64.0 - rebel rabbit
Hey guys!

First of all, we want to give a huge thanks to FantomenK, Rainbowdragoneyes and Thaehan for making this possible.
Without their songs, this update wouldn't had been possible.
Please, show them some love!






64.0 was released almost 2 years ago (645 days to be exact), and being our very first game, we are really happy with the reception it received.

Part of why this reception has been so awesome is the amount of levels the community has created. We have more than 100 custom levels, from Despacito(remix) to Undertale's Megalovania. Some of those levels have achieved creative and unique visual effects. Others have way better level design than even our own levels. And as a tribute for these exceptional and handcrafted levels, we have included some of them into the main game, giving proper credits to their creators and to the musicians as well.

In summary, we have added these 3 custom levels:

- Mind Twister: level by @TheRecessMaster101, music by FantomenK
- Superpower: level by @Hirule, music by Thaehan
- Säkkijärven Polkka: level by @Hirule, music by Rainbowdragoneyes

We would have loved to include The Hypercube by @Floofy, but unfortunately, we couldn't get the permission. We are sorry for this :(


A lot of people has asked about this, so we finally did it. It took us some time off our new project, but we believe it's totally worth it.
Now you can enter any level and practice in it until you find yourself up to the challenge. And now you can finally hear the ending of the songs!
You can find the Practice Mode switch on the options side of the menu (you know, the left).


No more restrictions for 64.5 and Endless.
New to the game? You are now free to jump right in 64.5 and try to get the ending cinematic.


Each of the new levels has a new achievement for completing it!


- New Level Editor Command: 'zoom'
You can zoom in or out the camera, either instantly or within a time frame.
This was something we promised a long ago but couldn't make it until now.

- New Level Editor Command: 'blackout'
The blind mode was only available by pressing Left Shift, but wasn't available to the level editor.
Now you can turn all the lights, hiding all the squares coming towards the player.
A suggestion made by @TheRecessMaster101

- Config.json File Added to Level Editor
This is thanks to a suggestion made by @TheChristmasMaster101.
The Level Editor Recorder has now a parameter than can help you set the start time of a song.

All of these new commands and features will be detailed and explained much better in the Creation Guides.


- Fixed audio pitch tween when losing and instantly restarting the level.
Issue reported by @nick666101

- Credits screen in Menu sometimes played the Endless level preview song. This has been fixed.


As always, remember that if you want to report any bug or maybe give us feedback/suggestions, you can join our discord channel!
64.0 - Grab The Games Publishing
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Don't forget to check custom levels in Steam Workshop:

Have fun!
64.0 - rebel rabbit
Hey guys!

So finally we are releasing the level editor. We are really happy to release it and see what you guys can do with it.

This update has a lot of fixes and features:

1. We have improved level design

The game is designed to be hard, but we must also be honest and admit that maybe we made the first level TOO hard.

Don't get us wrong, the first level is still hard (hehe), but we have removed that 15 seconds barrier that was nearly impossible for a lot of players.

Also, the rest of the level (including the tutorial part) is better synced, thanks to @esterTion.

2. We have changed the store description

This is obviously not a gameplay change, but we think it's really important.
It was our fault not communicating to you how the game was supposed to be played.

The game has rhythmic parts, yeah, but we use rhythm as hints that tells you how fast and how many squares are coming.

We designed the game to be played under the motto: Shoot First, Listen Later.

So we now have put it very clear in our store description, because the last thing we'd want is to have disappointed players.

3. The Level Editor comes to life

Which is kind of the whole point of the update, actually. We have made a couple of guides so you can understand how to create your own levels.

Click here to get started.

We want to give a big shout-out to the people that helped us with the level editor through our discord:
@Nick van der Vis, @Wolf Dakuraito, @SuperFashi, @esterTion, @Floofy~, @Auros, @Solced, @CubeMasterXD, @thedarkcloak

If we missed your name, we are really sorry ːsteamsadː

Also, huge thanks to @cyanic, for all the technical help :)

4. Streak Leaderboard

Until now, the only leaderboard this game had was for the seconds you survive in the endless mode. Now, there is also a leaderboard for streaks.

