Speedball Arena - soyeonjune
Hello everyone,

we are happy to announce that several new features have been added in the latest update.

Now you can create a custom room using a room code, then share the code with your friend. Chatting feature is also included for a more exciting gameplay experience.

##New features
- Custom game mode
- An option to reduce motion sickness
- Chatting feature
- Left-handed option
- An indicator to help you find the ball when the ball is far away from you
- You can check the score by pressing the scoreboard button during play
- Mouse sensitivity option
- Resolution adjustment in the PC mode
- VR/non-VR setting in the start screen
- You can now reconnect to the game if the connection is lost during a multiplayer mode

##Bug Fixed and Improvements
- Rendering optimization
- Fixed a bug where it caused loud noises when playing multiplayer modes.
- Fixed a bug where sometimes matches did not found.
- Positioned the gun to not cover the screen too much in the PC(non-VR) mode
- Fixed a bug where the boost gauge was not consumed when using the boost in the air
- Fixed a bug where the menu did not work properly on the boost item
- Fixed a bug where the mini map displayed the location of players who left the game
- Fixed a bug where the screen sometimes stuck on the replay screen during a multiplayer mode.

## Please join Speedball Arena Discord Server and find other players for online matches :) http://discord.gg/X56Hh9x
Speedball Arena - soyeonjune
Hello everyone!

A good news for our global friends.

Speedball Arena now supports multi-languages other than English which includes German, French, Chinese, and Japanese. Korean version is in the process of reviewing by Valve. Stay tuned for our next update!

##Bug fixed and Updates
 - Rendering Optimization
 - Multi-language support(German, French, Chinese, Japanese)
 - Fixed a bug where the gun position was weird sometimes when using Vive controllers.
- Match making logic improved
- Fixed a bug where 'VR Mode' was written incorrectly.
- It now moves forward when pressing accelerator and reverse button together
- Fixed a bug where player's position was reversed against that of the bike in the tutorial for PC mode
- Several sound changes

## Please join Speedball Arena Discord Server and find other players for online matches :) http://discord.gg/X56Hh9x
Speedball Arena - soyeonjune
Hello everyone,

we are happy to introduce you with 'Speedball Arena', the new version of former Snatchers.

One big update is that now non-VR users can also play Speedball Arena. Also, VR and PC players connect to the same pool for multi-player matchmaking.

We hope this change gives you more fun and smooth multi-play gaming experience!
##Bug Fixed and Updates
- PC version included for non-VR users
- Fixed a bug of a malfunction during matchmaking
- Single-Play AI has been improved (It's easier to fight against the AIs now!)
- Added an option to skip the replays. If every player wants to skip it, it will not be shown.
- Sound quality updated
- Fixed a bug where players could hear the sound of AI's bike during single-play
- Fixed a bug where player's name was hidden during the game play
- Fixed a bug where the assist scored during a play was not saved properly.
- Cool time added to the booster item. Once you have acquired the boost, the item is regenerated after 5 seconds.
- Network optimization
- Capacity optimization

## Please join Speedball Arena Discord Server and find other players for online matches :) http://discord.gg/X56Hh9x
Speedball Arena - soyeonjune
## We've opened a Snatchers Discord server to provide you with a smooth multiplayer experience! Please join and find other players for online matches :) https://discord.gg/X56Hh9x

## Bug Fixed and Updates
-Fixed a bug where unconnected players' loading information and name UI look strange after multiplayer matching
-Some particles are fixed
-Hand angle corrected for easier handling when using Vive motion controllers
-Added an option to turn off vibration of the left controller
-Fixed a bug where players could score a goal by heading through the side of the goal

## Known Issues
-Sometimes the game suddenly pauses in the middle of playing, and has no operation for a while after start. We will take care of this bug ASAP!
Oct 25, 2017
Speedball Arena - soyeonjune
Futuristic VR eSport Snatchers is finally out on Steam for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

Don't miss out on the discount for a limited time!

*Please join our Discord server for a smooth multiplayer experience! https://discord.gg/bgFykq
*Note: On the HTC Vive, the map looks brighter than the orginal due to a bug from Unreal Engine 4.17. We’ll let you know after we fix it by utilizing Unreal Engine 4.18 soon.
*Snatchers only provides 2v2 online combat for the release version. We will provide more information about 1v1 online combat soon.

Learn more about Snatchers here:

If you have any questions or suggestions about the game feel free to contact us via http://mailto:snatchers@realityreflection.com

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