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We will be live on Twitch and hosted by GamersRule at 8 AM WIB / 7 PM CST. Join their discord channel for the update of future gaming here https://discordapp.com/invite/K9fBa3x !
Oct 11, 2017
Orbiz - hendrikk1

So this week, Orbiz has been selected in the staff pick area on GDWC (Game Development World Championship) and we really needs your vote ! The vote is very simple, you just go to this link https://thegdwc.com/vote/ and select Orbiz, which is on the top left corner and then click submit. Thanks for the vote !

Orbiz - Anoman Studio

Dear Survivors,

Two days ago was our historical day of 2017. That day, we won an unexpected award from Popcon Asia 2017. Popcon Asia is one of the biggest pop culture event in Indonesia, and this year is their first time to give an awards for game developer whose has a cool game to play. There are so many people like a group of friends, family, a dad or mom who brought their children that came and stopped by to our booth to play Orbiz. Here is some images that has been taken from our losy phone camera.

And never forget to our magnificent trophy.

Also, if you know how to understand Indonesian people talking, you might check our interview by a mainstream news media from our country on youtube by clicking the image below.

So that's all folks, for this report update. We're so glad that this game is giving us a hope again by winning an award. We promise to keep polish this game and minor bug fixes update will be coming soon. Don't forget to check or follow our social media for the future update.



Anoman Studio
Orbiz - hendrikk1

Dear survivors,

We are extreamly sorry for the very slow development process. It's because we need to find away how to make this game better and get more attentions. But we're here to bring new some recent update of Orbiz and because it's summer sale now, and you're the new guy who visit this page for the first time, then you can get 30% off of Orbiz if you want to buy it. Anyway, here is the list for the new updates :

1. New Weapon Effect

We did some reworks for the bullet effect and the above is when you use Electric Gun. We also did the explosion and other bullet or enemy effects.

2. Improved Enemy AI

We have been improving the zombie AI so that they can get stuck by any obstacles anymore. It means that if they're facing an obstacle, they will attack it until the obstacle is destroyed.

3. Select Language

This is our first experiment on Steam to reach the bigger market. There are three languages available including english, russian and both traditional and simplified chinese, we will add more language soon such as germany, portuguese, spanish, france, or etc. That's still only for the user interface and words in-game, we're also considering to add a voice over. Since we're a native Indonesian and only know Indonesian and English, we need you guys to check those spell and grammar. You can try the demo game on anomanstudio.itch.io/orbiz

4. Warning !

We noticed that local coop or a game that can be played together more than one person in a couch is fun for a family or a young fellas. So we tried to add an option that can make the gore, or bloody content filtered. We changed the blood color into green and hide some monster that has bloody stuff.

5. Dumbkey Kong

It's the next game after Fake-Man and Balada which we adapted from Pac-Man and Balada. It's Dumbkey Kong, a parody game from Dongkey Kong. We just replaced the Mario character into a zombie, and replaced the princess into a portal. So the princess is no longer in another castle.

6. Unlockable Mini Game

After you find and beat the mini game that can be hidden on a level, you can unlock the mini game so that can be played on Extras menu. We will add some stuffs on Extras menu in the future such as monsterpedia, or weaponpedia. But if you have an opinion about it, just tell us via comment.

7. Future Development

As an Early Access game, we would like to being transparent about our future development of Orbiz. You can check our Early Access Roadmap on our trello page. It's still not so many plan there but we will add more plan soon. Oh and here is the link to access it
>> trello.com/b/rJlmQ9Ab/orbiz-early-access-roadmap <<
You can also join to our subreddit on reddit.com/r/orbiz


Orbiz - Anoman Studio

Dear survivors,

Good news ! Orbiz is now has trading cards, and it contains six different cards. So go play Orbiz and sell or craft it if you want to get the emoticon or profile background. And if you have any suggestions or feedback for the game, please post on Orbiz Steam Discussions Forum. You can also make a shout out on Facebook or Twitter.
Orbiz - hendrikk1

Dear Survivors,

It’s been more than one month we’re on Steam Early Access and as our celebration, we set 30% discount off if you are buying our game on Steam. And there are also some update.

