Interstellar Transport Company - mt_worlds
We're back with another small update! This adds one new feature and corrects some bugs from the 1.1 patch that released last week. Please continue to leave any bug reports or suggestions in the Steam forums or on our discord and we will do our best to correct these in a timely manner! Thank you all for your continued support.

November 30, 2019, v1.1.2 PATCH NOTES:
-Added Dilithum fuel load amount rule to route stops
-Fixed ignore reorder button being hidden when ordering new rockets
-Fixed order ship screen bounding box issue
-Fixed mp clients having the wrong number of passengers on planets
-Updated translations sheet
Interstellar Transport Company - mt_worlds
After some serious delays (thank you for your patience) we have finished putting together all the new content and features for our v1.1 patch! We're very excited to bring this to everyone.
While not the highlight of the patch, you'll definitely notice a host of balance changes when first booting up the game again, we think you'll find these changes enhance the mid-game gameplay quite a lot and allow you to explore that portion of the game in more detail, which we've heard lots of complaints about prior to this patch.

The biggest changes to ITC in 1.1 are the addition of generation ships and warp gates. These both enhance the late game substantially. Generation ships will spawn for interstellar colonies with very high habitability and high water availability. Carrying 100 million passengers, they instantly create a new interstellar hub, adding an entirely new dynamic to the interstellar phase of the game!

Warp gates are an end game technology that will allow your ships to travel between star systems instantaneously. These can only be constructed around gas giants as they require large gravitational fields to function. Ships still need to spend dilithium fuel to make the journey. This is an excellent addition that we've been wanting to add for quite some time!

There are many dozens of other fixes and improvements (some of which you can see listed below in the patch notes). Please feel free to leave us any and all feedback. Thank you again for your continued support and enjoy all the new features!

Patch notes:
-Added 5 new techs to the tech tree
-Added buildable warp gates for ships to warp to other systems
-Added "deliver and distribute" delivery rule for setting up distribution hubs
-Added seed value option for custom galaxy generation
-Added generation ships to advance interstellar colonies into new earths
-Added pad locking options, unlocked, ship only or rocket only
-Removed ability to exploit spaceport size increases and rebalanced gate prices
-Tweaks to order ship screen to make things more logical
-AI will now build research stations at all planets it can if it makes sense.
-Increased research point cost of many mid-game technologies
-Decreased effectivness and efficiency of higher tier research stations
-Rebalancing of delivery prices for Rare Resources, Machinery, and Consumer Goods
-Slight rebalancing of delivery and ship prices
-Added dev console for sandbox mode commands
-Added random names loading from file
-Added translations loading from file
-Fixed a bug where passengers would not route through third hops
-Fixed a bug with empty drones getting sent in error
-Fixed a bug with ai sending ships to planets with no owned gates
-Fixed a bug with deliver and hold
-Added more missing strings to improve translations
-Console command tweaks
-Spaceports screen tweaks
-Plant view colour blind tweak
-Order ship screen unresearched ship tweaks
-Fixed bug where you could lock other company pads
-Fixed bug effecting drone counter
-Updated translations sheet
-Many other small UI tweaks, bug fixes and improvements
Interstellar Transport Company - mt_worlds
I hope everyone had a wonderful summer! We've been putting the finishing touches on the newest content patch and are playtesting it in advance of its release in a week or two. Full patch notes will be released alongside the patch, but I thought I would give everyone a taste of what to expect with this big patch!

Firstly we've added warpgates!

These are a really interesting new feature that will allow players to jump between systems quickly instead of having to use the old warp drive to move. They can only be built around gas giants as they rely on the intense gravity of these planets to function! This means gas giants have even more utility now. You only need one per system and ships will use the gates whenever possible. They still spend dilithium fuel when they jump, it is just now a much quicker journey.

The second big feature is a bevy of new late game techs! Including the aforementioned warp gate technology.

These techs will add a lot more longevity and interesting decisions late in the game!

The third really big feature of this patch is the distribution delivery rule. This can only be used on planets with a distribution hub and receiving center. This allows you to setup "warehousing planets" more simply than previously. Now the cargo will immediately flow logically to the planet that needs it most within the distribution hub's range.

