Tin Hearts - Tenuous
Updated controls are now live for the Vive wands! The default controls now use swipes on the touchpad to rotate blocks, and smooth movement is done via pressing rather than just touching the touchpad. This means that you can now move, teleport and control time whilst holding blocks and makes the block rotation much more reliable. By request there is also the option for 'toggle possession', where the first trigger press will pick up a block, and a second trigger press will release it.

We look forward to hearing how you find these new controls and, of course, the old controls are still available in the options should you wish to switch back.

Thanks for playing!
Tin Hearts - Tenuous
It's a week since launch and we've been super busy! We've had some great reviews:

Ben Plays VR (2 minute review)
Upload VR
VR Focus

And also lots of great feedback from the community, both here and on our Discord server.

Thanks to this we have a new update live which adds new options for height adjustment, turning off the time effect vignette effect, and for resetting the player to the starting position. Plus bug fixes for detecting room scale on Oculus Rift, a problem with saving progression, missing collision, subtitle appearance and more.

Of course, we're not resting on our laurels and currently we're testing improved control layouts for use with Vive wand controllers as well as some further fixes and polish to audio.

Thank you!
Tin Hearts - Scythe
And we're live!

Embargos are lifted so if you're streaming/creating content feel free to publish it!

We can't wait to see what everyone thinks of the game! And we can't wait to shape its future with you.

We have discovered an issue with saving progress when playing with an Oculus Rift via Steam (playing with a Vive is fine). We're on this and should have a fix shortly. We will update when that's published.

In the meantime, time to rescue some toy soldiers!

UPDATE: Saving issue now resolved (see comments below)
Tin Hearts

Tin Hearts is a new VR game that's part Lemmings, part Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol.

Like Lemmings, Tin Hearts is about leading a troupe of cute things (in this case, toy soldiers) from point A to point B, but in the world of virtual reality. This means that you're often moving in and inspecting things, intimately. And like A Christmas Carol, Tin Hearts has a Victorian Britain setting and an otherworldly premise.

You play a mysterious spirit which appears to be disconnected from the world, with power only over specific objects. At the start of the game, all you're able to do is open a magical box. Out of the box toy soldiers appear.

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