Fidel Dungeon Rescue - daniel benmergui
What's new?

- Higher quality daily challenges
- Tech logs on startup for people having trouble running the game: it's on Users/<youruser>/AppData/Roaming/Fidel/Local Store/logs.txt. Send them to if Fidel is not starting up for you!
- Simpler first level for new players
- Improved feedback when Fidel is hurt
- Barking now leaves a trail so you can tell someone barked by looking carefully at a screenshot
- Improved feedback for Dragon
- Fix: duplicated daily challenges at the end of the month
- Fix: two bugs that made some puzzle levels compute the wrong amount of XP
- Fix: no more medkits right next to the exit gate of puzzle levels
- Fix: some glitches on certain animations
- Fix: game was saving sometimes after Fidel was permanently dead
- Many more fixes (thanks Steam forums for this!)
Fidel Dungeon Rescue - daniel benmergui
Fidel 2.5 is OUT:

- Daily Challenge levels for expert players!
- Full remastered OST *free* for Fidel owners.
- Core gameplay improvements based on player feedback.
- Runs on DirectX11 on Windows, providing a performance boost.
- Includes the full version of another game (hidden inside Fidel).
- More graphics and sounds, improvements to some levels, bug fixes and tweaks.

(Mac users will see this update on monday)
Fidel Dungeon Rescue - daniel benmergui
Yesterday we did game design for Fidel *live* on Twitch. The result is a level where things goes to hell after you grab the Golden Idol.

- New Indiana Jones style level.
- Fixed a rewinding bug with the zombie and robot dog bosses.
- Unified how the last heart is handled between Fidel and the zombie and robot dog bosses.
- Fixed two bugs in puzzle mode.
Dec 12, 2017
Fidel Dungeon Rescue - daniel benmergui
- Overhauled design for the chess level: now it's always possible to kill the king (+achievement)
- Now grandma is always angry if you were a bad dog
- No more timer while fighting the Zombie in the Underworld
- Zombie Fidel worm bomb nerf
- Adjustment to "Dying is fine" achievement to make it easier to find at the beginning
- fixed all reported bugs knowns to date
Dec 8, 2017
Fidel Dungeon Rescue - daniel benmergui
- Three new achievements
- Removed the need to unlock the Underworld bridge
- Several fixes
Fidel Dungeon Rescue

One of the main reasons we started the Indie Channel was to try and cover as many cool indie games as possible. Alas, some games still slip through the cracks. Case in point: Fidel Dungeon Rescue, an adorable dungeon crawler that somehow passed us by. It just got a big free update, so now seems like a good time to fix this glaring omission.  

It's actually more of a puzzle game than a traditional dungeon crawler. "Find the perfect path through monsters and treasure," its Steam page advises. Basically, you trace a path and your dog protagonist runs it, fighting and looting along the way. It's all about drawing the most efficient path through increasingly difficult and harrowing dungeon floors, and it looks pretty distinctive. 

After its recent 2.0 update, Fidel Dungeon Rescue looks even better. First and foremost, the free update made the path planning phase a little longer and "more forgiving of mistakes so new players can experiment." It also added new worlds, biomes, monsters, sound effects and "[???]," which is always good. Fundamentals like inventory UI were also sharpened with 2.0. 

Dec 6, 2017
Fidel Dungeon Rescue - daniel.ben.mergui
We've just uploaded a huge FREE update with new and improved things, some gathered from your feedback and other ideas we left out of the previous version.

- More time, more forgiving of mistakes so new players can experiment and think things through.
- Three new worlds to explore, each offering a very different experience.
- Three new [???] that lets you play the game in a different ways (this one was tough to do!).
- Three new monsters, new biomes.
- New sound effects, more animations, rewrote the intro levels to help beginners.
- Revised and improved the design all over the place: inventory, monsters, UI, etc.
- More levels, more variety, more surprises!

The exhaustive list would be so long we'd break Steam if we posted it, because according to our records, we did about 900 changes.

Fidel Dungeon Rescue - daniel.ben.mergui
We are tying loose ends, getting ready for the next update that will introduce *a lot* of improvements and make the game a bigger.

One of the most impactful changes is a toning down of the ghost, both in terms of time and mistake tolerance.

If you found Fidel too unforgiving, you will find the next version much more accessible.

If you were okay with the ghost, there are a couple new challenges for you...

(now back to work...)
Aug 11, 2017
Fidel Dungeon Rescue - daniel.benmergui
- translation to russian (thanks Leonid Kapitonov, Slava Erofeev, Roman Salnikov and Andrew!)
- translation to brasilian portuguese (thanks Team Jogabilidade)
- translation to italian (thanks Ivan Braidi!)
- game will show more hints now!
Aug 9, 2017
Fidel Dungeon Rescue - daniel.benmergui
- Improved low resolution display on OSX
- slightly improved feedback for yellow spiders
- fixed bug with bombs and the dragon
- small fixes across the board

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