Atom Fishing II - Woolf

From August 30 to September 10, the event "Autumn" is in effect in the game. As part of the action, a bonus of 25% to any payment was activated, and the experience gained from catching fish was increased by 50%
Atom Fishing II - Woolf

In the update 168 you are waiting for a new base "River Pra"
Available from level 25, it is possible to move from the "Lake Kulgu"

And also, in connection with the "Day of the Fisherman" until July 21:

  • activated bonus of + 25% on payments to the game
  • on the bases "Spill" and "Karasiny Pond" included event daily tasks
May 26
Atom Fishing II - Woolf
Chinese has been added to the game in the experimental version
Atom Fishing II - Woolf

In honor of the end of WWII and the victory over fascism:

  • "May event" is extended until May 13
  • All the experience gained for catching fish has been increased by 25%
  • You can do a daily task on the of the "Crucian Pond" to get a ticket to Emerald lake
Apr 30
Atom Fishing II - Woolf

Till May 10th inclusive

  • Bonus to all payments to the game 25%
  • Loot of Hero's Stars, of which three can be assembled promotional box[/ list]
Atom Fishing II - Woolf

Improved water rendering and perfomance
Atom Fishing II - Woolf

Congratulations to all women on the holiday!

In honor of the holiday, until March 11, a 25% bonus will be applied to all real payments to the game, and the experience for catching fish will be increased by 50%.
In addition, on Karasinom Pond you can get free trips to Lake Emerald.
Feb 22
Atom Fishing II - Woolf

February 23-24, promotional daily tasks are activated on all bases, the experience gained is increased by 50%, and a bonus of 25% of acquired reals is added to each game payment.
Dec 21, 2018
Atom Fishing II - Woolf

We've opened the access to special New Year's location! To visit it you have to click on the fir-tree in the Shelter.

There are tasks for gaining bottles of experience in the Plateau of Giants. By combining these bottles you can get the new ones of a higher grade which give you more experience.

Also there is a new special New Year's pack for buying reals. As a bonus to it we've added a 7day VIP.

The event will be held till 13 January.
Nov 22, 2018
Atom Fishing II - Woolf

  • From now on the card "Carp" can be obtained by catching any carp
  • Also the "Trout" card can be gained by catching any trout
  • The showing of distance to fish is added to game options menu
  • Added new bait - "shrimp". The recipe can be found in "Collections"
  • New additions to the donate shop: a lure for whitefish and a new echo-device "Radius-м2".
  • Owners of the "Radius-Carp" can upgrade their echo to М2 on the craft table
  • Added permits to the lake "Emerald"


New holiday event
dedicated to the second anniversary of the game

During this event all the experience for fish will be increased by 25%
We added a daily task to the "Crucian Pond" base. By its completion you receive a permit to the lake "Emerald"
During the event time you can purchase a special profitable real pack with bonus.

The event will last till 10 December

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