VR Home - DandoVR
Alot of changes and fixes this update, so hopefully I can get onto the fun stuff like custom models and full house creation. Also I wanna say there is an official VR Home twitter account, so go follow for daily updates: https://twitter.com/VRHomeGame
anyway, here is the list of changes:

-It is now alot easier to set-up custom paths as you no-longer need to create your own. Just go to Documents/VRHomeCustom and paste in your custom content
-Posters now save, so there is no need to cycle through every time you restart the game
-Custom skyboxes also save
-Custom skyboxes are no-longer inverted
-You now have to press and let go of the trigger to move something
-The linking menu has been redesigned
-Posters now work 100% of the time
-Application launchers are now setup by placing .exe or shortcuts into Documents/VRHomeCustom/AppShortcuts
-Wall art is no-longer upside down in the custom room
-Save sound is turned down
-Barcelona footrest is no-longer a meter off the ground
-TV Stand is now aligned correctly
-Recipio is no-longer duplicated
-Toilet paper places correctly
-Washbasin places at correct height
-Towel rail no-longer places too far into the wall
-Vase no-longer drops through the floor
-Clock now aligns with the walls
-Sculpture no-longer falls through the floor
-You can now see the decoration bowl
-All posters are operable and no longer have a broken texture
-Amp places correctly

I hope this update makes it easier for people to navigate the game, and fixes alot of your problems. Enjoy :)
Apr 9, 2017
VR Home - DandoVR
-Fixed all collider bugs
-Fixed all duplicates in menu
-Tweaked the spawning sensitivity
Mar 23, 2017
VR Home - DandoVR
A good update this week, one of the first that includes alot of new content! But before I say anything, I just want to mention that if anybody has any confusion when it comes to how things in the game, please join our Discord channel and ask for help :)

-Few bugfixes
-New smooth and less sensitive object placement
-You no longer have to hold the trigger to place objects
-New keyboard for typing (end of misc tab)
-Over 20 new high quality furniture models
-New wall art materials and 15 new materials
-Custom 360 image skyboxes!

This was a hard update to make so I hope people enjoy it. The bugfixes include things like the windows not working and fireplace not working. Any bugs you see please report it to the 'Bugs' tab in the community hub. The new furniture includes new sofas, tables, cupboards, beds and chairs. The new wallart includes a few high quality images that you can put on the walls, for the next update I hope to add the ability to import your own wall art! The biggest change this update is definetely the new skybox importing. This now means you can have your house situated
on a mountain, infront of the Eiffel tower, or even in your own street. I recommend using https://streetviewdownload.eu/ to download your 360 images.
Getting them imported is fairly simple, create a folder with your images, then go to the new 'Skyboxes' tab in the linking menu and paste the path to the folder, your new skyboxes will now be in the skyboxes tab in the menu :)

Custom Skyboxes - http://imgur.com/a/k06b0
New Furniture and Materials - http://imgur.com/a/jr5rC
Feb 25, 2017
VR Home - Dozenbeer
Hello guys,

to celebrate the new update and the growing community, we would like to have a little contest.

Join our Discord channel: https://discord.gg/sPc4ZQ3

and take an ingame photo of your home. It can be a selfie, crazy house, messy house, symmetrical house, whatever you like to send in. Just keep in mind to post only ONE PHOTO.

Post it in the tex channel #show_your_home and win a Steam key for Gone Home + Soundtrack! (Just in case you havent got enough of virtual homes)


We will pick a winner by the end of Friday March 3rd 19:00 CET.

Excited to see your homes and good luck to everyone!
Feb 24, 2017
VR Home - DandoVR
Hey, a decent update this week. The bug reports seem to be slowing down recently which is a good sign, so hopefully this means I can get to work on adding new furniture and functionality from here on in! But anyway, this week we have:

-Shiny objects reflect the environment
-Skyboxes have more impact on the enviroment lighting
-Redesigned the starting scene
-Materials are now seamless instead of tiled
-Retextured some models
-Fixed broken models
-All furniture can be moved with the move function now
-All lamps actually light up now
-Sound plays when saving
-You can nolonger delete yourself from the game
-A few small fixes and changes

Hope you enjoy it. Also check back tomorrow as there will be another announcement!
Feb 19, 2017
VR Home - Dozenbeer
Is the game going to support other HMD like Oculus Rift?
Right now, I dont own an Oculus Rift, but if I get one, I would love to support it.

