Gravel - Milestone Community Manager

Even for Linux and MacOS players it's time to start the most adrenalinic challenge on four-wheel.
Finally Gravel will also be available for these operating systems. Are you ready to drive among the wildest places in the world?

Gravel is waiting just for you to live the most exciting off-road gaming experience ever.

Jump up and start giving gas!

Gravel - Milestone Community Manager

Hey everyone, after the great Ice and Fire DLC, the super-fun King of Buggies, and many updates, yesterday a new patch has been released adding HDR support. The new patch is out now. Here are the full patch notes:

• Fixed a bug that allowed duplicated crown or flags in King Run and Capture The Flag game modes.
• Minor fix on Capture the flag and King run maps.
• Improved respawn action in online game mode.
• Added option to remove AI from the private lobby
• Minor performance improvement on Franciacorta.
• Added HDR Support
• Added HDR Video Option
• Added option to change the Rumble strength for the Controller.
• Fixed an issue where online races failed to start if the application was minimized or alt-tabbed.
Gravel - Milestone Community Manager

Hey everyone, as you've seen, we're all excited for the new DLC Ice and Fire that will be released next Wednesday. But our goal is to keep improving the game as well. We're rolling out just now a major update. Take a look:

- Fixed active gameplay commands enabled in Game Options from the Online Pause Menu.
- Fixed incorrect music transition when leaving the online lobby
- Fixed minor issues in Game mode description for Capture the Flag and King in several languages
- Fixed duplicate wooden fences in Namibia layouts
- Fixed UI for unlocked tracks/liveries on the Rewards page at the end of Championship events
- Fixed an issue where the game entered an unresponsive state when exiting the Replay in specific layouts
- Fixed minor framerate stutters in Alaska layouts
- Fixed an issue where the outer wall did not completely block the area in Iceland online arena
- Fixed starting camera in Replay for Stadium tracks
- Fixed an issue where an incorrect element was displayed below the Hummer H3
- Minor fixes in poser objects position in Namibia layouts
- Fixed an issue where an incorrect position may be displayed at the end of Time Attack events
- Fixed an issue where opponents may not be displayed in the minimap
- Fixed an issue where the game may remain stuck if failing to load the vehicle in the background of the Main Menu
- Fixed an issue where the game may display incorrect result positions and timings after online matches
- Improved detection of high-speed manoeuvre to avoid interruption from small bumps
- Improved post process effects in every track
- Improved the running start position for Las Vegas in Time Attack modes
- Improved water and raindrop particles effect on screen in rainy weather and when crossing streams
- Improved UI for Championship Winner page in Championship events
- Improved track loading images for online matches
- Improved warning message for Restart in Weekly Challenges
- Improved shadows for helicopter
- Improved difficulty tuning for Smash Up events
- Improved tuning for default laps in online matches
- Improved tuning for timers during online matches
- Changed gap time in Leaderboards to reference the first time instead of the previous position one
- The Winner event in online matches is now displayed for a longer time
- Vote is now automatically casted at random if timer ends in public voting for players which did not vote
- Introduced a HUD option to remove the display of the Show Points combo counter
- Introduced a blinking effect to vehicles after Respawn and when in a not-collidable state
- Introduced a random balloting phase after voting in online matches
- Improved cast distance for shadows
- Introduced support for 21:9 resolutions
- Introduced support for Triple Screen configurations
- Improved UI display for 16:10 resolutions

Enjoy your triple screen and "Like a Train achievement" ;)
Mar 23, 2018
Gravel - Milestone Community Manager

We're all thrilled to announce the first premium DLC for Gravel: Ice and Fire, available from the 28th of March.
A brand new Cross-country map set in Iceland, including 10 brand new checkpoint tracks, a new career episode and new events featuring extreme snow tracks in three different settings: Coast, Mountain and Valley.

We've been very happy with how you guys received the game, and we plan to keep supporting it with free and premium DLCs. Here's the full schedule of release from here to June. Let us know what you think ;)
Gravel - Milestone Community Manager
Hello everyone, a new patch is online, here's the fixlist (last point is relative to those not able to proceed anymore in the career and stuck on the Gravel screen)

Updated gameplay sound effects in Capture the Flag and King Run online modes
Updated UI for the track loading screen
Updated UI for the menu in Off-Road Masters mode
Improved grip values for Trophy Trucks and Extreme Racing Cars D RWD vehicles
Improved AI behaviour in Very Hard difficulty setting
Fixed various issues with Replay TV cameras
Fixed an issue with particles creation in Rewind and Replay
Fixed an issue where the game remained stuck after using the Ryan Carter's livery
Gravel - Milestone Community Manager
Your off-road playground is now open for business!
Gravel is finally out today, with its speedy races, extreme weather conditions and a car selection of the most iconic legends from the modern and past times. It’s been one hell of ride so far for us, and your adventure starts right today.
Please find here the supported peripherals list

We hope you enjoy the game as much as we enjoyed developing it during the past two years, and don't forget to contact us in case you need help through our Customer Support:

Gravel - Milestone Community Manager
And we're back with another gameplay, off-road fans! This time it's all about racing in a Wild Rush event, set in the wonderful track of Blue Paradise in Polynesia. Enjoy!
Gravel - Milestone Community Manager
And we're back with another gameplay, off-road fans! This time it's all about night racing in a Speed Cross event, set in the wonderful track of Franciacorta. Enjoy!
Gravel - Milestone Community Manager
And we're back with another gameplay, off-road fans! Here's our take on the Winter Games: tons of snow and a Celica. Enjoy!
Gravel - Milestone Community Manager
The Off-Road Masters are waiting for you: defeat all of them and bring home the title 🏆
Sounds easy eh? Not likely 😮

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