Monster Hunter: World - MHW_CAPCOM
Title Update 4 releases on Thursday, July 9, 0:00 UTC, and will include new features and bug fixes!

[Major Features]
■ New monster "Alatreon" has been added to the game.
- New Alatreon hunter and Palico equipment have also been added!
- Alatreon will be available after finishing the story of Iceborne and completing the Safi'jiiva recon assignment.

■ New variant monster "Frostfang Barioth" has been added to the game.
- New Frostfang Barioth hunter and Palico equipment have also been added!
- Frostfang Barioth will be available in a limited-time event quest, and appears as a tempered monster. (For more information on when the event quest will be available, check the official website.)

■ MSI Ambient Link support now includes lighting effects that reflect the colors of the game screen.

[Featured Events]
■ Event Quest: "The Last White Knight"

■ Summer Seasonal Events: Astera Summer Twilight Fest & Seliana Sizzling Spice Fest!

[Major Additions]
★ Added new melding options for creating analyzed special tracks.
★ New decor can now be placed in your room in Seliana.
★ New BGM can now be played in your room in Seliana.
★ New Pendants added.
- Increased the number of Screamer Pods you obtain when combining Screamer Sacs.
★ Adjusted the Steamworks reward items received when ending the mini-game with one match.
★ The Raider Ride Call icon now displays on the item bar sorting screen even while you are in base.
★ Added the following charms: Draw Charm III, Phoenix Charm III, Fitness Charm V.

Features marked with a ★ can only be used by players who have purchased Monster Hunter World: Iceborne.

For more details about the update (including bug fixes), check our official website:

The release of Title Update 4 will also mark the end of the availability period for almost all current event quests for both "Monster Hunter: World" and "Monster Hunter World: Iceborne". (The period ends at 23:59 UTC Wednesday, July 8, 2020.) After this, event quests will be available according to the normal schedule. See the website for details.

Matchmaking in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne requires players to have updated to the same version. Keep in mind that you can only match with other players who have the same update. You can verify the version number in the bottom-right corner of the title screen.

For other questions, please visit the official Monster Hunter World: Iceborne support portal below.
QUAKE II - (Katharine Castle)

Shadow Of The Tomb Raider - Best Action Games 2020

Ray tracing is the big buzz word of 2020 in PC gaming, so we’ve created this list of all the confirmed ray tracing games you can play on PC right now, as well which this year’s [cms-block] will get ray tracing support in the future. And because ray tracing tends to go hand in hand with Nvidia’s performance-boosting DLSS tech these days, we’ve also listed all the games that support DLSS, too.


Monster Hunter: World - MHW_CAPCOM

To commemorate the release of Alatreon, we're giving out hard-to-obtain decorations for free—every day for one week!

Log in every day during the period below to obtain one of each decoration! Each one is available for a limited time only (about 48 hours), so don't miss out!

Pacific Daylight Time: Thursday, July 2, 2020 5 p.m. — Friday, July 10, 2020 4:59 p.m.
UTC: Friday, July 3, 2020 0:00 — Friday, July 10, 2020 23:59

- You can obtain these decorations by playing the game online and checking your login bonuses.
- This campaign is only available for players who have purchased Monster Hunter World: Iceborne.

[Available Decorations]

- Expert Jewel+ 4
(PDT) 17:00 Thu. 7/2 — 16:59 Sat. 7/4
(UTC) 0:00 Fri. 7/3 — 23:59 Sat. 7/4

- Blaze Jewel+ 4
(PDT) 17:00 Fri. 7/3 — 16:59 Sun. 7/5
(UTC) 0:00 Sat. 7/4 — 23:59 Sun. 7/5

- Stream Jewel+ 4
(PDT) 17:00 Sat. 7/4 — 16:59 Mon. 7/6
(UTC) 0:00 Sun. 7/5 — 23:59 Mon. 7/6

- Frost Jewel+ 4
(PDT) 17:00 Sun. 7/5 — 16:59 Tue. 7/7
(UTC) 0:00 Mon. 7/6 — 23:59 Tue. 7/7

- Bolt Jewel+ 4
(PDT) 17:00 Mon. 7/6 — 16:59 Wed. 7/8
(UTC) 0:00 Tue. 7/7 — 23:59 Wed. 7/8

- Dragon Jewel+ 4
(PDT) 17:00 Tue. 7/7 — 16:59 Thu. 7/9
(UTC) 0:00 Wed. 7/8 — 23:59 Thu. 7/9

- Attack Jewel+ 4
(PDT) 17:00 Wed. 7/8 — 16:59 Fri. 7/10
(UTC) 0:00 Thu. 7/9 — 23:59 Fri. 7/10
Monster Hunter: World - (Alice O'Connor)

Following a customary Covid-19 delay, Capcom have announced that Monster Hunter World: Iceborne’s next big content update will launch on July 9th. Title Update 4 will let us hunt Alatreon, the elder dragon introduced back in Monster Hunter 3. Yes, of course, you’ll get to turn this dragon into shoes and swords. Come meet the frightful beast in the trailer below.


Monster Hunter: World - MHW_CAPCOM
Update ver. 14.00.00 is officially set to release at 0:00 Thursday, July 9, 2020 (UTC)! (PDT: 5 p.m. Wednesday, July 8)

Get an early look at the contents of this patch by tuning into the Developer Diary 6 live stream at 12:00 Friday, July 3 (UTC)! (PDT: 5 a.m. Friday, July 3)

NOTE: Some specific features shown in the Developer Diary are only supported on console platforms.
Monster Hunter: World - MHW_CAPCOM
Following the lifting of Japan's state of emergency due to the spread of the COVID-19, we have now resumed development for title update 4.

Title Update 4 is now planned to release in:

- Early July 2020

Once the exact release date has been finalized, we will make an announcement on the official site as well on various social media channels.
Monster Hunter: World - MHW_CAPCOM

The newest patch for Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, Ver. 13.50.01, will be released on June 4, 2020 (0:00 UTC) to fix issues regarding unusually high CPU usage that results in response to the Windows Defender program.
Monster Hunter: World - MHW_CAPCOM
[Bug Report]
We have confirmed reports of some users experiencing screen flickering or similar issues when using certain NVIDIA graphics cards, graphical settings, and specific versions of the GeForce Game Ready Driver.

We have confirmed that the reported issues can be fixed by updating your GeForce Game Ready driver to the latest version: [446.14].

We apologize for the inconvenience, but if you are experiencing these issues, please try updating your driver.
Monster Hunter: World

When it's someone's birthday you're usually expected to get them a gift. Green Man Gaming is flipping that concept on its head, though, by bringing us some massive reductions on digital PC games as part of its 10th birthday sale.

Until 21st May, GMG will be adding 10 different featured deals each day of the week for 48 hours. Going by what's on offer now, there should be a good selection to browse through, including new releases and some classic favourites. I've picked out a few of today's featured deals below with some seriously good prices for Tomb Raider, Control and Hitman 2.

On top of that, a new franchise will be featured each day during the sale. These games will see more significant discounts offered for 48 hours as well. Right now, that includes entries in the Batman and Monster Hunter World series.

Read more

Monster Hunter: World - (Alan Martin)

Have you exhausted your Steam library? Okay, let me rephrase that: have you run out of things you’re excited to play in your Steam library? Well, if you’re a fan of Capcom games, then the latest discounts from Fanatical are well worth a look, with Resident Evil 2, Devil May Cry 5 and Monster Hunter: World‘s Iceborne Master Edition all going cheap today.



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