Dude, Stop - Patomkin
Hello, Chinese (zh_CN) and Portuguese (BR_PT) speakers (and the rest, of course)!
“Dude, Stop” now officially supports both these languages and you are free to try them out right NOW! Plus, it’s Autumn Sale, so 40% off! Get it while it’s hot!


Translations to both languages were provided to us by our amazing fans! They worked long and hard, broke the game a few times, misinterpreted our jokes, but in the end... They did it!! Now, thanks to them, you can fully enjoy the game in two new languages!

Here are their names from our Discord server, so you know who to thank:
  • Wheatup
  • Charmander
  • Kaua0f0m
  • Th(not)animator
  • Storm

  • Added 2 new languages: Chinese and Brazilian Portuguese.
  • Added options to switch languages on the first start of the game.
  • Removed Halloween Event.
  • Added option to divide localization files in multiple files (for easier future patching)


Soon we are planning to release a tiny “Christmas patch” and after that... well, let’s just say that “multiple projects are in the works”! That should be enough for now B)

Thanksgiving Day? Nah, more like Thanks-for-Giving-a-click Day! Discord Server, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and: https://www.patomkin.com/
Dude, Stop - Patomkin
In Halloween’s spirit the game is 40% off, plus we released a Scary Patch - it introduces new bugs! Mha-ha-ha!!


Today we are releasing a tiny patch! It contains new voice lines, some new graphics and YOUR JOKES! From the contest!! That’s right - we finally did it! No need to thank us.
The patch is going to stay live ‘till Monday (November 5), then we gonna roll it back and prep the Christmas patch!

  • Added jokes from the Contest (with lucky fans’ names in the credits)
  • Couple of spooky greetings
  • New Halloween themed art in the menu
  • Halloween cup... Wait, have we finished that? Ok, maybe no Halloween cup :)
  • Sadly, no new puzzles. You can read more about it here: indieDB blog.


Grab the game while it’s on sale, adore flying ghosts in the menu, collect rare Halloween Cup, laugh from new voice lines, and... I’ll go and chew on a pumpkin. CYA!

One of these links doesn’t do what you think it does: Discord Server, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and: https://www.patomkin.com/
Dude, Stop - Patomkin
Hello everyone who likes to save some money! We have good news for you - the first sale for the Dude, Stop is live! NOW!


It’s the first time we are discounting the game!! And it feels scary! I don’t know why! Don’t ask me!! It’s just scary! And don’t ask me why I’m screaming!!

LOCALIZATION (Chinese and Portuguese)

In case you missed - we have a Chinese and Portuguese translations, done by our awesome Discord community! (Thanks to wheatup, Charmander, kaua0f0m, Thanimator and Storm!). They did a tremendous job, and translated every line in the game (only the text, not the voice, though)! If you want to try it out - go here and read how you can install these languages.


In case you missed that as well - the game is on Mac and Linux. Go try for yourself.


We still have a few plans for “Dude, Stop”. We also need to implement new voice lines from the contest we did some time ago... but no dates! He-he.


That’s all! Go grab the game while it’s ON SALE, and enjoy that angry voice all over your ears! CYA LATER, DUDE-STOP-GATER! (I’m sorry) (no I’m not).

Here is our Discord link again, for some reasons (and other stuff): Discord Server, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and: https://www.patomkin.com/
Dude, Stop - Patomkin
Wow, that’s just... We weren't’ expecting this at all!

Hello everyone who just got here from the video! We are happy to see you here, while we’re having a tiny heart attack that it actually happened... But, I guess it’s not a big deal, right? Right? Right? Right?.. Right? Ok, it is a big deal.


In the past week we did a couple of patches and a few announcements, so let me catch you up with what you should expect in the near feature with just a few lines:
  • More puzzles are coming! FOR FREEEE!
  • More LANGUAGES are coming!
  • Linux and Mac are in the open beta NOW, and you can try them, too.
  • We are here, or in Discord, so come on in and say hi!
  • We do have a contest that you can participate in, and win a FREE COPY of the game!! Link and link. (But hurry up, not much time left!)


And now you know everything you need to!! Go on, play it, leave a comment, and please don’t break the game, OK?!

More of us: Discord Server, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and: https://www.patomkin.com/
Dude, Stop - Patomkin
New patch for “Dude, Stop” is out!


We were running closed beta for Linux and Mac for some time now, and since everything is working, it’s time to invite more people! The Open Beta is Live!!

Look at this gif to find out how to download it and test it for yourself and don’t forget to tell us if it worked for you!

Plus, you can read a little more here: → Blog psot ←


Some time ago we promised you localization news and here they are: Localization is now... open!
What does that mean? Well, exactly that. Go into the game’s folder, look for the “Localization” folder and do whatever you want with it!! Add new languages (copy “EN” folder and rename it to something else) or change all current phrases to “I’M GROOT” or something, or... OR! Add new jokes!! Yeap, you can do even that!... Not voiced jokes, but rather those text thingies at the end of the puzzle! Add as much as you like, and share your file with us!

P.S. It’s not a replacement for proper localization - we were preparing files for translators and decided to make them public.


We are still doing the do, still making some adjustment, and still looking forward to your feedback! So don’t forget to share how good your Mac build is working or what imaginary language you managed to add to the game!