Thanks a lot to @Wolf Dakuraito for his help.

5. Fixed bug in diagonal mode

When the level starts its diagonal mode, sometimes the game doesn't recognize shots to movers that are near the walls.

Thanks a lot to @Arekseon for letting us know about this bug.

6. A new hidden achievement

7. Other fixes

  • Fixed a german localization error. Thanks to @ gabgab01
  • Performance fixes

8. The stretched resolution

We have also made some quick fixes to the resolution issue (the one that shows the game stretched). However, even with our tests being succesful, there are thousands of possible PC configurations that may change the results, so we will continue to test and we'll try to come up with a definitely solution.

In order to see if the resolution is now fixed, go to the menu and toggle the fullscreen mode. Again, it's possible that this will not fix your issue, so that's why we are still trying to fix it.

9. The future

Phew! That was a lot.

Just as we are happy, we are pretty tired. These months have been great for us, but they were also emotionally and physically exhausting.

So, please, be patient if we don't answer as fast as before. We are not taking a break, we will just be working at a slower pace.

We are also finishing the mobile version of the game, so if you liked the Steam version, make sure to get a copy of the mobile version once it's released. It would help us a lot to continue creating videogames.

Anyway, that was it.

Please, let us know what you think and thanks a lot for your support <3

Mar 30, 2017
64.0 - rebel rabbit

As we promised, controller support has now been added!
You can now play with the left stick or the ABXY buttons.

But remember, the game was designed to be played with a keyboard. Some levels will now feel easier or harder while playing with the controller. It's just the nature of an alternative controller.

Also, you can play the game with a dance pad too! It will be a lot harder and you will look ridiculous in front of your friends, but we did it for the laughs.

The following things have been added too:
  • Some bug fixing
  • You can shoot at two directions at the same time.
  • In the level 64.3, there is a slight increase of the time margin the player has to shoot in both directions to be recognized as a diagonal shot.

What to expect the next update:
  • Finally! The Level Editor will be released with a tutorial on how to create levels and share them.
  • Color blind mode.
  • Color differentiation between blue and purple backgrounds and squares.
Please, let us know what you think!
Mar 21, 2017
64.0 - rebel rabbit

We have been reading all of your feedback and after working all weekend, finally we have our first update!

This update brings some fixes and features you have been asking:

1. We have improved the beat synchronization.

This is the main complaint about the game. And you are totally right. Unfortunately, this is also the most difficult thing to fix, so it took us some time. The game should have better synchronization now, but if you find more issues regarding to this, let us know in the 'discussion section'.

2. There is now an exit button

When we launched the game, we didn't think it was important. But it was important for a lot of you, so we have added an exit button located in the first screen of the Menu Screen.

3. Options screen!

From the Menu screen, go left and you will find an option to switch between fullscreen or windowed mode. You can also raise or lower the volume of the game.

4. Level Editor: Coming soon!

We changed a confusing 'nope' text to 'coming soon'.
This is a really big feature, but we think that you will like to create your own levels. Expect it by the second week of april.


No, we haven't ignored you. We know you want controller support, and you will have it. The next update will bring:
  • Controller support
  • Dance pad support, so you can play while dancing.
  • More sync fixes if needed

That was it.

Thank you so much, guys!

EDIT: A lot of you have written to us, either through Steam or email, and it has been awesome. Thank you for your suggestions and kind words! <3
Mar 17, 2017
64.0 - rebel rabbit

We know how much you like the music of the game.

So now you can download it and listen it all you want!


The DLC is a folder containing six songs. This folder is located in the game's directory, inside the Steam folder.

Steam/steamapps/common/64.0/64.0 Soundtrack

These are the guys that made those AWESOME songs:

Terrell Chavis - Fading

Conor Busse - Schtiffles


Go show them some love!

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