Ion Maiden - Frederik Schreiber

We had a fantastic trip to the PAX East gaming convention in Boston, with thousands of people attending, seeing old friends and making new ones! It was great to see long lines of people wanting to try out both Ion Maiden and WRATH, for 4 days straight!

We're heading back to the studio with tons of positive feedback and an outstanding reception from the press.

You can check out the full 3D Realms at PAX Album on IMGUR here!

See you next year!

Ion Maiden - Frederik Schreiber

Ion Maiden will be playable at PAX East 2019!
Come pick Voidpoint Programmer Evan "Hendricks266" Ramos' brain for all the juicy details, and check out the life-size Ion Bow Prop!

We'll be at the 3D REALMS BOOTH # 19115

Ion Maiden - Frederik Schreiber
The 4'th Dev. Blog from Ion Maiden is up!

Join Jarkko Rotstén aka Roz / Fit ^ Byterapers, as he talks about how the Music in Ion Maiden was made, and his passion for old-school tracker based music for the Amiga.

Check it out!
Ion Maiden - Frederik Schreiber
Some of you might have spotted it at PAX South.
If not, here's the Glorious Life-Size prop of the Ion Bow!

Ion Maiden

Ion Maiden is one of our most-anticipated shooters of 2019, due for completion in Q2. Today a surprise update added its long-awaited second chapter, "Heskel's House of Horrors," a sprawling mansion map.

No patch notes were paired with the announcement, but 3D Realms says it includes "tons of new features and additions." When I booted it up for a moment today, I almost immediately picked up one of the game's new weapons, a red energy crossbow. 

The trailer also reveals a minigun, and shows off the new, innovative alt-fire mode functionality. Make sure you go into Ion Maiden's mouse settings (not keyboard bindings) to assign an alt fire mode button. You'll want this for the new crossbow, which can be charged for a few seconds to fire off a huge stream of red bolts.

Last year Alex Wiltshire praised Ion Maiden's expansive Build Engine maps, which are dense with secrets and objects. "The key pleasure for me is its weapons' sense of connection. In conceptual terms, they're nothing special: a six-shooter, a shotgun, an SMG and the Bowling Bomb, a grenade that rolls along the ground," Alex wrote in April 2018. "It's the way they enact instantaneous cause and effect, with the shot hitting the enemy and sending blood flying without a pause. Enemies in early FPSes tended to have only two states, alive and dead. In contrast, today's rich animation and ragdoll physics allow a third state to exist in between as enemies clutch their wounds, flinch and fall. It enhances the realism but it also makes you constantly second-guess your shots."

Ion Maiden remains in Early Access on Steam at $20.

Ion Maiden - (Sarah James)

Retro FPS Ion Maiden‘s latest early access update, ‘Heskel’s House of Horrors’ is now live on Steam, adding a big, new level to Voidpoint’s 90s-styled shooter.

The new trailer shows off the same unapologetic carnage but this time set in the titular Heskel’s House of Horrors. (more…)

Ion Maiden - Frederik Schreiber

Missed the brand new playable Ion Maiden level at PAX South?
Fear not! We got you covered:

Ion Maiden "Heskel's House of Horrors" update is available on Steam NOW!
Now go play with your new toys!

NOTE: This new update includes tons of new features and additions.
One of these is a new Secondary Firemode! If it's not already bound, PLEASE bind your Right Mouse Button to "Alt Weapon Mode".

Ion Maiden - Frederik Schreiber

Thank you all so much for participating (and voting) in this contest.

We've received fantastic submissions all around, and every one of you deserve a HUGE round of applause!

Now, down to business.
We've combined the votes for the top 5 from both Facebook and Discord.
The Top 5 will ALL receive a physical Poster of their submitted artwork, signed by the 3D Realms founder, Scott Miller.

The Winner will also receive a signed Poster, included in the extremely rare "Ion Maiden Founders Edition" big-box.

5th Place with a total of 105 votes goes to @Bunticus ! Congratulations!

4th Place with a total of 108 votes goes to @The_Individualist ! Congratulations!

3rd Place with a total of 122 votes goes to @BlurrySquids ! Congratulations!

2nd Place with a total of 158 votes goes to @Ardat Lilitu ! Congratulations!

And the WINNER with a total of 161 votes goes to @Szary ! Congratulations!
Ion Maiden - Frederik Schreiber

Thank you so much for the incredible Ion Maiden Fan Art submissions. You guys are incredible!

Today we start the public voting, where all of you will be able to vote for your favorite piece of Fan Art.

You can vote for your favorite on Facebook by using the <3 reaction,

- OR in the Fan-Art channel on our Discord channel

On January 12, we will pick a winner among the Top 3.

The winner will receive a Founders Edition with his/her very own artwork included as an A3 poster, signed by the 3D Realms Founder, Scott Miller.

The second and third place winners will also receive their respective submissions as A3 posters, also signed by Scott Miller.

Let the voting begin
Ion Maiden - Frederik Schreiber

It's the Holiday season and the creative juices are flowing!
We thought we wanted to do something really special for the Holidays -
We just happen to have an extra SOLD OUT Ion Maiden Founders Edition laying around.
And it could be yours!

But Fred, how do I win this magnificent glorious box?

Simple! Show us your best piece of artwork, featuring our heroine, Shelly "Bombshell" Harrison.
Hand-drawn, photoshopped, illustrated, modeled... You choose!
The only rule is that we want to keep this relatively SFW (safe for work = no nudity).

Participate in the contest by posting your (or your friends') piece of Fan-Art in the "Fan Art" channel on the 3D Realms Discord Server (Psssst... Join here!
OR send it directly to us on good'ol fashion e-mail by using (we'll post it on Discord for you).

The finalists will be chosen by YOU!
The Deadline for submitting your Artwork is:

January 7!

On that date, you'll be able to jump into the Fan Art Channel on our Discord server, and vote for your favorite piece of Fan Art by using the :bombshell: emoji. You are welcome to post your piece of Fan Art any time you'd like, but voting will be disabled until January 7.

On January 12, we'll pick a winner amongst the 5 higest rated pieces of Fan Art.

So what are you waiting for? Christmas?!

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