Cool folks click these links even if they’ve already clicked them before:
Discord Server, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and: https://www.patomkin.com/
Jun 3
Dude, Stop - Patomkin

Thank you everyone for playing the game, and reporting problems to us! We fixed new bunch, and releasing our next MAJOR patch! Let's see what's in the menu:

  • Getting Completionist achievement should be easier - you don't need cups, that aren't visible.
  • Cheaters achievement won't randomly trigger. You need to use special tactics!!
  • Sounds on the car puzzle won't leak on the next puzzle
  • Ending on the Pack10 won't show 2 screens at the same time
  • Subtitles on/off now properly save its state upon exit
  • You won't find new JigSaw pieces after collecting all 20
  • And few other minor fixes.

That's all we had time to fix today... But wait!! There is more:

  • Localization news are coming
  • Linux build is being tested
  • And... hm. How are you? :D

Discord Server, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and: https://www.patomkin.com/
Jun 2
Dude, Stop - Patomkin

The release was so much fun, and not stressful at all, HAHA!
And now, a day later, few of you reported some problems that we already fixed! But let's do a proper patch notes, like adults do:

  • Fixed some minor gramatical errors
  • Fixed kind of a big thing with the voice - it was causing a variety of problems, like "no ending found" or ... others.
  • Save files are less likely to be corrupt on the ALT+F4 or unexpected exit. Now it uses futuristic system of doing backups and stuff.

If you encounter anything else - please let us know! Oh, and... Don't forget to leave a Review!! He-he! Am... Thanks! :D

Discord Server, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and: https://www.patomkin.com/
Dude, Stop - Patomkin
The game is coming out in just 2 days, so get a look at the Release Trailer featuring all the features!


Let’s remember how the game looks and feels by watching this trailer once again! And then, when your mood is up, just go and buy/play/spread the word about “Dude, Stop”!! And don’t forget to leave your review under the game! THX!

Oh yeah, and in case you have no idea how to get the game, well... We would ask how did you even got here, but sure, here is a link:

→ Steam Store ←


We would love to hear from you how the game works, plays, what joke did you like or what joke made you sad, so please share with us your thoughts and complaints! You can do it here, there, or over there! WE ARE CLOSER than you think!! O_O

Discord Server, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and: https://www.patomkin.com/
Dude, Stop - Patomkin
The game is coming out in just 2 days, so get a look at the Release Trailer featuring all the features!


Before you see the trailer, let us tell you a story about how we got the idea for the game, or how many times we thought about ... Nah, I’m kidding! Let’s just dive in!!

→ Trailer ←


The price for the Dude, Stop will be 12.99€ or 14.99$ with a 10% launch discount for the first week.

And before you take out your pitchforks, just remember that we have 2 contests running, where you can get a FREE COPY of the game!

But in all seriousness, we tried to make the price as low as we could allow it. And before you say “but your game has pixels instead of real art”, just remember that the game is about Voice interactions, and making that Voice angry. Where else can you find something like that?! Exactly!

Read the full statement here: Latest blog post


Tradings cards are finished, achievements are implemented, the game is play-tested daily, Steam approved our game, and even the Release Trailer is out!!... What’s the next logical step?! That’s right - release the game in 2 days, on June 1st! We hope to see you all there! And bring friends, yeah!!

99% can’t even click these links. Can you?! Are you special?! PROVE US: Discord Server, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and: https://www.patomkin.com/
Dude, Stop - Patomkin
Let’s talk about the Contest, Localizations, and... another Contest?

CONTEST #1 and #2

For the last couple of days we’ve been trying to run two contests on our Discord server, where we already gave away a couple of FREE COPIES of the game on Steam. And it’s going kinda well! So let’s extend it to this cozy place as well!

How do you participate? Well, you need to take a picture of something that suits the “Dude, Stop” spirit, or you need to come up with a joke! That easy!... But full rules are a little bit longer, so go read them in Contest #1 or Contest #2 discussions or in our latest Blog post here..

For more motivation, you can scroll through the submissions so far on this special website: http://duckabase.com
And don’t ask why it’s called like that. Just don’t.


Now onto the Bad news!!
On the day of the release, June 1st, “Dude, Stop” will have only 1 language: English voice over and English subtitles/UI.

We sincerely apologize to everyone who was waiting for this feature, and for false promises from our side. We hope to make it up to you shortly after the release.

The reason is that we cramped too much text and voice into the game and in the end we had no time to translate it before the release. But worry not! Localization IS available in our game, with all the “change language” options and fully working implementation. We just need to get ourselves a proper translator and some time. So expect more news about it after the release!

Please read this and other news here (and 4 new screenshots, as always!!)

--> More information <--


We have submitted the game to Steam for a review. We already have achievements, and currently working on Trading cards and badges. Oh, and the Release trailer is also coming along nicely!


Once again, sorry for promising too much. But localization will return a little bit later, since all the support for it is already built in and tested. And we still hope to see you on the day of the release for moral support, at least, so don’t go away! Trailer soon, contest in progress, and we’re in Discord! That’s all.

One of the conditions* to win a FREE COPY of the game, is to follow all this links: Discord Server, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and: https://www.patomkin.com/

* not really, but it made you click, didn’t it!?!

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