The fourth big addition are generation ships. These ships will be sent to distant star systems with a planet that is highly habitable. They carry 100 million people and will instantly offload a large number of people from your starting planet (Earth) to this new distant world! It's an exciting new concept that should spice up the interstellar phase of the game some!

There are a bunch of other smaller, but still very significant changes such as more performance optimizations, the ability to lock pads for multi-use or rockets only, random seed for galaxy generation, more color blind support, all future ships visible on order ships screen so you can judge their worth, etc..

You can help us test all of this by opting into the pre-release build in betas. Please don't forget to leave us your feedback here, in the discussion forums, or on Discord! Or just wait another week or two and this will all be live in the game for everyone! =)
Interstellar Transport Company - mt_worlds
Hi everyone, I really want to stress how thankful we are for the reception we have gotten through full launch. We know that it hasn't been all roses though. Lots of you have very valid complaints, mostly about the user interface. We have addressed a LOT of those concerns over the past month. Everything from scaling and tutorial issues to data presentation quirks has been adjusted to make the game more palatable for you.

Chris spent a ton of time combing through all the posts, reviews, and discord chats.. compiling all the feedback into a massive spreadsheet. He then used this to prioritize things that came up most frequently. By far the biggest complaints were about the UI. We grossly underestimated how negatively people felt about the UI in early access and we apologize, but I think we've made very big improvements!! If you haven't' checked the game out since it launched in May, have a look, it's a very different experience from a UI perspective.

Another frequent complaint he saw was the tutorials. We put links to the video tutorial in-game since most people have seemed to prefer that format. Perhaps in the future, we will create a new tutorial, or maybe just expand on the video tutorial format.

We closed a number of exploits, added a large amount of missing text from the translations, made some pretty significant balance changes where needed. We've also added 11 technologies to the tech tree in the past month since many of you were working through all the new techs much faster than anticipated! Finally, we also removed the company hangars as they really were not working out as originally designed. The purpose they were supposed to serve can be filled by simply over-delivering cargo to a planet directly.

I think all of this adds up to a hugely improved experience! If you agree, please take a moment leave us a review here on Steam. It helps us a ton and we really got quite hammered at launch with negative reviews due to some of these issues. Hopefully everything is headed in the right direction!
Thanks again for your continued support!!

A pretty small patch here today for 1.0.4 Please let us know if you run into any issues or have any suggestions.

-Added ability for drones to auto supply dilithium fuel
-Balance changes to luxuries production and production boost from robotics
-More balance changes to pirates and security stations
-Fixed a number of issues with filters
-Number of improvements to AI building of industries
-Added even more missing strings to improve translations
-Many other small UI tweaks, bug fixes and improvements
Interstellar Transport Company - mt_worlds
Thank you to everyone for our great launch! We've got a nice big patch for everyone. This includes a ton of fixes that have been requested by the community over the past month. Lots of UI and quality of life improvements, some exploit fixes and much more!

After this patch, we will be working on more new content and a larger patch. We're thinking of adding some victory conditions and a proper end to the game (you can still continue playing if you wish of course) along with adding warp gates to the game as an extremely late-game tech. I hope this sounds interesting to everyone and I would love to hear your feedback on these ideas!

-Added 5 new techs, thruster efficiency 3 and drone efficiency 1 to 5
-Added civil war random event, increases demand for weapons or medicine
-Added game speed 5
-Added over 200 missing strings to improve translation coverge (more to come!)
-Added cross filtering for financial summary drop down filters
-Added route screen filters
-Improvements to filters general use
-Improvements to spaceports screen, added reseaction stations page, weekly changes page, supply/demand page and system filter
-Improvements to ui drop down and scroll view menus, including alpha-numberical ordering and fixing scroll speeds
-Improvements to tooltips to better explain things, mainly in order ship screen and plant view
-Lot of other UI tweaks and improvements, inculding on the planet view and routes screen
-Fixed issue with line of credit, not being able to repay full amount to zero balance
-Fixed an issue with conditions expiring on wrong date
-Fixed an issue with interstellar ships and rockets bringing to much fuel
-Balance changes to pirates to make them more of a real threat to shipping
-Removed Company Hanger
-Added some building limitations and restrictions
-Many other small UI tweaks, bug fixes and improvements
Interstellar Transport Company - mt_worlds
Today we're putting out a patch which hopefully helps the new player experience a bunch along with addressing some bugs people have run into. There's lots of good stuff in here, but our favorite (and the most noticeable change) is the resize, move and help handles on all the UI windows! This should make things easier on new players struggling to see something in the UI. The patch notes are below, and we hope everyone enjoys the new changes!

