Crashimals - agentfx
I think, now I've gotten the case of the cakes not resetting bug dialed, which as any programmer will tell you means its solved! Bugs never come back... ok that's all sarcasm, I hope to have resolved it. I also added a first pass at a tutorial-ish picture to the back of you. Its rough and not super helpful but its a small start to helping people learn the controls.
Crashimals - agentfx

Big physics stability improvement. There's now a noticable stability improvement to the puzzles where there used to be a bit to a lot of jittering as the puzzles settled, now there is little to none.
Another level of optimization removing a few thousand extra polys, so should run even better on lower end supported machines.
And Korean language support! HTC is from South Korea and I thought why not add Korean? My friends wife is Korean and was gracious enough to help me with the translation. Thank you Caroline!
Crashimals - agentfx

There was a bug in the last update for Oculus users concerning head height that's now corrected.
Crashimals - agentfx

Added Chinese language option in the start area. If you've played it in English try Chinese! So much better in Chinese if you ask me. Only kidding, but it is kinda fun. Also it was my first time adding another language. TIL I can't proof read my work in another language, hah.
Sep 26, 2017
Crashimals - agentfx
Small update. I updated to the latest version of Unreal which now has 16:9 for vive playback, which is good for streaming w/o those side black bars.
Sep 8, 2017
Crashimals - agentfx
It's kinda like a Day 1 Patch, a day later. Some small bug fixes of course. Attempting to further increase physics stability, not 100% there but better.
Added an FX that shows why you get the star score you get. Score of over 1500+ = 1st Star, 2500+ = 2nd Star, 3500+ = 3rd Star!
Aug 25, 2017
Crashimals - agentfx
Think I may have finally found a way around the exploding physx on level loads. This has been a long standing bug thats eluded me. Hooopefully this does the trick.

Also some more optimizations and fine tunements.
Aug 9, 2017
Crashimals - agentfx
Well its been a long dark road. Dark as in I've been under a rock working my butt off to get this guy out! I'm really excited how it turned out, and hope people like it. Check it out. Lots of new stuff.

5 certified pilots, 1 un-certified one all with there own bomb types.
4 world each with 18 levels.
Awards for the stars you get.
3D Menus, and probably more I'm forgetting.

It gets hard :D even for me to play test it, there are levels that I have trouble getting 3 stars on. Anyway, good luck, godspeed! Hope you all enjoy!

If you try the un-certified pilot, just know that P.Jean knows how to fly as a bird but doesn't know how to pilot a plane.... Lucky he's got the biggest bombs!

Oh and let me know what you think!
Crashimals - agentfx
I’ve still actively developing the game full time. I just wanted to explain what’s happening behind the scenes since I’ve not posted any new info about it.
The big development change is all pilots have their own weapons. That changed the way the game is balanced, changed the way I make puzzles. Reworked, and reworking the puzzles. Also changing the way I do menus, and levels, changed the way you can select the levels. There are 4 new environments each with their own levels and making them more unique to each space.
The game is and has been unplayable with all the changes, meaning the menu is broken, which breaks how the game flows from level to level. The level order changed so it doesn't work until I fix that. Levels were designed for another environment need to be reworked for the new layout, or moved in order.
It’s a lot of change, and there hasn't been a good playable build for release yet.
One of the big changes is the the title. I got a lot of feedback on it and the new title will be changed to "Crashimals" on release, but it will stay "Don't Feed the Animals" for Early Access.
I'm excited to show you all how much the game has grown. And of course you will all get those updates when it’s released.
Currently my goal was to reach content lock by the end of may which I did (meaning assets complete), then this month of refining and updating puzzles, and then another 2 weeks of bug fixes and testing. Sorry for the lack of playable updates. I'm working hard to get it there. And If I could re-do it I'm probably segment it better into bit sized chunk updates for Early Access.
I just want to thank everyone who's bought the game in early access. It means a lot to me and I can't thank you enough!
Feb 14, 2017
Crashimals - agentfx
Added all the Pilots and their Planes with in plane animations.
Added them standing idling around the Airport when they're not in plane
New UI
Improved Environment with bigger trees.

Bug Fix: Save function worked but I never loaded the saves so you will now see your saved progress show up.

Note: Currently the Planes are all just visually different. They will be getting their own weapon types and looking into changing their flight characteristics.

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