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Hello again!

We've been hard at work porting the Underhero source code to a newer version of the Unity engine as to make console ports possible and improve the game on PC as well. This brought a great deal of new bugs and things that needed to be adapted to the new version, needless to say it took a lot of time, but...

We are happy to announce that the update is now live!

There are way too many changes and improvements to the overall performance of the game to count, so here's a general idea of the things that we have fixed:

- Resolution options are back and (hopefully) working as intended this time.
- We have added a V-Sync toggle in the options menu.
- Improved collisions and character controls.
- The bugged achievements "Almost untouchable" and "Key finding master" have been fixed, now "Employee of the month!" can be completed 100%.
- On that note, those who completed these achievements should automatically have them when they load their save file in game.
- Stutter issues and occasional framerate drops have been addressed and improved (We are still unsure if this is fixed for some Nvidia users, time will tell.)
- Improved camera follow methods.
- Final battle music cutting off on right and left headphones.
- Improved horizontal and vertical moving platforms.
- Infinite stamina recharge animation bug fixed.
- You can now return to World 4 after finishing it.
- Enemy Masked Kids shield bugs.
- Baron van Gregory Boss fight performance.
- And many more technical/small bugs.

If you find any new bugs don't hesitate to tell us through our Discord server or the Steam forums.
Don't be alarmed if you see new updates from now on, we'll be fixing any bugs that pop up.

Thank you for the patience!
Underhero - PaperCastleGames
Hey there!

After working and living for so long in Venezuela (which was incredibly stressful and a daily struggle) we made the tough decision of moving out of our country and we are now in Spain!

Our plan right now is to stablish ourselves here and find our stability, while we work on smaller games/projects. We have been set back with the Underhero console ports because of the move and other priorities that needed our attention, but we have resumed work on updating the game and we are now slowly but surely working towards porting the game to consoles.
We will make a proper announcement when we are ready.

Aside from that, thank you to all of you who have played and enjoyed Underhero so far, we literally wouldn't be where we are right now without you, and we can't wait to start making new games!

From the Paper Castle Games team we thank you for playing and for being there for us.

'Til next time!
Underhero - PaperCastleGames
Happy new year everyone!

It's been a while since our last update so we wanted to let you know what we've been up to lately and what are our plans for the future.

- Underhero Art Book:

That's right, we made a book that collects all the concept art and design for Underhero, it has more than 70 pages of sketches, designs, unseen art and more!

It's also available for purchase on these sites:


- Underhero Soundtrack:

You may have noticed that the soundtrack is not yet available on Steam, we did all we could to have everything ready for launch but because of complications with the publisher of the Underhero Soundtrack we haven't been able to offer it here on Steam.

We are still trying to resolve this issue and we want nothing more than to have it available as soon as possible, but for now the soundtrack is also available on these other sites:

Google Play

- Game updates:

We are extremely aware of the current bugs and problems with the game's current build, we haven't stopped working and improving the game ever since it was released.

But because we started working on this game on 2013, we have been using an older version of the Unity engine which has caused a lot of compatibility issues. So we decided this past November to upgrade the game to the latest version of Unity 2018.

This was not an easy task, porting the game has come with it's fair share of problems, but we believe this will help us improve the game for the better.

We are on the testing and debugging phases so we plan to release the new update in the upcoming months, please bear with us while we work on it!

- Console ports:

The other big reason for the Unity 2018 update is that it was necessary if we wanted to port the game to all the current game consoles, unfortunately we have nothing to announce at the moment, but we are definitely working towards this goal!

I believe that's it for now, thanks for reading and if you have any questions let us know below or chat with us on our official Discord server.
Underhero - PaperCastleGames
Win 1 of 5 keys we'll be gifting on October 30!
You just have to like and retweet the tweet below ;)


Good luck!
Oct 14, 2018
Underhero - PaperCastleGames
Hello everyone!

We are happy to announce that the fanart contest submissions have been added to the secret in-game gallery with the latest update!

If you wish to see the art, head to the 6th floor in the castle ;)

This room is also available for the demo now!

Aside from that we have fixed many reported bugs and typos, for a more detailed list head to our now verified discord server and check the #fixed-bugs channel.

We are currently evaluating our options before we announce any news regarding ports /new features /languages. Hopefully we'll have good news soon!

If you have any problems we are active with the Steam forums and in our discord server.

Thank you and see you later!

Sep 22, 2018
Underhero - PaperCastleGames

To all of you who have purchased and played Underhero this past few days, we would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

We are extremely happy with the response so far. Most of you have enjoyed the game very much!


As you may have noticed, the game has updated quite a few times already. We are working tirelessly to fix any issues that might hurt the experience overall.

If you find any new bugs or typos, don't hesitate to report them to our Steam Forums or in our discord server: https://discord.gg/ukNrGV5

If you have been enjoying the game, we would greatly appreciate it if you could leave a user review. It will help the game reach more players that might also enjoy it! ːsteamhappyː

Adding your personal tags for the game also helps steam recommend the game more accurately:

We will keep working hard so that Underhero remains an enjoyable and fun adventure for all of you.

Back to work!
Underhero - contact@rockpapershotgun.com (Dominic Tarason)

A wise man once mused “If only you could talk to the monsters” – in Underhero you can because you are one too, albeit low-level and underpaid. Unfortunately, if you want to get out of a fight (using a charming Paper Mario-inspired combat engine) in this parodic platform RPG hybrid, you’ll have to bribe your way past your peers. Life is hard at the bottom of the villainous hierarchy.

Developed by Paper Castle Games and released on Wednesday, Underhero is the tale of the expendable monster who slew the hero. This puts the masked protagonist in the awkward situation of both being the new chosen hero, and being tasked with returning the three Triviality Stones to their respective end-of-world bosses. Below, a launch trailer with puppets, and a free demo.


Underhero - PaperCastleGames



Remember to join our discord server! https://discord.gg/ukNrGV5 If you find any bugs that's the place to go!

The soundtrack will be available for purchase at a later date!
Underhero - PaperCastleGames

24 hours remain!

Underhero will be available at: 12:00 pm Pacific time - 3:00 pm Eastern time TOMORROW!

Tell your friends!
Underhero - PaperCastleGames

Underhero will release in just 2 days, tell everyone!

Congratulations to the fanart contest winners!
They all did amazingly.

To celebrate the occasion we have updated the Underhero demo!

See you soon!

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