Space Tyrant - Blue Wizard

It's the 1-year anniversary of the Steam launch of the bloodiest puzzle game of all time: Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle and we're celebrating big time!

For the next 48-ish hours, ALL Blue Wizard Digital games are being discounted in a very special Steam Publisher Sale!

Grab any of our titles or DLC on it's own at a great discount or pick up any of the titles or DLC you've been missing in the "complete-the-set" discounted BLUE BUNDLE!

Space Tyrant - Blue Wizard

Hey Blue Wizard fans! We are proud to announce that the online multiplayer bullet-battling gameshow, is making its official Steam debut! Hop on over to the Steam store and download for FREE today! is a fast-paced 'Free for All' online multiplayer third-person shooter. Jump in different arenas, defeat your opponents using a range of customizable weapons, and look good doing it with character customization and tons of unlockable gear.

Key Features:
  • Fast-paced shooting action: Run 'n gun, improve your score and rewards with kill streaks
  • Three arena levels to play in: Warehouse Warfare, Bar Room Brawl & Carpark Carnage
  • Earn Kill Coins to unlock new Items: Including weapons, hats, heads and costumes
  • Earn XP for equipped gear: Level items up to unlock new Skins and Mods
  • Tons of Skins and Mods available for each Item, with more content coming soon...
Space Tyrant - Belied
Ladies and space germs! At long last, Skaven has chosen to bestow upon us his most tyrannical sound track! These ravaging melodies will take you back to that time you thrashed 3 space hamsters in a row - or when you took the Senate homeworld with only one frigate left. Such glory was yours and this most undeniable of soundtracks has arrived to help you wallow in it as often as you like.

Go get it on bandcamp and clench that fiery fist!:

Space Tyrant - Belied
Fearsome Tyrants! Also, curious potential Tyrants feeling attracted to that flashy Tyrant lifestyle!

This first day of May is bringing not only an unprecedented 33% off sale to Space Tyrant, but it’s coming with an update for those of you with ultra-wide monitor setups.

You heard that right - if you have a monitor that stretches out to a dizzying 21:9 aspect ratio (and other hi-res configurations), your in-game Tyranting experience will all but wrap around your head. It must be noted, this is a partial ultra-wide support update. That means the front-end of the game remains at the standard 16:9 and 16:10 aspect ratios. Your loadout, your mission select screen, all of that good stuff must remain fixed to the old ways. But hooooooo baby! Once you get into a game, all of that wideness will be yours to wide-out on!

And i should reiterate the really important part of this - it’s 33% off until May 15th at 10am PST! It’s our biggest sale ever and it’s gonna hang around and stare at you for 2 full weeks!

“get some Tyranting in your life… entire star systems await your fiery grip… 33% off… dooooooo iiiiiiit” - will be the not-so-subliminal message issuing forth from that incendiary Tyrant skull for the next couple of weeks.

And be sure to visit the forums if you have questions or any brutal victories you’d like to gloat about. Cheers!

Space Tyrant - Belied
v1.541 will now be beamed down to your hard drive with the following:

  • New fleet commanders
  • New Tyrant Titles
  • Speed Mode added ( Right Ctrl+. )
  • New Astron Shield textures
  • Explores award Utility cards

Balance Changes:
  • TechnoSlug ship costs lowered
  • Oppression now awards 5 (normal) / 10 (Monopolize) Tyranny
  • Capture and Hold (Cores) difficulty slightly reduced
  • Hard Mode difficulty slightly reduced
  • Very Hard events made more inticing
  • Astron Carrier power nerfed

  • Several unreachable event options/results now accessible
  • All empires no longer erroneously getting +1 tech pick
  • Alt-tech no longer breaks several ships higher-tier powers
  • Mercenaries card siege effect no longer persists
  • Tactics Unlock percent displays correctly
  • Laser Strike effect no longer does 2x to shielded ships
  • Nebula Beam-reduction effect now has an icon
  • Dance Crew (aka Defection) now usable on friendly planets
  • Hunter fleets now have a hunting indicator
  • War icon has correct size in mission details
  • Fleet leaders from some prisons no longer get wrong empire command ship
  • Mac cloud sync fixed
  • Siege artifacts descriptions updated
  • Fixed hitch in Overlord Cripple animation
  • Starmap Continue no longer visible if no Mission is clicked
  • All Cores Achievement fixed
  • Commander Execution Achievement fixed
  • Space Shark laser sound softened
  • Siege Crusher activates on the correct number of dice
  • Barracks Disarm power art fixed
  • Entrap duration now matches visual fx
  • Bzzerk Carrier perk now correctly awards a carrier instead of destroyers
  • Converstion cards cannot target homeworlds
  • Hoplite cheap militia perk reduction now matches description

