Bloody Trapland 2: Curiosity - Chris
We are celebrating this Lunar New Year with a bang! Today we are releasing the latest patch as well as having a huge discount you don't want to miss out on.

This patch comes packed with a lot of fixes, optimizations and content. Do you have what it takes to beat the cave world?

See you in the Traplands! ːblankyː ːjackː ːjazzyː ːsirː

Bloody Trapland 2: Curiosity - Chris
We're thrilled to finally bring you the latest installment of Bloody Trapland 2!
A lot of new content and features has been added as well as bunch of various fixes.

Snow Mountain
World 3 is now officially finished, all levels has been either totaly remade or heavily modified. There might still be tweaks and polish down the EA road, but the current state is very close to the final version.

Online Arcade
Play all arcade levels in online mode, choose from a playlist and bring your friends a long for a cusom adventure!

Arcade Leaderboard
All levels uploaded to the workshop now automatically gets a leaderboard attached, go super-sonic and get awarded in the spotlight!

Patch notes:
  • Online Arcade mode added
  • Leaderboards added
  • World 3 remade including finalstage and temple levels
  • Moving traps could stop work with low settings
  • Respawn animation/time further improved
  • Air dash mechaninc tweaked
  • A bunch of sound assets added
  • Save and load issue in editor fixed
  • Fixed an issue where deset sun killed you when it should not
  • Our mysterious friend is now more active in world 1.
  • Trails could affect players
  • Snow mountain assets unlocked in editor
  • Various online play improvments, on going process
  • Online Lobby improved, region select is now smarter when inviting friend
  • Aswell as a lot of minor fixes and content

Thank you so much for staying active and providing us with feedback and ideas. Reporting issues to us helps out tremendously and we are making sure to keep a close eye on all channels you can reach us on.

If you missed it, we have a public Discord channel here:
Bloody Trapland 2: Curiosity - Chris
These last weeks we've been focusing a lot on stability and overall optimizing for a smoother gameplay experience. We've totaly remade the network code for the players, making them feel and look better in onlineplay. As well as fine-tuning for a big performance increase in many cases. This is however an ongoing process, so more tweaks and optimizations will come down the road. Please let us know in the forums how it's running for you.

With the next patch (0.7b) we will be bringing you the finished Ice Mountain including the boss and templelevels, it won't be much longer now. so stay tuned for that.

See you in the Traplands!

  • Lots of various performance optimizations.
  • Network code for players totaly reworked.
  • Pvp improved in online play, though more tweaks is yet to come.
  • Wallslide mechanic slightly improved.
  • Worldmap fixes in onlineplay.
  • Issue with starting the same numbered level in another world.
  • Various level tweaks and fixes from feedback.
  • Boat in worldmap now has a boost on jump-button.
  • Coin count in online mode re-worked.
  • Coin/Crystal UI could get a odd offset.
  • TNT blast effect was fixed.
  • Freeze effect now syncs in onlineplay.
  • A bunch of prefabs fixed in editor.
  • Parenting with prefabs in editor fixed.
  • And a lot of various minor fixes.
Bloody Trapland 2: Curiosity - Chris

Thank you for an awesome launch week. Some new issues were brought to our attention and was sorted with a few hotfixes.

Currently we are hard at work bringing you the final Ice Mountain, as well as optimizing both performance and online play.

We've also went ahead and unlocked all levels for world 3. Even though most of them are still very much work in progress, they should still prove to be a fun challenge while we continue to polish and tweak them.

