MOTHERGUNSHIP - blankslatejoe
Hi, everyone! We’ve got a new hot fix for you. There’s a ton of bug fixes in this update! Included in this update are a LOT of coop fixes to parts and upgrades (this should address many of the lost part issues with coop), some optimization work on FX, some fixes to a lot of sound assets, and some soft lock issues...and a LOT of smaller polish level bugs on rooms, collision, lighting, navmesh, translations, and balance.

Thanks again for all your support, Mothergunship fans!

Here are the full notes:
  • Dragon Boss Visibility in Coop is fixed
  • Fixed issue with player losing parts if they accepted a coop invite mid-crafting
  • Adjusting populations of 98_007, 04_25, 05_008, 04_004, 98_009, 05_002, 05_014, 05_009, 05_031, 05_006, 01_004, 01_024, 02_021, 02_027, 05_025, 05_027, 05_035, 04_007, 02_009, 03_006, 03_021, 03_024, 03_041, 05_040, 05_007, 05_005, 02_021, 01_056, 03_022, 05_027, 01_11, 05_002, 03_003, 03_038
  • Adjusted airlock positions in 01_20, 01_19, 01_16, 01_54
  • Adjusting navmesh, clipping, gaps, and visual bugs in 05_029, 01_53, HQ_brain, 96_1, 03_12, Shop_Random_001, 01_013, 02_009, 01_004, 05_022, 01_048, 01_007, Set01_boss02, 05_021, 03_024, 01_063, 04_004, 03_044, 05_029, 02_19, 02_025, 05_015, 05_020
  • Changed project to show only build number as version number
  • Added first fire delay to gnats
  • Slight HP nerf to mega bombbot
  • Fixed potential bug where player could get stuck inside loot alcoves if a second wave of mobs appeared
  • Fixed issue with player potentially getting trapped in pachinko secret room
  • Improved issues with One Shot Wonder and Load balancer
  • Buffed Bunny Hopper item
  • Progress Bar graphical glitch fixed
  • Added rare chance for pipe mails to spawn in endgame
  • Added notification event to when wingman is invited to coop
  • Adjusted rocket acceleration bug
  • FX optimization of some of the gun projectiles
  • Fixed a ton of audio concurrency and sound misclassifications
  • Fixed a few missing translation keys
  • Fixed logic for spawning loot alcove to prevent player from getting stuck in rooms that spawn them and nothing else.
  • Fixed issue with Fist Damage upgrade not properly applying to player
  • Fixed issue with doorguards never spawning anymore
  • Fixed issue with armory upgrades reapplying on respawn in coop
  • Improved barrel 301 animations
  • Fix to potential invincibility exploit when no upgrades were active
  • Fixed more issues with replicating armory upgrades
  • Optimization of orb gun FX, chain gun
  • Refined dragon fight population to make the fight a little more fair, but also buffed boss
  • Toned down bloom of laser FX
  • Fixed mob icon of dragon boss
  • Slight nerf on major spidertank
  • Fixed mystery shop pedestal pricing
  • Fixed missing additional rewards in nightmare

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MOTHERGUNSHIP - (Dominic Tarason)

I was looking for an excuse to return to roguelike FPS Mothergunship, and today’s free “Namengineers” update looks like a fine reason, adding a little more of everything. When I reviewed it in July, I thought it was technically impressive but still a little under-baked, with too few environments, enemy types and an oft-frustrating economy. Looking at the patch notes for today’s update, Grip Digital claim to improved on all that, tightening its gun-crafting systems and adding a new playmode encouraging building very big, daft guns. Below, a brief peek at a new environment type.


MOTHERGUNSHIP - blankslatejoe

So, we just released a new MAJOR content update today, free for all PC owners (coming soon to consoles in the coming weeks). This update brings a slew of new features, a whole new story campaign, and tons of bugfixes, improvements, and balance adjustments!

NEW “What’s in a Name?” Campaign: Follow along as the Resistance brings on an unfortunate number of new crew members, discovers a mysterious new threat to humanity, reveals chilling secrets about the Alien Armada, and then fails horribly at giving any of them good names!

Unfortunately, we can’t tell you the name of this new playground to fight in or it would spoil a bunch of jokes. Here’s a pretty screenshot of it instead.

And…with a new ship…comes a new boss…the intimidatingly good-looking DRAGON TRAIN. Goodluck, soldier!

So, maybe basing all our jokes around names was a bad idea. Unlocked by beating the new story campaign, a new way to play MOTHERGUNSHIP awaits you: one filled with challenges that encourage bigger, beefier, weapons!

We’ve been listening to our fans and working hard to bring them an experience that everyone can enjoy. Whether this means encouraging you to build larger guns or smoothing out the earlier mission difficulty a bit, we’ve been paying attention and have acted!