Space Tyrant - (Dominic Tarason)

Space Tyrant

As much as I love the 4X genre when it can get its hooks into me, getting into the swing of a grand campaign takes some doing for me. There’s always this looming sense of ennui that there’s no end in sight, and all my actions feel like raindrops in a vast sea of stars.

Space Tyrant, the latest from Blue Wizard Digital (they of murder-puzzler Slayaway Camp) seems an enticing prospect, then, offering lunch-break scale chunks of 4X strategy gameplay, but spanning a lengthy multi-mission campaign. Oh, and it launched on Steam last week after a lengthy Early Access stint. That seems relevant.


Space Tyrant - Belied

Friends, xenomorphs, fellow brutal invaders… the day has finally come. After more than 300 years (or so it seems) of development, Space Tyrant is finally hitting its official 1.0 release on Steam. At last the rest of the civilized galactosphere will know what it’s like to crush your enemies, to see them driven before you, to hear the lamentations of their uncertainly-gendered slug-rabbitoid broodmates.

To celebrate this most gruesome accomplishment, and reward our loyal sycophants, you'll be able to purchase Space Tyrant at a 20% discount for the entire week of its launch, starting 10am PST on Tuesday, February 27 (according to the laughably primitive Terran calendar).

So we humbly-- well, no, not humbly-- we gently, without overt violence, request your assistance in spreading the word, like some kind of tailored bio-phage virus, to the unsuspecting citizenry of your world, via your so-called “social medias,” your “word-of-humanoid mouth,” your “Steam reviews.” The more zombielike disciples we convert, the more likely we can create expansions, sequels, and adamantine pincered war-droids.

Here is a glorious Twitter post you could run wild with:

Or perhaps a Facebook page is more your style?:

And, while it is not strictly speaking Tyrannical, we must stoop to thank you, yes, all you meatlings out there, for all your support along this hard road, even when it came in the form of profane forum suggestions about our forebears, or bug reports where you oh-so-clearly did not RTFM. Without you, there would be no civilizations reduced by atom-rays to smouldering ash-heaps.

We’ve blathered sentimentally for far too long. Now! Gather your legions and laser-carbines, and go forth to bring the dark shroud of oppression to the repulsive, peace-loving weaklings of the galaxy.

Space Tyrant

Here are just a few of the things developer Blue Wizard Digital has called Space Tyrant: "a surprisingly deep beer and pretzels strategy game," a "roguelike-lite-ish 5X game," and a "zero-attention span mega-empire builder." For those wondering, according to Blue Wizard, a 5X game is "like a 4X game, but with even more X." 

With the help of several ancient texts and a crack team of linguists, I've deduced that Space Tyrant is, in fact, a fast-paced, card-based 4X strategy game about building a space empire and menacing the galaxy—and, crucially, doing it pretty quickly compared to most strategy games. At its core, Space Tyrant simplifies and streamlines the 4X formula to make it punchier. 

"We're confident Space Tyrant is the only turn-based space strategy title on the market where you can get through a complete game in under 400 hours," Blue Wizard said. "It's built by hardcore 4X fans who know exactly what fat to trim away and what's needed to keep it tasty." 

Blue Wizard Digital was founded by Jason Kapalka, who also founded flash game titan PopCap back in the day. The Seattle-based studio consists of people who've collectively worked on Bejeweled, Peggle and Plants vs. Zombies. 

Space Tyrant is in Early Access on Steam, and it will fully release on February 27. It's currently $20, and rather than a post-Early Access price jump, Blue Wizard is planning a launch week discount. 

Space Tyrant - Belied
At long last! Space Tyrant emerges from the Access of Earliness to release a 1.0 version of the game. It will be full of bug-fixes, balance, polish, new stuffs and all things 1.0.

And here's a new trailer we've got just for the occasion. Share it with all the people in all places! There's a little Tyrant in everyone, after all:
Space Tyrant - Belied
Give the gift of Tyranny! Or even just take it all for yourself, like Tyrants do.


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