We want to take a few moments to talk about the future development of Interstellar Transport Company. We will continue supporting this game for years and working on new content, optimizations, and other features for as long as we are able and wanted to share some of our plans with you all. We've decided on a few things we want to add in the next couple of content patches. We would also love to hear your ideas on this and for further future development! So here is our roadmap of planned features:
-More technologies, including some that are "forks" in the tech tree path. This should provide some really interesting decisions on how players and AIs develop their companies!
-Warpgates, very late game tech allowing for instantaneous transportation between systems.
-More events (including political upheavals, wars on planets and embargoes etc...)
-Contracts (allowing companies to claim sole shipping rights to certain planets or earn a stable income for meeting terms of contract etc...)

Thank you again for all your support, we appreciate it immensely!

June 7, 2019 v1.0.2 PATCH NOTES:
-Added resize, move, and help handles to all windows.
-Added "Wait for full load" for passengers.
-Adjusted scaling of supply / demand graphs to be a more informative to players
-Added Help interface (this is a work in progress, we will continue to add more useful information to this)
-Changes to the in-game popup tutorials to be more informative and guiding to new players and less spammy.
-Reduced drone cargo maintenance amounts.
-Added drone ship type filter to ledger for better visibilty of drone profits and losses.
-Default delivery rule for human players is now "Deliver and Store"
-Fixed a bug with Stellarium that was causing it to be used at much higher rates than intented when first discovered.
-Added 3 dedicated autosave slots.
-Reversed colors on scroll views to make it more apparent which item you have selected.
-Fixed a bug causing less population to be removed from a planet when passengers were picked up than were actually delivered.
-Fixed an audio issue preventing music from playing in busy areas of space.
-Reformatted some text sizes and panels to make the UI a bit more cohesive looking.
-Reduced max amount of stars possible in custom game and reduced stars in predefined games.
-Possible fixes for graphical issues on some linux platforms
Interstellar Transport Company - mt_worlds
Thank you all so much for all the support you've shown us, and thank you for your confidence as we work through some of these launch week growing pains! We have now sold over 15,000 copies of Interstellar Transport Company which is good news! We are so excited that we will be able to continue improving and building on this game!

We have been listening and working vigorously to get some of these issues taken care of. A lot of people have been having UI issues, especially scaling issues. We have made some changes to address these. Also, please remember that you can scale individual UI windows by holding the right mouse button over the window and dragging to scale up or down. We have also heard the problems with the tutorials, we've made some changes that should improve that, and included links to the official video tutorial I made for the launch. Hopefully, people find that useful! I prefer video tutorials over in-game tutorials, and I'm sure there are plenty others out there that feel the same. There are dozens of other fixes, some too small to list, but hopefully we've fixed your issue if you were having one! Please let us know if we haven't yet and we'll address it as quickly as we can.

Also, here is a link to the video tutorial if you haven't seen it yet:

In addition to the fixes, we've decided to add some more content in the form of six new technologies! Many of you playing have flown through the tech tree much quicker than we anticipated. We have added some late-game techs to give you places to spend your points towards the end of the game and also we have made late game techs more expensive to balance things a bit better. We hope you all enjoy this bit of new stuff!

May 27, 2019 v1.0.1 PATCH NOTES
-Added 6 late game upgrade techs
-Some UI Scaling fixes and more tooltips & tutorial references describing scaling individual windows. (You can do this by holding down the right mouse button on a window and dragging)
-Added video tutorial link to tutorials menu and the main screen.
-Drone range map mode added
-Sporadic multiplayer research bug fixed
-Players no longer need to click edit and save to change the route in the ships screen.
-Rebalanced late game technology costs
-Fixed several issues with ships and repair ships getting stuck in bad states
-Fixed some issues with ship details camera
-Fixed various tutorial issues
-Fixed 3d information windows sometimes rotating into very poor positions.
Interstellar Transport Company - mt_worlds
Thank you!