1. New Enemy Balancing

We realized that this game is easier than another roguelike games such as Nuclear Throne, Enter The Gungeon, or Gooner which are easy when you’re playing the first level and then it becomes harder when you reach the second level and next. So then we increased the enemy damage when they attack player. It happens on Boomer, Spitter, Shark (Death Village), Pocong (Rain Forest), and Mummy (Ancient Egypt).

And we're also add surprising red enemy which can reduce five player health when they hit the player.

2. Mini Game
In case you want to skip one world in this game, we add a mini game which is a parody from a famous retro game. Now, the mini games which are available are Fake-Man (PacMan) and Balada (Galaga). If you can finish the game, you can skip one world but if you lose you will restart the world.

Fake-Man is a parody of Pac-Man but it's defferent. The Difference is there are more enemy horde and each of them has different speed. The objective of the game is still same, the player only collect the yellow dot until its finished.

The second mini game is Balada. It's a parody of Galaga but the difference is on the enemies spawning. They will keep coming from top to bottom and randomly shoting. The objective of this game is you have to survive until you defeated the boss.

3. Glitch Screen Removed

One of our user on Steam complaining about the glitch screen on Main Menu, so we decided to remove it. We planned to add enable and disable option for the TV or Vignete Effect in Option Menu and also Family Mode option so it will disable the gore effect when your family playing this game.

Orbiz - Anoman Studio

Dear survivors,

We will be interviewed by Torchforkmob this Wednesday 8PM EST / 5PM PST. They'll intervewing us about the development of Orbiz. So if you want to join, please visit twitch.tv/torchforkmob. See you !

P.S. We're also fixing some bugs for the build.
Feb 20, 2017
Orbiz - hendrikk1

Dear survivors,

This is our first update, we have a kind of spitter zombie too here like Left 4 Dead and we just added a vomit screen like the spitter from Left 4 Dead did, but this is the simple one. Here is all of what we added :

Vomit Screen Effect

Like what we said before, we just added this effect when your character gets a vomit attack from our spitter. The screen will fadding to green in and out on 3 seconds.

Balancing For Single Player

We did a little bit balancing for single player, like removing many spawner in one level. And adding more damage on some special weapons.

Balancing For 4 Players Coop

We're also did some balancing for 4 players coop mode so that you can play this game more easier. The all variant enemy damage to player is 1, so if player gets attack by zombie, by their combat, vomit or explosion, the player's health will be substracted 1 and the total spawners each level is 3. So you don't have to be worry if you're playing together with your friends.

Player Damage Effect

When the player gets attacked by the zombies, the healthbar will showing a red spot and the screen also glitching. We will add the turn on or off for that glitch effect in the setting menu, and also for the TV Analog effect and Vignette on the camera effect.

That's it, you can join our subbredit section on http://reddit.com/r/orbiz.

Thank you.
Orbiz - Anoman Studio

Dear survivors,

Orbiz is now available as Early Access and ready to play to all of you. It means that the game is incomplete and we still need more feedbacks from you all. But the core gameplay is now complete, you can finish the game facing the six worlds and more than 15 bosses. You can play as a single player or together with your three friends with gamepad. If you have any suggestions about how Orbiz in the future or some feature ideas, or report some bugs, you can write your thougths on our community forum by clicking the link bellow.


Thank you.

Orbiz - Anoman Studio

Dear survivors,

Our alpha demo is live now, it includes one world and three levels inside. There is also a boss on the last level, you'll facing one of three boss there so you can probably face another different boss with different ability. It still only support xbox controller and mouse and keyboard for the input. If you want to play this demo and you have a PS4 controller, you could use a third party software like ds4windows, it will convert your dualshock detected contorller to xbox 360 controller on your windows.


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