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Sometimes, awesome things just get more awesome. Such is the case with the Game of Thrones mod for Crusader Kings II, which has just posted a dev diary detailing a long-awaited addition. The expansive continent of Essos is under development for a future release, more than doubling the landmass available and introducing such locations from the acclaimed franchise such as Slaver's Bay and the Free Cities. Set sail for the sunrise and start brushing up on your Pentoshi—we've got more details below.

To the casual fan, Essos is the eastern landmass where Daenerys' (that's the white-haired girl with the dragons, if you have as much trouble keeping the names straight as some of my friends) storylines have all taken place so far. It's mainly dominated by city-states that arose from the ashes of the old Valyrian and Ghiscari empires, and they will run in the mod using the mechanics introduced in CK2's The Republic expansion. Thus, you will need The Republic installed to play as them.

The diary also speaks of new mechanics for ruins, since much of Essos is dominated by them. The possibility is mentioned of being able to colonize ruins—a mechanic that has never appeared in Crusader Kings, but is a staple of a couple other Paradox strategy franchises. As for what's not in (at least in the current, internal build): Qarth itself and, sadly, the Dothraki. Much of the continent is shown greyed out as wasteland, but the diary does promise that "the Dothraki shall be implemented in some way and we do have a basic plan for them, but that probably deserves its own full explanation later on." My guess would be that we'll be able to play them once the new mechanics coming in The Old Gods expansion are implemented. The pagan subjugation and rule by might systems would be a great way to model the rise and fall of Khalasars.

It may be a while before Essos is actually implemented, but until then, you can download the latest version of the mod and carve your path across Westeros.
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Crusader Kings 2's Game of Thrones total conversion has received a huge update, adding in two new scenarios with which to experience the mod's blend of war, intrigue and special family cuddles. This time, players will get the chance to try The Blackfyre Rebellion and A Feast for Crows scenarios, along with improved Hedge Knights and building options. There's a video teasing the new additions, but it comes with a couple of dire warnings.

Dire Warning #1: The video contains spoilers for A Feast For Crows, book four of the series and, incidentally, also the name of my Bioshock Infinite playthrough.

Dire Warning #2: Because of the aforementioned spoilers, I've not actually watched the video. It could contain anything! I did do a quick thumbnail scan, though, and it mostly seems to contain video of the game. So you're probably not going to see the mod's developers dancing naked in a giant vat of trifle or anything.

In all, there's a giant changelist of new features and fixes. The patch note summary gives the basic run-down of what to expect: "The first thing you’ll notice is that armies can move again, but the most perceptive amongst you will no doubt notice we have two new scenarios: the much requested Blackfyre Rebellion and the spoiler-heavy A Feast for Crows (seriously, don’t even think about clicking on it if you haven’t read all the books).

"There are a lot of tweaks and additions, as usual. You’ll find, for instance, that you have new options to employ Hedge Knights. We have begun adding sensible buildings at last, so that late game should hopefully be improved, and there has been quite an overhaul in certain parts of the map."

You can download Crusader Kings 2 - A Game of Thrones from its ModDB page.

Thanks, Kotaku.
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Game of Thrones:
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Game of Thrones RPG review

Like books, it’s often a bad idea to judge a game by its cover – or even by its first chapters, as tempting as just giving up can be. For the opening hour or two of this spin-off, the only real question was whether Game of Thrones RPG was merely comedy-bad or active, outright heresy against George R R Martin’s amazing, if increasingly bloated, fantasy series. Awful graphics. Tedious combat. Voice-acting that smacks of a producer leaning out of a window one Sunday and yelling at random passers-by, “Hey! Want to be in a licensed abomination?” I’ve had more enjoyable dental appointments.

After a while though, almost apologetically, things started to click. To some extent. A bit. Even at its very best, Game of Thrones is a thoroughly mediocre RPG. It does however end up a mediocre RPG that at least tells a decent story. Set just before and during the first book, it follows two seemingly unrelated characters: a brother of the Night’s Watch called Mors, whose gravelvoiced authority is sadly undercut by the number of times he has to intone the name “Poddy”, and a Red Priest, Alester. Both are brought together by a mysterious young woman on the run, for reasons I won't spoil but which tie into the first novel pretty well, with chapters jumping between their individual adventures.

The result is hardly The Witcher 2, but the twists and turns of the plot are oddly compelling, with several nasty scenes and a fair amount of control over how cynical you want your heroes to be. Alester’s story, for instance, revolves around him returning to take control of his home town, Riverspring. You get to decide whether he’s a man of the people or one of Westeros’ typically dickish lords. Mors on the other hand is a hardline black brother, but one still willing to turn the occasional blind eye when warranted. Both also have some fun unique powers – Mors can possess his hilariously ugly dog for tracking and stealth purposes, and Alester can call on his god R’hllor to manipulate fire. Those are a little showy given the nature of magic in at least civilised parts of Westeros like King's Landing, if not typically as outlandish as outright hurling fireballs in the streets like a classic RPG mage type.

The story is linear to the point of often feeling like a corridor shooter with RPG combat, although there is a dusting of sub-quests sprinkled in and more than a few moments where your decisions have at least some minor impact later on. The writing rarely has the sense of punch and threat that makes the books or TV series so effective, and often writes cheques that the engine and acting simply can’t cash. The inevitable brothel scenes especially are hilariously coy compared with the TV show. Still, it’s a solid story reasonably told, and becomes oddly compelling once it gets going.

This is all the more impressive next to the shoddy design. Game of Thrones RPG is riddled with grating wait-a-minute stuff, like trying to pretend that four guys outside a castle constitute a riot, hilariously coy handling of the series' sexual content, and explaining its combat so poorly that you're almost guaranteed to get destroyed once you get out of the unofficial tutorial areas and face a few street thugs.

Even when you 'get' it, combat feels weak and ill-thought out - bland, uninteresting, and based almost entirely around status effects. Use skill to make enemy bleed (or whatever). Use skill that does extra damage against bleeding enemies. Repeat until all the enemy’s blood has gone. Other elements are simply out of step with the source material, such as glugging down health potions mid-fight and Alester’s more advanced fire powers. Honestly, it’s best to just switch the difficulty to Casual and focus on the story. Most regular fights become trivial, though there are still a few tough ones to handle.

Ultimately, Game of Thrones is a frustrating, ugly, low-rent RPG that’s flawed in almost every way and difficult to impossible to recommend – but which fans still might enjoy more than they probably should. At the very least, it’s not a lazy cash-in, just one trying its best on far too small a budget. If you can tolerate that – and yes, it’s a lot to tolerate – don’t necessarily run screaming from its score.
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Game of Thrones is Now Available on Steam world-wide!

Experience an amazing adventure in one of the most complete and fascinating universes in medieval-fantasy literature. Game of Thrones is a great Role Playing Game that puts you at the core of a thrilling plot, where your fate will be guided by vengeance, allegiance and honor.

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Experience an amazing adventure in one of the most complete and fascinating universes in medieval-fantasy literature. Game of Thrones is a great Role Playing Game that puts you at the core of a thrilling plot, where your fate will be guided by vengeance, allegiance and honor.

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Product Update - Valve
Updates to A Game of Thrones - Genesis have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include:

- Camera is fixed in campaign mode
- Help in game deactivated in multiplayer mode.
- Fake Commander does not heal anymore
- Fix a problem in army and militia price
- Multiplayer game now runs normally
- All objectives of Mission 3 needs to be fully completed to move to mission 4prestige.
- Highlighted banners are now displayed for the player's family in campaign.
- Fix of some incopatibility with some configs.
- Configurations using IntelHD wil now launch normally

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