  • Looking for more things to kill? Face off against the Drill Jaw, Electric Hound, Rolling Energy Turret, and the dreaded…uh…Dreadbot.
  • Tired of running out of gun energy? Find a new Energy Fountain and show your foes the power of unlimited Ammo!
  • Find yourself needing more guns? The New Patented Item and Part Emitter (P.I.P.E. Mail) Delivery System lets you summon gunparts from the HQ…for a price!
  • Feeling lucky? Roll the dice with the Mystery Shops! Perhaps you’ll score a Legendary Gun Part!
  • Miniboss Fights! Think you were getting out of that ship that easily?
  • Also, new loot alcoves, new Timer Rooms, new special gun parts, new electric hazards, new ways to die in Dice Roll rooms, a lot of new rooms of the other ship types, 3 new music tracks to enjoy, a whole heap of bug fixes, optimizations, and adjustments, and a whole lot more other stuff!
Actually, we should just post the whole patch notes list, because it's massive.

  • New pops for many existing rooms
  • Rebalanced Weapons, energy recharge, mob, mission difficulty, and bullet speed, settings to have a narrower spread between low tier and high tier, resulting in easier earlier game, mostly unaffected late game, and slightly more difficult Endless mode super-late game
  • New endgame repeatable mission using Reactor Set, allowing for better construction of more planned out guns, farming of more money, and farming of more parts
  • New Reactor Set and 40 new rooms, mission icons, custom action and ambient music, and mission map screen ships
  • Additional Acute, Foundry rooms, neon and MGS rooms
  • New Drill Jaw, Electric Hound, Dreadbot, Rolling Energy Turret mobs
  • New Hazards and Tools: Energy Pylon, Shock Geyser, Shock spikes, Shock floor type
  • New PipeMail system
  • New hurtloot loot and diceroll room type
  • Additional death/win VO lines added
  • New reactor system parts: 3 barrels and one connector
  • New Keyloot and timer door room types
  • New Airlock type: Loot airlock
  • New Shop type: Mystery item
  • New Dragon Boss
  • New DamageType to support electrical themed mobs and elements
  • New miniboss mobtypes, UI elements, population schemas, and
  • Challenges added
  • Addition entire new story campaign with localization
  • New electrical dropped mines for player and mobs
  • Added Reactor maps to endgame loop

  • Many Many Gap, pathing, navmesh, visual, collision, spawning, performance, sizeflag, and other kinds of fixes for many existing rooms of all sets
  • Blocked ability to emote during crafting or other submenu usage
  • Fixed bug in airlocks potentially softlocking player in a combat room
  • Many Typo fixes to main campaign, general dialog, and subsystem strings
  • Secret accessibility fixes for MGS
  • Fixed potential problems with barrel barrel collision
  • Improved stacking/unstacking logic
  • Improved user invites on PRESS START screen scenarios
  • Connection error improvements and revised logging
  • HUD invitation adjustments for visual clarity
  • Achievement unlock bugfixes for HOPPY FROGGY
  • Fixed Timer countdown for server based invites
  • Added airlock safeguards to softlock
  • Optimized a few FX for performance
  • Fixed issues with gunparts not being shown on host when emoting
  • Improved part-selling hitches on consoles
  • Added crash protection for replication scenarios involving actor destruction
  • Switched out nicknames for onlineID during matchmaking for clarity
  • Fixed issues with missing attachment data on mob beginplay
  • Localized many errors and connection issues for better future reporting
  • Improved station interaction icon behavior problems where interact icon could get stuck
  • Fixed issue with pause menu still allowing player movement input
  • Fixed bug with parts being improperly marked as equipped during loadout
  • Fixed potential infinite loop in item inventory and overall inventory performance issues
  • Improved shop text layout readability
  • Fixed issue with game language being forced to whatever OS language was
  • Fixed issue with Energy recharge getting locked to 0
  • Fixed some doors in neon and MGS that were forced to always be shops
  • Fixed some issues with secrets not spawning loot correctly
  • Fixed exploits with some mobs being unable to properly aim if you ran too close to them
  • Fixed map loading exploits in main menu
  • Fixed issues with some challenges not completing in a bunch of rooms

For those asking specifically about the balance changes, here's a short bit on that:
A small but super impactful change is that we've taken the gray/blue guns and buffed them a bunch, allowing for the weaker guns to still be an option without things getting as bullet spongy. We've also increased the stash size (well that was an old change but was the first part of this rebalance) and amount of items you can bring into a lot of missions, allowing for much bigger guns and much more over the top gameplay. Then we did a pass on all mobs for sanity checks of their HP with the new weapons. And then the new miniboss challenges give you a bit more of an end-level challenge (for some missions, not all the time), and a higher bullet-speed scaling cap helps reign in those super high endless mode runs a little. The main campaign difficulty was lowered, but the endgame now has door timers, which means you can't rush-complete things quite so much there. And then, finally, we created a whole new mode where you can use your stash to plan out a nice gun over many rooms while also stocking up on parts and finding more gold--so losing as endgame MGS run isn't quite as severe of a setback. Also, in the MGS endgame minicampaign, we made it so you only need to complete TWO of the three paths to progress to the MGS itself. We made it so more mobs drop the temp stat upgrades, making things a bit easier and added loot alcoves, which are nice buff for the player as well.