I just got done hitting the big green button after working on Interstellar Transport Company for 3 years. It's an amazing feeling to be here and we are so incredibly grateful that we've had so much support and feedback from you all along the way. We definitely couldn't have made this as great a product as it is without a lot of your help! Also, We are not finished, and this is not the end for this game! We still have plans to add more content and continue improving it. We would love to hear your feedback on where you want us to take it from here.

Need Help?

Firstly before I go into the patch notes, I know there will be some people who pickup this game and are all like "so... how do I play this??" No worries! I stayed up until 4am last night making you a video tutorial Tutorial ːsteamhappyː It's quite informative, and even if you get through the first 10 minutes, it should give you a very good idea of how to play the game!

There are multiple ways to reach us. The best is probably Discord if Discord isn't your thing, then the Steam discussion boards are also a great spot!

If your problem is in game, we prefer a bug report from in-game if possible. Simply go to menu > bug report.

We're here to help! Don't hesitate to reach out with your issues or suggestions.

v1.0 Patch Notes

Finally, here are the patch notes! We've been working tirelessly to polish this up and give you tons of quality of life improvements, we couldn't be happier with the results. The other programmer and I were discussing yesterday and we agree that we did the absolute best we could with this and we're both extremely proud of how far this has come! I truly hope you enjoy this and I am truly grateful for your support! Thank you, -Mike and the MT Worlds team

-New Order ship screen
-New volumetric galaxy dust and appropriately selected star system backdrops based on position within the galaxy.
-Night lights on all planets which change based on population of the planet.
-Big improvements to AI! They will be competitive throughout the entire game now.
-Three new scenarios in predefined games including starts in the Trappist1 and HD10180 star systems!
-2 New ships, an interstellar rocket and the KV5 ferry
-The D530 was made smaller and cheaper, the 949 was made larger and more expensive to give them both more unique functionality.
-Selecting a route "highlights" the ships that are assigned to that route.
-New song selection method and more music including an epic 10 minute track.
-Updated Unity version for improved stability and development features.
-Multiple graphic optimizations
-Can now duplicate a route
-Can clone multiple ships at once
-Rebalanced Tourists so there are more in the game when appropriate.
-Available loan tweaks
-New more appropriate net worth calculation
-Tooltips in the main menu
-Multiple fixes to the way drones handle cargo.
-Improved game sound effects.
-Performance improvements
-Updated translations
-Added new Asian fonts
-Fixed some UI issues when in a different language
-Fixed Stellarium supply issue
-Fixed issues with Genetic Materials and Xenobiologics
-Fixed money pop up visible in wrong system
-Changed rendering order of ship and planet icons
-Added hotkey SHIFT + ALT + F = in game FPS counter
-Added hotkey SHIFT + ALT + B = in game bug report tool
-Added hotkey SHIFT + ALT + S = screenshot, while in screenshot mode
-Updated and improved in game bug reporting tool.
-MANY more smaller fixes, features, and improvements!
Interstellar Transport Company - mt_worlds
We're so excited to announce that Interstellar Transport Company is launching out of Early Access on May 24th 2019! After almost two years of development in early access we have come a LONG way! We couldn't be more thrilled with our progress and we couldn't be more excited to see where this goes from here.

We expect full launch to be huge for ITC based on how well the game has been received lately by new players and how much development has gone into it over the past couple of years. We've accomplished a lot since launching into EA, some of the bigger achievements are below:

  • Autonomous Distribution Networks really streamline the mid and late game, allowing you to focus on the big picture instead of micromanaging many hundreds of ships.
  • Tech tree / research system really gives you more decisions and control over how your company develops.
  • We've fixed the major balance and performance issues.
  • Multiplayer is great now, it feels just like playing singleplayer but even better with human opponents. Give it a try if you haven't already!
  • Added Mac & Linux support and some basic localization for ~15 different languages. It's not perfect by any means, mostly using Google translate, but it should allow these folks to enjoy the game!
  • New Ships and routes screens with much more functionality and information.
  • 6 new ships since launch.
  • Hotkeys for game speed, pausing etc... many other quality of life changes like this.
  • Ship refitting & ship replacement with newer models.
  • List of current buildings on a planet and redesigned interface for constructing buildings.
  • Tons of interstellar re-balances and fixes to make this more playable.
  • Entire UI and individual windows are now scalable
  • Market prices now visible at each planet (even more easily accessible info coming soon with the new spaceports screen which is a WIP)
  • 7 new cargoes and complete re-balance of existing cargoes. New cargo bays, buildings etc... to support these new cargoes.
  • New, more fair reputation system with more visibility of information.
  • Completely new UI graphics!