Is there multiplayer?
Yes, there is definitely going to be multiplayer at some point. We dont know when yet, but its coming.

Will there be more items?
Sure, I will get more and more items in there and try to iclude them as fast as possible. I will support this game with a lot more content.

Will there be more guns?
Yep. Most likely there will be a big gun update, where the main focus is on fireable guns.

Will there be more interactable stuff?

Will there be more textures for the walls?
Oh yes, and there also will be an option for custom texture import.

Will more emulators be featured in the game?
I would like to include even more, but they are actually kinda tricky to do, but you always have the option, to start an emulator on one of the many PC monitors, that display your desktop.

Will you release paid DLC after the game gets out of Early Access?
No, everything is going to be free, in Early Access and even after the official release.

Can I import a custom model?
Not yet, but Im working on it at a later date, its definitely one of the things I wanna have in VR Home. I also would like for people to import their Tiltbrush creations and put them on a shelf.

Can I recreate my real room?
Yes, you can even scale all the furniture to match it up with your real room.
VR Home - Dozenbeer
Discord: https://discord.gg/sPc4ZQ3

We wanted to have a Discord channel to get closer to the community. Whether you already own VR Home or not, we welcome everybody for a chat.

There is also a community support channel, so you can get live support from other players playing the game or help somebody that is new to the game.

From time to time we will launch events where you can send in ingame taken photos (with the camera) and win real prizes, like Steam keys and gifts to various games!

As much as we would like to hear everybody out on suggestions,bugs and support, its not easy to help everyone in a live chat. So, please use the according subforum on Steam for stuff like bug reports.

Please read the rules on the welcome channel and be nice to each other.
Hope you come by and say hello.
Feb 18, 2017
VR Home - DandoVR
Another (quite small) update this time, but some serious problems fixed:

• A move function (You can know move, rotate and scale already placed items)
• The menu no longer spawns as a weird angle
• Easier to change modes on the touchpad
• Fixed bug where items could not be placed on other items
• Fixed gun mags not dropping from the left controller
• Fixed the bug where posters wouldnt snap to walls
• You can actually close the menu now
• Vanity mirrors actually work
• All Youtube videos work now
• Added a close button in the linking menu

Also there is now a forum for bugs and a forum for suggestions :)
Feb 17, 2017
VR Home - DandoVR
Want to apologise to everybody who found the controls difficult or couldn't understand how to use it.To fix this I changed some things:

• New video tutorial that plays on the front page
• Random tips every time you open the menu
• Control scheme rewritten
• Examples when linking to files

I also got a long list of bugs which I have fixed and a few features that I have added:

• Safe now has collision
• Wall monitor is no longer too big for the screen
• Added a save button at the top right of the menu, for people having trouble with saving
• Arcade machine screen is no longer slanted
• Moved the power button icon to the application menu instead of the touchpad
• Billiards cue can now be picked up with both controllers
• Fixed flames coming out of the fireplace in your hand
• The whiteboard now has a cursor, so you can see where you are drawing
• Fixed bug where gun magazines can not be dropped
• Touchpad controls changed so you don't have to button-mash to rotate/scale
• Gameboy controls changed so they are touchpad sensitive instead of having to click
• Menu rotated slightly so its easier to bring up
• Fixed bug where objects wouldn't rotate counter-clockwise
• The windows ACTUALLY work

I hope this narrows down alot of the problems. Any other bugs or things you want changed please send me an email at vrhomegame@gmail.com, or message me on twitter @dandovr
VR Home - DandoVR
To anybody that had problems with the controls or didn't understand how things worked, I have reworked the controls and added a tutorial and tips

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