Whew! Anyway, we worked super hard on this update and hope you all enjoy it!

MOTHERGUNSHIP - blankslatejoe
I’m excited to announce that the MOTHERGUNfriendSHIP Update for MOTHERGUNSHIP is now LIVE! As the name might imply, this update adds the ability to play with a friend to Mothergunship. Thank you for all the folks who helped us with this by jumping into earlier Alpha branches. Your feedback and insight was massively helpful.

So dive into the action with your favorite buddy: show them your most ridiculous creations, argue with them about who should get which gun parts from the store and enjoy taking down the Mothergunship..uh..together!

COOP is available once you have gotten access to your Headquarters (so, after the intro/tutorial) and from there you can enter the door in your Headquarters labeled “Portal”, where you can invite a friend into your progression through the game. Together you can fight through the entire rest of the campaign, all the side missions, as well as Endless and Sandbox modes. Feel free to also tackle the Endgame Campaign, which has been tuned quite a bit in response to player feedback.

We've got a WHOLE LOT of other changes with this patch as well. Here are the full patch notes:

Main Coop features:
  • Co-op play introduced!
  • Invite your buddy to your campaign using new summoning portal in HQ
  • Show buddy cool emotes!
  • Throw coins at your buddy
  • Fallen buddy can play as turret mounted to your shoulder!
  • Resurrect fallen buddy in new resurrect chambers added to airlocks (only some are active, some aren't)
  • More !

  • New mob baby bombot added to missions
  • New mob charger bombot added to missions
  • New mob mega bombot added to missions
  • New MGS, Foundry and Harbringer rooms
  • Inventory size increased to 200
  • Gun parts now stacks in inventory
  • Additional inventory slots can be purchased in Black Market
  • Gun parts can be sold to Smuggler in Black Market
  • Gun parts offered in Black Market are now refreshed automatically after purchase
  • Smuggler now reacts to your actions
  • Weapon part stats are visible on mouse hover in mission control map
  • Option to restart story campaign without losing overall progress and collected parts added to mission control map
  • Additional music tracks added to endless modes
  • Coop related keybinds
  • New art for rolling lava gun FX
  • A handful of new Win/Loss Colonel lines for your audio enjoyment.

  • Main campaign, endgame & endless mode balancing (difficulty, length, shops, drop chances, projectiles speed)
  • Only 2 branches are now needed to be completed to access MGS in endgame campaign
  • New mission types in endgame campaign
  • Weapon parts balancing (buffed weaker barrels like flamethrower, rolling lava, energy burst, sawblade...)
  • Balance of parts spawn chance
  • Mobs balancing
  • Lowered health of spidertanks and doorguards
  • Two seconds delay added to gnats shooting

  • Fixed Let's Get Physical achievement
  • Fixed Welcome to Fight Club achievement
  • Several challenge logics improved to be completed after room is cleared
  • Fixed Armory points assiging/removing outside of armory
  • Fixed mob HP bar not updating properly sometimes
  • Multishot is now accounted into DPS calcululation in gun crafting
  • Fixed scaling issue with Connector 1-Long
  • Fixed HP boost from champion not being correctly initialized
  • First boss loot spawns adjusted (positions, prohibited to spawn nothing).
    adjusted collision to try and fix a few reported issues of mission loot in secrets in some rooms.
  • BlackMarket lost&found slot rebuy fixed.
  • Fixed issue with healer unable to evaluate VIPWeight thus importance of mob to heal causing no healing.
  • Fixed issue with some guns not properly showing ANY fx when they were in low quality mode. These obviously won’t look as good as high quality mode, but they should have at least SOME FX representation
  • Fixed issue with money collected statistics miscalculated on mission start in special use case
  • Moved few options from graphics menu to gameplay menu,
  • Added HUD Hurt flashing option
  • Collected coins visualization in reward screen
  • Achievements
  • Fixed issue with voiceover table not initialized resulting in no voiceover playing in missions
  • Improved Spawn-In timing for certain enemies with Spawn-In animation.
  • Fixed issue with camera shake not affected by Screenshake Magnitude setting from option menu
  • Fixed issue with rebind button causing infinite loop.
  • Fixed weapons not shooting when recharged while holding mouse button
  • Refactored Spidertank to base off of more recent mob classes, which came along with some rebalancing work
  • Refactored Laser Trap/Disco Balls to base off of more recent mob classes

