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I heard the feedback, and am happy to say that PlanTechtor has been updated to include new translations for many languages. This includes:

- New text from volunteer translators
- New fonts
- Better text spacing and placement

As always, please share any feedback you have, and I hope you have fun in PlanTechtor
PlanTechtor - FunnerSoft
I was fortunate enough to sit down and talk with a local news program recently. We discussed my career so far, and my journey into a full indie dev. I think they did a pretty good job of highlighting my love of gaming while hiding my crazy ;) Take a look for yourself
PlanTechtor - FunnerSoft
Yesterday saw PlanTechtor shoot to the front page of IndieDB. It climbed from 400 to 18 in just a few short hours. It was an amazing display of the support that PlanTechtor has been receiving. I can’t wait to share the game with you all in just one short month!

PlanTechtor - FunnerSoft
There are many worlds to protect in PlanTechtor. Here is a quick glimpse at a couple of them:

You can check out the full game when it releases on February 27th, 2019
PlanTechtor - FunnerSoft

Check out the improved art style for PlanTechtor in the release date trailer. You can grab PlanTechtor on Feb 27th, 2019!

Trailer Link
Nov 19, 2018
PlanTechtor - FunnerSoft
You can now read about the skills in PlanTechtor and how they work with the player’s weapons.
PlanTechtor - FunnerSoft
I recently talked with Brendan at GamesIndustry biz about what it took to make PlanTechtor and FunnerSoft come together. You can read the full interview here. I think it does a fantastic job of capturing the heart and soul of my work.
PlanTechtor - FunnerSoft

English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian, Japaense, Chinese (simplified), and Korean are all supported now. Let us know if you think your region support should be added.
PlanTechtor - FunnerSoft
I am happy to say that the trading cards, badges, emoticons, and backgrounds are all approved, finished, and implemented into the latest build of PlanTechtor. I already even earned a few cards on my personal steam account!


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