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Depths of Limbo is now free for everyone!
There are no IAPs or DLCs of any kind, so go wild!
Depths of Limbo - Evgiz
Hi everyone, its time for another Depths of Limbo update! This update includes a new special rooms and a new enemy type. Performance should also be improved on older systems.

Here are the patch notes:

Depths of Limbo 0.4.0

  • Bell rooms! Get the melody right for a reward, get punished if you dont!
  • Lever rooms. Pull the lever and see what happens!
  • New enemy type - the slime. They are quite hyperactive, so be aware!
Fixes and tweaks
  • Fixed issue with pentagram preventing altars from working
  • Reworked collision backend, this should mean better performance, especially on old systems!
  • A variation of tweaks and balance changes

Update is live on windows, and will roll out to Mac and Linux later today!

If you find any bugs or issues with the new patch, please let me know!
Depths of Limbo - Evgiz
Hey everyone! Whats this, another Depths of Limbo update already? Update 0.3 includes some major new features, including potions with a variety of different effects, two new unlockable characters and the wishing well!

Patch notes:

Depths of Limbo - Update 0.3.0

New Features
  • Potions with random effects each run!
  • Wishing Well - throw some gold in it and hope for a sweet reward!
  • Dual Wielding weapons
  • Occasional tips are shown in the menu
New Items
  • Onion (+1 Health and -20% Damage)
  • Carrot (+1 Health and -20% Speed)
  • Candle (-1 Health and +25% Damage)
New Characters
  • Merchant
  • Demon

Changes and Fixes

  • Slight visual improvements (particularly pickups on ground)
  • Increased shop prices slightly
  • Rats now move more randomly and chase players occasionally
  • Potions also available in shops!
  • The Eye Doctor projectiles are now easier to avoid
  • Hellworm boss speed increased
  • Nerfed and renamed Blue Jar (firerate 25%->20%)
  • Nerfed Sunglasses damage (30%->15%)
  • Mushrooms now give -15% damage (and +2 Health from before)
  • More tweaks and balance changes!
  • Enemies can now die while time is frozen
  • Fixed life ring teleport sometimes not working
  • Fixed rare crash when shooting into some tiles

Plus many other small tweaks, bugfixes and balance changes!

Feb 7, 2017
Depths of Limbo - Evgiz
Depths of Limbo is now available on Linux! (64bit)

Hopefully it works well for all you Linux people out there.
If you have any issues, please let me know!

Depths of Limbo - Evgiz
Hey everyone!

Its been almost a week since release, and its great to see so many people enjoy the game so far. This update includes a minor new feature (chests with loot!), as well as balance changes and bug fixes. Many of the issues targeted by this update were pointed out by you guys, so thanks so much for your involvement!

Here are the full patch notes:

Depths of Limbo - Early Access 0.2

New Features
  • Chests with random loot!
Changes and Fixes

  • Changed sacrifice to only reduce max health
    (sacrifice with 3/4 hearts now results in 3/3 not 2/3)
  • Reduced weapon spawn rate (more weapons found in chests!)
  • Increased the health of some enemies
  • Increased snail attack rate
  • Reduced item spawn slightly
  • Increased snail and rat movement speed
  • Slightly more enemies spawn in Limbo
Weapons and Items
  • Nerfed holy protection (halo) to work once per floor instead of once per room
  • Buffed ammo belt, now gives twice as much ammo
  • Reduced weapon knockback on enemies
  • Reduced overall weapon damage slighly
  • Reduced pistol firerate
Bug fixes
  • Fixed perfomance issue with The Eye Doctor boss
  • Fixed bug where shop text would sometimes dissappear
  • Fixed bug where character names wouldn't show in menu
  • Fixed bug where sometimes pathfinding stopped working
  • Fixed rare crash when starting a multiplayer run
  • Fixed incorrect link positions on About page
  • Fixed type in "Devoured" text

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