Known issues
  • Shoulder turret mode camera clips geo sometimes
  • Shoulder turret doesn’t have crosshair
  • Shoulder turret has infinite energy
  • Respawning dead player lacks spawn in sfx and vfx
  • Your own character doesn’t render hands/guns during emote on your screen. Your coop buddy sees it though.
  • There’s a typo in one of the new script lines! This has been fixed, but didn’t make the update cutoff.
  • Known issue : friendly fire committed by explosive projectiles plays hit effect (doesn't damage though)
  • New Colonel Win/Loss lines are not localized yet into non-english lines

MOTHERGUNSHIP - blankslatejoe
Hello all! We're busy working away on the coop patch, but in the meantime we're pushing this minor bug patch. Here are some notes.

Improved spawn dissolve-in timing for bloaters, twerps, staplehounds and healers
Fixed champions not getting HP initialized to full health
Enemy stats balancing
Refined generation method for lost and found
Improved preset loadouts for MGS dungeon (exclusion of some melee barrels and low slot connectors)
Fixed audio positioning of airlock (close/open sound)
Fixed some achievements

Removed a few potentially inaccessible secrets
Fixed many z-fighting issues
Adjusted many secrets so they won't be covered by invincible turrets
Fixed minor gaps and collision and population issues in many rooms
Fixed hovering airlock issues in a few rooms
Fixed mobs spawning below crazy floor in a few rooms

Improved Barrel barrel visuals

Changed online services to use HTTPS instead of HTTP

As for Coop--we'll be pushing that out later this month! Wish us luck in this final push.
MOTHERGUNSHIP - blankslatejoe
Hey folks!
Well, it's been a busy week since we launched! We just pushed a new patch to Mothergunship with a healthy dose of fixes and tweaks. While every patch will come with a lot of minor adjustments to levels (fixing gaps, collision issues, etc) and balance (tuning mobs, populations, etc.). The biggest addition to this particular update is a more robust options menu. Most notably:
  • Allow for hotkey rebinding of E/Interact/SkipDialog
  • Separated mouse sensitivity x/y axes
  • Allow for mouse sensitivity to be set anywhere from 0-3 (basically, double the max, this is useful for some)
  • Allow for more granular mouse sensitivity via smaller increments
  • Allow for more options in the Mhz framerate cap (for 100hz) NOTE: This option has a newly discovered issue. We've found a resolution and will push a hotfix soon.
  • Start in borderless windowed to try and resolve some of the at-launch resolution issues (we might need more community feedback on this, since it's highly dependent on individual user setups)
  • Add option to turn off/on Hud Flashing from picking up items
  • Add option for invert Y ONLY in crafting menu, (split from main invert Y)
  • Add option to either scaler/disable screenshake...OR MAKE IT TWICE AS STRONG (yes, people did request that).

Some of these were put together pretty quickly to address community feedback..and as a result there might be issues still. We welcome further feedback as well.

Meanwhile, we continue to work away on the Coop update coming in August, and invite you to try it. If you are feeling brave, and you don't mind a little construction dust, then please head on over to our DISCORD ( where there are instructions on how to access the Alpha branch, as well as some warnings.

Thanks so much
Now that MOTHERGUNSHIP has been released, it is the perfect time to take a trip down memory lane and show you what the road has been like.

Find out more in our new blog post.
Tower of Guns - (Dominic Tarason)


Mothergunship is about big, stupid, hand-crafted guns and exploding robots. Successor to Terrible Posture Games’ Tower of Guns and co-developed by Czech studio Grip Digital. It’s a roguelike-ish “Bullet Hell” FPS about raiding procedurally generated alien spaceships, hoarding gun-barrels and bolting them onto your remarkably agile power armour. A denser game than its predecessor, its complex systems are dressed up in breezy, comedic style, but its many turning gears grind against each other far too often.


Hello Everyone!

The wait is over! We are very excited to announce that MOTHERGUNSHIP is now available on Steam!

Check out this post where you can find a list of known issues that will be fixed within the next few days. In case there is any other bug that you encounter while playing, please report it to our team and we will do our best to fix it as soon as possible.

Post-launch features
We are going to support the game by releasing new content and features post-launch. Below is a list with some of the main features that will be added to the game in the near future.
- Online co-op mode (August update)
- Leaderboards
- Daily challenges
- More gun parts and rooms
- More enemies

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