  • Various performance optimizations.
  • Added option to choose region in Online mode, as well as auto selecting the best region. This caused latency for some players as they ended up wrongfully playing on a server in EU.
  • Levels sometimes did not unlock as intended in worldmap
  • Coins sometimes did not count correctly
  • Various level tweaks and fixes from feedback
  • Respawn time was lowered and animation bug was fixed
  • Delete saved data added to options in Main menu
  • Player collision bug sometimes caused player to die when he should not
  • Network code for some traps and objects reworked. Still more to be done.
  • Pvp network code reworked
  • Trails could affect players, making them slide on platforms
  • Added more stearing-controlls to boat in worldmap
  • Default resolution in options was fixed to be same as desktop
  • Editor
    • Trampoline values did not get saved
    • Boomfist values did not get saved
    • Checkpoints fixed
    • Levels sometimes did not upload correctly
    • Click to connect with buttons was not showing in UI

Thank you! For providing us with feedback and bug reports, it helps us out tremendously.
Bloody Trapland 2: Curiosity - Chris
Online mode was added!
Take on the challenges together with your friends and other Traplanders.

This will be our last closed beta patch, our next destination will be public Early Access, the wait won't be long now!

  • Online lobby menu unlocked. (Lobby UI will be improved over time.)
  • Online multiplayer added.
  • Steam friends invite added, invite friends to your game at anytime after starting a server. (Steam-overlay)
  • Wallslide no-jump state animation added to all characters.
    We want to make the wallside mechanics easier to learn, please let us know what you think.
  • More keys were added to keyboard steering: (Note, custom controller-config will most likely be added in next patch)
    Dash: Shift, Alt.
    Run: Arrow keys, num-pad arrows.

  • Walljump fail state did not always reset properly.
  • Input name field could get you stuck in the menu.
  • A few jungle levels were improved and updated.
  • Jungle T1 laser literally became impossible.
  • Menu could get stuck in background when exiting level editor.
  • Many issues were fixed related to going back/forth from world map.
    • Going back to Character select screen caused empty background.
    • Cannon was shooting 3 bullets at once.
    • Fish-spawners were multiplied.
    • Players could sometimes not re-spawn.
    • In-game song did not start correctly.
    • 03-Plot did not start correctly.
    • T2-Buttons got broken.
    • Sometimes broke the sun creation.
    • Death count and positions from previous level did not get removed.
  • Going back to the menu when beating a level in arcade could sometimes take you to the world-map.
  • Jungle boss end soundfx could stop abrupt sometimes.
  • Preview pictures in world-map were not shown correctly.
  • Game title window did not have the correct name.
  • Editor
    • Create tile tool could sometimes get stuck.
    • Issues were fixed when saving levels.
    • Sun did not appear when playing from editor.
    • Create prefabs tools did not work as intended.
    • Preview pictures were not created properly
    • Very basic controller support added, however you still can't create levels. This is on our todo-list.
Bloody Trapland 2: Curiosity - Chris
The very first patch was just released!

Besides from fixing most of the issues that's been reported to us so far, we've now also unlocked the next part of the closed beta.

You now find the Game Editor by selecting the Arcade option in game.
Seamlessly create, play and share levels with friends and the community.

We will actively be working on improving and adding new features to the editor during the whole Early Access. We are super excited to see your creations and to hear your feedback on it!

New content:
  • Game Editor 1.0 added.
  • Arcade Options added.
  • Jungle levels has been retouched.
  • First part of Plot was added.
  • Gore was added to boomfist and saws.
  • D-Pad support added.
  • Added back in worldmap animation
  • Particles and sound effects were added to more objects.

Issues fixed:
  • Locked levels could be bypassed.
  • Changed settings were not correctly saved on restart.
  • Coin/Crystal count could sometimes be wrong.
  • Player Jump animation could get stuck in wrong state.
  • Fixes were made to the character selection screen.
  • Blood drips were sometimes not cleared on level change.
  • Sun was not correctly recreated when resolution changed.
  • Removed the option to dropout if only one active player.
  • ESC was only working in game when playing with keyboard.
  • Game menu animation was fixed for going backwards.
  • Crystals were reshaped.
  • Jack is now Jack again, in character screen.
  • Slide delay some players experienced is now fixed, hopefully.
  • Death counts were sometimes not cleared when exiting a level using options.
  • Coin/Crystal UI could get wrong offset.
  • As well as a bunch of minor issues and touch ups.

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