Party Hard 2 - Antishyr


  • Construct any level you want. With nearly a thousand materials, items, and, of course, partygoers at your disposal you can throw the craziest party that ever been thrown

  • Set deadly traps. Dozens of them. Go mad, don't deny yourself anything

  • Choose challenging objectives for other players

  • Share your levels with the community via Steam Workshop

  • Play community-made levels, rate & give feedback

Level Editor is free for all Party Hard 2 owners. Update your game now!

And don't forget the newly launched Alien Butt Form DLC
Party Hard 2 - Antishyr


Can't get enough of Party Hard 2? Keep on going mad with this fresh massive add-on:
  • 5 new levels to play havoc on: a cheap local eatery, a cheap local eatery surrounded by SWAT, a parking lot, a hellish place that looks like... hell, and a giant spacecraft

  • 3 new playable characters to wreak havoc as:
    - Party Hard Killer's girlfriend Marena is back
    - Irritate your owner and electrocute people as the psycho dog Mango
    - Change the look of the entire game playing as uncanny Froger

  • Brand new items, weapons, traps including lawn mowers and deadly TV sets

  • Party Hard 2 story continued. Participate in the events that take place in parallel with the main plot and find the answer: who's been behind party crashing all this time?

  • Giant butt from the first game is back! And it's butter than ever! Seriously, no buttering up

Alien Butt Form DLC is available now:
Party on!
Party Hard 2 - Antishyr
Hello, community!

We want to apologize for the progress-resetting issue our previous update had caused. This issue is now fixed. Don't worry: all objective progress and game saves are intact. Please, update your game.

Party on!
Party Hard 2 - Antishyr

What is up, partygoers!

We are proud to present this massive update to you all. Buckle up—a lot of stuff is coming your way:
  • Main campaign can now be played in Twitch Integration mode. A special NPC is spawned to either help or mess with the player. NPC's behavior is determined by viewers' voting, as well as items drops for the player. Only main campaign levels available in this mode.
  • Brand new Alien Butt Form DLC characters are pre-loaded to your game. Froger, Mango the Dog and Marena will become available once you purchase the DLC, and there will be no need to download the content.

  • Fixed ПОБЕДА achievement
  • Fixed SET UP PARTYING COP objective on Amusement Park level
  • Fixed KILL ALIENS hidden objective on VIP Club level (unlocking The mask told me to achievement shouldn't be a problem from now on)
  • Fixed NPCs seeing the player through obstacles
  • Fixed instant arrest on Factory level
  • Fixed main menu navigation (character selection issues, etc.)
  • Increased game performance
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements
Alien Butt Form DLC and Level Editor will be available on March 19.
Party Hard 2 - Antishyr

Hello, partygoers!

We are ultra-excited to bring you release dates for the upcoming Alien Butt Form DLC as well as the in-game Level Editor. Both will come out on March 19.

Level Editor (with Workshop support) will be available for free for all Party Hard 2 owners. Alien Butt Form DLC will cost $4,99 (full price) in USA. Please, note that the price may vary for different countries and regions.

See you on the saucer!
Party Hard 2 - Antishyr. .

Hello, partygoers!

We are finishing the Level Editor free update with the Steam Workshop support and hope to bring it to you real soon. But before that we decided to run the open beta test. Starting NOW! Every Party Hard 2 owner is welcome to join:

1. Right click Party Hard 2 in your library, select Properties
2. Go to BETAS tab
3. Choose level_editor_beta from the drop-down list
4. Update the game and enjoy!

Don't forget to submit bugs and share your suggestions HERE.

Party on!
Party Hard 2 - Antishyr. .

Good tidings, partygoers!

We are mightily excited to announce (as you have or haven't already guessed from the title) the first Party Hard 2 DLC: Alien Butt Form! Little teaser below features brand new playable hero by the name of Froger Delirium and new OST piece:
You have already said "Hi" to Froger, who will be one of 3 new playable DLC characters (all 3 also to be available for the main campaign.) Delirium is a man of few words and can beat likes (yes, likes. Why do you ask?) out of people.

Ever wanted to play as an animal in PH2? Mango is off the wall Jack Russell Terrier who... electrocutes partygoers with his urine? I mean...

You already know this girl, right? About time to step into Marena's shoes. Be careful, though.


Also, Alien Butt Form DLC will feature 5 new big-butt maps and plenty of fresh items & weapons to play with. Price and release date will be announced later. Follow Party Hard 2 for the latest news!
Party Hard 2 - Antishyr. .

What's good right there, partygoers!

Ready to organize your own deadly party? You better be! Party Hard 2 is getting a FREE Level Editor in the beginning of the next year!

Check the latest gameplay trailer out:

Nov 24, 2018
Party Hard 2 - Antishyr. .
Just a little Level Editor teaser to hype you up, folks:
Nov 23, 2018
Party Hard 2 - Antishyr. .

Howdy, fawkes.
Introducing patch v1.0.015. Details:
  • Fixed cutscenes not playing correctly on Windows 7/Vista
  • Fixed Jason Who? achievement
  • Now you can hide in the dumpster on VIP Club
  • Fixed stairs bug on VIP Club
  • Fixed shortcut on VIP Club
  • Removed broken glass collider on VIP Club
  • Fixed No 911 calls objective on Amusement Park
  • Changed player and biker enemies spawn positions on Amusement Park
  • Fixed traps on Laboratory
  • Fixed cage trap on Laboratory
  • Made immortal partygoer mortal on North Cape Hotel
  • Fixed Bigfoot behavior on North Cape Hotel
  • Fixed body container in the morgue on Hospital
  • Fixed hole in the wall on Bar
  • Fixed pills causing no effect when used on the ventilation system on Bar
  • Fixed toilet collision issue (falling under the level) on Punch Club
  • Fixed bouncer behavior on Club
  • Fixed sounds synchronization and other audio issues on Subway
  • Fixed boombox being vulnerable to stabs
  • Fixed level scroll available after the last level completion
If you run across any issues, let us know without hesitation.ːpartypoliceː

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