Punch! Home & Landscape Design Essentials v19 - ImALittleBear
To our Punch! Home and Landscape Design Essentials Community:

We have been made aware that Avast Antivirus may be triggering a false virus warning when using our product. We would like to assure you that our program is 100% clean with no viruses.

If you are receiving this error, please let us know the version of Avast! that's currently on your PC, and the current version number of the Punch product.

Thank you!

-Jason C

Encore Technical Support
Sep 28, 2017
Punch! Home & Landscape Design Essentials v19 - ImALittleBear
Hello Punch Community!

We're back again for another update. With lots of love, here is what's been fixed:

o    Added option in Preferences->Design Colors to disable room and perimeter fills when selected.

o    Preview list is now correctly hidden when switching selection from a column to another object.

o    Fixed cases of erratic cursor changing.

o    Correct folders now listed when saving to components folder in Custom Workshop.

o    Button arrow now appears correctly for total height control in Column properties.
o    Text alignment corrected in cabinet property sheet.

o    Preventing error when launching Powertools if design contains certain legacy plants.

o    Fix memory leak when generating print preview images.

o    Fix potential crash when storing a print preview image.

As always, we're listening to your feedback so if you see something that should work, but it does not, please let us know and we'll take a look at it. Happy designing!
Punch! Home & Landscape Design Essentials v19 - ImALittleBear
Hello Punch community,

We're preparing a new update for the Punch! Home & Landscape Essentials v19 program and should have it released soon. More information about the changes in the patch will be provided at a later date.
Jul 20, 2017
Punch! Home & Landscape Design Essentials v19 - ImALittleBear
If you own a Mac, the wait is over, our popular Punch! Home & Landscape Design Essentials for Mac has been released. Click the link below to check it out:


Punch! Home & Landscape Design Essentials v19 - ImALittleBear
We're back with a brand new update for our Punch! users! Here is the changelog of what's been fixed:

*Custom Workshop profile generation now creates outlines per object instead of combining outlines of objects using matching material.

*Improved shading in Custom Workshop to prevent surfaces from becoming extremely dark.

*Improved gable creation when using the automatic roof generator.

*Railing elevation is now set correctly when copying/moving to a different floor.
Undo now stored when changing line thickness and undo string corrected.

-You should see the update already downloaded if you're logged into Steam.
Punch! Home & Landscape Design Essentials v19 - ImALittleBear
We have identified an issue where the Estimator within the Power Tools option would not launch under the Windows 10 Creators Update.

This update will resolve this issue. Customers who have the product installed should have this update automatically delivered to them.
Punch! Home & Landscape Design Essentials v19 - ImALittleBear
Greetings Punch! users! Our developers have been hard at work fixing bugs in the program and we're happy to let you know patch version 19.0.6 is now live. Here is a summary of what we've fixed:

Shutters now update correctly after applying materials with Smartwand. Applies to dual shutters with only left side assigned.

Further improved support for importing legacy designs.

Fixed an issue where some floor/deck cutouts would not appear correctly.

Changed “Convert to Exterior Wall” undo verbiage to just “Convert to Wall”.

Custom Workshop: Increased width of Object Name field in save object to library dialog.

Significantly improved render preparation performance for most designs.

Improved results when searching for plants.

Removed several unnecessary render update requests.

Fixed a crash that could occur when using the elevation list.

Fixed issue preventing Powertools from not launching correctly if design is saved while running an incomplete installation
Apr 14, 2017
Punch! Home & Landscape Design Essentials v19 - ImALittleBear
Below is a summary of the changes we've made in this update. If you have any questions or have feedback for us, please visit the forums and submit a post.

o Application is now DPI-Aware. Interface controls now appear correctly when screen is set to high-DPI display settings. No longer limited to the default 96 DPI setting.
o Fixed issue preventing the user’s guide from opening in some PDF readers.
o Soffit depth of auto roofing now considers wall thickness.
o Can now change the soffit depth for 3 and 4 point wall assist roof tool. Soffit depth now considers wall thickness of target wall.
o New plan metric defaults set correctly for floor slab thickness, flooring thickness, and wall height. Corrects gap between floors in new designs.
o Imported CW objects are now grouped correctly.
o No longer highlighting objects on inactive layers when in Going green mode.
o Copy/Move to Floor no longer updates properties bar for each object being edited.
o Estimator
• Items now listed in correctly when estimating by room.
• Estimator columns resize with window width.
• Materials on fences, ground fills, edging, and pathways are now displayed correctly in Estimator.
• Custom fence gates and posts are now displayed correctly in Estimator.
o Custom Workshop
• Now displaying tracking angle when creating objects.
• Added Millimeter units. Fixed possible crash when switching from wireframe to Clearview rendering modes.
• Preventing users from saving objects into components root folders and hiding non custom workshop object type components libraries in tree list.
o Roof panels on non-current floors appear in 3D after moving a wall when view working floor only is active.
o Fixed issues with flashing cursors on certain system setups.
o Colors are now preserved when loading designs containing 3DS objects. Note that you will need to re-import any existing 3DS objects to restore their colors.
o Fixed an issue where framing components may not appear correctly in 3D when performing an undo or redo.
o Assume you are viewing your design in 3D Clearview mode. Performing an undo or redo will no longer cause your rendering mode to switch.
o Improved elevation list generation by discarding similar items with extremely close elevations.
o Fixed an issue where applying materials and paints to roof panels containing skylights would not work in some cases.
o Fixed crashes that could occur when using the elevation list.
o Fixed a potential crash when applying a material or paint to a room’s floor or ceiling when SmartWand is activated.
o Fixed a potential crash when working with roof cutout objects.
o Further improved discarding duplicate elevation list items when elevations are extremely close.
o The “View Working Floor Only” option is now saved on a per-document basis.
o Adding and deleting wall points while in 3D framing mode no longer causes the slab to disappear.
o The library navigation window will no longer be positioned outside the monitor's work area.
o Fixed an issue where extraneous room floor/ceiling entries could appear in the elevation list.
o Fixed an issue preventing elevation bar from working properly with certain objects like staircases.

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