it mostly seems to contain video of the game. So you're probably not going to see the mod's developers dancing naked in a giant vat of trifle or anything.

In all, there's a giant changelist of new features and fixes. The patch note summary gives the basic run-down of what to expect: "The first thing you’ll notice is that armies can move again, but the most perceptive amongst you will no doubt notice we have two new scenarios: the much requested Blackfyre Rebellion and the spoiler-heavy A Feast for Crows (seriously, don’t even think about clicking on it if you haven’t read all the books).

"There are a lot of tweaks and additions, as usual. You’ll find, for instance, that you have new options to employ Hedge Knights. We have begun adding sensible buildings at last, so that late game should hopefully be improved, and there has been quite an overhaul in certain parts of the map."

You can download Crusader Kings 2 - A Game of Thrones from its ModDB page.

Thanks, Kotaku.
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