Soda Dungeon - anpShawn
Just keeping everyone in the loop with our progress on part 2!
Soda Dungeon - anpShawn

Costumes, countries and content, OH MY! This Halloween-themed update is packed with new art, features, and items in the "spirit" of the season. We've also fully localized the game for German, Russian, French, and Portuguese (Brazil). Yes, now you can drink a frosty mug of Heiliger Sprudel.

* Halloween Makeover: The town is getting into the spirit with a completely new design including a sprawling pumpkin patch! Some of our classic items may also have a new look to them ;)
* Bosses in Costume: Each dungeon boss has dressed up in their favorite costume. Which is very relevant, because of the...
* Limited-time Character Accessories: These will drop randomly from defeated dungeon bosses during October and into early November. Increase your chances by finding the Ring of Masques!

* English
* German - new!
* Russian - new!
* French - new!
* Portuguese (Brazil) - new!

Also included in this build are minor bug fixes and improvements
Aug 10, 2017
Soda Dungeon - anpShawn
Hey everyone! As always, a sequel to Soda Dungeon has been our focus for a while now. But we are still keeping updates in the pipeline for this version.

Version 1.2.3 Update log:

-6 new mythic/legendary items added.
-Added 'Caps Earned' to the HUD during dungeon trips.
-May "ctrl + click" in the tavern to instant-hire patrons.
-Relic tokens may be purchased in Dimension 2 and after.
-Added a ‘Try Before You Buy’ promo for the Magic Clock in Dimension 2.
-Banker’s gold limit increased to 10 million.
-Fixed issue where the Ragezerker's buffs would be reset after a team revive.

These new items join the list of major quality of life updates we've had so far this year, including save file transfer between desktop and mobile devices, and of course, plenty of fixes and optimizations. Don't forget that you can back up or transfer your file to a different device!
Soda Dungeon - anpShawn
Thanks for everyone that joined the stream last night, it was a lot of fun!
Soda Dungeon - anpShawn
If you have ideas for the next game, come join us!

Soda Dungeon - anpShawn
We currently have a brainstorm Stream scheduled for June 20th at 8PM EST! Join us at !
Soda Dungeon - anpShawn
We discovered our main back-end server was acting up today, which is in charge of handling steam purchase requests and file transfers across all platforms. It's been rebooted so everything is back to normal now- if you were having issues with any of these services please give it another shot now!
Soda Dungeon - anpShawn
We're sharing a basic "roadmap" for Soda Dungeon 2 so everyone can have a peek into what to expect:

This is covered in my May update video, which also includes a preview of the new artwork in Soda Dungeon 2!
Soda Dungeon - anpShawn
I talk a little bit about the demo version we released, as well as the issues involved with translating the game to a new language:

For anyone curious, check out the demo here:

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