GORN - AfroDaddy
Are you ready for the terror of the Crustacean Crusader?

That's right - the latest GORN update has arrived with a new Champion known as "The Shellbeast"...or "BeupVuta" or, most creatively, "The Crab".

And just like the rest of the Champions, defeating The Crab gives you access to the brand new, skull-crushing, limb removing, Crab Claw Caestus.

We've also added new heavy armour for your enemies, revamped the arena and done the usual assortment of bug fixes and performance improvements.

To celebrate the update, we've released a new trailer featuring the beloved ROKIBE diss track, ‘KIROIM ES BEKI’ from recording artist BE KIROOD:

Click here to see the UNCENSORED version
GORN - AfroDaddy

We’re starting off with an apology: we know it’s been a while since the last update - and this update is a bit smaller than usual.

Our team’s been away on Game Jam Island 2 and Pirate Jam , but since then we got back we’ve all been full force on GORN development again!

This update mostly brings cosmetic and performance improvements, as well as a few fixes.


- New & improved blood

- New night time arena for Champion battles

- A new armor type for enemies

- A Katana

- New title screen
- Rework to the cell for performance
- Combat scene performance improvements
- Fixes/improvements to two handed weapon handling (probably still WIP)
- A rework to how the mobility caestus work, hopefully making them more powerful and less finicky to use
- Several graphical tweaks & improvements to both arenas

As this update goes live, we’re already working on new content for you guys that’ll be coming at you in the next few months!

As always, a huge thanks to the community for all your feedback that shapes our development. Please keep sending us your suggestions, performance complaints and bug reports.
GORN - Shaz

The wait has been long enough - time for a GIANT GORN update, featuring new GIANT things to kill and new GIANT things to kill them with!

Taking too much or too little steroids can have severe adverse effects on the muscular development of a gladiator. Our new champion team, The Giant (and Mitch) demonstrates both!

Be ready for anything with your new trusty sidekick.

Whether you like to defeat your enemies with sheer power, or skill and dexterity, we have one for you!




and by far our most requested weapon...

Bigger and better, and with environmental hazards for you to use against your enemies.

As well as a slew of other features and improvements:
- New look “Low Violence” mode - let us know what you think!
- New difficulty setting under Gameplay Options - now goes up to NIGHTMARE difficulty! Enemies are tougher and more ruthless, and you have less time to recover from hits.
- Improved combat physics and animations
- Improved cell and arena visuals - from our testing performance should be as before or better, let us know if that's not the case for you!
- Option to disable blur
- Improved and expanded options for rotation

BIG thanks to the community as always for all the feedback that was essential in shaping this update. We welcome all bug reports, performance complaints and suggestions! Get in touch via the Steam forums, or:

Email: support@freelives.net
Twitter: @FreeLives
Website: http://freelives.net
Subreddit: http://reddit.com/r/gorn/
Facebook: GORNVR

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GORN - Shaz


This update we're introducing some of our most-requested weapons in the form of caestus.

Each champion you defeat unlocks a new pair of caestus which you can then use in any of the game modes.

Currently unlockable are the Punch, Claw, Grapple, Mobility and Throwing Knife Caestu...ses? Caesti? Caesu?... Gloves!


In the last update, we introduced local multiplayer as an undocumented extra feature for custom modes. Following up on feedback, we've taken that and polished it into a local multiplayer Party Mode!

We've also spent some time refining the controls for the gladiators and brought back VSIM-style controls, 1998's greatest gaming innovation. Settle who gets to go into VR next the GORN way!


▪ Facelift for features in the cell and arena
▪ The character animation and physics have been redone from scratch using an entirely different method. The changes are subtle but very significant, and will allow us to do more with the character going forward. We have an actual simulation of a character's strength now, which wasn't present before, for example.
▪ For those who prefer their killing with less violence, we've improved the Low Violence mode in GORN with new textures and effects, because everyone knows beating the crap out of a piñata is okay.
▪ For those who prefer their killing with more violence, we've adding gibbing and more organs for you to explode!
▪ The Quarterstaff and non-unlockable Spiked Baseball bat have also been added to the game


Get a behind the scenes look into the development of this GORN update with the dev team:


Aug 31, 2017
GORN - Shaz


Per-weapon score attack trials that you unlock alongside each weapon!

Test your skills with each weapon in the new TRIALS mode accessible by pressing the button by each weapon’s unlock display. Each weapon has a unique trial.

We’re testing out this idea, so feedback is welcomed! Which are your favourite and least favourite trials? Are they too long, or too short? Eventually we’d like to add some small unlockable for each, a harder mode for each, as well as leaderboards when the game is closer to completion.


A “custom game” mode with dozens of settings to tweak!