For 1.0 we are focusing mainly on polishing and balancing the game so it gives everyone the best experience possible. We will be adding a few features however. Namely a new order ship screen, a few new ships, a new song in our already great soundtrack (the longest and possibly best yet) and many other quality of life improvements.

This isn't the end of the road though! We have more content planned and will be supporting ITC for a long time to come with the same great level of customer service you have come to expect from us.

Thank you so much for everyone who has helped us get this far, we couldn't have done this without some of the awesome support we've gotten from our players and community. You guys rock!!

We can hardly contain our excitement! Be sure you wishlist our game or come back to check it out on May 24th if you've been away for a while! v1.0 here we come!!
Interstellar Transport Company - mt_worlds
This is a BIG patch! We've been working tirelessly to get this one polished up and out to you all. There's so many improvements and the game has really took another big step up in quality overall. Mid and late game are hugely more playable with the addition of the autonomous distribution networks and much improved AI.

To use distribution drones you will need to turn a gate into a Distribution Hub on the planet you want to source cargo from. On the planets you will be receiving cargo upgrade one of your owned spaceport gates to a Distribution Receiving Center. If they are within range of eachother, drones will start moving cargo autonomously from the hub to the receiving center(s).

Level1 Hubs only are able to supply a planetary system (a planet and it's moons)
Level2 Hubs can supply any planetoid within 3AU.
Level3 Hubs can supply any planetoid in its star system.

Below are the patch notes (excluding many dozens of small fixes and improvements).

Can't wait to hear what everyone thinks of this! Enjoy.

-Mike and the MT Worlds team

April 29, 2018 v0.5.0 PATCH NOTES:
-Autonomous Distribution Networks added. These allow you to upgrade spaceport gates to hubs and receiving centers allowing cargo to automatically flow without the need to micromanage large amounts of ships. This will make the mid and end game much more playable for large interstellar companies!
-Reworked how Raw Materials and Consumer Goods work in game and rebalanced both. Added RM mines and CG factories.
-Changed Most spaceport graphics to make their appearance more dynamic as they grow.
-You can now automatically reorder rockets when they land by using a toggle on the route.
-Icons above the gates when ships are getting repaired, waiting for full load, or waiting for dilithium fuel.
-Added buttons to move between planets in planet view.
-New ship icons for all the different classes of ships.
-New research point graphs allowing you to compare your research output with your opponent's.
-Robotics and Stellarium rebalanced.
-Added random company names
-Seperated research costs as it's own category in the company ledger.
-Rebalanced all ships some, added quite a bit of cargo space to bigger ships.
-Added tooltips to all research projects in the Research screen.
-Colonist amounts rebalanced, it will now start a bit slower and gradually increase in pace.
-Tooltip Tutorial system is now turned off when in the standalone tutorials.
-Some big performance fixes were implemented in regards to the translucent windows along with other optimizations.
-Fixed a medicine exploit.
-Fixed lobby search window from staying open when returning to the main menu.
-Fixed some supply values in the planet UI.
-AI can no longer ever assign ships to a flight with no gates.
-A & D keys work when editing a planet's name now.
-Increased pirate attacks some to make security more important.
-If ship is one time use it will never break down.
-Flight stats now records properly for rockets.
-AI will prioritize class C ships more now.
-AI now mothballs all research stations after researching all techs
-Fixed a potentially AI-breaking error when they sold a ship.
-AI holding onto unprofitable ships for too long at times.
-AI favors rockets over 909s more frequently now for new colonies.
-Major improvements in the methodology AI uses when deciding to expand flights and add ships.
-Removed some big lag spikes that occur in mid-game.
-Moved Colonial Involvement to be sooner in tech-tree.
-Improvements to auto-saves
-Many other bug-fixes and small improvements

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