After unlocking endless mode and obtaining at least 15 kills, a new floor is unlocked where you can tweak various game settings.

Game too easy, or too hard? Want to beat up on a bunch of tiny but giant-headed man-babies? No gravity? Immortal(ish) enemies? Want to see what life would be like as a GORN spectator and just watch gladiators go at it? Maybe experience what it’d be like to be the world’s deadliest ant? Now you can finally get the GORN experience you’ve always wanted!

Suggestions for new custom game options are also welcomed!




Other people can play along using gamepads!

You can now take control of enemy gladiators in the Custom modes! Play with up to FOUR players, with or against the VR player as a GORN gladiator!

Simply press “START” on any XBox gamepad connected to the computer while in Custom to activate this mode.

We’re testing this out and will still make refinements to the mode, so feedback is welcomed. Our favourite way to play is “Crawl” mode - whoever manages to defeat the VR player gets the next turn in VR.


Face down the most nimble and elusive Champion to ever set foot in the arena, or cower in terror before the awesome might of the mysterious BADGERMANCER!


Hundreds of physics improvements to weapons and enemies!

Man, we don’t even know where to start…
  • Two handed weapons re-designed and rebuilt from scratch. They should behave FAR more consistently, especially in the hands of enemy gladiators. The hammer has been buffed significantly and is now deemed OP by testers (just like every other weapon in the game)! This is the first time we’ve felt that the two handed weapons behave close to how they should, so we’re pretty stoked.
  • The spear is now far more powerful as a stabbing weapon and can now be used to lift enemies off the ground!
  • On a related note, you can now deal damage by smashing enemies against the terrain!
  • All weapons have been tweaked to be less “springy”, and feel stronger and heavier. Flailing is slightly less effective than before.
  • Significant but subtle changes to how damage and knock calculations are performed - hopefully to be a bit more consistent than before.
  • Enemies are less jiggly, have more moveable parts, and have had their attacks tweaked.
  • FAR fewer random physics explosions (though some do still occur).
  • Arena knockouts behave more consistently.
  • Should be easier to grab the thing that you intend to off the ground!
  • Better combo potential with fists/nunchucks.
  • Disarm enemies by damaging their hands!
  • Stab consistency improvements.
  • And plenty of other stuff we’ve forgotten...


The game runs at a higher framerate overall, and the times when the FPS spikes has been reduced. In addition, there are some basic quality settings now to help address this.

  • New options for easy mode - you deal a little bit of extra damage, and time slows down whenever you get hit.
  • New options for locomotion - switch the GORN style movement to use the grip button for Vive users, and we’ve added an option to have a control to rotate your playspace for those without 360 tracking setups. The controls on Rift should also make a bit more sense.
  • Quality options - If you’re still having framerate issues, these might help. If you do have framerate issues, let us know if these options help or not!

Our art team has been kicking ass and so we have new art for the enemies and a whole overhaul of the arena! Common theme here - let us know what you think. Early Access yay!

New blood! We initially changed it for performance reasons, but we really do prefer the new look! Also it allows us to have MORE BLOOD!


Press SPACE to toggle camera angle and to check out your friend’s sweet moves in glorious third person perspective!

Use WASDEQ to control the motion of the camera.


Although we didn’t have time to give the campaign structure a proper re-work this update, we’ve still addressed a few bugs and issues that caused later levels to be harder than intended. There is much more to do on this front, but it’s certainly much better in this update.

We’ve also addressed a few issues with the archer enemies that should make them a bit more consistent, and the arrows should be easier to dodge and counterplay (without a shield).

We’ve also re-worked how player damage and death works - now, if you get hit, you have some time to score a revenge kill to recover. Each hit makes your recovery time less, so you’ll still need to be careful! Hopefully this system feels less arbitrary than the two hit system, and scales a bit better so that single enemy fights aren’t stupidly easy and multiple enemies aren’t stupidly hard. Again, we are jonesing for your feedback and comments on this, so don’t be shy.


Yes, unfortunately, no new weapons in this update.

We felt we wanted to address some underlying issues and lack of endgame before trying to “widen” the game by adding more content. Rest assured that we’ve already started some work on new weapons, and the next update will be very much focused on new weapons and champions.


All of the changes in this update were driven by fan requests and feedback (except the honey badger, which probably wasn’t requested only because everyone already knew it should be the dev’s top priority). So please, if there are things that you like and dislike, let us know! You can post on the Steam forums, the subreddit, or even chat directly to us on the Discord.

Email: support@freelives.net
Twitter: @FreeLives
Website: www.freelives.net

GORN - Valve
GORN is Now Available on Steam Early Access and is 25% off!*

GORN is a ludicrously violent VR gladiator simulator, made by Free Lives, the developers of Broforce and Genital Jousting.

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